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Glory [e-sports]Ch10 - I don’t want anything but Close


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

This face slapping came so fast that Brother Cai was left completely at a loss. gcSRvJ

What to do?

He’d just smashed down his ultimatum. Should he cut his head off and let Wei Xiao kick it around like a ball?

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Did he really have to be so unfortunate?!


The clueless Wei Xiao was still working hard, “Brother Cai~! I’ll play as your support, okay?”

Comrade Bai Cai, one of the top-line supports of the China competition zone, had always been fond of having jungler kings play support for him.

His own family’s jungler king Close was number one in the world, so Bai Cai couldn’t ask him. Although this half-baked dabbler in front of him didn’t play in the professional league, his level wasn’t low, either. Having Wei Xiao act as his support… cough, it was a little exciting.



Brother Cai found a way to take a step back, “Help me grab the thief.”

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Laozi was going to carry the whole game today!

Wei Xiao: “’Kay.” He was first for the hero selection and didn’t say anything else as he locked in the shadow thief.

Brother Cai’s lips twitched, “Is the power thief not fun?” Z384Ui

Shadow thieves could be considered one of the most difficult heroes to operate in Glory. Brother Cai liked peaceful and mild support, how could he kill and slaughter like that group of beasts!


Wei Xiao sighed, “I forgot that Brother Cai’s hand speed can’t keep up.”

Bai Cai: “………” AdBmRc

Do you want your motherf*cking video or not?!

F*ck, he had to give it to Wei Xiao even if he didn’t want to. That made him even angrier!


Wei Xiao: “It’s okay, with my support, what’s there to be afraid of?” poxVQD

Bai Cai endured it and asked, “What support hero do you want?”

Wei Xiao: “Holy priest, then.”

Holy priest was one of the heroes that Brother Cai was famous for. A single handful of team milk was enough to make the other side question the meaning of their lives. It was clear that they’d already dealt so much damage, but why was their opponent’s health full again?

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Bai Cai sneered, “You can also play holy priests?”

Wei Xiao smiled slightly, “No problem.”


After their teammates finished choosing their heroes, Bai Cai clicked on Wei Xiao in the interface and requested to exchange heroes. tmBCZ4

Teammates could help each other snatch up heroes first, and then exchange them with each other before the game began.


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Bai Cai clicked to exchange, but Wei Xiao didn’t accept.

Bai Cai clicked again, and Wei Xiao still didn’t move. fFvqYN

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


After entering the game, Wei Xiao finally spoke up, “Ah, I just went to the bathroom and forgot to exchange heroes with you.”

Bai Cai: “You motherf*cker, you did it on purpose!” XIk6K4

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Lf’v pera yffc atlcxlcu, atlr yfjra Qfl Wljb tjvc’a qijsfv reqqbga rlcmf tf fcafgfv atlr lcverags. Lbk mbeiv tf qijs reqqbga obg tlw?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Qfl Wljb vlvc’a vfcs la. Lf rwlifv risis, “Qtb rjsr atja atlfnfr mjc’a yf reqqbga?”

Djl Jjl kbeiv yf vjwcfv lo tf yfilfnfv tlw, “Tbe kbc’a ajxf jcs xliir?” 1HDPgE

Wei Xiao: “They’re all yours.”

Bai Cai: “F*ck, laozi is a healer. What can I use to take kills?”

Wei Xiao: “Bubble tune.”

The holy priest had a crowd control skill that allowed them to bounce around in the crowd. 9MQWd0

The control time wasn’t long, but it was deadly when used well.


At first, Bai Cai had thought that Wei Xiao was just trash talking. This fellow was probably just acting like a brat with him because he didn’t want to play support, but later…

First blood! Two kills! Killing Spree! Legendary! 9a8gZY

In the course of a single game, Brother Cai felt proud and satisfied as he took down more kills than he had over the course of an entire season.



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



Brother Cai, who’d shown off across the entire map and taken 22 kills, still ended up losing the game.

Wei Xiao sighed, “There really is a level of difficulty involved in ranked games.”

It was the same routine, but while it could be used to steamroll through a low ranked game, it didn’t work for the higher ranks. Everyone’s game awareness didn’t leave room for healers to act so arrogantly. 7kZUfr

Additionally, he always felt like the fire mage from the bronze segment was better at keeping up with him than this professional support player…

It must be his imagination.

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His boss was a little cutie… oh, was a newcomer.


Although they’d lost the game, Bai Cai was still in a great mood after taking so many kills. He took advantage of the opportunity and casually offered, “I’ll give you a big gift bag in return for your hard work.”

Wei Xiao replied languidly, “I don’t want anything but Close.”

Couldn’t you add the word ‘video’ to the end of it? The words that you omitted were very problematic!


Bai Cai’s heart was dead as he clicked on ‘forward’, “Check your WeChat.”

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Wei Xiao didn’t treat it seriously, “Don’t send me a red envelope, if you want to send me money, do a direct transfer… f*ck!”


Bai Cai: “Hmph.” zqLpKr

Wei Xiao accepted the video file transfer and confessed his love for him without hesitation, “Old Bai, I love you!”

Brother Cai couldn’t afford to accept his love, “Get lost, get lost!”


After a minute or so, the beast who said he loved him sent him a voice message. ySJp1M

Wei Xiao imitated Bai Cai’s voice: “Don’t even think about it! Even if my head is chopped off! And given to you to use as a football! I still wouldn’t share the secrets of the team to an outsider like you!”

He wasn’t missing a single phrase, nor was he off by a single word. It was like he’d copy pasted.

