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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 5.1


Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, more than 20 years had passed.

Liu Wenya and Bai Haotian had become Daoist partners, proclaiming it their mission to fight against the oppressors and help the weak. Although the second male lead was not as capable as the male lead in the various aspects, he was definitely able to hold his own. The two freely wandered the mortal world, their unrestrained manner belying a disregard for the passage of time that was characteristic of an immortal pair. itev2X

As for the Demon Lord Hong Wu who had previously been injured by the immensely capable Dujie-stage Xu Moran, he finally recovered from his wounds and made a comeback.

This time, however, it happened to be the day that Xu Moran went into closed-door cultivation. No one in Xuan Tian sect could resist the Demon Lord at his peak, and naturally became lambs to be slaughtered.

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This time, the Peak Master of Luoxia Peak, Lin Yuan, stepped forward bravely. At the cost of exhausting his own cultivation, he called on the Heavenly Fire to perish together with the Demon Lord.

Surrounded by raging black flames, Fan Yuan felt his vessel of flesh gradually disintegrate. At that moment, he was extremely glad he let Yan Rui leave first, or else the guy wouldn’t be able to hold himself back. bMG523

If that had happened, his assessment would go awry again.

Hong Wu was extremely close to him, similarly suffering amongst the roaring flames. There was no expression on his face, as if it were frozen. Only a pair of eyes stared fixedly at Fan Yuan’s face at that moment, as if they wanted to see through him.

Fan Yuan furrowed his brows back at him. He hadn’t seen him for over 20 years, and compared to the previous time, his fierce temper had mellowed out significantly. The space between his eyebrows seemed to have matured a lot. It appeared that he had thought through many things during these few years.

Just one thing, he seemed to have gotten more and more unfriendly towards him?


While Fan Yuan was entertaining all sorts of ideas, his wrists were suddenly locked tightly by Hong Wu. He only heard him ask harshly, “The you right now, who exactly is it?!”

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Fan Yuan did not know why he was asked this question. He exerted strength to pry Hong Wu’s hand away, neatened his sleeves, and replied with a tone of professionalism, “Demon Lord daren, have you lost your mind? Of course, I am Immortal Luoxia, Lin Yuan.”

However, Hong Wu shook his head. He looked straight into Fan Yuan’s eyes and his voice penetrated with coldness, “Do you know Dan Wen?”

Fan Yuan paused for a moment, Dan Wen? kwvapI

He mulled over those two words slowly before frowning slightly as if he had sunken into a difficult memory of sorts.

Hong Wu’s gaze was fixed on him and his fists were clenched so hard that they let out a crack. Don’t tell him that the person he had chased for so long was actually a devil? If so, what was his persistence over these hundreds of years for………? Wasn’t this a bit too ridiculous!

In the real world, there was no one that didn’t love the King of the Silver screen, Dan Wen, because he was the most outstanding creation made by God.

Even if he frowned just slightly, people would feel as though their hearts were breaking, and would easily give up their hearts simply to stop him from feeling sad. With a slight smile from him, people would feel as though they had glimpsed at heaven, willing to serve him without hesitation. mvBIW

There was no doubt that this man was God’s favorite and could easily plunge the world into chaos with a flick of his finger. But no one knew, he had a devilish heart at the same time.

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On the day when the truth was revealed, how many people lost hope over the disappointment and despair of his betrayal? How many people broke down in agony? If it wasn’t for the fact that he had admitted to his own crimes, even if the evidence was solid, no one would want to believe that such a perfect person would be such a devil.

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Later on, he personally burned those posters. When the god in his heart had fallen down from the altar, the anger in his heart made him lose his mind and he simply wanted to destroy everything. QyO2D7

Fan Yuan raised his gaze and met his. The seriousness in the other man’s eyes made Hong Wu tremble a little. Could it be……….

And that’s when he merely heard Fan Yuan slowly start, his tone extremely serious, “There should be some misunderstanding. I have ran through all the names and surnames of people I have met since the beginning of the mission, and no one was named Dan Wen.”

