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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 3.3


Quite a few days had passed since the night Fan Yuan had offered his advice. Though at the time Pei Qi had indeed used his strategy, but he didn’t pursue the matter of Fan Yuan formerly being a spy sent by his father. He also didn’t make him a strategic advisor as he would have in the original plot. Was this the meaning of “merits offsetting faults”? Fan Yuan felt very complicated.

What was even more complicated was that it had been many consecutive days, and the male lead’s face was still nowhere to be seen. Enx4FR

Well, actually Fan Yuan also didn’t really want to see Pei Qi, but he still needed to see him because of important reasons ah! What happened to saying that he would always have him by his side offering strategies and be his brains ne? This was different from what was agreed ah!

Don’t tell him that the male lead was actually still blaming him for breaking off the jasmine orange plant? Damn, did he really need to be so petty ah?! You are the person who is going to become Emperor ne!

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If Fan Yuan couldn’t see him, how was the plot going to continue? As the supporting gay male, most of the plot had him tied to the male lead’s side. For the sake of this, he could only have thick skin and continue bearing with this.

Remembering the male leads of the past two worlds, initially he still felt various kinds of dislike and dissatisfaction, but only now did he realize he was wrong. gn09Ow

Although they always didn’t follow the plot properly, always making mistakes, and always screwing up at the most important moment, but at least the previous male leads didn’t completely stop him from following the plot ah!

But now what was going on with this male lead? He alone was following along with the main plot very happily, but this gay supporting male’s plot was completely thrown out of the window. This was practically cheating to the point it was ridiculous!

#How would the gay supporting male who was forgotten in a corner by the male lead fend for himself#

Fan Yuan felt that he had at least one advantage, which was that he was living in the male lead’s courtyard. Although it was a side courtyard, the only thing separating them was merely a small garden. Things like climbing over the wall were not too convenient. UcV3Qj

To make the male lead realise he was an incomparably dazzling diamond, and not a good-for-nothing hard rock, Fan Yuan decided to thicken his skin and offer his services until he was successful.

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Anyways, the original host’s personality was not one which was bothered by trifles, but a free and unrestrained wandering scholar, so doing things in an unconventional way was also considered normal, no?

Xiao Wu was grey with worry, letting out a sound in reminder, “Ding, may Master take note of the extent of your actions, please do not make a fool of oneself while trying to be smart. The cases of Gu Qi and Fang Xu are lessons to learn from.”

Fan Yuan winced, after thinking clearly about the meaning of Xiao Wu’s words, he felt extremely wronged, frowning as he justified himself, “Xiao Wu, what do you mean by saying that, the matter with Gu Qi can be considered as my mistake, but that bastard Fang Xu becoming bent had absolutely no relation to me! He was a pervert, he cannot be viewed in the same light as normal people, maybe he was bi to begin with!” l7EfyC

Xiao Wu was extremely calm, “Ding, whether Fang Xu was straight or bi is not important. What is important is that Master was willing to cast aside your own plot because of him, causing the mission to not be completed successfully.”

Fan Yuan was at a loss on how to refute this, and could only avoid the subject, “Speaking about that matter, it was weird. I clearly committed such a serious mistake in the previous world, but why was there only a ten percent of energy deduction in the end. Not even a warning was given, it really isn’t in line with their usual style.”

Sure enough, Xiao Wu changed the subject, seriously answering his question, “Ding, perhaps this is because the loophole has appeared among the system’s monitors. Although this situation is uncommon, but it is not completely unheard of, Master please do not take any chances.”

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Fan Yuan curled the corners of his lips and answered, “Okay, okay, got it.” ynTeS5


Geglcu atf cluta, ecvfg Wljb Qe’r mbcrajca kjgclcur, Mjc Tejc tjv cb mtblmf yea ab kfjg wjcs atlmx ijsfgr bo beafgkfjg lc atf yijhlcu rewwfg ab fcregf atja tf ibbxfv nfgs mbcrfgnjalnf jcv tfcmf ijmxfv jcs ragjcv bo jaagjmalnfcfrr gfujgvifrr bo ktfatfg la kjr abkjgvr wfc bg kbwfc. Ycis atfc vlv tf vjgf ab kjix bea bo tlr gbbw.

