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Glory [e-sports]Ch15 - No wonder Caicai cheated. I would do it for this man too!


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Of course, Wei Xiao, who couldn’t see the scrolling comments, didn’t know who was on the opposing side. IXUJd1

They couldn’t see their opponents’ IDs in the hero selection interface. Wei Xiao would only find out after they entered the game.


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Bai Cai was currently regretting everything. He regretted starting up his live broadcast and even regretted that his hands had acted cheap, and he’d snatched up the mage.

It was obvious even if he thought with his eyes closed that this would be a bloody slaughter arena. Why had he sought death for himself and taken the mid-lane? nuYsvE

Wasn’t it great being alive?!

He just had to go up and become the soul beneath the captain’s knife!


Wei Xiao was still choosing his hero, “Old Bai, do you want to win?”


Bai Cai: To hell with winning!

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The scrolling comments had already exploded, “Ahhhhh, it’s really true love between the jungler king and our Caicai!”

“I know, the jungler king is going to show off, and carry our Caicai!” CWV2wP

“Unfortunately, this pair of ill-fated lovers met the great demon king.”

“Feeling heartache for my vegetable.”

“Full of heartache. Brushing a round of deep water torpedoes to comfort my little cub.”

One deep water torpedo cost 100 yuan. In the blink of an eye, Bai Cai had already received over a dozen and didn’t know whether to cry or cry even harder! Nfwx0m


“Hey, do you want to play mid-lane?” Bai Cai asked Wei Xiao.

The hero selection interface could be used to exchange heroes. Bai Cai’s desire for survival burst out, and he tried to let Wei Xiao experience life beneath the captain’s big sword.


Wei Xiao had recently been deeply addicted to playing thieves and had already locked it in, “What, you want to be a jungler?”

Bai Cai: “……………”

Can’t your hands be a little slower?!

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Wei Xiao was very ‘doting’ towards the Bai Cai who was streaming, “I’m fine with anything. You can play whatever you like.”

The scrolling comments was full of another series of ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, aooooooo.


Bai Cai considered it for a while and couldn’t determine if it was better to be cut to death by the captain as a mage, or smeared all over the floor as a jungler by the captain. fBGmkN

He was a good and proper support. Why didn’t he play the hero he was best at?!

Sure enough…

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Healers shouldn’t always be thinking about killing!


“Just keep it like this.”

Bai Cai thought to himself that for better or worse, he could still figure out how to play an ice mage. If he was really given a shadow thief, he’d probably end up feeding kills until his teammates afked.

Wei Xiao: “’Kay.”


Bai Cai saw that they were about to enter the game and finally reminded him, “The other side has God Lu.”

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Wei Xiao froze.


There was no way to type when they waited for the canyon to load. Because Bai Cai was streaming, Wei Xiao also hadn’t turned on his voice chat. fw 7hV

Bai Cai had turned his voice chat on, but there was no need for him to say more. The ID of the opposite side was already displayed on the loading page.

They were all professional league certified main accounts with unique names––

FTW.Close, FTW.Silvery.


Close was Lu Feng, and Silvery was Ning Zhehan.


Wei Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the moment when they entered the game, he’d already typed out three words, “What a coincidence.”

Bai Cai hinted at him, “Calm down a bit.” IbCQAL

Don’t let it get to your head, old brother, I’m streaming!

Wei Xiao was calm and composed, “Don’t worry. I’ll come to the mid-lane often to check in on you.”


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We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktfgf kjr jcbatfg rfglfr bo bbtr jcv jttr bc atf rmgbiilcu mbwwfcar–– JgHlqA

“Pa’r rb agjulm obg atf pecuifg xlcu, tf fcmbecafgfv j gfji vfwbc xlcu!”

“Tlcuslcuslcu, pecuifg xlcu, la’r erfifrr obg sbe ab ub ab atf wlv-ijcf. Ccs wjuf atja tjr wjcjufv ab regnlnf yfcfjat beg Xbv Oe’r yijvf tjr jigfjvs yffc rfjifv jr j ubv!”