When a person comes to ask if they know someone or not, it’s either that they have a feud with that someone, or want to help that someone take revenge. As for him, what he had to do was to dismiss any form of connection and prove that he was absolutely innocent.

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The surname ‘Dan’ was very rare. Although he would occasionally meet some when he was on a mission, the total number amounted to no more than ten. He thought over their names carefully and made sure that there was no such person called Dan Wen, and only then did he feel relieved. vfNo6l

Hong Wu’s originally tense nerves suddenly relaxed. After a long silence, he slowly raised the corners of his lips in a stiff smile, “So it was a misunderstanding, my apologies.”

Fan Yuan saw that the expression on his face was still a little ugly, and he was also unaware about how much hatred Hong Wu had amassed for that “Dan Wen”. He actually had so much hatred that he wouldn’t even let go a person with a close resemblance to him. Fortunately, Fan Yuan’s reactions were quick, otherwise he would inevitably be implicated.

Fan Yuan pondered for a moment and said warmly, “Although we didn’t get along very well in the world before, we have become colleagues now. Maybe we’ll meet in other worlds someday, so it’s better to shake hands and make peace.”

After that, he extended his right hand towards Hong Wu, his smile carrying a hint of unease. uqRnPi

Hong Wu glanced at his hand, but he didn’t make a move. He thought inwardly that if these were acted words as well, then this man was simply too terrifying.

Just as Fan Yuan started feeling too awkward and was about to take back his hand, Hong Wu reached out and shook it.

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He chuckled and said, “I’m the one who has been overthinking things. In fact, whether you are that person or not doesn’t matter. The fact is that I liked you, and it will never change. As for the future, who can be sure?”

As soon as he finished that last sentence, his body completely disappeared. km35 X

Fan Yuan mulled over the meaning of his words carefully, but in the end he couldn’t come up with anything, so he simply said to Xiao Wu, “Leave this world ba.”

“Ding, affirmative.”

As soon as his voice dropped, he had returned to his cultivation room.

As a minor actor that had always been living in the lower plane, his cultivation room was also the lowest quality. On all four sides, all he could see were white concrete walls. In the middle lay a decent bed, a simple white table and an armchair. PeF2QS

In fact, after his promotion and salary raise, the space of this cultivation room had already expanded by more than double. The former one was the true cultivation “cabin”.

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Fan Yuan leaned against the armchair to rest, but he felt a little strange. He raised his hand and casually swept a glance over it, when his pupils suddenly enlarged. He flipped his hand back and forth to examine the back and the palm of his hand several times. Only when he was sure it was not an illusion did he question in surprise, “Xiao Wu, do you think my spiritual body has solidified a little?”

“Ding, this may be related to Master’s cultivation techniques in the cultivation world. Some techniques can indeed forge one’s spirit and strengthen the spiritual body.”

Fan Yuan’s face went stiff. Well, he already knew what the technique was. F*ck, what Yan Rui said was true, the shamefulness was simply off the charts! qsoNFb

He coughed twice uncomfortably and his gaze drifted away, as he shifted the topic, “Has the assessment result been released yet?”

After a moment’s silence, Xiao Wu said, “The original host’s plot was 90% complete, and the maintenance of the original host’s character was at 95%, but he sat around and ignored the collapse of the main plot. After deducting 10% experience points and 10% energy, the overall performance is ‘Good’.”

Fan Yuan listened in silence. He was slightly embarrassed when he heard the words “sat around and ignored”. When did he sit around and ignore everything? He had already associated himself with evil, okay?! But at least Yan Rui that scoundrel didn’t do too much. If the man had changed his score to ‘Excellent’, he would really spit on himself.

Although hugging a golden thigh was very convenient, it also took away the fun of a challenge and also made him feel somewhat aggrieved. He still desired to rely on his own ability to climb up step-by-step until he could stand beside him. 5UKx8f

“Ding, in view of Master’s excellent performance in this assessment, your level has been greatly increased. The planes you can select have been expanded from the lower plane, which you could previously select already,  to a portion of the middle plane.”

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but have some black lines appear on his face, “A portion of the middle plane, but which portion is it in particular?”

