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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh16 - The Admiral’s Jealousy


Editors: Cat, Luoshenhua


Mo GunGun had complete faith in the monster. He climbed on his head and laid there lazily. Although the big monster walked briskly, the little panda was not afraid of falling off. Instead, he secretly used his paws to play with the admiral’s silver hair.

Mo GunGun didn’t know what the big monster’s plans were, but he wholeheartedly trusted him.

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Usually they didn’t take this path, so Mo GunGun kept looking left and right curiously.

When they arrived at the trap, Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils flashed and his dark eyes lit up. From the bottom of the hole came a squeak. XpyhSu

It looked like Lu Xiao Qi had caught some prey.

He looked down to see a black fox with glistening fur.

The young black fox bared its teeth, its eyes glinting fiercely, “Grr.”

Mo GunGun popped his head out, peering at the fox.


He instinctively thought that he could understand the cry coming from the bushy-tailed animal.

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The black fox’s ears flattened in fear as the fur on its tail bristled so much that Mo GunGun was green with envy.The little panda secretly looked at the tail of the big monster, and then glanced at his own little tail, which was severely lacking in presence, and felt a bit disheartened.

The black fox squeaked, “Don’t come over here! I’m super fierce!”

Mo GunGun cocked his head. ylsPRe

He really could understand the fox.

Lu Xiao Qi swung his black dragon tail back and forth as his eyes darkened. He clearly didn’t take this fluffy black fox seriously. Besides Mo GunGun, nothing could move the admiral.

When the black fox saw the huge black dragon tail, he nearly peed out of fright. “Oh, oh, this is terrible! Help me, mom! Help!”

The black fox ran in the opposite direction and tried to crawl out of the hole, hoping to escape. IL1Ex3

Unfortunately, the hole was too deep for him to climb out. Instead of escaping, he fell down with his belly up, limbs spread out, and his butt and big puffy tail in the air.

The black fox was about to cry. “I’m really going to die! I knew I shouldn’t have been too greedy! Guh ~ ”

The fox’s body was very long, with small slender claws and a small mouth that had rows full of sharpened teeth. It was totally different from that of a round panda.

Mo GunGun blinked. He couldn’t help but think this fox was amusing. His eyes curved into crescents as he gave a little cry, “Uhuhuh.” wDJm0s

The fox’s ears twitched as it looked up.

Two pairs of black eyes stared at each other. Mo Gungun thought that the little fox looked interesting.

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Mo GunGun, “Un un-ao, un.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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The panda and the black fox exchanged sounds and seemed to be talking. At that moment, Lu Xiao Qi felt a slight pain in his heart. The feeling was a little sharp and slightly stung. It might be jealousy, but he wasn’t exactly sure.

What are you discussing with this beast? Lu Xiao Qi couldn’t help thinking.

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Since Lu Xiao Qi woke up, he had subconsciously regarded the little panda as his own responsibility and even arrogantly thought that this little guy was under his wing. Now, he realized that may not be the case.

The little guy’s identity was mysterious and his strength was abnormal. d9WD5E

The little guy was not his pet. In addition, he could leave at any time.

Lu Xiao Qi’s lips were tightly shut. A storm of emotions were seen brewing in the depths of his dark eyes.

For the first time, the admiral felt alienated, unable to understand the language of animals.

Lu Xiao Qi looked down at the black fox with disgust and loathing in his eyes. 4QEnZW

Are you happy when you’re with this black thing?

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Even happier than when you’re with me?

With a persistent sour taste in his mouth, the admiral’s expression worsened. He really wanted to skin and barbecue this little fox.

At this time, the little guy was making a fuss over the fox’s words. l5zOaA

In fact, Mo GunGun was shocked.

It wasn’t because he understood the language of another species, but because the black fox told him that he had seen other animals just like him.

Mo GunGun, “Σ (° Δ° ||) ︴”

Animals like him?! Was it his mom??? kFH6j8

Mo GunGun was dumbfounded. He couldn’t help slipping off the monster’s head and running towards the hole.

Mo GunGun asked, “You really saw them? Where are they?”

The black fox squeaked, “I saw them when I was very young. I can take you to the last place where they appeared, but you need to save me first.”

Foxes were a smart species, and even the stupidest one was cunning. tg5oT3

The panda blinked. At last, he looked towards the monster uneasily, “Mm-hmm, mm-m.”

The poker-faced admiral’s expression turned black.

Mo GunGun was nervous. He didn’t know how the big monster caught the little monster or what he wanted to do, but he wanted to meet his peers. Although the panda was solitary by nature, he was excited to meet his kind in this foreign land.

