Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh29 - GunGun’s Encounter with Cannibalistic Zombies

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Edited by: Luoshenhua


Warning! Gross/gorey depiction towards the end, read Sora’s comment for a quick summary!

Lu Xiao Qi successfully led them out of the underground maze thanks to his years of experience. After they walked out, they entered a strange forest.

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Mo GunGun was careful not to take too deep of a breath, since the air was pungent. ZNGA64


Obviously, this place belonged to dangerous beasts of the fierce and carnivorous variety.


Mo GunGun had suffered too many blows in one day. At this moment, his whole body was tense, and his expression was a little embarrassed.



Looking down at the small one, Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes darkened. He quickly moved through the forest.


Mo GunGun was curled up against the big monster’s chest, his energy drained. He stared blankly at the rapidly passing scenery. dw9SdK


I just feel cold.


He felt uncomfortable both outside and inside. The panda shivered and he unconsciously curled into a ball as the bloody picture repeatedly appeared in his mind, lingering… Xi 8s7


Why did this happen!


Why! zlf0wZ


Recalling the scene where his body was not intact, Mo GunGun trembled violently, biting his paw and sobbing in a low voice.

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His past life. Zwc49N


In this life, he saw scenes that he would never forget.


Mo GunGun’s head rested against the big monster’s chest. He listened to the strong heartbeat, and the duckweed-like panda ball relied on it wholeheartedly. Mo GunGun whispered, “Big monster.” soWcEQ


Lu Xiao Qi had been keeping an eye on the little one. Since he came out of the ground, his mood was a bit strange.


Lu Xiao Qi was worried, but he didn’t dare to ask. OyIgR


At this moment, he felt very uncomfortable seeing the usually lively young one with a drooping head.


He whispered, “GunGun.” hBj14e


“Big monster.” Mo GunGun’s chest felt hot as his wet little nose brushed against the big monster’s chest.


Although the little guy often yelled “uhuhuh”, the intonation this time was slightly different. Lu Xiao Qi often listened to him use this tone, but he didn’t know the specific meaning. However, he knew the panda was calling for him, so he responded. Y5OukT


Getting a response, Mo GunGun bit his claws and his eyes reddened.

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Burying his face, Mo GunGun said softly, “Uhuh. Mmm.” rVA5qU


Lu Xiao Qi couldn’t understand. He could only pat him, hold him up a little, and stroke his little head with his fingertips. The injuries from when he fell onto the planet were almost healed now, and the wounds on his arms weren’t harmful. His movements would not be affected by them.


The beast on site found its new prey. However, as soon as it came after them, Lu Xiao Qi had already taken the panda out of its territory. gNEZIB


In the distance, Mo GunGun could still hear  the roar of an angry beast.


He was running out of energy, so Mo GunGun closed his eyes. UdrOY2


Ignoring the bumps from traveling, he didn’t know when the small one fell asleep.


Feeling the little guy’s breath grow longer, Lu Xiao Qi hurried away without encountering any more beasts. It took him two hours to reach the small lake. PuKZsd


Lu Xiao Qi swept his gaze around, his face heavy.


It was no longer safe here. Fortunately, the reassembly of his mecha had been going smoothly recently. VqSyl5


He took the panda from inside his clothes and placed him onto his head. Lu Xiao Qi carried the panda ball and started to quickly piece back together his mecha.

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Taking in a deep breath, Lu Xiao Qi reassembled the mecha in only one night, but it was not perfect. The weaker parts were still recycled from the previous mecha. Setting up the wrecked war ship, Lu Xiao Qi packed his things in the dark, and left the small lake with a small bear resting on his lap. FfsV5e


Lu Xiao Qi sat behind the main controller and ordered with a cold face, “Start.” 


The mecha made a clicking sound, and then a mechanical, metallic male voice sounded, “Start up complete.” uLhJ7b


Lu Xiao Qi, who had been clenching his fists, had visible blue tendons showing on the back of his hand.


He squeezed his lips tightly, his eyes holding a fleeting trace of sorrow, as he took a deep breath, “Turn on the pairing system.” R4iTgB


“System pairing on.” He felt strange when he heard the unfamiliar voice.


Lu Xiao Qi looked down. The mecha’s intelligent system that accompanied him for many years might have completely disappeared. The core system board was severely burnt, and even if he salvaged the rest, the transfer of information had not been saved when they crashed. l25Evg


“The system has successfully paired. Pairing rate is 91.”

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Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils contracted slightly, and his face stiffened. His pairing index with Cheng Feng was 91… 63hQHk


So, was it possible that this intelligence system was Cheng Feng?


