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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh3 - The Panda’s First Meal Being Fed by the Admiral


TL: Lychee

Editor: Seafall z7mPbY

It was a four-legged monster with brown fur  and foreclaws bigger than his body. Its mouth was covered with stinky mucus and has cold green pupils which were staring at him. There were only four words in Mo Gungun’s mind:

My life is over.

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It was the first time he felt that he was clever, but it would also be the last. If he was given another chance, he would surely hide in a little tree hole because even starving to death would be better than being torn to pieces.

When he recalled the bamboo shoot pile up in the hills, Mo Gungun deeply regretted leaving more and more. You know, that was a freaking dragon!! ATOF G

With the stench of the monster’s breath blowing on his face, Mo Gungun, who did not become a true Kung Fu Panda, was completely frightened.


A loud, crisp sound was heard while a rain of blood  was sprayed in front of him, making Mo Gungun’s pupils rapidly shrink. He was shocked silly.

A drop of bright red blood fell on the head of the stunned panda and slipped down, leaving a bloodstain on the white fur. Then, there was a loud sound of a collision. KqkrdW

It was only then that the giant beast which threatened his life was violently overturned. Its belly burst, and a mixture of viscera and blood came out. In an instant, Mo Gungun became soaked in blood.

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It’s the monster who robbed his water!

Mo Gungun stayed glued to his spot. Even with the monster’s back facing him, Mo Gungun could still feel his explosive killing intent and belligerence. However, the burly body was standing in front of him, protected him from near death. For a moment, he felt that the strange monster was not so terrible.

For the first time, the burly man displayed his strength and sharpness. Although it was only for a moment, a single blow from him would kill you. GbdPqw

He took back his bloodstained tail, sweeping it at will, and a string of blood drops fell onto the ground in an arc, but throw it like metal. A violent tremor wracked through the small animal’s body. The panda was startled.

 Okay, that was terrible.

Lu Xiao Qi gave a sideways glance behind him. His eyes were as deep as bottomless darkness when he  saw the stiff little figure standing in a peculiar X-shape.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………” 0SvdPW

Lu Xiao Qi reached out his hands and lifted up the soft panda. His two short black legs dangled in the air along with a slightly upturned fluffy tail. He seemed to be angry.

After sweeping his tail in an arc to get rid of the blood, he easily rolled up the prey in front of him. Lu Xiao Qi then returned to the lake with a bit of loot.

Life and death are decreed by fate... Mo Gungun fell into the nest of poachers again. He was born loveless. It was only when he was laid on the golden nest for the second time that he finally realized that he could not escape. He no longer had the desire of running for his life, so he picked up a golden bamboo shoot and ate it. Before this, he had already thought that if he died, he would make sure to eat enough to fill his stomach. Mo Gungun ate the hard bamboo while stuffing three more in his mouth as he chews quickly. It was contrary to his usual slow and leisurely appearance, and is like a fierce warrior knocking down enemies.

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Lu Xiao Qi had been paying attention to this little rescued beast. Seeing him having a good time, somehow, his restless and resentful heart calmed down a little.

On the other hand, Lu Xiao Qi was dumbfounded, as he did not realize that the legendary ancient panda had the habit of making holes. The little panda swayed its chubby little buttocks, arched his hind paws towards the inside of the bamboo mountain, and pulled his short legs back and forth. From time to time, he revealed soft and tender pink pads. These tiny paws tried to scratch the pile, leaving a few invisible traces.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo Gungun struggled to dig a hole in the mountain. It was unstable and dropped a lot of bamboo shoots from the top, hitting the half of chubby little body outside of the bamboo pile. At this moment, only two tiny hind paws were squirming outside due to the pressure of the bamboo. sVQ9HK

Lu Xiao Qi remained silent, his eyelids drooped, hiding his fleeting look of amusement.

Beneath the pile of bamboo shoots, the legendary panda was being suppressed. The  two small black claws scrabbled at the food for a few moments before stopping, seemingly exhausted.

