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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage Contract

Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage Contract 阴阳眼滚滚婚约[星际]

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Author: 水森森
Total Chapters: 115
Genre: Comedy, Fluffy, Interstellar, Mecha, Sci-Fi
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Translators: Sora. Editors: Luoshenhua, Seafall, and Vione
Release Schedule: Sporadic


GunGun, a national treasure (panda), was caught and skinned by poachers in his last life. One day, he woke up to a healthy body and tons bamboo shoots. However, he was surrounded by monsters with glowing eyes,  and most importantly, they were floating and had greenish-blue faces, fangs, and were missing legs!?

Oh, the two legged monster is here again. Huh, is this food for him? The leaves are tender and delicious, truly worthy of being hidden in the deepest part of his nest!

The Interstellar Admiral carried a panda cub in his arms everywhere he went. The place where the holster of his gun went was replaced with a basket of leaves.

Then one day, GunGun turned into a beautiful boy.

Pouting GunGun: Hey, big monster I’m hungry. Huh? Where’s my fur!?

The admiral coughing up blood: !!! My baby!

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this Novel! I loooooveeeee this novel so much!

  2. finally, someone heard my prayer, thank you!!!
    I’ve tried reading this novel by mtl-ed, most of it doesn’t make sense, Thanks translator!!!!

  3. Kyaaaa! Just reading the sypnosis makes me feel so kyaaa 😍😍.

  4. The novel sounds cute! I’m very interested in this novel, may I translate it into Indonesia? If I can please let me know, thank you!

  5. Sounds interesting~
    I will loyally wait for updates while admiring the great Translator’s work of translation!

  6. The gods have heard my prayers and now I can be happy again… 😘

  7. Im so happy that you picked this up 😭😭😭😭 iloveyouuu

  8. oh emmer gheeee! Show Fwuffy!!!! Sell me all the meng you got!🐼🐨

  9. Umm…is this still being translated? Just a bit worried as the first comment was 7mths ago and there has only been 31 chapters translated????

  10. Been stopping myself from reading this too soon or I will regret it lies down on the floor My resistance is getting weaker, might succumb to temptation soon huhu

    Thank you for translating this!