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Glory [e-sports]Ch32.2 - Captain, I want more!


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Lu Feng’s terrifying ability to mimic couldn’t be fully felt without personal experience. cClSQY

Watching him manipulate a hero the same way as oneself, that feeling was really… intense.


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Wei Xiao: “It’s like I’m looking in the mirror!”

He and Yue Wenle had soloed many times, and Yue Wenle had a very deep impression of his power thief. At present the power thief in the game was really like Wei Xiao, all the way down to its bones. gO0zIj


Lu Feng imitated Wei Xiao’s tactics at the start of the game so that Yuan Ze wouldn’t be able to find any flaws.

And Yuan Ze indeed didn’t notice that the players had changed.



Old G commented from the side, “This kid is really good. He’s still able to grab resources despite your oppression.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yuan Ze: “Very delicate movements.”

Old G: “Not only is it delicate, his guts are also bold and fat.”

Yuan Ze: “This kid is very excellent, but there’s this kind of…” FRjdQ1

The word ‘familiarity’ hadn’t been said yet when he was forcefully stabbed into the ground by the other side’s power thief!


Old G: “………”

Yuan Ze: “F*ck.” w1Ycp4


The power thief was a hero with eight skills. It had two forms, and once a set of moves was used, damage would start to stack. If the hero moved carelessly, once a certain layer of damage was added up, the damage would detonate, ignoring the opponent’s armor and defense and directly topple their opponent.


Yuan Ze couldn’t be any more familiar with the power thief, but he’d been careless. 5XWm Y

He hadn’t really taken this newbie who’d just started his professional career as a real opponent. He hadn’t been playing seriously and had had an attitude of teasing and probing.



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Old G exclaimed, “FTW really hid a trump card, I don’t believe that he just joined the team. This way of tossing out damage is obviously the way Close plays!” xBjdLW

Gary played against Close all year round and was far more familiar with the current Close than Yuan Ze, an old teammate from a team that had disbanded over three years ago.


Yuan Ze froze for a moment, “Motherf*cker, this is Close.”

He had wanted to trick the other party, but he’d been the one falling into a trap instead. 9nRgJI

Three years ago, he’d sworn that he would never solo against Little Lu Feng…

F*ck! Damnit!

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Old G was stunned, “Close?” JSoaBN

He came back to his senses in an instant. That made sense. With Lu Feng’s heaven defying ability to ‘copy’, it was a very easy thing for him to imitate Quiet.


Old G: “Why is he playing for Quiet?”

Yuan Ze acted like he’d been scalded, tossing away the keyboard and mouse as he said, “…I knew that he was overprotective, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent.” VzuyBZ


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Old G realized, “He guessed that you were playing?”

Yuan Ze was really powerless, “You go, you go, you solo with him.”


Gary was pressed into the e-sports chair and was super aggrieved, “You’re the one who wanted to fight, and now you’re the one who doesn’t want to fight…”

As soon as Yuan Ze saw the situation, he simply shut down the machine.

Old G: “???”

Yuan Ze: “Or is it that you want me to surrender?” 8zmZMK

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Yiv X rtbbx tlr tfjv ilxf mgjhs, “Ufgrlwwbcr mjc yf xliifv, yea mjc’a yf fcafgfv!”

Snfc Kfjmtfg Tejc ktb’v yffc atf bcf ab afjmt tlw Jtlcfrf kjr mbcoerfv obg j wbwfca, “?”

Yt… tf’v oluegfv la bea. Pa kjr ‘j rmtbijg qgfofgr vfjat ab tewliljalbc’. 6oSghi


Vteaalcu vbkc kjr fdelnjifca ab vgbqqlcu booilcf. Ktf ‘Xjgs’ lc atf ujwf rlwqis rabbv ja atf mgsraji jcv vlvc’a mbwf bea jcswbgf.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The audience in the studio: “???” Rp3fn0

“What’s going on?”

“Losing without fighting?”

“No way… Although Quiet has some strong points, God G isn’t that bad.”

“Old G hasn’t even started yet, how come he…” GCNosY


Xiang Liu received an overseas call from the manager of L&P, “Sorry, the base’s network isn’t stable, and the internet disconnected. I heard that Gary was soloing with you guys…”

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The manager spoke a whole bunch of lightning-quick English words, and it was fortunate that Brother Liu’s English was good, and he actually understood.


He set down the phone and spread his hands, “L&P disconnected.”

Everyone: “………”

Lu Feng stood up and freed up his position.


Wei Xiao was confused, “Yuan Ze discovered you?”

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Lu Feng: “Yes.”

Wei Xiao was very puzzled, “Why won’t he solo with you?”


Lu Feng didn’t answer. He pointed to the headset, “Turn on the mic and explain it to everyone.”

Since the microphone was on, Wei Xiao didn’t ask any further. He sat down and told everyone about the mystery of L&P’s disconnecting internet.


All sorts of things were being said in the scrolling comments, and the overall atmosphere was pretty good. LmxPkT

After all, it was L&P who’d ‘disconnected’, not their own FTW.

The one who’d retreated without fighting was Gary, not Quiet.


Someone in the audience asked, “God Q, are you still broadcasting? We haven’t seen enough!” sPFENM

Today had really been filled with ups and downs, and it was too addictive, making people reluctant to see it end.

They also wanted to see more of this FTW newcomer’s ‘awesome operations’. This kind of feeling where they couldn’t guess what would happen next and what he’d show them in the next second was too great!


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Wei Xiao was already unable to find anyone to solo with. He was just about to say that he’d see everyone tomorrow… ajzw02

Lu Feng’s voice came, “Invite me.”

