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Glory [e-sports]Ch9 - Wei Xiao: I’m basically still one of FTW’s family members


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

“Then why did he leave?” Chen Feng was very puzzled. oTjY7G


48 hours of soloing left anyone who heard it with too much to disparage and nothing to say, but it could be seen from the effort required that this kid couldn’t extricate himself from the game.

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A solo game between players with a high level of disparity could only last for 20 minutes at most. How could Wei Xiao, who’d lost 144 games, be willing to accept it?

Simply based on his little lunatic character, wouldn’t he stay in FTW just for the sake of regaining some of his losses? vi1Fwy


It still went back to that sentence––One day, I’ll really win against you!

It was such a clear declaration of war. Under normal circumstances, Wei Xiao should be practicing his skills diligently, pestering Lu Feng every day. How could he bear to leave?


If they took 10,000 steps back to look at the situation, if Wei Xiao wanted to win against Lu Feng in a competition, he could’ve gone to another club instead of going to New Oriental to become a cook!

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It didn’t make sense.

Chen Feng thought about it and asked, “Was it a problem… with his family?” djYvHt

Despite the rapid development of the e-sports industry and the scarily high income, there were still many people who didn’t acknowledge this industry.


There was no need to mention distant cases, there were many such examples around them.

Team captain Mo next door was a typical man who would have to go back and inherit family businesses worth hundreds of millions if he didn’t do well in gaming, and there was God Fu who’d dropped out of South University in order to pursue a career in e-sports and broken off his relationship with his parents… HJLcTd

Of course, they couldn’t skip their own God Lu in these examples.

Nobody knew what happened with Lu Feng’s family, but a person who’d run away from home at the age of 16 and hadn’t contacted his family for five full years wasn’t very far off from breaking off all relations.


Chen Feng tried to test out the waters, “Could it be that Wei Xiaoxiao is also a rich second generation?” NGj9JT

Faced with a two million yuan signing bonus, only the most rich and respectable families could say they didn’t want it and really walk away!


Lu Feng: “I don’t know.”

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Chen Feng didn’t think too much about it. The two of them had only known each other for three days and three nights. How could they have talked about such a deep problem? It was normal for Lu Feng not to know. aAyHtF


In fact, Lu Feng did know something about it.

After soloing for 48 hours, fatigue and weariness swamped them the moment they relaxed.

Even Lu Feng, who was in excellent physical condition, was somewhat unable to bear it, not to mention Wei Xiao, who was only hanging on with one breath of life left. dzqtb


The teenager finished his ‘trash talk’ and closed his eyes right there in the e-sports competition chair.

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Lu Feng called out to him.

Wei Xiao groaned vaguely. f0Q9Aq

Lu Feng pushed against his shoulder gently, “Go sleep in the room.”

Wei Xiao: “Zzzzz…”


This kid. co2eF

Lu Feng came closer and asked, “Do you need me to take you to the bedroom?”

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Wei Xiao hadn’t actually fallen asleep, and was only too lazy to move. He bounced up, “Captain, you’re really ruthless. How could you use the word ‘take’?!”


Lu Feng smiled, “Otherwise?” CTNiJ1

Wei Xiao spoke righteously, “Use ‘carry’, of course! Do you understand what a princess carry is! It’s okay, I don’t mind, my legs are already out of order so they’re giving me permission to be a little princess.”


Lu Feng had heard of how this kid didn’t follow normal rules long ago, but he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he encountered it for himself, “Get up.”

Wei Xiao even felt wronged, “You bullied me for 48 hours, and you’re still being mean to me.” m6sBia


Lu Feng: “……”

The youth was born with beautiful features, especially that pair of eyes that could be filled with any kind of emotion and was particularly attractive.


Lu Feng shifted his gaze and blanked out his expression, “Take or walk, pick one.”

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Wei Xiao had only been talking trash. Adding on that he hadn’t fully gotten over losing for two days and two nights, he’d been purposely trying to give Lu Feng some grief and didn’t actually want to be a little princess. He stood up slowly, “You really are a great, great… ahh…” A big yawn interrupted the three words Great Demon King into Great Yawn King.


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Ca atja wbwfca, Oe Mfcu kjr j ilaaif gfugfaoei. Po tf gfjiis rlucfv atlr ilaaif yjrajgv ab MKQ, kbeiv atf yjrf tjnf jcs gfraoei vjsr? Lqxhj3

Lf gfjiis kjcafv ab lwqgbnf atf vgfjgs jawbrqtfgf bo MKQ, yea tf vlvc’a kjca la ab yfmbwf j qijsugbecv.


Coafg olcjiis rfcvlcu atf ilaaif yjrajgv ab atf yfvgbbw, Oe Mfcu kfca ab ajxf j rtbkfg jcv kjr gfjvs ab ufa rbwf gfra.



