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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 6.1


Along a busy street, the aroma of an array of delectable foods permeated the air. Fan Yuan silently took in a breath—this pure smell, this smell clear of any preservatives could only mean one thing—this was an ancient plot.

“Xiao Wu, seal off my sense of smell.” Wubvw2


“If I go on like this, I can’t guarantee that I won’t give in to the temptation.”

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Xiao Wu was silent for a long time, and all it saw was Fan Yuan gradually gravitating towards a stall selling lotus leaf chicken in final concedence.

“Ding, at present, there are two props for Master to choose: the Numbing Pill or Nose-stuffing Ball. The effect of the former allows you to lose all your five senses within three seconds, lasting for half an hour; the effect of the latter is…….” bt9n3L

“Wait, wait! Are you sure you aren’t pulling my leg? I just want to use it on myself, not to sabotage others! And what the hell is that Nose-stuffing ball?!”

“Ding, the Nose-stuffing ball mainly consists of cotton. To use it, insert it into the nasal cavity to prevent external air from entering. The Nose-stuffing Ball sold in the system’s marketplace provides the added advantages of better air-tightness, lighter weight and improved portability as compared to the cotton balls sold outside.”

After listening to its description, Fan Yuan was practically heartbroken. He angrily accused, “Don’t tell me there isn’t  anything more advanced?! You are a system! That kind of cool, Heaven-defying system you find only in novels! Using a cotton ball to shake me off, aren’t you a disgrace to your good name? ”

Xiao Wu didn’t feel a shred of guilt from this accusation. He unhesitatingly pointed out the truth, “Ding, the Concentration Pill Master exchanged for in the previous world was a high-grade medicine in the cultivation realm. It took up nearly one-third of Master’s experience points. After that, Master and the Main God often forgot to buy lubricant  when you two were engaged in the xxoo, so you exchanged your experience points for Willow Snow Dew in the system’s marketplace several times. The remaining experience points are insufficient to exchange for high-level medicine and props. ” yOeDQu

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The more Fan Yuan listened, the more he felt something was off. Hearing the very last bit, he was embarrassed beyond words, and his resentment towards Yan Rui rose up to an even higher level.

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“Brother Bai, what’s on your mind?”

The sound of the man’s hoarse voice was as damaged as torn rags. Fan Yuan looked up and saw that a part of the man’s face was covered by a silver mask, gleaming under the sun, while the other side his handsome face was still visible. Ogdtex

This man was the male lead of this world, Gao Sui.

His father had been the leader of the Wulin alliance, but two years ago his entire family was massacred, and he was only able to escape by the skin of his teeth. However, half of his face was burned and his voice, damaged. He had intended to gather the heroes of the Wulin to find the murderer and take revenge for his family once he recovered, but what he didn’t expect was that his injury couldn’t heal, and so rumours of his father colluding with a demon sect began to spread like wildfire.

He no longer was the upright, noble Gao Sui that people looked up to, but Gao Sui, the son of the evil criminal.

Although he received a huge blow, he didn’t give up hope. Instead, he went to a no man’s island to visit a learned master, hoping to be taken in as a disciple to learn the art of combat. Deep down, he wanted to reclaim justice for his father and clear his family’s name. ZgK9FQ

Today was his first day back from the island where he completed his training. He assumed the alias Gao Sui’an, and had just met Bai Yuan, the right vanguard of the demon sect, and Xiao Ziyun, the miracle doctor.

As for Fan Yuan, he was precisely this right vanguard of the demon sect, Bai Muyuan, who was also the adopted son of the demon sect’s leader. As for Xiao Ziyun, she was the female lead of this story, one of this generation’s direct disciples from Shenyi Valley. At present, she was disguised as a man and went by the name Xiao Zi.

Fan Yuan turned to look at Gao Sui and shook his head slightly, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking, we must prepare the medicine we usually need to use when we head out, or we will be in trouble if anyone gets injured.”

