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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh1 - Pandas are (Invading) Rolling In!


The spring of year 43221, Interstellar Calendar.

The lights of the floating islands are bright in the night sky, with the clouds circling underneath being even more dazzling. Several shining tails crossed the sky, blinking and flashing before disappearing thousands of miles away. Rcnj9s

The comets passed one after another over the diamond shaped building suspended in the middle of others. It is the Central Military Deployment Building on planet Celta.

At that moment, it was in chaos.

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“The Fifth Special Forces Army is ready! Quick! Turn on the defense system!”

“The Hongkun Nation sank cruise ship 011, planet A654QW had a nuclear explosion, and more than half of the Second Corps are dead or injured.” yBH2C0

“Marshal! The mecha on land’s signal has disappeared! The nuclear explosion caused a black hole, and the admiral is likely to have been caught up in it and have died…”

“What!” How could Lu Xiao Qi have possibly…”

Suddenly, there was a flash of light over a primitive planet.



In the tall green grass, a small black-eared and black eyed fur ball poked out his small head, uncertainly looking left and right.

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What, what just happened?!

The furry little body of Mo GunGun couldn’t help but huddle in and shiver at the sudden gust of wind.

Four little claws tightly gripped a purple bamboo shoot. He raised a small, chubby round face, tentatively sniffing the air while his small black ears twitched slightly. No terrible monsters were spotted in the vicinity, allowing the small shivering animal to let out a sigh of relief. gqLByc

He picked up his bamboo shoots and peered into the small hole, which was very tangled.

He wanted to hide his bamboo shoots and eat them slowly, but his nose caught an attractive fragrance. Mo GunGun didn’t bother to get hide the shoots, licking his little black nose subconsciously- he still wanted to eat.

He moved slowly- maybe, maybe he’ll eat just a little.

As the panda was lost in his thoughts, he inadvertently slipped on the stones under his feet. Mo GunGun fell on his head while he continued to clutch the bamboo shoots. Like a small black and white ball, he continued rolling into the tree hole. 1KGvOo


Mo GunGun laid on the ground stunned, still clinging to his bamboo shoots.

His short tail now had a small patch of beige-white fur, which was conspicuous as he laid belly up.

Where did I roll to, the black and white dumpling thought to himself while he laid flat. kDWZ4R

Well, if you come in, you might as well eat a little, just a little.

Mo GunGun stood up with his stubby little legs, brought the bamboo shoots closer towards him, and tore off the skin and bit into it.

Oh! It’s so sweet and delicious!

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The small panda is easy to satisfy. He took another bite and blinked happily. It tasted a hundred times better than the treasured bamboo shoots he hid in his last life! How nice it would be if he could eat it all the time. xMtCBP

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Thinking of this, Mo GunGun became somewhat depressed, and his eyes filling with sadness and unease.

Zs ijra ilof tega.

Dflcu rxlccfv tegar.

Pc ojma, la lr cba mifjg ab Zb XecXec tbk rbwfbcf ktb rtbeiv tjnf vlfv jqqfjgfv lc atlr qijmf. ZiwqG2

Pc tlr ijra ilofalwf, tf kfca ibbxlcu obg obbv lc j yjwybb obgfra jcv uba mjeuta ys j afgglyif wbcrafg. Lf vlvc’a ecvfgrajcv la nfgs kfii. Lf bcis njuefis gfwfwyfgfv atf nblmfr bo atf wbcrafgr. “Vfii la jilnf…” “Dbrr, Jerabwr jgf tfgf! Vxlc jcv tlvf la…”

Then he was skinned alive.

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He only remembered the red liquid flowing into his eyes as the world blurred.

He was rendered unconscious. L5ylt4

He never got a chance to eat the tender leaves hidden underneath the small stones.

Mo GunGun took another bite, causing refreshing and sweet flavors filling his mouth. Although he didn’t get to eat the tender leaves of his last life, the bamboo shoots he is currently eating make him happy.

He is content.

Mo GunGun‘s round black ears twitched slightly. After eating a whole bamboo shoot, he licked his paw repeatedly, yearning for more. He rolled on the ground twice, making a few leaves stick to his back, before he walked slowly towards a small pond. 0vpQd

There, that is the sweet water!

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He has been here for more than 20 days. From the time when he was walking on thin ice until now, he decided on making a small plot of land his new home. His new home is much richer and tastier than his previous territory. Mo GunGun went through the woods with his round little body. Every time he eats a delicious meal, Mo GunGun then goes to drink the sweet lake water. The panda is very satisfied with his new residence.

Today however, when he came to the lake, he did not see the rippling clear water, but a monster five times the length of the lake.

There is a big glossy monster in the middle of the lake, whose shadow is not real. bvOiaX

Huh, what is this?

Faced with the wreckage of the battleship, Mo GunGun became confused.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through his nose, the cold air rushing into his heart. He saw a black mist coming towards him.

Mo GunGun scrambled up a tree, scared out of his wits. c7M89v

The usually slow-moving furball exploded with potential, and in almost a blink of an eye, was more than 10 meters above the ground. He turned his head around and caught sight of a translucent head emerging from the black mist. The top of its head was red, and a pair of cow’s eyes stared at him fiercely, as if it wanted to eat him alive.

Mo GunGun was so scared he almost peed himself.

“Die! Go to hell! Die you insect!! Admiral, be careful!” The suspended head opened its mouth, and its eyes dyed scarlet.

Mo GunGun stiffened: “Hm!” DWi64o

He only felt a chill on his cheeks, causing him to want to sneeze, and then…

The translucent head that rushed towards him turned into black mist.