Actually Fan Yuan himself was also quite unsure. Consecutively making the male leads bent in the previous two worlds had caused him to develop a fear towards his own provocative body.

Not to mention, his current situation was a bit strange—although the male lead’s attitude towards him was cold to the point of being below zero degrees, yet he still had arranged for Fan Yuan to stay in his uniquely-designed side courtyard. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was odd. 05ojhy

Only for the sake of being safe, was he willing to suffer through such a huge injustice. As he finished putting on the outermost layer of clothing, the inner layers were already drenched with sweat. Despite this, he did not complain even once, diligently carrying out his task.

In his heart, Fan Yuan thought, the male lead should be in the study around this time, if he wasn’t in the study and was instead in his bedroom, what was he going to do? If he hastily rushed over wouldn’t it be answering what Pei Qi said that day about “offering himself up as a pillow”?!

Pei, offer myself up as a pillow my ass! The male lead, this gloomy, strange mensao, when one looked he seemed sanctimonious and respectable, but in actuality he was a lewd, coquettish demon!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan was spouting curses in his heart, scolding the male lead inside out till everything he did seemed wrong, but he didn’t think that he would meet him as he turned the next corner. HlyW0K


#Life is full of surprises _ (: 3 」∠) _#

Pei Qi raised an eyebrow upon seeing him, looking seemingly surprised as well. That night’s moon was quite bright, so the countless layers of clothing wrapped around Fan Yuan’s body were completely exposed. The corners of his lips were pulled up, “What are you……”

Fan Yuan uneasily coughed twice, and then put on a diligent face while answering, “This subordinate………accidentally caught a cold, so I wore a bit more as I want to sweat it out to benefit my recovery.” jKnFTJ

Pei Qi did not utter a word and moved two steps closer to him, reaching out his index finger and middle finger to gently wipe his forehead. A bead of sweat rolled down, pattering onto the stone floor, the sound crisp and loud……

The two of them were silent. Fan Yuan felt awkward to the point where he was too ashamed to show his face, and was at a loss on how to react. As for Pei Qi, there was no way of knowing. After a long while, he only heard him say, “You being like this, won’t it worsen the illness?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan practically wanted to turn around and run away sobbing—for whom did he do this exactly? Wasn’t it for this person right in front of his eyes who would eventually become a slag male? This big mensao, was he able to be unaffected by his “provocative body”?! It was okay if this bastard could not understand his pain, but to say these sarcastic remarks right now, it was simply unforgivable!

He inwardly felt a bit of rage, but for the sake of not letting the male lead daren think he was a deep well of ice, thus affecting their future amicability, he determinedly defended himself, “This subordinate read it in an ancient text, and found that this method has high effectiveness in alleviating illnesses. It can even save the trouble of going out to get medicine. Isn’t that very good? If there is a chance, your Highness must try it out.” AJXQH7

Pei Qi decided not to comment, swaying the wine jug in his hand as he said, “All you learned people, spending most of your day with a book and little without, are actually not very useful. For a small illness like catching a cold, drink a jar of some good and strong wine, and all illness will certainly be gone.”

After he finished speaking, he pulled Fan Yuan by the wrist and walked towards a pavilion at the side, and also ordered some people to bring over a few jugs of wine to be placed on a table. He removed the small cup and replaced it with a big one, and he filled the two wine cups to the brim, as he said, “Tonight this prince is in a bad mood, so Xiao Yuan, you can accompany this prince to get thoroughly drunk ba.”

Fan Yuan subconsciously wanted to refuse, this was a conditioned reflex that he developed from the last world.

