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Glory [e-sports]Ch32.1 - Captain, don’t give such a deep confession so easily, I can’t handle it.


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Gary was very reluctant, “That’s not very good…” FfpUQj

Ah, this kid was so strong. He’d been hammered by that kid’s divine warrior, and now he wanted to get even.


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How could Yuan Ze not understand him? He laughed and cursed, “Move.”

Gary was aggrieved. He was a big, sturdy man, dawdling in the e-sports chair. j1WGFv


Yuan Ze set the bait, “There’s a training match with Pro the day after tomorrow. I’ll help you make an appointment with Sung-hyun after the match.”

Gary jumped up immediately, “Really!”



Pro was the seeded team of the Korean competition zone. In recent years, they’d achieved good results. Kim Sung-hyun was the team’s bottom lane, the top ADC in the Temple of Glory, and had once been a starting player of the FTW team, and Yuan Ze and Lu Feng’s teammate.

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Kim Sung-hyun, a Korean, had left FTW three years ago to return to his home country and play for the Pro team.

Although Pro had been unable to win the world championship in recent years, Kim Sung-hyun had taken two championships in the doubles competition and made it to the finals many times in the team competition. uxNS1r

Pro was gaining momentum and was confident in winning the 2021 championship.


There was no doubt that Gary’s favorite solo opponent was Close, but it was too difficult to make an appointment with Close. That person was addicted to team games, and any spare time he had was spent on 5v5. He wasn’t addicted to solo at all, yet he’d won one individual championship after another, making others so angry their livers hurt.


Other than Close, Gary’s next favorite opponent was undoubtedly Kim Sung-hyun. He and Kim Sung-hyun didn’t solo, though; they played doubles matches.

Yuan Ze would team up with him, and they’d fight against Kim Sung-hyun and his support.

Gary liked playing doubles with Yuan Ze, because with Yuan Ze there, he could be unbridled, reckless, and single-minded, and it was an incredibly good feeling.


This bait was too attractive. Old G hurriedly stood up and made way, “Come, come, come, Quiet is yours!”


Yuan Ze sat down, set down his half finished cigarette in the ashtray, and moved his fingers.

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There was already no way to see the scrolling comments clearly.

This was one major event after another. Almost half of the Glory circle fans had already rushed over.

Fans of domestic teams, fans of individual players, the anti-fans who enjoyed flaming, and the keyboard warriors were all raring to go, with the scene now rowdy enough to reach the skies.


There were those who were analyzing the battle situation, those who were analyzing the win rate, those who were placing bets, and there were also the girls talking about CPs, getting excited about all the content…

This was one good thing about having so many scrolling comments. Nobody cared what everyone else was doing, because in any case, they all had their own opinions, and they couldn’t start a fight even if they wanted to.

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Wei Xiao was really looking forward to it. Today was really a pretty good day. He’d soloed with so many professional players in China, and now he could even have a solo match with last year’s runner up. lnEeUw

No matter what…

He had made a killing!

Playing professionally was really great, playing professionally was really a happy thing. Wei Xiaoxiao was in a wonderful mood.

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Ccv atfc…

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Llr mjqajlc rtea vbkc tlr wlmgbqtbcf.

Qfl Wljb ibbxfv eq, “Jjqajlc?”

Oe Mfcu: “P’ii qijs.” NpVrf6

Qfl Wljb: “???”


Oe Mfcu rqbxf, “P’ii rbib klat tlw.”

Qfl Wljb mifcmtfv tlr tjcvr lcab olrar jcv rjlv lc rtbmx, “Jjqajlc, tbk mbeiv sbe yf ilxf atlr? Tbe rbibfv klat Yiv X rb wjcs alwfr j ofk vjsr jub, jcv sbe fnfc vlrvjlcfv tlw jcv rjlv atja sbe vlvc’a kjca ab rbib klat tlw. Qts cbk…” uB3xES

This was an opportunity that had come to his hands with much difficulty. Even if it was Close, he didn’t want to let go of it!


