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Having just been forced to acknowledge himself as “insatiable,” Fan Yuan’s heart felt desolate. He was picked up by the male lead and brought into the kitchen to make Fang Xu some congee. Fan Yuan thought since he had been toyed with so cruelly, shouldn’t he be getting a little compensation? With that in mind, he unconsciously stretched his hand toward the salt cellar…… z3vXyb

A heaping bowl of congee was delivered to the dining room. The male lead was currently watching a movie on his iPad, his appearance the epitome of righteousness and honesty. His expression was gentle. Added to that his perfect, faultless face, anyone would believe he was an angel.

“Angel?” Fan Yuan chuckled sarcastically, “If that guy’s an angel, he absolutely must be Lucifer, all blackened and fallen from grace.”

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His entire body was aching at the moment, okay!

After the congee was prepared, Fan Yuan restrained the impulse to smash that bowl over that pervert’s head and instead placed the congee on the table, all prim and proper. The words coming out of his mouth were extremely deferential: “The congee you requested has been prepared. If there aren’t any more orders, can I……” Cikn z

Fang Xu’s lips curved up and he interrupted Fan Yuan, his smile innocent and harmless, “Sit down and finish the congee.”

Fan Yuan: (⊙▽⊙)???

Fang Xu’s tone was slightly helpless as he laughed and said, “What’s so surprising? Didn’t you drink yesterday? Getting drunk is very hard on your stomach. It’s good to eat something that’s easy to digest.”

Fan Yuan almost started crying. What he said made so much sense that he was actually left completely unable to respond.


In addition, he felt a little guilty and ashamed of himself……Sure enough, one must not do bad deeds! Or else there will be karmic retribution! But this karmic retribution happened really too quickly, you know QAQ

Fang Xu saw his wooden face and his motionless form. Raising an eyebrow, he said, “If you don’t eat it soon, the congee will get cold. Are you trying to tell me that you want me to feed you?”

Fan Yuan trembled all over. Without another word, he picked up that bowl of congee and gulped it all down. After he finished it, he reflected on his godforsaken life. It was no different than drinking salt water! And the concentration was super high!

#I dare not be underhanded again# SoI6UR

#This world needs a little more sincerity and a little less scheming#

He ran to the bathroom and threw up for a long time. He drank a whole bottle of filtered water and finally felt a little bit better. Fang Xu squinted and watched Fan Yuan’s long torment, an unspeakable expression in his eyes.

“Did you poison the congee?”

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Fan Yuan shook his head and nudged up his frameless glasses. He calmly replied, “It could be because of the hangover.” cm7yoA

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Fan Yuan deeply felt the same way. Getting drunk not only made it easier to ruin things, but he was also easily taken advantage of. From this moment on, he wouldn’t drink even if alcohol was delivered right to him.

Fang Xu saw his suddenly obedient appearance and couldn’t resist pushing Fan Yuan’s glasses up onto his forehead. Fang Xu stared into his beautiful eyes and thought of the way those eyes had filled up and glimmered with tears the previous night, how they had been misty with desire. That was a Fan Yuan he had never before seen, sending his heart into turmoil. He suddenly said, “It’s not that you can’t drink, but it has to be when I’m also there.”

Fan Yuan didn’t bother paying attention to his rambling nonsense. He used his strength to push Fang Xu away, then put his glasses on properly again. Fang Xu seemed to really enjoy staring into his eyes and frequently did just that. He felt refreshed. For a myopic person like him with -5.00-diopter vision, he turned half-blind without his glasses. It was seriously so incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. h5QBfY

He felt that his much-abused poor stomach-jun seemed to have recovered quite a bit, and he was unlikely to vomit again. Fan Yuan thought it was about time to lay his cards on the table, so he solemnly intoned, “I have something to say to you.”

Fang Xu sat by his side, his hands propping up his face. He drawled, “Okay, say it and I’ll listen.”

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Fan Yuan shifted to the side. In a low voice, he said, “It’s like this. Actually…… I want to resign and let the company arrange another person for you.”