Fang Xu that pervert, would coax him to try all sorts of different wine in private. Once he was drunk, he would conveniently use his hands or his mouth, but he absolutely would not allow him to drink in front of others, especially when he was interacting with others by himself. Although he protested may times, expressing that not all the men in the world liked the same sex, but Fang Xu this fellow was very stubborn. If he did not listen, Fan Yuan would have to endure his creative, perverted “punishments”. N jbWV

As for what punishments, as Fan Yuan thought about them, he still felt his cheeks heat up slightly. In short, it was something he absolutely didn’t want to experience. The shadow left behind by that time was simply too big, so much so that now when he heard someone inviting him to drink, the aversion in his heart spiked to the highest degree.

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Without hesitation, he replied, “Your Highness can drink by yourself, this subordinate will be at the side pouring the wine, accompanying you to chat and relieve your bad mood.”

A hint of a smile flashed through Pei Qi’s eyes, but it was quickly hidden. In one shot, he drank the wine in the jug until there wasn’t even a single drop left, “You are not giving this prince any face?”

Fan Yuan was momentarily at a loss and was about to explain, but Pei Qi directly interrupted him, his words carrying a hint of grief and anger, “This is natural, which few people in the Great Xia court would think highly of this prince. A prince who grew up in the Cold Palace since young, his birth mother’s clan completely exterminated due to their rebellion, naturally no one would think highly of.” GqdcY7

After speaking he threw away his wine cup, directly replacing it with a wine jar as he drank the wine up in a big gulp.

Fan Yuan knitted his brow, the Third Prince was purely venting ah. It seemed that although he looked like he didn’t care, he still bore a grudge regarding the Emperor’s unfairness.

‘Gudong, Gudong’, after barely a while he had already drank an entire wine jar, and immediately opened another one. He said as he took a big gulp, “This Prince, at the age of thirty, has led the army to battle from a small commander to becoming the Commander of the Three Armies. During that time, the suffering and exhaustion I had to go through were too much to count. For the sake of allowing him to sit safely on that dragon throne, who knew how much blood and sweat I had to sacrifice, how many times I almost met with death! With just two or three words, Pei Yu has obliterated all my contributions. My loyalty up till this day, was viewed as a complete joke!”

Fan Yuan was silent. The male lead’s father, the Emperor, was indeed quite the slag. However, to sit at that supreme position, familial relations would naturally also gradually fade away. Today the male lead was complaining about the Holy One, but who could guarantee that a few decades later his own grandchildren wouldn’t complain just as he did now? 4c Sd7

He picked up his own wine cup and slowly took a sip. He watched the male lead drink wine one jar after another but he did not stop him. After a while he suddenly opened his mouth, “Your Highness did not use this subject’s strategy, or is it that something went wrong?”

In fact, the basic idea behind the genius strategy that the original host suggested to the protagonist was actually very simple, but the execution was extremely difficult. Now that the Emperor was suspicious of Pei Qi, they only needed to dispel his suspicions and everything would be fine. Let the male lead act out a show of loyalty in front of the Emperor’s eyes, and the suspicion would be washed away in mere minutes.

However, this show was extremely hard to act. None of the conditions—the proper weather, place, and people present—could be omitted, and the timing also had to be appropriate. If the acting was exaggerated, it would be suspected of being fake. If the method was too light, it would not achieve any results. The requirements of the male lead’s acting skill was extremely high.

In the original story, this method gained him his Majesty’s trust. From then on, the Emperor was deeply trusting and never suspected him. It couldn’t be that this time, because Xiao Yuan was not by his side supervising, it caused the show to be acted poorly? Wu3gtP

Pei Qi put the wine jar aside, humming as he laughed, “I used it, the result was wonderful. Second Young Master Xiao is, as expected, a person with great talent. Your father’s actions of throwing you to me were simply too unwise.”

Fan Yuan felt odd and asked, “Since that is the case, what other worries does your Highness have?”