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Mo GunGun was afraid that the big monster didn’t understand him. His little claw pointed at the black fox, and pitifully tugged at one of Lu Xiao Qi’s trouser legs, lifting his head up and blinking his bright black eyes. Next, Mo GunGun gave the golden bamboo shoots on his back to the monster. j0P4Gd

Mo GunGun, “Mmm, mmm.”

Here you go. I want to exchange these for the little monster.

Lu Xiao Qi was already in a bad mood. Why does he like this black lump of coal? He silently extended his dragon tail and placed it beside the little panda. Seeing the panda’s eyes shine, he hesitated before pointing at the black coal ball firmly.

The admiral was in a bad mood. sXCdjJ

Lu Xiao Qi collected his emotions and curled his tail around the black fox’s neck.

The black fox squeaked and barked. He really was scared enough to pee.

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“Help me, help me!” said the black fox

Mo GunGun was also shocked. He held out two small claws, “Mmm, mhmm-hmm!” pgSfxL

Lu Xiao Qi and Mo GunGun looked at each other for a moment. Finally, under the little guy’s eyes full of grievances, he put down the black fox. Then he grabbed onto the black fox’s tail to keep it from moving, taking precautions so that there would be no chance of it hurting the panda.

As soon as its four claws touched the ground, Mo GunGun let out an exclamation of surprise, “Mm!”

After approaching the black fox, Mo GunGun circled him and realized that he was too small. He ran back to the big monster, held the back of his boots, and carefully stuck out his small head with two round ears twitching.

Mo GunGun, “You, you said you’ll take me.” x3ZaLq

The black fox was breathless. He nearly spat out blood, “I’ll take you. Just don’t let him touch me. It’s too painful!”

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Without thinking, the panda wormed his way into the monster’s clothes and said, “Let’s go now. If you run, I won’t be able to save you.”

Mo GunGun fully demonstrated his power to the fox.

Though he couldn’t beat the little monster by himself, the big one could easily, so he wasn’t worried. HdXzUI

Mo GunGun looked at the big monster.

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flickered.

Mo GunGun pointed at the black fox, then pointed in front of them, “Hm.”

Pondering for a moment, Lu Xiao Qi’s gloomy expression dispersed and revealed a trace of softness. He reached his hand out to caress the little panda, and gently kicked the fox. gBIyHK

The frightened black fox dared not think too much. He got up and headed in a direction.

Lu Xiao Qi walked behind the fox, his vigilant eyes never lowering.

After walking for about an hour, the black fox raised his paw and pointed towards a big stone, “Here it is.”

Mo GunGun stared at the stone. He inexplicably had a strange feeling of familiarity and urgency. As soon as he got close, he felt the feeling grow stronger. Mo GunGun tilted his head as he looked at the strange, large black stone. The stone itself didn’t seem to be what had attracted him. 6DrYev

Contrasting with Mo GunGun’s confused face, Lu Xiao Qi was unsettled.

Compared to the skull material, this massive black stone was specially manufactured for making CL-20 star domain explosive shells.

With an amount equivalent to the size of a fingernail, it could create a small black hole. With a rock as large as this one…

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Even Lu Xiao Qi, an experienced soldier, turned numb. JSADrw

If the material from the skeletons was enough to make a person rich, then the CL-20 material was enough to fund a large army.

Lu Xiao Qi was determined to watch over Mo GunGun.

One big and one small figure stood still, stunned. Seeing this, the black fox carefully sneaked away. Once he felt that the distance between them was far enough, the little black fox ran into the jungle and escaped. After running all the way back home, the little black fox held onto a bigger fox and cried enough tears to last the rest of his life.

Mo GunGun shuffled closer to the stone with his short legs and carefully sniffed. The scent was not familiar, but it still gave him a sense of intimacy. UsWmB6

The panda sat on the ground with his head completely muddled. A little paw poked the stone gently. A moment later, he fell into a small hole, and there was a faint cry from the big monster behind him, “Little panda!”

Lu Xiao Qi watched a black hole appear and swallow Mo GunGun.

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Mo GunGun tumbled into the hole. After a few rounds of spinning, he began to float. He stared into the dark space, panicked. The inside of the hole was peaceful. Then, green dots began to quietly swim around him. One floated right past him before it stopped and came back.

A voice rang in his mind, “Eh??? It’s a new cub! ” vYfrFo

Once the exclamation sounded, the other spots of light immediately gathered round, “Really?! How could that be? ”

One of the brighter green dots circled around the shivering Mo GunGun, “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m your ancestor, little guy,” it said.

Mo GunGun: “????” xChlRk


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Luoshenhua: Lol, 90% of Lu Xiao Qi’s communication is through emotions flashing in his dark eyes. Of course he can’t understand meng animal speech!

Sora: I guess I’m finally showing my sporadic release? Dunno. Also, chapter 17 is filled with meng, so please look forward to it. 🙂


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