Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh34 - Transformation and (More of) the Admiral’s Vinegar

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“Oh, my fur is gone!” Mo GunGun wailed sadly, tears trickling down his face.


The baby opened his mouth, exposing the pink gums with only a few small front teeth.


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The voice was so tender and soft while the crying child felt wronged.


Mo GunGun’s bright obsidian-like eyes were currently overflowing with water, his plump little face cried out causing his face to turn red.


Red flutter.



There were still a few teardrops on the long curly eyelashes. At this moment, Mo GunGun was lying on the palm of the big monster and sniffled, “I don’t… want to… become… become… hic… ugly… hiccup!”


Lu Xiao Qi’s heart felt like it was being cut little by little by a knife, hurting dully.


On one hand he was distressed for the panda, and on the other, he felt upset because he realized a certain reality.


Lu Xiao Qi took a deep breath, “Don’t cry.”


“Alas.” Mo GunGun was sad, his tears couldn’t stop.


Mo GunGun grumbled, “I’m ugly! I’m the same as the big monster.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “……..”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When he saw the black dragon tail, Mo GunGun rubbed his bare buttocks and became even sadder, “Hic…… I’m also uglier than the monster!”


Lu Xiao Qi: “…………”


Mo GunGun slapped his behind as he said, “! My tail, I do not have a tail!”


Lu Xiao Qi’s mouth twitched.


His little butt had a little red handprint on it. The admiral was speechless.

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GunGun’s reason for crying was fair. Even if he was not satisfied with his small tail, it was also a very important body part. When he becomes a hairless monster, he no longer had a tail. He wished he could turn around and look for his missing tail.


Lu Xiao Qi: “………..”


Even if he felt heartbroken for the panda, he thought the situation was funny and rushed to stop the little panda from hurting himself.


Lu Xiao Qi: “You aren’t ugly.”


When he transformed into a young boy, he was also comforted, and it was clear that the aesthetics of pandas were different from humans. In fact, Lu Xiao Qi didn’t lie to the little one. The small baby was exquisite and dazzling. His black eyes were dazzling and bright, like a little fairy child. Ruthless Lu Xiao Qi’s heart softened, like an iceberg melting.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Xiao Qi: He’s so cute.


However he still retained his unmovable image in front of the scene where others would hate to go home if they saw it.


At least, Cheng Feng couldn’t hold back, “Ah ah ah! What a lovely kid! Where did you come from? Are you the admiral’s?”


Lu Xiao, who was preparing to coax the baby, froze.


Admiral, his kid!?!


The metallic sound of Cheng Feng’s voice was about to break, “Too beautiful! Give it to me.” The voice was excited, “What’s the baby’s name? Is he a boy or a girl? This is great, I’ve always wanted to be a dad!!!” 


The panda’s crying stopped abruptly. Mo GunGun and Lu Xiao Qi looked at each other at the same time.


One was at a loss, the other was cold.


Mo GunGun was stunned, and he stared at Cheng Feng with a muddled head.

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Him, cute? Is he?


Chrysanthemum Garden.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xiao Qi grinned, revealing pearly white teeth, “Who did you just say was the father, eh?”


Cheng Feng knelt on the ground, “Dad! You are the father!”


Lu Xiao’s head was full of dark clouds that held dense lightning and thunder. It was clearly the calm before the storm. With years of understanding of the admiral, Cheng Feng knew that he was really angry. Taking advantage of Cheng Feng to recall the enemy of the Admiral in the past, his microchip almost burned out.


Cheng Feng shivered, “You are the father! Admiral, father, I was wrong!” 


Cheng Feng carefully made up, “I was just praising the little baby, I didn’t mean to grab your child. It’s the truth.”


Lu Xiao Qi’s face was black.

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Mo GunGun: “Σ( ° △°|||)︴。” Child?


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Lu Xiao Qi just breathed a sigh of relief when Cheng Feng seemed to blow up like a “whirlwind”.

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Cheng Feng said in a flustered tone, “No! Admiral, what about the panda?! Congratulations, you have a child, but where did the panda go?!”


Lu Xiao’s lips clenched together, and he looked at him as if he became exceptionally stupid.


Seeing him speechless, Cheng Feng guessed, “Why wouldn’t it be your child who rolled the ball? Admiral!”


Lu Xiao Qi had a blue vein nearly bulge from his forehead, “Shut up.” 


Cheng Feng’s electronic eyes glowed red, “Admiral, did I guess right?”


Mo GunGun forgot to cry, with tears on his head, and said with a grumpy head, “Me? I’m right here.” 

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His little voice was soft and cute, and carried a milky scent.


Cheng Feng suddenly bowed his head, and looking at the bright pupils of Mo GunGun, numerous strings of code gushed out of his chip.