Pei Qi lightly let out a burp, both cheeks reddened slightly. Normally, his cold and solemn exterior added to his pitifulness. He moved closer to Fan Yuan, his breath carrying a slight hint of alcohol, “He forgave me, so now I have to be deeply grateful? What right…what right does he have to say what is what? Why must I listen to him?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan felt that the male lead daren was probably drunk, if not he wouldn’t spout this type of treasonous words. He advised, “Your Highness, you are a little drunk, why don’t you return to your room to rest.” 97bZWU

Pei Qi interrupted him and said, “I’m not going back! Xiao Yuan, I thought you were the person who could understand me the best……We both do not have mothers, and were also abandoned by our fathers, you must also feel resentment ba……”

Without even finishing his speech, he lay sprawling on the table, breathing heavily. He seemed quite uncomfortable, so Fan Yuan quickly checked his condition. If the male lead contracted an ailment due to drinking, this world’s mission could directly be abandoned.

He patted the male lead’s shoulder, softly calling out, “Your Highness, are you okay, your Highness………”

However, the male lead suddenly turned his body and hugged his waist, his strength so strong as if he wanted to bury Fan Yuan in his body. He muttered under his breath, “Mother……Mother……Pei’er is very tired……really very tired……” QIyir1

Fan Yuan was wearing a lot to begin with, and was practically about to break out in heat rashes. Being hugged like this, he felt as though he was practically going to be suffocated to death.

But after clearly hearing the words Pei Qi murmured, the dissatisfaction in his heart slowly dissipated. Pei Qi’s expression was like an injured little animal, it really caused people to feel heartache for him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He couldn’t help but pat Pei Qi’s shoulder, softly placating him, “It’s alright, as long as you can get through this, things will be very smooth in the future, definitely very smooth, very smooth.”

Pei Qi let out a light snore, as if he was comforted. At a place where nobody could see, his pitch-black and profound pupils flashed. The smile in his eyes could not be hidden, and there was not a shred of drunkenness to be seen. jQvKo

The Author Has Something to Say:
Little Theatre

Fang Xu (implicates): “Heard you went drinking with Li Dong today?”

Fan Yuan (hurriedly explains): “That was to help you discuss a contract for a movie, I had to drink.”

Fang Xu (narrows his cold eyes): “You said it, so you must accept the punishment if you are disobedient.” BnhyAS

Fan Yuan immediately ran, but within a few steps he was caught by Fang Xu and tossed on the bed. Fan Yuan, who had his hands pinned together continuously struggled in resistance, but was completely subdued by Fang Xu’s explosive strength.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Surprisingly, he saw Fang Xu open a bottle of Bordeaux and turn it over. He slowly but firmly poured it into somebody’s mouth, “We talked about this, you must obediently drink the whole bottle.”

Fan Yuan (crying without tears): “F*ck! laozi regrets it! I want to leave this world!”


Translator's Note

The author uses 功过相抵 which means as it does in the quote, that Yuan Yuan’s merit of offering a strategy offsets his fault of coming over as a spy.

Translator's Note

The author uses an idiom 小肚鸡肠 here which translates to ‘small stomach chicken intestines’, but it means to be extremely petty about something, hahah.

Translator's Note

The term 倒贴 is used here, which means to continue investing effort into something even though it’s unprofitable.

Translator's Note

Bisexual; but referring to the previous part, it’s nothing “abnormal” to be bisexual of course, but Fang Xu is special because he was a huge pervert….

Translator's Note

呸 is used here which is ‘pei’, and means to spit, in a way that is like scoffing.

Translator's Note

Mensao “闷骚” means somebody who is quiet & cold on the outside, but inside they are passionate, romantic, as my source says…”hot and sexy” ;)

Translator's Note

It means to be a very boring and dull person.

Translator's Note

The sound to mean gulping

Translator's Note

He’s the Crown Prince.

Translator's Note

The text says 天时地利人和 which actually means the climate, the favorability of the terrain, and the harmony among the masses

Translator's Note

Pretty liberal translation, it means that the Emperor’s words are the law.

Translator's Note

‘er’ is a suffix that is used as a term of endearment; Typically used amongst family or loved ones.

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