“Our Brother Cai is a healer king who loves peace. Why does he have to go through this slaughter hell?”


“I can smell the deep taste of an abusive, sadistic love from my Lu Bai CP. What is this? Is it the scene for domestic violence?!”

Double adultery, crashing together, and then you die or I live?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hey, how thrilling. Let me give my cub another wave of torpedoes~”


Bai Cai glanced at the scrolling comments and thought to himself…

Abusive love did exist, the domestic violence scene was there too, and the double adultery and crashing together might be taking place too, but the problem was that the protagonist wasn’t him!

He, Bai Cai, was going to die for nothing, okay?!


Ning Zhehan who was on the opposing side had also noticed Bai Cai. He even used the public channel to greet him, “Brother Cai!”

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Bai Cai: “……”

Ning Zhehan: “Who’s queueing with you for doubles?”

Bai Cai: “……” g83Fvk


Scrolling comments: “Wow, Caicai is ignoring Ningning. My vegetable is eating vinegar!”

Bai Cai: “………………………………”

  i JhV5

The start of a 5v5 match was very different from a solo game. This was a team game, and each of the five people in both teams had a clear division of labor. They each had their own development path and responsibilities.

For example, the mid-lane mages Bai Cai and Ning Zhehan faced each other in the middle lane, looking for opportunities to engage each other.

Wei Xiao and Lu Feng were junglers, and their task was to snatch up resources in the jungle.


Under normal circumstances, the first two levels in a high-ranked game were relatively safe, and the most likely encounter would be a small skirmish in the jungle. They would test each other out, gain a small advantage, and back off.

But Wei Xiao was different.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just when Ning Zhehan was clearing up soldiers while typing to Bai Cai and chatting, a streak of red light flashed slightly, and there was a whizzing sound effect. Ning Zhehan had been controlled! dnB0aQ


Although Ning Zhehan had taken the game too lightly, many reactions had already developed into muscle memory. He instantly clicked on Purify in order to escape.

However, the thief who’d now revealed himself was even fiercer than he’d been when he was invisible. He flashed forward and used an auto-attack to kill off Ning Zhehan.

Ning Zhehan: “!!!” 9gUF45


The scrolling comments exploded, “Oh, my mother, the jungler king is so handsome!”

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“No wonder Caicai cheated. I would do it for this man too!”

“Killing a professional player at the start of a game. Are the casual jungler players so amazing now?!” hdpNFX


At the same time–– 

First Blood.


The one who’d taken first blood wasn’t Wei Xiao, and the one who’d given the first blood wasn’t Ning Zhehan.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although Ning Zhehan had toppled to the ground, Bai Cai, who was across from him, had died a little earlier than he had.

Even if it was only zero point something seconds earlier, he had very solidly delivered the first blood to his own captain.


If the scrolling comments had exploded earlier, then they were now in a crazed frenzy.

“Our Captain Lu is still the most ruthless.”

“Who can tell me how my Cai died???”

“The great demon king is worthy of his name, he can even be so cruel to his little wife!” HZT8W4

“Domestic violence scene, real proof!”

“I was wrong, I was really wrong. Captain Lu, you are always the great demon king gong in my heart. Caicai shouldn’t have cheated, no matter how handsome or how sweet the jungler king is, he still shouldn’t have cheated!”


Bai Cai glanced at the scrolling comments as he rushed back to the middle lane after resurrecting and wanted to holler, “What the hell do you all know?! Aaahhhhhh!” 03d7j8

How could the great demon king have a little wife?

The only thing in the great demon king’s eyes was a little lunatic!


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After dying twice, Little Ning on the opposite side suddenly came to a realization, “Grandmaster?!” 6aWSTB

The simple sharpness of the attacks, the precision of the positioning, this immortal-like control over his health…

Ning Zhehan, who’d paid 10,000 yuan to die under his knife still remembered this feeling!


