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Glory [e-sports]

Glory [e-sports] 荣光[电竞]

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Author: 龙柒 Long Qi
Total Chapters: ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Fluffy, gaming, Romance
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Translators: xiin. Editors: apricot, juurensha
Release Schedule: Sporadic


This novel is also known as [I was caught and brought back after using and tossing aside the Great Demon King of e-sports…]

Wei Xiao––the former rookie king of the league, now an accompanying player and trash talk king, had a stupefied look on his face!

Someone bought 10,000 games with him!

200 yuan a game, for a neat and tidy total of two million yuan!

Wei Xiao: “Boss, you didn’t miscount the zeroes, right?”


“You want me to accompany you to play 10,000 games?”



Wei Xiao was amazed. But just when he thought he’d encountered a generous fool and was having a good time deceiving and playing with them, he discovered the other party’s identity.

This person actually turned out to be his previous captain, the one whose hands were tired from accepting too many championship trophies, the one who made everyone feel fear when they heard his name, the Great Demon King of the league, Lu Feng!

Wei Xiao: “I’m sorry for disturbing you, goodbye!”

Lu Feng picked up the little bastard who wanted to run, “Have you played around enough? Come back for training if you’ve played enough!”

Later on, Wei Xiao became famous in a single game. The host interviewed him, “How would you evaluate God Lu?”

Wei Xiao: “God Lu? Great technique, strong physical strength, and the most heaven-defying thing is his endurance!”

Host: “???”

How come the answer seemed to be a little strange?!

Reading tips:

  1. It’s Lu Feng and Wei Xiao on the cover, the perspective is from a fan who’d secretly taken a photo. The standing one is the Great Demon King, and the seated one is the Little Lunatic. Cool boys~
  2. Game settings and competition system are pulled out of thin air. Don’t put reality into it, muah~.
  3. 1v1, very sweet.
  4. Readers who don’t play games don’t need to fear. It’s about two male gods (see the cover~) entering a relationship. Come and enjoy the sugar~


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  1. summary got me hooked, cover art is 😍✨✨✨✨✨

    looking forward for the novel~ (it doesn’t have a page in NU yet?)

    • Is it the one from Little Mushroom? Yep. I can’t help but associate God Lu in another male god Lu of Little Mushroom 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but, both their personality is different from each other, so… 🤣🤣🤣

  2. endurance… so terrifying – esp if like ” The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon”😱

    luckily/hopefully this will be more romantic than horror!!

  3. It’s soooo sweet! May I have your permission to translate this fluff to russian language? Please, let me know!

  4. Question: Is the ML’s avatar name “Close” as in “close the door” or “Close” as in “close together”? Like, how am I supposed to read it?

  5. The main reason I’m deciding to check this book out is because Glory is in it’s name which immediately reminded me of The King’s Avatar, so I’m giving this a go haha.

  6. I mtled up to c108 although I mostly skipped the game elements I can still vaguely guess the flow and dang I did not regret itt. Although knowing Chinese is much better, thanks translators, I’ll be back again. Please don’t drop this! 😊😘

  7. I’ll be checking this out. it sounds good and I hope it’s good 😀 I, unknowingly, read a number of their works and surprisingly I have mixed feeelings. While novels like reborn into a slash game and my underachieving seatmate are total bangers to me and are on top of the game, others like game loading or marshals decided to divorce were totally not my cup of tea due to the setting and the tone of them. Fingers crossed it’s good😂

    • oh, yeah! i’m a fan of some aspects of Long Qi’s works, but there are definitely some i like more than others. I did love game loading, but some of her earlier works were really confusing. glory is lighthearted and fun with some mildly stabby backstories (enough to make it overly sickeningly sweet)~ hope you like it!

      • judging by the number of translated works on NU they wrote a lot. and by diversity it feels like they searched themselves. since i unknowingly read some of their novels i looked up and must say that indeed the earlier works are exactly in the category of those i’m not really impressed with (which is just personal where i don’t agree with settings, e.g. the conflict is built out of thin air, i don’t like when MCs are forced to some task/loving etc. among other things), but later works are decent and good. ‘seatmate’ actually brought it to another level for me and after reading the author’s note in where they mentioned that they’re also a mother, it made things even more meaningful. i can honestly shocked when before checking out glory i scrolled through works and was like – wow..this is the same author? incredible. no, let me check again…..wow 😂 i actually started glory right after my last comment and already like the flow of it 💛
  8. Love it to death!!!!!!~~~ Wei Xiao Xiao, LuLu and the others are so freaking cuuuutttteee!!!~~ ☆ヾ(-∀・)*+☆

    I especially love Wei Xiao Xiao’s brain circuit, it always make my day more sparkly~~~

  9. I started reading this for the e-sports.

    Then got charmed by Little Lunatic Wei who reminds me a bit of a certain patriarch and also an inspiring founder.

    Ok, I don’t mind getting diabetes from the loads of dog food this series is bombarding me with. I voluntarily boarded the thief ship of the (Big Devil Close and Quiet Little Lunatic) Seclusion CP for the sugar (≧▽≦).

    But never did I expect to be sucked further into the pit for the bromance. The feels, the backstories…friendship goals! Bromance!!!

    Now I want to see a donghua for this, especially for the team fights . 🤩