Gao Sui laughed, “That isn’t really an issue, Brother Xiao is so well-versed in medicine that even if someone really gets hurt, he can just treat you with some herbs from the roadside.” tdGOP6

Fan Yuan nodded in enlightenment, “Brother Gao is right. When travelling, one should rely on their friends. It’s really rare to find a good friend like Brother Xiao.”

Sure enough, Gao Sui’s mood immediately improved. This asshole was a Xiao Zi-con; every sentence of his was Xiao Zi this, Xiao Zi that, and if he heard anyone praise Xiao Zi once, it was more effective than praising the man himself ten times. It was really no different from what was depicted in the original text.

Fan Yuan’s dog eyes were blinded by this kind of intense wife-flaunting maniac. He even suspected that the man was actually a closeted gay since the female lead was currently disguised as a man, and the guy didn’t perceive any feminine features from her body. Was it really okay to spoil her so much?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No matter whether the man was gay or not, he definitely wasn’t Yan Rui. So this begged the question, where was Yan Rui? VP4Ww1

One by one, Fan Yuan scanned through the people in the original story and discovered that there weren’t many people who fit the requirements. However, Fan Yuan had already been here for over half a month and he hadn’t even seen a sliver of a shadow of the man. He didn’t know what that guy was playing at.

Just as he was feeling annoyed, he noticed that someone was causing a ruckus nearby—it seemed that some people were arguing.

Gao Sui’s Xiao Zi-radar immediately came online. He quickly indicated to Fan Yuan, “Brother Bai, I heard Brother Xiao’s voice. He must have met with some troubles. Although he has good medical skills, his martial arts are really poor. Let’s quickly go and help him.”

Fan Yuan deadpanned, “Brother Gao’s words are reasonable…….” 3OKC6e

Before he could finish his sentence, he was dragged into the massive crowd by Gao Sui.

As expected, the female lead was looking for trouble again. The female lead Xiao Ziyun had transmigrated into the body of a child, so she had many characteristics of a transmigrator from Mary Sue stories such as fighting against injustice. The so-called ‘letting out a roar at any injustices and rashly rushing into the fray’, could be used to describe a heroine like the female lead.

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Take this situation for example, a lady who had sold her body to support her family was forcefully being manhandled by a fierce, malicious-looking man who was trying to buy her. The lady, clad in white, was a weeping beauty, like a pear blossom bathed in rain. It broke the hearts of all onlooking men, but no one dared to come to the rescue.

At this time, the female lead had appeared, dragging the lady behind her in one swift pull as she gave the big fellow a furious glare, “Can you still call yourself a man, bullying a good woman like this?! Do you have any shame?!” rpJxSl

An uproar erupted from the surrounding crowd, and when the lady saw that a charming gongzi had rescued her, her cries became even more mournful, causing the sense of justice within the female lead to instantaneously amplify, “I’m buying this lady!”

As a woman, her stature was naturally smaller, added onto her tender-looking face, she looked like an undeveloped youth who was at most, a little under 20. This person actually threatened to buy a woman, it shocked silly all the melon-eating onlookers who didn’t know the truth of her identity.

The big guy’s jaw almost dropped to the floor, bursting out in raucous laughter as he pointed at the female lead, “Little brat, your hair hasn’t even grown out, and you dare to snatch laozi’s woman?”

The male lead-daren finally emerged, standing beside the female lead to back her up, “So he snatched her from you, what about it?” p7 JDl

Fan Yuan silently lowered his head as he followed those two from behind, inwardly cursing, ‘I’m not here, I’m not here, I’m not here!’

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sorry the delayed chapter, one thing keeps coming after the other :blobcry: My grandmother suddenly got hospitalised and she was in a critical condition all this while. She’s finally out of the ICU so I’m back, thanks for your understanding guys ♡

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Why does it sound so gross lol

Translator's Note

Literally Miracle Doctor’s Valley.

Translator's Note

It refers to onlookers who are watching a situation just for fun.

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