The scrolling comments on Ning Zhehan’s side had also exploded completely. ddFsED

At first it was––

“My God Lu is so doting, Baby Ning, you’re so fortunate.”

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“Whoa, this jungler on the other side has some skill.”

“No wait, is this the level of a rookie king? Killed so easily in a single fight with a random player?” VuPl19

“Wake up, can a casual player who can reach this stage and play doubles games with a professional player be an ordinary casual player?!”


Then, it was––

“What the hell is a grandmaster?” KFBNmx

“Which professional player in the Glory circle has the nickname grandmaster?”

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“Speaking of which, I’ve heard of a secret rumor: it’s said that there’s a mysterious figure among the professional players…”


Ning Zhehan realized that he’d said the wrong thing and didn’t dare speak again. However, his eyes were bright, and he still ran happily down the middle lane despite getting killed four times. 90EJqZ

As for the Bai Cai who was opposite him, his heart had already turned to ashes long ago.

Middle lane?


Ice mage? IP yFc

He never wanted to play this hero in his life again!


It had to be said that this game was incredibly strange.

The top lane and bottom lanes were extremely peaceful. Everyone cleared their own soldiers and never tried to rush in. Even the support didn’t head over to take a look and remained honestly in the bottom lane. Bi3S7c


The audience in the scrolling comments seriously suspected that these three people had dragged the map over to watch the ongoing play.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Those two lanes may be calm, but the middle lane was like hell on earth! Q4GzPf

The junglers on both sides were absolutely radical fighters. After they finished clearing out a wave of jungle creeps, they’d come over and charge in for the kill.

Both of them stared at the other party’s mage and didn’t hesitate to attack. The minute their blades went up, what came back down would be a head.


What made it worse was, they went back into hiding after killing each other’s mages. 5gGIAv

Although the thief was a hero where one had to wait for cooldowns after using a set of skills and doing a burst of damage, using all your skills on a mage…

How should he say it?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sure enough, there were countless squishy mage corpses piled up in every jungler’s heart!


Slowly, the atmosphere of the scrolling comments changed––

“I don’t know why, but I’m starting to smell hints of a cult?”

“Yes, yes, yes, there aren’t many junglers who can compete on an even playing field with our God Lu.”

“Although I don’t know exactly who this grandmaster is, I still want to spend one second supporting this cult.” IBYj4L

“Reasonably speaking, this is a little easy to get behind. Love rivals encountering each other, emotions and feelings collide?”

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“My vegetable is green now!”

“When is my vegetable not green?” QAzCtd

“If my vegetable isn’t green, how could we call him Brother Cai?”

“It’s true that Close is a heartthrob, and it’s also true that the Glory circle is full of God Lu’s harem members.”

“Why is this damned great demon king and this casual player so tempting together!”


Looking at the scrolling comments, Bai Cai was roaring inside––

What was this all about?

Even the eight o’clock soap operas aren’t as daring with their ideas as you guys are!


Finally, Bai Cai and Wei Xiao’s team lost.

Nothing could be done about it. It was a team of five people, three of whom were eating melon seeds and watching the show. Bai Cai’s mage was played at a level where even his die-hard fans all agreed that ‘it hurt their eyes’. The only one who played well was Wei Xiao, and it was really impossible for a single person to turn the tables.

On Ning Zhehan’s side, although his teammates were also watching the show, that didn’t stop Ning Zhehan’s real talent and practical experience from playing out. Even if Wei Xiao killed him ten times, his mentality hadn’t collapsed, and he was able to find opportunities to kill Bai Cai on his own.

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Wei Xiao finally encountered Lu Feng in the jungle. gkXUWf

There was no suspense. Wei Xiao ended up flattened beneath Lu Feng’s blade.


Bai Cai was pressured by Ning Zhehan.

Wei Xiao was pressured by Lu Feng. thFCJD

There was no hope for winning no matter how one looked at it.