Yet Fang Xu’s expression was very calm and collected. He nodded, “So you want to resign. Sure. That’s fine.” 8YLsWG

Fan Yuan was shocked, but it wasn’t a pleasant surprise. According to that asshole Fang Xu’s true nature, he would always give him a sweet jujube and then, not even waiting for him to put it in his mouth, would immediately swing a club and beat him until he was all confused and disoriented.

Sure enough, he heard Fang Xu continue, “We’re already dating. We even did those kind of things last night…… Of course you can’t continue on being my manager.”

Fan Yuan thought angrily, only a manager? Whose family’s manager moonlights as a chauffeur, chef, and personal assistant? Whose family’s manager goes to line up before daybreak to buy their client’s breakfast, day in and day out? Whose family’s manager has to withstand their client’s inhuman and deliberate harassment and torment? What he is, isn’t a manager, it’s a superhero, okay?!?!

On the other side, Fang Xu appeared to have not sensed his silent complaints and indifferently said, “It’s best to have equal stations between lovers, or else it’s difficult to preserve the relationship long-term. You should be having this idea.” f03vd5

The corner of Fan Yuan’s mouth tightened, “So you also know that our previous relationship wasn’t equal, huh……”

Fang Xu nodded as if it was the most natural thing in the world, “I’ll allow you to resign, but if we do it this way, the time we spend together will be greatly reduced. In order to compensate for this, from now on, you’ll live here with me.”

Fan Yuan instantly refused, “I don’t agree to this!” What a joke, isn’t moving into his apartment exactly like a sheep entering a tiger’s den? I mean, this guy is a huge pervert, okay!

It was as if Fang Xu didn’t hear him or didn’t care for his input, “I’ll return with you today to pack your clothes and other items. Of course, if you don’t want to go back and just want me to help you buy all new clothes, that’s okay too.” Jgd 4p

Oi, oi! Listen when people are talking to you! Fan Yuan again raised his voice and said, “I don’t want to move!”

Fang Xu’s posture didn’t change, and he only coolly said, “Then do you still want to resign?”

Fan Yuan was at a loss for words.

“Darling, this is an exchange. Don’t be too willful.” kBDp7Z

Fan Yuan hesitated, wondering how he should handle this. At that key moment, Xiao Wu came online, “Ding. Master can use the excuse of getting his clothes to seize the chance to slip away and continue following the plot.”

Fan Yuan’s eyes lit up. He put on a troubled expression and said to Fang Xu, “I can move in, but…… I want to return to get them myself. Everyone has their privacy. You can understand this, right?”

Fang Xu muttered to himself for a bit and at last slowly spat out a single word: “Deal.”

************************* pK0wsV

Fan Yuan got into the car. He didn’t drive to his own home, but instead went in the direction of the house of the female love rival, Gao Menghan.

Every since that unpleasant conversation they had, Fan Yuan had not paid attention to her. However, every word this female side character said was all according to the script and did not have an iota of deviation—totally unnecessary for him to worry about. She should have already discovered that the male lead treated the female lead differently. What he was going to do now was give her a proper answer.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thinking of how he was about to play the villain, Fan Yuan felt inwardly apprehensive. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do anything bad, he was just thinking that after he was finished defrauding the female lead, if the male lead still didn’t have it straight, how was the female lead supposed to withstand the coming howling winds and torrential rain?

“Ding. Master need not worry. The female lead has the protecting protagonist halo. Even if the male lead doesn’t follow the plot, the male side character and all sorts of cannon fodder will help her. Although she won’t have the strength of the male lead’s golden thigh, things will assuredly go more and more smoothly for her.” xGcKiS

At that, Fan Yuan finally relaxed. When he reached the general vicinity of Gao Menghan’s home, he dialed her number. She only answered after a short time had passed. Fan Yuan felt a faint sense of wrongness, but he couldn’t pin down what was weird about it. Ignoring the disquiet in his heart, he spoke into the phone, “It’s me. Do you have any interest in coming out to chat? It’s about Fang Xu.”

Gao Menghan’s voice was as graceful and melodious as always, but it was laced with an emotion he couldn’t quite identify, “Sure. You pick the place.”