Lu Feng was very straightforward, “Yuan Ze is on the other side.”

Wei Xiao: “……” poLKmz


There were many people in the training room. Almost everyone had come to watch the show. Chen Feng raised his eyes to look at Lu Feng, and even Tang Chen had slowed down the majority of his giggles.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Xiao slapped his thigh, “This man is such a dog, he even fights for other people!” 8CTYFi

Everyone: “………”

Little Lunatic Wei, you were really able grasp the key point.


Wei Xiao became even more reluctant to leave his seat, “Don’t blame me for his lack of kindness, I’m going to hammer him until he explodes!” 1kmtWF

Wei Xiao had been very upset about losing in the previous training match against Yuan Ze and really wanted to fight back.


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Lu Feng looked at him, “He’ll make fun of you.”

Wei Xiao didn’t care, “I’m not afraid of losing. Besides, if I can’t hold up, I deserve to be toyed with. Losing just means I have to train harder!” YhgOWs

Everyone in the room was helpless towards this attitude of his, thoroughly convinced.

Just based on how he’d aimed at Close for solo matches, it could be seen that this kid was really unafraid of losing. Others might go into seclusion from losing, but he would only grow more excited.


Lu Feng: “I don’t want that.” tNuddw

Wei Xiao paused.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Feng stared at the ID on the screen, “You are FTW’s Quiet. You’re our miracle soldier. Why should he be allowed to test you.”


These words landed in the training room, and everyone’s heart heated up. smlpQL

Old Bai grinned widely, Ning Zhehan’s expression was moved. Yue Wenle lowered his head to eat his chips. Chen Feng held his forehead, and Tang Chen once again started to be foolishly happy. As for the Little Lunatic Wei…


“Hey,” Wei Xiao was awkward and embarrassed, “Captain, don’t give such a deep confession so easily. I can’t handle it. Isn’t it just a solo match? You can have it, you can have it.”

Everyone: “………………” mVtH6Z

Old Yue didn’t crunch his chips properly and ended up coughing violently.


Wei Xiao glanced at him, “God Le, don’t be jealous. There’s no helping it, who told me to join the team late and make it so that only I can be the miracle soldier?”

Yue Wenle: F*ck… ZLvGwt

He coughed so hard that his ears turned red.

In the future, when Wei Xiao was there, he wouldn’t dare to eat potato chips any more. He’d f*cking die if he wasn’t careful! 


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Wei Xiao hurriedly poured him a glass of water, “Slow down, slow down, don’t get too excited.” tAbFK4

Yue Wenle didn’t dare drink this water, for fear that he would end up dead in this training room.


Wei Xiao became happier the more he thought about it. He looked at Xiang Liu and asked, “Brother Liu, can I still change my ID?”

He’d only just joined the team. He probably wasn’t registered with the gaming committee yet… HjVpYa


Xiang Liu clenched his hand around a quick-acting heart-saving pill, “Isn’t Quiet a good ID?”

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Wei Xiao was very happy, “I feel that ‘Miracle Soldier’ is better. What do you guys think?”

Everyone: “………” TpseGJ

Get lost!


The entire room wanted to beat him up, but it was Lu Feng who resolved it, “Miracle Soldier is no good, it’s too long.”

Wei Xiao was relieved, “That’s true. Then we’ll stick with Quiet.” xJIBvG

He paused, then said excitedly, “Also, I can give Quiet another explanation in Chinese, so that when they see ‘Quiet’, they think of the words ‘miracle soldier’. FTW.Quiet is FTW’s miracle soldier, right!”

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Lu Feng’s lips curved briefly, “Mm.”


The entire room was left speechless. sdBxiv

Although it left everyone unable to say anything, it also strangely gave everyone a shot of heated passion straight to the heart.

