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Glory [e-sports]Ch30.2 - Oh, and I’m even sleeping with the captain


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The next player to play was RR’s Moonlit, the China competition zone’s first-class mid-laner. His assassin-type mages were godly, and he was RR’s well-deserved core player. 3wzHGF

It wasn’t that there weren’t other teams in China that took its mid-laner as their core, but there hadn’t been any as domineering as RR in the 2020 competition arena.

He could give a squishy mage the same aura as an assassin jungler. There was no doubt about Moonlit’s level of skill.

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The audience was very delighted as soon as they saw that it was Moonlit. 8uqcoa

“Grandmaster, don’t talk nonsense. You’ll use whatever Moon God uses?”

“I don’t think that Moon God will use the warlock. It would be too easy to win that way.”

“The immortal warlock! Begging Moon God to use the immortal warlock! Explode the grandmaster’s dog head!”



Warlocks had quite a few talent specs that were of the mage-assassin variety. They were very suitable for assaulting the middle lane and were also very reliable in solo matches. This was particularly the case for the immortal warlock, whose ultimate move was called ‘fly into the clouds’. This move relied completely on the player’s level of skill; after flying up, not only could it cause explosive damage, it would also make the hero immune to nearly 70% of the nearby damage. It belonged to the hero types who had explosive damage but also had a very high skill requirement.

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Ordinary players could also use it to burst out with damage, but it was absolutely impossible for them to fly up whenever and however they wanted.


Moonlit’s immortal warlock was the benchmark for the industry. There was one time in a team fight that he had flown up and never come back down again, playing out amazing moves until he made the other side’s five players all go into seclusion.


“Give it up. If Moon God uses the immortal warlock, won’t it just be like bullying children?”

“I also think that he won’t use it. Quiet is obviously a top-laner. If he uses the immortal warlock, he might not even be able to fly.” 9UI3C4

“But, I really want to see a solo match between two immortal warlocks. It’ll be amazing and beautiful; I’ll love the immortal warlock my whole life!”


Moonlit’s temperament had always been direct. He didn’t say anything and entered the game, then selected the immortal warlock.


“F*ck! It’s really the immortal warlock!”

“He’s taking it so seriously!”

“No way… did Moonlit hear the grandmaster’s crazy words? Could it be that he’s really going to use the immortal warlock for revenge?”

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“This revenge seems to be a little easy to get?” C6KhsU



The crowd of professional players who knew the truth: Haha, naive.


Wei Xiao also selected the immortal warlock and said, “Fortunately, I played it for a while the other night. Otherwise, I’m afraid I might not be able to find the feel for it.”

It was true that this kind of explosive hero was very much based on feel. Even for Moonlit, if he didn’t use the immortal warlock for a few days in a row, he may not be able to play out such extreme moves.

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However, for Wei Xiao to say these words… q5AXzv

Sorry, but the audience in the scrolling comments just wanted to mock him!

“Played it for a while? Little brother, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find the feeling even if you tried for two years.”

“It’s here, it’s here. Waiting for my Moon God’s face slapping.”

“Show him what’s what, I believe in Moon God’s immortal warlock!” pobSDw


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“I’m betting on Moon God this game. If he loses, I’ll gift ten rockets!”

“It’s on, it’s on, laozi will give ten shallow water bombs!”


Wei Xiao glanced at this enthusiastic gift-giving army and said, “Oh, right, there’s a bonus for the first live broadcast. If I lose I’ll release a 50,000 yuan red envelope for everyone.”

The audience: “……”

FTW was really rich!


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktf ujwf yfujc.

Ktlr rbib wjamt kjr wbgf fzmlalcu atjc atf qgfnlber bcf.

Pwwbgaji kjgibmxr vlvc’a cffv ab vfnfibq jcv mbeiv rajga olutalcu ogbw atf yfulcclcu bo atf wjamt. Pa kjr j ilaaif vloolmeia klatbea atflg eialwjaf wbnf, yea atlr kjr j tfgb atja mbeiv rteaaif yjmx jcv obgat jwlvra atf rwjii rbivlfgr jr ibcu jr tf tjv atf H rxlii.