Lu Xiao Qi moved the pile of food away with a sweep of his tail, revealing the panda who was paralyzed and confused below. The small and fluffy panda’s eyes were already wet and swollen, his tears threatening to spill out at any time.

Mo Gungun struggled for a few moments before calming himself. Seeing that the big dragon did not make any moves to eat him, he became somewhat relieved. He then stretched out  his four short legs, with the tender pads of his hind paws and his tail facing the sky. zZKcBd

Mo Gungun hungrily stared at the food being cooked above the flames as the delicious fragrance filled his nostrils. He flickering silently salivated. At the same time, he was secretly afraid that he would be the next to be cooked. Lu Xiao Qi’s roasted meat was very fragrant, and even the panda whose main food was bamboo could not help but wish to have a bite.

Pandas are not purely vegetarians. They also eat bamboo rats to replenish their energy. So, the mutant bamboo rat that came out was horrifying in the eyes of the panda, but also very attractive. Even if he was given a hundred golden bamboo shoots, he would not dare to covet the food of the big monster. The monster’s tail could easily kill a horrifying  bamboo rat it as if he was playing.

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He did not dare to run away. Compared to the  several times when he took refuge and nearly put himself into the mouth of the monster, it is very quiet at this time.

While silently biting another bamboo shoot,  Mo GunGun thought: If I behave well, I might survive.  t8Oy24

When he untied the bindings on his back, Mo Gungun’s two precious bamboo shoots fell to the ground. He sniffed them one by one, then rubbed them couple of times.

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyebrows rose.

He had never raised a soft and tender animals before, and he could not guess the meaning of this small action. He is a little bit interested.

Mo Gungun didn’t want to say goodbye to his two treasures, so he looked up at the powerful monster and tentatively moved towards Lu Xiao Qi  while carrying the bamboo shoots. C6ZU1z

Mo Gungun is not only afraid of monsters, but also of fire.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the past, he had never seen anything that emitted temperature and light so closely, but he instinctively feared the fire. He carefully approached the bigger being a little, before not daring to move closer.

Mo GunGun, who held the bamboo shoots:  “Well.”

The voice was tender and urgent, and a pair of  bright black pupils seemed to want something. xz8clL

Lu Xiao Qi’s gaze became perplexed.

Mo Gungun gathered his courage and said, “Well, um.”

Pandas are not accustomed to say many words. These two words were already his limit.

Looking at the panda’s slightly damp black eyes, Lu Xiao Qi thought for a moment, then tore off a piece of the roasted meat and put it in front of the panda. IHf8wn

He hasn’t even opened his mouth to speak again, but he already felt confused.

Yes, what is it?

The monster’s eyes are deep and frightening, causing Mo Gungun to hold the bamboo shoots tighter. He did not dare to move. After a few minutes of confrontation, he laid down two gold bamboo shoots.

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes narrowed slightly. tu kJ0

Mo GunGun begged, “Um.”

Here you go, you can have my babies, please just don’t eat me, I beg you.

Lu Xiao Qi remained motionless and gazed down from above. The panda didn’t want to give up his bamboo shoot, but he was more afraid of losing his life, so he lowered his head and put a bamboo shoot on the ground and used his nose to nudge it towards the monster.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo GunGun: “Uh.” diQl w

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed, the brilliance in his eyes lighting the darkness of his pupils.

He couldn’t help but find the panda interesting. Lu Xiao Qi  extended his hand out to the little bear. The foolish panda froze in trepidation.

Ah, ah, ah! This was just self-defeating. I’m going to die!

He took a deep breath, trying to stand still and not cry as his paws firmly pressed into the ground. qo Azi

Lu Xiao Qi picked up Mo Gungun. He put the latter on his palm. After seeing that shivering little panda dared not to move, the general’s calloused fingertips were as gentle as possible.

Lu Xiao Qi said, “Don’t be afraid.”