Fan Yuan said, “I’m right by your house. There’s a café called BLUE over here, how about we meet here?”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.” JwdPhA

Gao Menghan hung up the phone. Her dainty face oddly was contorted, her expression insane and vicious. She carelessly threw her phone to the side and slowly opened the folder in her hand. It was the folder’s contents that changed her into a fiend.

A single picture. Because it had been surreptitiously taken the night before, it was not very clear, but it was enough to recognize the photo’s subjects: Fang Xu and Tang Yuan.

These two men had enthusiastically made out last night in front of the door to Fang Xu’s apartment. In the end, Fang Xu had swept Fan Yuan into his embrace and carried him into his room.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. Gao Menghan coldly smiled. Did he take her for a fool? That minor star Tan Ling had just been a □□ from the start. In order to conceal that Fang Xu was a homosexual, they had stirred up a sex scandal. This strategy was truly excellent. Fan Yuan wasn’t known as one of China’s most outstanding, gold-medal managers for nothing. He had actually managed to fool her for such a long time! Xwi0al

What had Fang Xu been doing when she had dispatched her people to probe for clues to feel out the truth behind Fang Xu and that minor star’s relationship? Gathering up Tang Yuan in his arms and making love to him on the bed? Or laughing with Tang Yuan at her gullibility and stupidity?!

She had long guessed that Tang Yuan was gay. That man had always been a little too clean-living and honest, so much so that it was unnatural. Men were always preoccupied with sex and what’s more, the world of showbiz was filled with gorgeous women, and the men who could restrain their hearts in such a world were few. With that kind of status, he should have a few bedpartners, but he didn’t even spare a glance for the most beautiful of popular female entertainers. However you think about it, it was wrong. So she sent someone to seduce him, wanting to pry the truth from his own mouth.

Yet she had never considered that he would have intentions towards Fang Xu, or should she say she had not considered that he would harbor filthy intentions towards Fang Xu. In the end, Fang Xu was too high for him to reach. He was dazzling, comparable to a deity from the highest of the heavens. How could a gay delude himself this way?

Yet reality told her that that dirty man actually succeeded! 4AIf5Q

When Fang Xu had wanted to break up with her, could it have been Fan Yuan getting between them? Yes! Definitely! There was nothing that that kind of despicable person wasn’t capable of doing!

He had pushed Fang Xu into an abyss. She wanted him to die as apology for his offense.


Fan Yuan sat at BLUE for a long time and had finished three cups of coffee. Just as he was starting his fourth cup, he noticed the waiter’s grudging and disdainful gaze. He eventually couldn’t take it any longer and promptly called Gao Menghan’s phone. He tried several times, but no one picked up. He was finally moved to anger. Ppq8Lh

“Xiao Wu, am I being stood up by the female love rival?”


Chrysanthemum Garden.

“F*ck! What is this! The male lead just sent me a text telling me to hurry up. If she doesn’t come soon, the male lead is going to head to my house to abduct me!”

In the end, after he finished his fourth cup, he finally didn’t have the face to sit there wasting any more time. He quickly paid the bill and got on his way. NH5TVs

He dialed his phone as he walked to the parking lot. Even if he couldn’t meet the female love rival face-to-face or get her on the phone, either, he must still keep on following the plot.

He suddenly heard a rushing noise and subconsciously looked back. Yet he saw a fire-red sports car accelerating towards him. He still had not yet had time to react when he felt someone next to him push him forward viciously.

In the moment that his body hit the ground, he saw that it was covered in blood.


Translator's Note

The raw doesn’t give the manner of how Fan Yuan was brought over to the kitchen, but I pictured him being picked up by the scruff of his neck like a puppy, lol.

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Uses the word for collecting taxes here.

Translator's Note

Polite “you.”

Translator's Note

In Chinese, the verb used for soup/congee/other watery foods is drink, not eat. So it makes slightly more sense in Chinese.

Translator's Note

These were in the original text. Not entirely clear what it’s referring to here as they are usually used to avoid censorship. The meaning is usually clear to the reader, so s/he can mentally fill in the blanks. Maybe Gao Menghan is calling Tan Ling a beard?

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