It was just that without the bonus from the ultimate move, the damage output would be very low. However, if one was able to jump around continuously, the accumulated damage was also quite terrible. ZwUrgC


In theory, the Q skill could be used continuously as long as the positioning was done well.

Of course, this wasn’t something that ordinary players could do. There also weren’t many professional players who could use it continuously.

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The upper limit allowed by the game was high enough, but how far it could go was dependent on the player’s skills.


In just two minutes, the scrolling comments seemed to have been purified. All the voices mocking the grandmaster were gone.


Amazing, really amazing, incredibly amazing!


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The two immortal warlocks flew here and there, and it was so f*cking dazzling!


“Is my Moon God normally able to fly so much?”

“How come I remember that Moon God’s highest record was a 67 combo? Now…”

“He’s broken the record, broken the record! Moon God’s broken his own record!”

“But the problem is, the grandmaster hasn’t stopped either!” mfBsdV


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Scary… too scary. The gods are fighting!”

“This solo is worth it, Moonlit is playing extraordinarily well!”

“Really! I haven’t seen Moonlit operate like this on the court!” ZPxkLw


This was the charm of the competition. If one could encounter an equal opponent, then it could inspire 200% of one’s strength.

During those years while Wei Xiao was a training partner, the reason why so many players couldn’t forget him was that soloing with him allowed them to grow.


The growth was at a rate visible to the naked eye.

It might be painful, they might cry, but once they tenaciously passed through the grandmaster’s hands, almost all of these players ended up at the forefront of the professional e-sports arena.


Moon God, Eurostar, Asleep… 2YwaSj

There was a reason why they were all so persistent in soloing with Wei Xiao in his live broadcast studio.

Clearing up their shame was false, but wanting to prove themselves was real!


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In the end, Wei Xiao won the game by a very narrow margin. oRd1fe

The audience was left with their mouths open in shock, but at the same time, they were completely, utterly convinced.

Boasting was very annoying, but once this boasting couldn’t be poked through no matter what, then…

It became too exciting!


“Strong… he’s really strong!”

“With an immortal warlock of this level, why doesn’t he go mid-lane?”

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“FTW’s new mid-lane is Ning Zhehan, right? Can he be as good as the grandmaster?”


“No rush, no rush. The next game is against Eurostar. My Euro God is a marksman. Could it be that the grandmaster’s marksman is also very strong?”

“Didn’t you hear him? His ice hunter can kill a shadow thief!”


“Where did FTW dig out this big treasure?” rNuLeY


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Adding fuel to the fire was an ID called RR.Money who had started to buy gifts like crazy in the live broadcast studio.

He’d already bought 50,000 yuan of gifts in the blink of an eye.


You’re asking, who is Money?

RR’s rich captain!


RR had two immortal players. One was the Moonlit who had made his debut at the end of ‘19 and rose all the way to fame, and the other was their captain, Money. tXaCH6

Money’s real name was Mo Hui. His game ID was Money, and everyone called him Money.


Why? It was because he was super rich!

Currently, it was unknown which big business group’s prince he was, but it was very certain that he was very rich. Even if he’d fallen out with his family due to his career choice, the pocket money he’d saved up in his younger days was enough that he couldn’t squander it all! ywvU6M


Money bought 50,000 yuan worth of gifts, then sent over a sentence, “Grandmaster, can my family’s Moon have another game?”

He’d spent so much money that his comment had a special effect. It was very flashy.

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Wei Xiao knew who this was. He greeted politely, “Hello, senior!”

After all, it was a person from the same era as Close, and he had to be polite.


Money: “You’re very polite.” Mz6QwV

The rich man was happy and gave him another 20,000 yuan.


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Wei Xiao: “I also want to solo with Moon God, but there’s still people in line now. Why don’t we arrange for another day?”

Money thought about it and agreed, “That’s fine, we’ll get in touch offline.” y0FYv1


Wei Xiao: “’Kay.”

Then, he realized that he was no longer ‘grandmaster’ and was now a professional player. He added, “Oh, right, I have to ask my captain first.”


Money: “Why?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Xiao spoke modestly, “I’m now relying on the captain for food, drink, and clothing, oh, and I’m even sleeping with the captain, so I have to do as he says.”

No matter what, he couldn’t offend Close. He couldn’t give up the universe he had at home for the sake of a moon!