Xiao Wu methodically answered, “Ding, it is the portion of plots amongst the middle plane that are slightly ‘low’.”

The corners of Fan Yuan’s lips twitched, so where exactly was his progress reflected?! IKvGeT

He helplessly supported his forehead, and said with a weak and weary voice, ” Start the story of the next world. ”

“Ding, Master doesn’t need to rest more? Continuously executing missions will cause mental fatigue.”

Fan Yuan subconsciously curved his lips and shook his head helplessly, “No need to rest any longer, just start.”

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——After all, he had already made a promise with Yan Rui to find him quickly. xfj31t


After receiving the memory of the original host and the story of the whole world, Fan Yuan rubbed his forehead to relieve the pain. When the ache subsided , his mouth raised in an evil smile. He didn’t need to worry about going OOC, because this time he was playing a black-bellied doctor.

He should say that this place really deserved to be the middle plane. Although the plot was not too difficult, it was much more normal than the lower plane. At least, it got rid of all kinds of prototypical female leads, like the white lotus and Mary Sue, plus a Virgin Mary halo on top of that. Besides that, the IQ of male leads and supporting males were also completely present. Supporting female leads were also not as brainless and ferocious as that of the lower plane, having their own bottom line and principles. Additionally, villains really did have a few tricks up their sleeve, unlike before, where if the male lead said “The day has gone cold, let Wang go bankrupt“, they would be killed within minutes.

As for the conventional story pattern of dog blood, Fan Yuan thought it was harmless. At least it was a normal world. Even if he was just looking for a world to take a holiday in, he didn’t want to only meet some deep wells of ice, those really affect his mood, okay! X5mvY6

“Xiao Wu, suddenly coming to such a normal world, I feel a little excited just thinking about it o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o”


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All of a sudden, the door burst open. Fan Yuan straightened his spectacles and looked up at the person who came in calmly to reveal a charming smile. “Nurse Su, is there something wrong?”

The young female nurse blushed instantly. Doctor Shi was really too charming, gentle, mature, elegant, capable, and modest, there was no man as perfect as him. yB5pK2

She lowered her head and whispered, “A patient was just sent to the emergency room. The dean and Director Wang have personally gone over to check the patient, and they appointed you to be the main surgeon. ”

Fan Yuan stood up with a graceful bearing, his smile unchanged but carrying a twinge of helplessness, “Since a patient has come in so suddenly, it seems that I can only sacrifice my lunch break.”

After saying that, he put on his white coat and dashed to the emergency room.

Looking at his natural and unrestrained back, Nurse Su was stunned. Only then, she recalled the pressing matter at hand and jogged to catch up with him in order to explain the patient’s current situation. KqCdIF

Fan Yuan nodded from time to time, as if he was listening very carefully, but in his mind, he thought that the only person who could make the dean and Director Wang both come to receive him would be the male lead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It seemed that the time he transmigrated over was just right. It was the day the male lead got into a car accident. This sudden accident changed his entire destiny.

Because, from this day on, the male lead Yuan Song, a 20-year-old genius tennis player, would forever lose his ability to stand.

A flash of clear light swept across Fan Yuan’s eyes. This random world was very good. This time it was his turn to do whatever he wanted. 9lv sw

The Author has Something to Say:

Little Theatre

Fan Yuan (evil smile): “Darling, let doctor-gege help you do a check-up (*^__^*)”

Yuan Song (frightened): “Pervert! O(≧口≦)O” gzUAqe

Fan Yuan (muddleheaded): “Eh? (⊙_⊙)?”

Sorry there wasn’t a release last week guys, I had exams and essays so I pushed it back for a double release this week. Thanks for your understanding :blobsnuggle:

Translator's Note

The previous translation of this by Ainushi was cultivation room, but it can also be translated to cultivation cabin. I’ll keep to ‘cultivation room’, but it’ll be cabin here for the intended effect.

Translator's Note

So apparently this is a saying that sprouted from another novel where the MC transmigrated similar to Rebirth of a Supermodel after his bankruptcy and eventual suicide. The saying is basically trying to say ‘stop fronting’ or pretending like you are more than you actually are.

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