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The audience in the scrolling comments didn’t concern themselves with this. They were extremely delighted, “Amazing! This was too f*cking wonderful!”

“They did their best, the jungler king really did his best!” gUTwNh

“Caicai, your gay friend is really good. Our FTW is short on people, why don’t you invite that little brother over?”

“The problem is that FTW isn’t short on junglers.”

“With the jungler king’s level of play, playing the top lane shouldn’t be a problem, right!”

“Daydreaming for a moment, if the jungler king joins the team, my vegetable’s old love and new love will both be there, tsk tsk, quickly make it happen!” 0uYqSc


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Bai Cai’s heart felt very tired. Although they’d only played one game, he already wanted to go have a rest.

However, it was what happened after that that made him collapse even further.


A message popped up on their team interface.

FTW.Close requests to join.

Bai Cai: “What?”


The scrolling comments spiraled up to the sky, “My god aahhhhhhhhh, God Lu tossed Little Ningning away and came to comfort our Brother Cai!”

Lu Bai is real! It’s really, absolutely true!”

“I’m crying, I’m crying, this old maiden is gnawing on real candy!”


How could Bai Cai reject it?

He could only click on ‘accept’.


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The team went from two people to three. dm9q0E

Bai Cai’s profile image was a candle. The reason he used it was because he wanted to light candles for the other side. Who could’ve known that he would be reduced to lighting candles for himself?

Sure enough, what goes around comes around!


FTW.Close: “Make me the room master.” WX3djv

Bai Cai: “Yes, yes.”

At this moment, the scrolling comments were still full of frenzied screaming, and they were all incredibly excited by this wonderful scene.

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The next second––


Hundreds of question marks appeared in the scrolling comments.


The God Lu who’d become the master of the room…

The first thing he did was actually to kick Brother Cai out of the room? ySRhdx


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Lu Feng and Wei Xiao weren’t streaming. Nobody knew what was going on in the team room.

Bai Cai, who’d been kicked out, “……”

Don’t ask. He was already dead. SOf04F

Juurensha: Our poor vegetable, he goes through so much.
xiin: private room heeheeeee

Translator's Note

vegetable – refers to Bai Cai

Translator's Note

feeding kills – easy pickings, giving the other party an easy kill (either by just sucking, or by purposely letting them get a kill)

Translator's Note

Lu Bai CP – Lu Feng x Bai Cai …

Translator's Note

double adultery – if it’s the Lu Bai CP, then Lu Feng is cheating (with Little Ning), and Bai Cai is cheating (with Wei Xiao)

Translator's Note

my vegetable is eating vinegar – Bai Cai is jealous… it’s funnier if translated directly since it’s a play on Bai Cai’s name

Translator's Note

Purify – game skill… based on other MOBAs, a skill that clears up all control effects on the character and allows freedom of movement for a short period of time

Translator's Note

First blood – first kill of the game. usually gives extra resources

Translator's Note

head – means they took a kill

Translator's Note

cult – vaguely means… a ‘bad/wrong’ CP, or a CP that’s not the main one that everyone *should* be supporting

Translator's Note

green – people are said to be ‘wearing a green hat’ if they’re being cheated on… it eventually shifted to just ‘being green’ or ‘having green on their head’ or anything that’s green on their head…

Translator's Note

gay friend – 基友 they’re using this term because they’re teasing Bai Cai with all the CPs… it’s not intended in an offensive way

Translator's Note

Lu Bai – Lu Feng x Bai Cai… poor fans are barking up the wrong CP tree~

Translator's Note

candy – when CPs do anything sweet or ‘couple-like’, in chinese slang, they’re sending out ‘candy’. the fans ‘bite/gnaw’ on the ‘candy’ … basically they’re enjoying all these (maybe false) CP actions

Translator's Note

light candles – lighting candles in early mourning for someone, basically a saying used to express sympathy for someone

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