A cell phone rang.

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Lu Feng’s cell phone was silent all year round. He was taken by surprise by this strange sound. GyoxTS

After three consecutive ding sounds, he finally realized that it might be Wei Xiao’s cell phone.


Lu Feng tied a towel around his waist and went to the computer table to get the cell phone.

He wasn’t sure if it was anything urgent, and it was better to take it to Wei Xiao just in case. oK9WDb


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The cell phone’s screen wasn’t locked, so three messages appeared in Lu Feng’s line of sight.

[ Xiaoxiao, mother was wrong. Can you please call me back? ]

[ Come back, okay? Your mother will make you lots of delicious food. ] HkuBCL

[ Xiaoxiao, don’t blame dad. He really doesn’t have it easy. ]


Lu Feng frowned, flipped the phone so that it was face down, and didn’t keep reading.

Had Wei Xiao run away from home? PKgGyt

Had he not discussed the contract with his family?

Lu Feng went straight to the guest room, thinking that he’d wait until Wei Xiao was awake before talking to him about it.

Signing a contract with a minor required the parents’ consent. Wei Xiao couldn’t take responsibility for it himself.


He’d just arrived at the guest room and hadn’t yet knocked on the door when it opened from within.

The youth was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts as he stood there in front of him.


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Lu Feng was a little surprised, “You haven’t slept yet?” 6UXzJY

He handed him his cell phone.

Wei Xiao didn’t even look at his cell phone. Instead, he charged straight into him.


Lu Feng was worried he’d trip and didn’t dare to avoid him, “Wei Xiao?” jd9IFl

Wei Xiao’s arms wrapped around him, “So hard.”

Lu Feng: “!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Xiao mumbled, “This pillow is so hard.”

Lu Feng: “………………” 3blj e


Wei Xiao hadn’t slept in 48 hours. After that, he slept for a full 20 hours.

Lu Feng tried to break away from this sleepwalking little bastard, but after trying for half an hour to no avail…

He went back to his own room and went to sleep with Wei Xiao in his arms. GagtN


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was what had happened over those three days and three nights two years ago.


“Why on earth did he leave?” PzEoly

Chen Feng’s voice called Lu Feng back from his thoughts.


Lu Feng had some guesses. There was a 90% chance that Wei Xiao’s departure was related to his family.

As for the exact reason, he didn’t know. koyNDX

Anything that could make that teenager who was so dedicated to winning give up on the competition arena couldn’t have been anything small.


Lu Feng said, “Give me some time.”

Chen Feng: “It’s best if we can talk it out. It would be a pity if a talent like this ended up buried.” vuR3DU

Lu Feng made a sound of agreement.


Chen Feng’s curiosity rose up again, “Speaking of which, how did you contact him?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Feng: “……” HDxnyo

Chen Feng said, “Do you need to have Old Xiang show up for this? He’s good at this kind of thing…”

Xiang Liu was the manager for FTW. He was the best when it came to communicating with people.


“No need.” Lu Feng said, “I’ll communicate with Wei Xiao.” FaO pm

Chen Feng didn’t think too much of it, “That’s right, he’s the most interested in you. We might scare him off again if we all butt in.”

Lu Feng nodded lightly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Chen Feng was just about to leave when he thought about the matter of time, “By the way, what did you guys do in the last 24 hours?” seY1do

Lu Feng paused, “Sleep.”

Chen Feng patted his own skull, “That’s right. After playing for two days and two nights, it’s really time to tune everything out and sleep.”

But who could’ve known that Lu Feng would shoot another arrow at him, “In the same bed.”


Chen Feng: “!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



Lu Feng looked at him calmly, “Was there anything else?” 8Cddjm

Chen Feng: “About that…”


Shit, what do you mean, anything else? This was f*cking everything!!

What do you mean by sleeping together, what do you mean in the same bed? Didn’t your small suite back then have a guest room? You guys… d8Se5d

F*ck f*ck f*ck, Coach Chen’s gentle and elegant character design was broken!


Ultimately, Chen Feng didn’t dare to ask for more details.

This was too terrible. wgh3nJ

Too, too, too terrible.

He was just an ordinary and simple coach and couldn’t withstand this kind of stimulation!


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It was just three days, this kind of pace was too fast! 85Rwjd

They played games, slept together, and then broke up?

It was really, it was really… efficient!


Coach Chen now thoroughly understood the ‘truth’, but he really wanted to kick this truth out of his head! DwNfEJ


Close and Gary’s training match was scheduled for three in the afternoon.

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There was a confidentiality agreement for training matches. Game videos could only be used for review purposes within the teams of both sides and couldn’t be shared with outsiders.

Although the video couldn’t be shared, news of the confrontation between the two teams couldn’t be concealed. UK7bOc


It had already gone viral on the internet, and all the members of FTW had people asking them for details on their Weibo.