Bai Cai closed his eyes and pretended he was dead!

It was too hard, it was really too hard being him! KTi6p


FTW base.

After leaving the training room, Lu Feng went upstairs.

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Cheng Feng was making preparations to go over the replay. Xiang Liu followed behind Lu Feng, “…Still okay?” 5jNwUV

Lu Feng’s brows furrowed slightly, “It’s fine.”

Xiang Liu lowered his voice, “Your shoulder…”

Lu Feng’s footsteps paused, and he said quietly, “Don’t bring this up at the base.”


Xiang Liu’s heart was full of worry, “You should tell Old Chen.”

That fellow was still arranging training matches like crazy and didn’t consider Close’s situation at all!

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Lu Feng turned his head to look at him, “Xiang Liu.”

Xiang Liu’s heart stuttered. J2qUtn

Lu Feng continued, “I said I’m fine. I’m clear about my own body.”

Xiang Liu didn’t dare say anything more. Not only was the youth in front of him the pillar of FTW, he was also his boss. He sighed, “In short… think it over. I’ll go call the physiotherapist.”

Lu Feng didn’t say anything. He shifted his left shoulder, and the sharp tingling pain spread from his shoulder and caused twinges in his elbow.


Wei Xiao quickly loaded the video onto his computer, hugged his husky, rubbed its big head, and started up the replay in delight.

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There were a total of four games, and the total game time was 150 minutes.

Gary was amazing for dragging the game on for such a long time before losing. He was really worthy of being the ten thousand year second sibling!


Both of them were randomly assigned thieves in the first round. Wei Xiao’s eyes brightened and sparkled like stars when he saw Lu Feng’s thief.

“This backstab was absolutely amazing!”

“Invisibility with the light arc, Soybean, look, Close managed to create nine light arcs. Your daddy can only create eight!”

Soybean: “Arrooo.” ZR76sn

If it could be translated, it would probably mean something like: What exactly is this.


“Gary’s not bad, eight light arcs, motherf*cker, Old Second is really strong!”

“This backstab…” dXUh6G

Wei Xiao grabbed at the husky’s fluffy fur and said anxiously, “The margin of error is no more than 0.01 seconds, wait, let me recover a little!”

Soybean: “Aroo~”

Wei Xiao clicked to play it again, slowing down the speed and re-watching it over a dozen times, “Close is stronger.”

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It was a two and a half hour video, but it took Wei Xiao six hours to finish watching it all.

He’d sat down at six in the afternoon and watched non-stop until midnight.

This match was perfect and flawless beyond question.

Close was still the same Close, one who ceaselessly climbed up to the peak. seu SO

Gary was also one of the few opponents who could fight against him.


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Wei Xiao stared at the darkened computer screen and leaned back in his chair.

Soybean had already fallen asleep by the chair. Wei Xiao stared at the ceiling, his hands clenching into fists. gL5zhJ


If he hadn’t left two years ago.

The one fighting against Close now would be him.

He was a real opponent for Close. JdQBmq

He would definitely win.

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Wei Xiao raised an arm to cover his eyes. RY4G1m

What lingered in his ear was an elderly voice that had already become a nightmare, “Don’t be… the same, don’t be like that, be steady and study well, get a steady job, and live a simple and happy life…”


Wei Xiao exhaled gently and sat up, “Soybean, come eat a late night snack.”

The husky heard the words ‘late night snack’, and its tail wagged and shot straight up to the sky as it scurried after its master. EWCtJg

Wei Xiao cooked himself a bowl of noodles and came out in time to see the ground covered in dog food. He said angrily, “Can’t you be more refined?!”

Soybean snorted and ate even more happily. There had been half a bowl of dog food, but half of it ended up splashed out all over the floor.

Wei Xiao: “You doggy thing!”

He might scold it, but he ultimately still let it do as it pleased. kAzuNH


After eating, Wei Xiao opened up the video again. He’d already watched it for six hours and might understand more of the details than even the L&P team’s coaching team.

For the next hour, Wei Xiao stared at Close’s multiple extreme operations over and over again…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



At one o’clock in the morning, Wei Xiao closed the video, took out his cell phone and called Bai Cai, “Old Bai.”

Bai Cai wasn’t surprised at all. He even wanted to say: Here it comes.


Wei Xiao: “Help me arrange people. I want to solo.”

Bai Cai rolled his eyes, “Couldn’t you have f*cking said it earlier?”

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He’d sent him the video at six in the evening. Had he only finished watching it at one in the morning?


Wei Xiao said directly, “Create a group and contact everyone you can get in touch with. Half price discount, and it comes with a special Easter egg.”

Bai Cai had just known that it would turn out like this. Every time he watched Close’s matches, he would let it get to his head.


But this time, there was also an Easter egg. Bai Cai asked, “What kind of egg?” J jKvU

Wei Xiao laughed briefly, “No matter who it is, as long as they win against me, I’ll be their training partner for life.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Juurensha: Close: possibly decimates everyone in order to get the Easter egg
xiin: *cuddles Wei Xiaoxiao* it’ll be okay~

Translator's Note

power thief – remember how this game has eleven heroes? thief is a hero, and ‘power’ is one of the talent builds

Translator's Note

team milk – group heal (multi-target heal)

Translator's Note

bubble tune – the original raws is 弹弹乐, which refers to a type of bubble/ball popping game (like bubble witch saga), the type with the hyperactive music and you bounce the bubbles/balls around. in this case it’s probably a cutesy nickname holy priest skill…

Translator's Note

ten thousand year second sibling – … forever second

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