This little bastard didn’t have a door on his mouth, and he didn’t watch his thoughts either. He clearly said whatever came to mind, yet it was able to drive the emotions of people around him.

While he was being noisy and playful, he somehow still pulled off a wanton recklessness that went up to the skies!


At this moment, the audience in the live broadcast studio didn’t know what they were watching.

They thought that this was a duel between Quiet and Gary, and they thought that this was a fight between FTW’s domineering newcomer and the runner up of last year’s singles competition.

That was already enough for them to be bursting with excitement.

If they knew that it was Lu Feng playing Quiet’s account, and Yuan Ze playing Gary’s account, the strawberry platform servers probably wouldn’t be able to handle the terrifying levels of traffic. ESdvKo


In the room’s chat box––

Gary: “Use wat?”

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As the person who taught Old G this Martian text, Yuan Ze used it with what could only be called an easy familiarity. J85TLQ

Afraid that ‘Quiet’ wouldn’t be able to understand, the scrolling comments helped him translate, “God G wants to know what you want to use!”


Quiet: “Power thief.”

Gary: “No shade thief?” Not using the shadow thief? SPK6LQ

Quiet: “I’m a top-laner.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The power thief talent spec was for the top-lane. Although ordinary players used the power thief for jungling, in competitive matches,practically nobody used the power thief to jungle, and it was a standard top-lane hero.

Lu Feng was saying this with Quiet’s account, but Chen Feng and Tang Chen, who both knew the truth, knew that he was saying it about himself. 3wT5Ez


Gary was a jungler. At this moment, the one using his ID was Yuan Ze, who was also a top-laner.

Quiet appeared to be a top-laner, but in fact, Lu Feng intended for him to be the jungler, and FTW’s real top-laner would be Lu Feng.


For this match, using the power thief was the right choice.

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Two top-laners who were destined to mutually attack each other started pounding the war drums ahead of time!


Although he couldn’t solo, Wei Xiao was still very interested in watching Lu Feng solo. R5Eh36

He would get excited when he watched training videos between Lu Feng and Old G in the past, so there was no need to talk about his state now as he watched Lu Feng play against Yuan Ze.


It had to be said that Yuan Ze hadn’t participated in the individual competitions for three years. Nobody knew what this previous solo king’s level was like.

No matter which of the other four members of the Team of Gods were to solo against Lu Feng, it would still be big enough news to shake the global Glory circle. 1s9qNL


There was no helping it. FTW’s Team of Gods had been too god-like. And yet, after they dissolved and went their own ways, they became even more godly, making tens of thousands of fans endlessly curious about the topic.

A team of five had all left their names in the Temple of Glory. This was the most brilliant stroke in the history of Glory.


The match began.

The power thief was very suited for one-on-one fights out of all the thief talents. The top-lane hero was always intended to bear the pressure of the lane alone, and sometimes, one player even needed to keep two opponents busy in order to create more opportunities for their teammates.

So, even if Yuan Ze hadn’t participated in the individual solo competitions for many years, his solo level was still very high. This could already be seen from his operations during the team competitions.

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Wei Xiao was afraid of disturbing Lu Feng, so he crowded together with Yue Wenle to watch the live broadcast.

Old Yue choked and didn’t dare to eat his chips. Wei Xiao asked, “Are they delicious?”

Yue Wenle: “……”

Wei Xiao: “Can I have some?” qSPvYb


Old Yue handed him the chips. His emotions were tired.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Xiao crunched on a chip, “They’re really good!”

Yue Wenle was delighted inside but spoke in a restrained tone, “These are all the best ones that I’ve picked out from many. They’re crispy, tasty, and…” 2norEA


Wei Xiao: “Quickly look at the captain! He’s really learned it well, it looks like a power thief that I’m playing!”

Yue Wenle looked at the live broadcast and also didn’t care about elaborating further on his chips.


Translator's Note

miracle soldier – an army suddenly appearing from nowhere; in this case, someone appearing out of nowhere to save the day~

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