Lying in the trough!?


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Cheng Feng was afraid of short circuiting, and he stretched out his arm stiffly and cautiously asked, “Mo GunGun?”


Mo nodded slightly. His eyes became red circles, “Am I….”


Cheng Feng was stunned, and this time he really did seem to be short circuiting.


Cheng Feng stared closely, “GunGun?”


Mo GunGun confirmed again, “En.”


Cheng Feng: “Oh my gosh! GunGun, your race is amazing!”


Huh? His meaning was a bit beyond Mo GunGun.


Cheng Feng howled in excitement, “Admiral, it’s little GunGun! How can he be so cute! His panda look is cute, and his little baby form is also adorable!”


Mo GunGun wasn’t crying anymore, and he could only sit there with a silly look.


Cheng Feng and not wanting to blow it, Lu Xiao Qi was stunned aside.


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Lu Xiao Qi wrapped the cute doll-like baby with a pillow. “Let’s get you something to eat, and then you should rest, okay?”


Mo GunGun obediently promised, “En.”


Mo GunGun’s chubby little hands stretched out and clutched the big monster’s clothes, “Am I really not ugly?”


Lu Xiao Qi shook his head, “You are beautiful.”


Mo GunGun narrowed his eyes, and then sneaked a glance at Cheng Feng.


He nodded vigorously, echoing, “Super cute!”


Mo GunGun bit his lip and raised his chubby hands, exposing four limbs. He touched his own arm, “Cute?”


Mo GunGun lifted his head up, “but I don’t have any fur.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “I don’t have any either, right?”


Mo GunGun nodded, “But the big monster has a tail.”


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Lu Xiao Qi:” … Cheng Feng doesn’t.”


Mo GunGun was still reluctant to believe them. He secretly asked Grandpa Er, “Er Grandpa, am I really not ugly now?”


Wu Er’s white lie: “You’re not ugly, you are very cute.”


Secretly relieved, Wu Er finally saw a little smile on his younger grandson’s face, but was relieved. He also held some gratitude towards Lu (ugly) Xiao Qi. Although he was ugly, he was very good to his grandson.


After much exploration, Mo GunGun finally felt put down the worries in his heart.


Cheng Feng followed them, he felt a little resentful. How could the little one transform without telling him? He felt awkward.


But then, he didn’t bother thinking further because he saw his admiral putting the little one on his head.


Mo GunGun’s chubby hands reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of hair.


The Admiral is also working very hard.


Mo GunGun then smelled the smoke that vaguely had the scent of burnt meat. He inhaled deeply then coughed.


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Mo GunGun with tears in his eyes, “Big monster, what is that?” 


It’s pungent.


Thinking that, Mo GunGun coughed tenderly.


Lu Xiao Qi was busy covering his small point, and tucked it into his pocket: “I’m guessing that this was caused by Cheng Feng. I’ll take you to pick fresh fruits.” 


After that, Cheng Feng realized:, “Ah! It overcooked!”


Mo GunGun looked up at the big monster.


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes were mild in color, attracting the attention of the little guy, “Alright? You can sleep for a while before you get tired.”


Mo GunGun nodded smartly, rubbing his tired eyes, “Big monster, I’ll sleep a little. “


As soon as he spoke, he yawned.


The elastic band of the pocket was a bit small, but Lu Xiao Qi still managed to put a small baby boy less than a palm big in there.


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Cheng Feng was dumbfounded.


Cheng Feng: “Admiral…”


Lu Xiao Qi grimaced, “You take care of the camp and I’ll come back with food.” 


After finishing speaking, he left again.


A few leaves drifted away in the wind, and Cheng Feng felt that the “ground, leaving him to be sentimental and alone.


Cheng Feng was silent, “Admiral dad, what about a good biological one?”


Looking at the food mess, Cheng Feng was distressed. He gritted his teeth, “This is a father, ah!” 


Cheng Feng remembered that the cute little one was snatched away, and was so jealous that he could vomit, “I am a sad father!”


This time, Lu Xiao Qi caught a fresh young bamboo rat for the little panda. It was soft and tender, and it was roasted with fragrance. Fortunately it was a tender bamboo rat, since the baby only had four small front teeth.


After drinking water with a bit of honey, Mo GunGun curled up in the palm of Lu Xiao Qi, content.


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The surrounding area was full of that familiar scent that reassured him, and the warm temperature from his hand made the baby feel at ease.


When Lu Xiao Qi returned, the camp had returned to normal.


At least those scorched things disappeared. It’s just that a certain mecha was full of grievances.


As soon as Cheng Feng wanted to speak, Lu Xiao Qi reached out and stopped him. Cheng Feng looked at the black hair exposed from the Admiral’s pocket and closed his mouth consciously. Cheng Feng looked at the sleepy little guy with sweetness and said with joy, “What an adorable little guy.”