Of course, Lu Feng’s Weibo was commented on the most, but he never went on Weibo and didn’t see it.


It started at three and ended at five.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They played three games over two hours.

Although it was 3-0, Gary was indeed very strong. Not many people could push Lu Feng to this point.


Gary wanted to keep fighting, but Lu Feng typed, “Tired.”

Gary had also found a translator from who knows where, and his words carried a heavy northeast flavor, “Tired just like that? It’s only been two hours, and you’re tired? Fong, don’t bluff me, Laozi hasn’t lost enough, again, again!”

Not only did he have a northeastern accent, he even had a typo.


Lu Feng: “We’ll play another game on one condition.”

Gary’s excitement had gone straight to his head, “OK! It’s fine even if you add another ten training matches!”

Lu Feng: “It’s not training matches.”

Gary: “Then what?” He could only make appointments for training matches with Lu Feng by trading using team training matches. ZdSob1


In fact, Gary was unable to make the decisions on this matter. Lu Feng would discuss it with Xiang Liu, and Xiang Liu would go and communicate with their team. Although the manager over there didn’t know why FTW would put forward such a request, he nodded and agreed.

Xiang Liu was quite puzzled. He asked Chen Feng, “Who does Close want to send the training match recording to?”

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That’s right, Lu Feng’s condition was that he wanted to send the videos from today to a friend. ZwGFTR


Chen Feng’s heart was already a pile of ashes, “Donno.”

Xiang Liu looked at him like he was a fool, “Old friend, what’s the matter with you? Have you been infected by Gary’s bad Chinese?”

Coach Chen was too lazy to deal with this ‘lucky person’ who didn’t know a thing! bVJ7wU


On the other side.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The rest of the FTW team was still involved in their own training.

Bai Cai received Wei Xiao’s invitation to form a team. He didn’t even have to ask any questions and already knew what this fellow wanted to do. b3ecV2

––“No, I don’t have it, can’t do it.”

Brother Cai’s refusal smashed onto Wei Xiao’s head three times in a  row.


Wei Xiao showed rare good temper and asked humbly, “Brother Cai, Brother Bai, Brother Baibai, for the sake of your little follower’s sincerity, can you let me take a look?” syJuMd

Bai Cai had long  grown numb towards this kind of sweet talk, “Wake up. There are confidentiality agreements for training competitions. How could they be shown to outsiders? It would be a violation of the rules!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Xiao was so attentive for one reason only. He just wanted the training match recordings for the games between Lu Feng and Gary.


Wei Xiao, “How am I considered an outsider? I was the one who had one foot in the door to FTW two years ago!” iQE4tO

Bai Cai: “You said yourself that it was two years ago, and only one foot in the door.”

Wei Xiao: “Sigh, even if I’m not a member of FTW, I’m still one of FTW’s family members.”


Bai Cai was really amazed by his utter shamelessness, “I don’t have any family like you!” Rdi s8

Wei Xiao: “What are you thinking about? I’m saying that I’m God Lu’s family member. After all, we’ve slept together before.”

Bai Cai: “………………………………”


The Brother Cai that was angry enough to explode finally let loose his cruel words, “You should just give up now. Even if my head is chopped off! And given to you to use as a football! I still wouldn’t share the secrets of the team to an outsider like you!” CJzAS6

I’ll let you run and bounce around and happily kick up as much of a fuss as you like!

You want to watch the 1v1 training match between God Lu and Gary?

Dream on!

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There was a ding.

A WeChat message had just flown its way into Bai Cai’s cell phone.

He looked down at it––

Captain Lu: “Send this video to Wei Xiao.” tMWqnJ


Bai Cai saw the name of the video––12/2 Close VS Gary.

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To-today’s training match video?

Ah, what about the confidentiality agreement! 7Wzc3P

Wait a minute, was Wei Xiaoxiao really a family member?

xiin: about Gary. he’s from the west, with hilarious shitty chinese (that he uses every now and then in the novel). i want to try and keep some of that in the translations, so sometimes what he says will be weird or have typos on purpose~ just imagine him as someone who learned a second language with a crappy, unreliable teacher…

also, i can hear the sound of Bai Cai’s brain turning to into porcelain and shattering on the floor…

Juurensha: Ah WX, so shameless hahaha (although now him sleepwalking straight into God Lu’s arms makes a little more sense) xgh3YL


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

northeast flavor – chinese in the northeastern parts of china have a very distinct accent when they speak, they’re also more direct and blunt with their words

Translator's Note

Fong – purposeful typo

Translator's Note

Donno – what’s actually used here is ‘布吉岛’, which literally translates to ‘Phuket Island’… but actually sounds the same as ‘i don’t know’.

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