Wei Xiao paused.


The madame fans and the girlfriend fans in the scrolling comments had extremely sharp ears. They caught Lu Feng’s voice and exploded into fireworks on the spot. N D1FM


Wei Xiao tilted his head to look at Lu Feng, “Solo?”

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Lu Feng: “Yes.”

Wei Xiao was instantly excited, “With me?” Lk3rHd

Lu Feng: “Who else?”


Wei Xiao was so happy he practically flew up to heaven, “Come, come, come!”

He spoke to the audience in the live broadcast studio while inviting Lu Feng into the room, “The next solo is between Close and Quiet. Everyone, please enjoy it and remember to record the screen!” iJdBuV


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He didn’t try to conceal the excitement in his voice at all, and the fans could all hear it clearly.

The fans were all excited, and purple scrolling comments appeared one after another, dazzling the eyes.


Wei Xiao didn’t want to pay attention to the scrolling comments at all. He asked Lu Feng, “What do you want to play?”

Lu Feng: “What do you want to play?”


Wei Xiao’s eyes brightened, “Shadow thief!” 0ZzBUm

Lu Feng: “Alright.”

Wei Xiao was happy enough to explode: He’d made a killing today, a giant killing! It was even better than before!


Wei Xiao had used the shadow thief four times today. 3PfVaD

The first time was with Yue Wenle, the second time was against Asleep, the third time was against the shameless double team Xia Dan and Blue––if it wasn’t for the shadow thief, he wouldn’t have been able to kill the two squishy, high DPS heroes in a one against two fight.


This was the fourth time, with Close.

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What made it even more exciting was that Close had also picked the shadow thief. nCcpj0


The number of viewers in the live broadcast studio surged to new heights again.

Today was really amazing. Future generations would probably never be able to surpass Wei Xiao’s live broadcast premiere.

Individual matches against the major star players in the domestic competition zone, the battle against last year’s individual competition runner up, and Close’s first appearance with the Red Sky Blade skin… n7zlZp


This was a multilayer stacked effect, and Glory fans felt like it was New Year!

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“Nine light arcs! I want to see the Red Sky Blade’s special effects!”

“It’s here, it’s here, he’s here with his Red Sky Blade!” M8xYOu

“I’m so satisfied. Today’s really explosively exciting!”


The shadow thief’s Red Sky Blade was the championship skin for the season. It was specifically dedicated to Close.

The different effects from the deadly light arcs were all tailored for him. h703Tc

After all, nine arcs…

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Other than him, there was almost nobody else in Glory who could use it.


At the start of the match, the audience could feel a different kind of atmosphere. uWP9sZ

These two people must solo together often!

It was obvious at first sight that Quiet and Close were so familiar with each other they couldn’t be any more familiar.


It was very exciting and very fun to watch, yet it was also filled with a strange sense of harmony. dAnLC


Quiet’s shadow thief was like a little madman, ferocious and aggressive. He appeared reckless, yet he didn’t make mistakes, and his attention to detail was amazing.


In the heart of most fans, Close’s shadow thief was a great demon king who controlled the scene. Regardless of whether it was solo or 5v5, the canyon that he was present in was always filled with tension and pressure that could practically be seen with the naked eye. 8vKNyw

Not even mentioning the players he was up against, even the audience watching the game felt nervous.


However, this game was different.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Feng never took it easy on Wei Xiao, and his operations and attitude were both serious, but it felt different. vPKF69


Close’s shadow thief was like a thick fog that shrouded the canyon, but Quiet’s shadow thief was fearless, like a dazzling light blade that broke through the thick fog, allowing infinite light to cover the arena!


18 minutes. nu0G8r

Both thieves had their full equipment sets, and everyone held their breath.

It was coming…

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The Red Sky Blade’s nine light arcs…

What exactly did it look like… vlU 7d


The two shadow thieves moved at the same time.

This scene was very similar to the match between Quiet and Asleep, but the result was reversed.


The eight light arcs lit up half the canyon, but this dazzling brilliance was like a shimmering fire beneath the glow from the nine light arcs.

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Everyone who saw it blew up on the spot.


The hidden shadow thief, the cold-blooded killer, set off a wave of heat with arcs that crossed the sky. jd0JEA

It was like a volcano erupting in the canyon!


The special effects of the eight light arcs and nine light arcs appearing simultaneously made people doubt whether or not their computers were crashing.


The scene stopped at this endless splendor.

The audience didn’t even notice when the game had ended.

Winning or losing was no longer important. This wonderful match made everyone feel numb.


What was the fun in competitive gaming?

Was it a contest in strength? A balance in power? Competition amongst equals?

More than that…

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It was definitely not just that. ViPX7x


What made it so fun was the chase! The hope!

Even if the opponent’s strength was invincible, the eagerness to continue pushing through was enough to make the blood boil!


Unyielding, fearless, defiant.

This was the competitive spirit that was shown in the face of a strong opponent!

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Quiet was like a cluster of stubbornly burning flames. It seemed to be far off from a raging fire, yet if you gave him the chance, time, and experience, he was bound to set off a raging fire! NMPp1g


What brought the audience’s attention back to reality was the youth’s excited appeal, “Again!”

The last sentence that came before the live broadcast turned off also came from Wei Xiao––

“Captain, I want more!” StzR5N

Oh, the word ‘solo’ had been cut off and didn’t broadcast.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com


Tens of millions of scrolling comments swept by like a torrent:

“????????????” 5YoMwj

WX – Captain, I want more SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO! 
LF – No, no, you just want more of me ^_^

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