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He couldn’t understand. Mo Gungun just stared at the moving mouth and saw the white teeth inside. He huddled down into a small ball again.

Lu Xiao Qi went silent for two seconds before saying, “I’m not going to eat you.” x34Wz0

His fingertips lightly touched the soft and fluffy fur. Lu Xiao Qi spent almost a lifetime of his tenderness on the weak and timid panda.

It’s very comfortable to have the fur on his touched. Although he did not struggle anymore, he was still stiff. But it is because he was stiff that Lu Xiao Qi realized the panda was scared of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have noticed. Lu Xiao Qi’s tail rolled up the two large bamboo shoots and put them in front of the panda’s small nose. Lu Xiao Qi saw that Mo Gungun subconsciously embracing them earlier, so he put the bamboo in front of the roasted meat. He remembered that pandas are carnivores, but they mainly eat plants.

When Mo GunGun put his paws on the ground, his heart relaxed.

He survived! DNbU7X

Even if he is very timid, Mo GunGun realized that the monster was feeding him. Compared to before, he was not as alarmed.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

While having some more mouthfuls of food, Mo GunGun could not help but look up at the big monster with strange eyes. Besides being fed by his mother before she drove him out,  he was always alone, and nobody cared if he was hungry. So in order to maintain his energy, he spends most of the day eating. Because of this, he had few opportunities to eat nutritious meat.

This big monster, he did not seem so scary anymore.

His two tiny claws held the food, and after cherishing its fragrance, he opened his  mouth to take a bite. bOBA9e

The roasted meat was fat and lean, complementing each other. Mo GunGun took a small bite and was immediately conquered by the mellow taste.

How could there be anything tastier than sweet bamboo shoots in the world?!

Big monster, this is amazing!

Mo GunGun  only ate two bites before he tied the piece of meat to the partly eaten bamboo shoots. qHUXjz

Such a delicious baby, he wants to hide it so that when he’s hungry, he could lick and eat it.  It’s smell is also a very appetizing thing.

The fluffy eared black and white panda is both  clumsy and conscientious. He was overflowing with naivety. Lu Xiao Qi remained quiet while his pupils showed that his mood was getting more and more unreadable. It was only when the panda leaned the food on his back that the unreadable mask fractured a bit.

He put down the communication device in his hand and pinched his lower forehead before reaching out his hands to untie the vine.

In a blink of an eye, the back of the little panda was stained with oil. Kw58YB

Mo GunGun hesitated for a moment, his tiny paws subconsciously reached out to fix it, but when he saw the initiator reaching out again, he immediately retracted his paws and shrunk into a ball. The good food was accidentally flung away. Mo GunGun head drooped as he licked his tender pads smeared with the food’s fragrance in frustration.

If he knew that this would happen, he would have eaten a little more.

Mo Gungun wept bitterly in his heart.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiao Qi ate the meat that was put aside. Then he saw the little panda’s dark eyes were staring straight at it. Strong indictment and grievance shone in the small eyes, as if he had committed a heinous crime. CadKmk

Even if the intergalactic people knew him as a cold military admiral, when he saw a furry and tearful small animal, his heart couldn’t help put to soften.

Since it’s his fault that the panda’s meat couldn’t be eaten, he put his portion meat in front of the panda.

Did he give it to him?  Mo Gungun’s eyes shone brightly as he stuck out his paws to poke a little at the meat.

Lychee: Hello again! Please welcome another three members of my team, Seafall, Purpleangel, and Leafy! f7alBm

Translator's Note

Gungun believes he can’t escape his ending of being killed by poachers

Translator's Note

This boy is a bottomless pit… Then again, he is the bottom *wink wink*

Translator's Note

弄巧成拙了- to try to be clever but instead does something foolish

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  1. Welcome Seafall, Purpleangel and Leafy! Thanks so much for your hard work.

    Mo Gungun is so cute. He’s the only one who can soften Lu Xiao Qi’s heart, it seems.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Carnivores = meat only diet
    Omnivores = both meat and vegetable

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