The wind blew through and the black mist quickly dispersed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

OK, that was terrible! Mo GunGun grabbed the tree trunk tightly. He shivered, his dark eyes started watering, and feeling very wronged. dpkmIq

He felt like he’d seen a ghost. Mo GunGun finally got a new home only to find that it was occupied by a big terrible monster and a little panda-eating monster.

The shivering Mo GunGun looked at the waterhole with fear, but was still thirsty.

His small round-faced eye bags became larger as Mo GunGun hesitated, as he held onto the tree like a koala clinging to the branches.

The monster frightened him to death. CZt3cT

But his throat was so dry. He will just drink a little water, just a little.

Encouraged by this thought, Mo GunGun slowly climbed down, and rolled into the grass. He carefully stared at the monster, ready to flee whenever there was any sign of it.

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He waited patiently for nearly an hour, but there were no signs of anymore terrible monsters. That’s when he made up his mind. The panda got closer to the surface of the lake, drinking a mouthful of water quickly before turning around and running. His short legs carried him a distance away before he rolled into some bushes. A pair of dark pupils observed from the shadows for a while as he confirmed the success of his strategic water replenishment.

Mo GunGun grew more confident. Tgmcy3

After another three or five rounds of this, the panda was finally satiated. He was exhausted, ready to put salted fish under paralyzed bushes.

Mo GunGun looked at the monster again, and he became curious.

Is it dead?

Just thinking about it, the big monster’s stomach popped open and ejected an elliptical object. Mo GunGun saw the object make a perfect parabola in the air and fell to the ground in two pieces, like broken eggs. There were pieces of egg white, and a long strip of yolk… R5B06G


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The panda was terrified. He stared at the monster for two seconds, before turning around and running.

It’s a skin-peeling monster, oh my god!

It wants to kill pandas! aVb8nw

Mo GunGun ran back to his small tree hole. The small panda pushed a stone to block the hole, hiding in a corner and shrank into a ball.

The planet’s weather was always changing. It was just clear and sunny, but not before long there were dark clouds bringing thunder and lightning.

After a while, it rained cats and dogs.

It rained heavily and the world became foggy. The air was refreshed, causing the smell of stinky blood to disappear. jJbqhC

Squatting at the entrance of the tree hole, Mo GunGun held onto the bamboo shoots that he had previously hidden, eating while observing the area.

Raindrops fell onto leaves, emitting unique sounds. It was a gift from nature.

Mo GunGun is very fond of the rain, especially after the rain stops. Afterwards he will actively look for delicious bamboo shoots that just started emerging from the ground. With the cover of the rain, it’s a lot safer. Mo GunGun thinks he’s a smart panda, as he picks up big leaves he used to catch rainwater, drinking slowly.

It rained for five days and five nights before it stopped. onO6Vt

The smooth little belly shook its fluffy and soft fur, full from food. The small panda marched on his four small paws towards the morning sun, headed to the water hole.

It’s been a long time, the monster should surely be gone by now, right?

After five days of trepidation, Mo GunGun decided to see the situation in secret, in case he might have to escape. Once again, when he reached the water source, the scene broke his expectations. The big monster was still there. The yolk monster also maintained the same appearance as before he ran away, except his whole body was drenched.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The panda quickly estimated that the yolk monster was wet because of the rain. kgd91

It must be dead.

Mo GunGun didn’t know if it was due to relaxation or trance, but he walked up to the corpse. Is this the monster?


This is… What? DudmF9

Mo GunGun saw a long silver whip-like tail, unlike the monster that killed him last time. It may not even be the same species. Those people don’t have tails! They are not as good as him!

But this is such a beautiful tail.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The panda sat on the ground, staring at the unknown creature with envious eyes. Mo GunGun looked at his short tail. There was no room for comparison.

Mo GunGun wanted to take it for himself. m0vjh

As he thought about it, the tips of the creature’s paw shook slightly.

Huh, was that an illusion?

Mo GunGun stared at the creature intently. A pair of black pupils quickly looked over the creature’s body and didn’t see him move. He was no longer suspicious.

The monster was dirty. Due to a little curiosity, Mo GunGun sprayed some water from a leaf onto his muddy face. The monster who killed him in his last life had a flat face and yellow hair. This silver hair was very beautiful, a little like him. 3AYT5g

He stretched out his paw and pulled it. Then he saw the man’s eyelids shake with his own eyes.

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Mo GunGun: Σ( ° △°|||)

He quickly threw down the silver hair, and desperately ran back to his hole. Just as the ball of fur rolled away twisting his small butt, the handsome and powerful man suddenly opened his sharp eagle-like eyes.

They were filled with ice cold killing intent, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye. IeZGJV

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flickered with uncertainty, not realizing that his retinas were placed on a distant round buttock with a small upturned tail.

The man with deep facial features was stunned for a moment, before turning on his side. All he saw was the wreckage of the battleship and the completely scrapped life capsule. He gasped violently, coldness overflowing from his pupils. He struggled to sit up, before finally coughing heavily and fell back down, his bloody lips tightened into a straight line.

He looked around, then up at the blue sky, his eyes gradually grew dignified.

Mo GunGun ran back to his tree hole in one breath, causing him to collapse. He lay paralyzed on the ground, trembling while thinking panickedly: The monster is alive! DAx e0

What should I do?!

Lychee: Hello everyone~ Thanks for reading the first chapter! I’m sorry, I know it’s messy and I promise I can write English better than this. But hopefully I will get an editor so I don’t have to worry about it lol.

Translator's Note

He was being careful due to his past life’s trauma

Translator's Note

Basically means he thinks he is going to die from overworking lol

Translator's Note

Yes, our ML has a silver dragon tail to match his silver hair~ I’m getting NOLM vibes…

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