Scrolling comments: “…………………”

“Have I gone f*cking deaf?!”

“Sleep-sleeping with the captain?”

“God Q, did you mix up your words ahhhhhh!!” m7AJVP

“I’m dead, Double Feng sisters, I’m sorry, I’m going to support the cult for one second!”


FTW base.

Xiang Liu quickly took out the quick-acting heart saving pill, and Chen Feng swallowed down a painkiller. Only the bold Tang Chen was laughing loudly, “Little Lunatic Wei is really the limit!” 6Uyqlw

The limit!

This was the real f*cking limit!


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This ‘ordinary’ first broadcast really caused a stir across the entire network. 18niZG

There was no need to mention anything else; those who weren’t able to enter the FTW’s live stream room were all going crazy.


It could be expected from Little Lunatic Wei’s actions this time that their FTW would be even more ‘rich’ next year!

The live stream fees were going to reach the sky! g KPmT


The third match was against Eurostar.

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Marksman also had talent specs that could allow them to show off all the way to the heavens. For example, the storm hunter was one such talent spec that could make people’s scalps go numb from the awesome plays.


All of Glory’s bottom lane players could choose not to be proficient with the ice hunter, but they had to be skilled with the storm hunter.

Because when faced with thieves, only the storm hunter had the power to stand up and fight.


The storm hunter used rain arrows, which shot out raindrops. It sounded very harmless and didn’t seem to have very much killing power, but in fact it was very flexible. yfmiax

The raindrops would mark the enemy. The core skill of the storm hunter was the W skill, which allowed them to instantly move to the nearest marked target. After that, they combined it with the Q skill to slow down the damage they were dealt, then used their ultimate move to repeat the process, and play all the way to the heavens!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Eurostar chose the storm hunter, and Wei Xiao naturally also chose the storm hunter.


Chen Feng looked on for a moment, then glanced at Lu Feng, “Special training?”

Lu Feng: “Mm.”


Chen Feng: “He can understand this much from just one night…” 50jS4A

It was very exaggerated, very terrible. This level of talent was really shocking.


Chen Feng had felt it just from watching the match with the immortal warlocks.

In theory, there was a 50% chance that Moonlit and Eurostar wouldn’t lose. After all, they were rising stars in the China competition zone, and they wouldn’t necessarily lose in the international arena either. Out of the 16 competition zones, the ones who could suppress them would be those old beasts whose names were in the Temple of Glory. YeHz9a


Little Lunatic Wei was very fierce, but it wouldn’t be easy for him to win against these two if he didn’t use the thief.


Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Which meant that Close must have trained him. orXezQ

Lu Feng’s solo ability was very powerful. One reason for this was that he was very good at learning. That wasn’t quite it, the word ‘learning’ wasn’t enough to express this ability. It was more like copying.

He could accurately capture the strengths and weaknesses of every opponent he’d ever come across.

He could copy their advantages and avoid their disadvantages. How could anyone beat him with this?


Last night, Close had used the immortal warlock and storm hunter to solo against Wei Xiao. He’d basically allowed Wei Xiao to experience how Moonlit and Eurostar fought.


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Chen Feng had unconsciously already picked up the tone of an old lady, “You shouldn’t indulge him. What’s the big deal if he loses?”

It would work to hone this kid’s spirit. Just look, he’d already become so arrogant! J8dGYy


Lu Feng spoke slowly, “It’s not that I’m afraid he’ll lose…”

Chen Feng: “?”

Lu Feng finished his words, “I just want to see him win.” iyg5Qx


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––It’s not that I’m afraid he’ll lose, I just want to see him win.

Chen Feng: “……………………”

You’re f*cking indulging him, right?! 8orL61

Juurensha: Close secretly: The only one he can lose to is me!
xiin: Close (not so secretly): The only one who can make him cry is me, too! *vinegar jar*

Translator's Note

RR.Money – 莫有钱 his name in chinese is ‘Mo has money’, but for the sake of the english translation i’m going to just call him Money~

Translator's Note

Money – his game ID (in english) is actually Money

Translator's Note

moon – this is a reference to Moonlit

Translator's Note

cult – the non-conventional CP (in this case Q x Close)

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