Having said that, he became serious.


Cheng Feng lowered his voice, “Admiral, the little one is too special.”


Lu Xiao QI’s eyes flashed with a certain light, before he nodded.


Cheng Feng: “He is likely to cause an interstellar war. Half a month ago, the Interstellar Central Institute published an article.”


Lu Xiao narrowed his eyes.

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Cheng Feng: “The variant gene of mutants can change, causing humans to have dual attributes and forms, and the result is…” As for the rest of the sentence, Cheng Feng didn’t say it, and just vaguely gestured at Mo GunGun.


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Lu Xiao Qi looked down, his face unreadable.


Lu Xiao Qi: “I have been saved thanks to Mo GunGun. More than once.”


Cheng Feng was confused by the change in topic.


Lu Xiao Qi looked on proudly, “What do you think I have to be afraid of?”


Cheng Feng was silent for two seconds, then he suddenly laughed, “You really are worthy of being an admiral! I like you like this, it really is a task without guidance!”


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes showed a trace of appreciation.


“Hahaha, admiral, let’s stand at the top again, and put those ants under our feet.” Cheng Feng then eagerly said, “Also, admiral, I want a beautiful appearance.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “……” They were clearly speaking of an ambitious goal seconds ago, then suddenly the atmosphere was destroyed.


Cheng Feng: “I want to be the same as the little one. Black and white will look good on me. It would be even better if I painted a little panda on my chest.”


Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils were faint and trembled.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Cheng Feng, who was filled with an impassioned spirit, realized what he had done and begged for mercy, “I’m not going to grab the panda from my dad, but wouldn’t it be ok to draw a little panda on me to quench my thirst?”


Lu Xiao Qi turned up a corner of his mouth and before he entered the cave.


Once upon a time, Cheng Feng only had ADHD and was a little stupid. Now, and it may be because of the chip, Cheng Feng has obviously been short circuiting. Lu Xiao Qi made up his mind. After returning, he really needed to make repairs.


The night passed quickly. The red ball flickered, and the chubby little baby turned back into a little panda.


When he sat up on the small mat, Mo GunGun was stunned.


This time, he saw his furry claws, and after a long silence, he was finally calm.


Compared with the previous two  displays of excitement and dancing, this time, Mo GunGun had become a little number to it, but his recovery was still something that made the panda happy.


He stood up with his small body, “Uhuhuh.”


With his short legs, Mo GunGun walked out of the cave, and then he saw the afterimages of a mecha in the air.


All of Mo GunGun’s fur stood on end.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He couldn’t help but cower away, revealing only a small head as he stared at the object flying through the air.


Is that Cheng Feng?


Looking around, Mo GunGun did not see Cheng Feng or Lu Xiao Qi.


Where did the big monster go?


Mo GunGun murmured a “huh”, then the object in the air stopped suddenly, and slowly landed to show it’s true appearance.


Mo GunGun’s hair stood on end, horrified.


What is this! It’s so ugly!


It looked a bit like Cheng Feng, but the body was black and white, with two black holes in the middle.


The mecha landed steadily, and Lu Xiao Qi jumped out of it.


Mo GunGun his eyes and looked at his head, “Huh, uh!” Big monster.


Chrysanthemum Garden.

The voice in his head was translated, and Lu Xiao Qi held up the panda, “Are you fully awake?”


Mo GunGun nodded then grabbed the monster’s hand, and carefully looked at the strange thing.


Is it Cheng Feng??


Lu Xiao Qi: “It’s Cheng Feng, don’t be afraid.” 


Cheng Feng was a little bit despondent, “GunGun, it’s me.” Why is it that when the admiral agreed to paint him he painted him into a zebra??!! The two black blobs on the chest looked like holes. This coloring had nothing to do with the small panda! This was clearly a crime scene, okay!?! Admiral!!!


Mo GunGun, with his eyes wide, “How did Cheng Feng turn into this?”


Lu Xiao Qi: “He likes it.”


Cheng Feng, who was outraged: Admiral, you say that to my face again. Whose fault was it!?!

Sora: I really have to wonder… I haven’t checked, but how many chapter titles are about ML’s vinegar? The whole novel should be renamed “Dog Food, Vinegar, and Bamboo Shoots”…. yes it is all related to food(ish). Don’t  judge.


Translator's Note

this is a pun since the characters that make up his name can mean wind

Translator's Note

Refer to chapter 32’s note for the story, but he’s complaining again

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  2. I don’t know if the author never saw a baby before or if their size difference is just truly that big, or maybe the pocket is like kangaroo bag. Anyway, I’m confused.

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