Lu Xiao Qi converged all his emotions, remaining expressionless, “Turn on the reconnaissance system, shield, and external detection radar.”  SkLs4K


After the mech made a few ding sounds, everything was ready.


A less than beautiful mecha by the small lake suddenly moved. After a few slow movements, the metal body suddenly moved with explosive power. It moved dozens of meters away in the blink of an eye. wE3naL


Lu Xiao Qi’s operational skill ranked among the world’s top pilots. Moving hundreds of meters in a second was normal. He traveled fast in the forest. When he was studying at military school, he was already quite nimble. After battling in real life, his speed was even higher.


Besides, his most frightening ability had always been his fighting prowess. He always achieved the best battle results with the least amount of damage. KQaWV6


It was precisely because of his strong fighting ability and natural instincts that he was promoted to the rank of admiral when he was very young. Other students in the same grade as him were no higher than major generals. Most were still at the rank of lieutenant.


It could be said that even with an ordinary mecha, Lu Xiao Qi was an army by himself. h0WV74


Lu Xiao Qi never liked to have hidden dangers. Since they would be found sooner or later, he who strikes first gets the advantage.

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Mo GunGun was exhausted. He didn’t wake up even with the noises around him. A1oE0m


He curled up his small body into a ball, appearing like a little dumpling.


If it wasn’t for his little nose twitching from time to time, he would have been mistaken for a small ornament. VKlDFQ


Mo GunGun fell into an uneasy sleep. Though his family’s monster helped him calm down a bit, he still couldn’t sleep peacefully.


Lu Xiao Qi knew that the little guy was very uncomfortable. The sleeping little guy was still in tears, and he snorted from time to time. WtmRI


Feeling a little suffocated and hot in his head, Lu Xiao Qi couldn’t laugh in his heart, and only felt distressed for him.


It was cold. Aor 37


Lu Xiao Qi returned to the forest entrance again. He wondered if he was lucky or not as he collided with the beast from before.


The beast was stunned for a moment before roaring at the mecha and rushing forward with its teeth bared and its claws brandished. The distance between the beast and the mecha was about five meters. It recklessly flew through the air before it was thrown to the side like a rag. It knocked down several trees before it collapsed on the ground, paralyzed. eDGjN7


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes deepened.

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Mo GunGun was awakened by the roar, and he sat up stunned and unsure. tJqzfM


Mo GunGun: “Mmm?”


This, where is this? 8OkEHX


Waking up in an unfamiliar place where it was cramped and dark made the panda with a shadow hanging over his head shrink.


Fortunately, the familiar touch under his paws gave Mo GunGun peace of mind. Lkudo7


He lowered his head, “Huh?”


Lu Xiao Qi relocated the small one to his chest, “This is the inside of the mecha. Don’t be afraid.” IJozqw


Mo GunGun blinked, “Mecha?”


Lu Xiao Qi: “It’s safe.” YyUq8j


Mo GunGun understood this time. He looked back and forth, and finally found something familiar, that black ugly thing. He was very scared of the mecha at first, but after he followed the big monster to climb up and down multiple times and became familiar with it, he didn’t worry about it.

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Mo GunGun: “Mmmm, uhuh?” FevmBR


Big monster, why are we here?


Lu Xiao Qi pretended to understand, “Revenge.” Gofi6s


Revenge? Mo GunGun froze.


Lu Xiao Qi went to the entrance and ordered, “Shield our signal and activate the radar’s maximum range.” r7dIut


It was Mo GunGun’s first time seeing the ugly thing light up, and he didn’t dare move. Only a pair of curious eyes looked around.


His heart was a bit messy. The big monster said revenge… The only enemies he could think of at that moment were the skeletons and the bees. b7yeGR


After observing for a moment, Mo GunGun stared at the large screen with a circle on it without blinking.


What is that? ylQKVo


His little paws couldn’t help holding a corner of the big monster’s clothes, Mo GunGun was so confused, his mind full of questions.

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“Begin scanning.” Lu Xiao Qi entered the underground passage, and in a corner of the screen, there was a map with countless red dots and a single green dot. Both the red dots and the green dot were moving. 5C9 WA


Mo GunGun stared at this small map, even forgetting about revenge.


Both of his ears twitched. S50Y2k


What is this?


Lu Xiao Qi noticed that the little panda was curious about the display and said, “This is a map. The green dot above represents us, and the red is the enemy.” As for how it drew a map, Lu Xiao Qi did not say. That was too complicated, and the little guy wouldn’t understand it at the moment. cW8o3f


Lu Xiao Qi walked around the whole underground passage a few times. After everything was ready, he returned to a corner and hid in the dark to investigate the situation inside. Inside, there were still many skeletons, and two humanoid beings.


They seemed to be in the middle of celebrating. PQldKY


In other words, the black and white gowns were turning from side to side, and the skeletons applauded.


The smell of blood was so strong that the air was covered by a red mist. Normal people couldn’t see through the fog, but the detector specially prepared for these things had detected these unknown beings hidden behind the mist. QMFCp5


Unlike Lu Xiao Qi, what Mo GunGun saw was more accurate.

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The black and white coats were dissecting something. There were piles of bloody things on the side. When the white coat threw a piece to the side, nearby skeletons scrambled for it, shredded and stuffed it into their mouths, and then fell to the ground. eHT7GW


Mo GunGun was startled, his hair standing on end.


Lu Xiao Qi was able to detect the situation inside, but as for what these ghosts were doing, he did not know. The detector could not detect everything. CmvXNB

-Gross part starts here-


Mo GunGun bit his paws and trembled violently.


He saw a brown bear’s head decapitated by the black lab coat and thrown to a skeleton. In the blink of an eye, that piece was already in tatters. This was a great shock for Mo GunGun, who had always been peaceful, and had a great impact on him as he stared in disbelief.


As the image sunk into his soul, fear settled in, followed by endless anger and sorrow.


Was his family also treated like this?!!


Gritting his teeth in pain, Mo GunGun let out a low wail, “Huhuh! Huh!”


Lu Xiao Qi glanced over and covered the little head.


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The small one was stuffed into his pocket, and Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils were already bottomless, like two swirling vortices.


Lu Xiao Qi stared at the red dots on the screen, his eyes gradually growing colder.


Mo GunGun struggled a few times, but was patted.


Lu Xiao Qi: “Don’t move.”


Mo GunGun couldn’t understand why the big monster said to not move, but he didn’t dare to disobey, for fear that he might disturb his plan.


The skeletons who were celebrating did not notice the black shadow gradually approaching them. No matter how sturdy the skeletons were, there was no chance of them winning against the mecha. Lu Xiao Qi walked around the skeletons, reaping their skulls like a death god.


In the blink of an eye, with a sword in one hand, half of the skeletons had been destroyed.

  59 z1L

The green flames in the skulls’ eyes disappeared.


After Lu Xiao Qi killed half of them, he stood upright at the entrance with a long gun, holding up the heavens and supporting the earth.


The white coat looked on coldly, “It’s, ugly.” 


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The black coat: “It, smells, pretty, good. Yes, that, panda, will, release, us, from, that, bastard, ba.”


White coat: “Its, eyes, are, enough, to, revive us. “


Black coat:” There, is, only, one, less, here.” 


White coat: “It, didn’t, work, last, time, even, though, we, ate, so, much.”


Black coat: “This, time, is, not, the same. Its, eyes, are, very, special.” 


The white coat clicked his teeth up and down in frustration. This skin could be used as a collectible, and its flesh must be the most delicious food.


The black lab coat said that the panda must not be allowed to run away.


Lu Xiao Qi’s voice came from the mecha, “Don’t worry, I won’t let him go.” The voice was frigid, and almost oppressive.


Mo GunGun couldn’t see, and he still didn’t dare to move, but curled up in the man’s clothes and listened.


Were they talking about himself? Is he what they want to eat?


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Because of his eyes?


Mo GunGun was suddenly at a deadlock. Because of his special eyes, the pandas were destroyed?


Although the order was not correct, the young panda had already locked onto the idea that he had caused his family to be killed as a fact… 


The black and white coats looked roughly human, even though their skin was very uneven, and their faces were sewn together from top to bottom.


Their eyes were muddy, and the stiff movement seemed to be reminiscent of a corpse. In particular, their limbs hardly bent, and they shook when they walked. The white coat jumped close to the mecha, and opened his mouth, exposing the fangs inside.

Sora: Okay children, so the humanoid skeletons fed a brown bear head to the skeletons, and Mo GunGun was horrified to think that his ancestors were treated like that when it is revealed that they had a hand in killing all of his ancestors. Lu Xiao Qi then proceeded with the ML halo and OP destroyed skeletons, furious. The black and white coat humanoids then talked about how eating the panda with special eyes could revive them and tasted delicious. GunGun then draws the conclusion that his family died because of him (his eyes). It then ends with Lu Xiao Qi and the two creatures getting prepared to fight. LMvRJe

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