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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh8 - Chapter 8


Editor: Luoshenhua

Proofreader: Leafy t EpOo

Mo GunGun was flattered, and his black eyes twinkled.

He didn’t understand what the big monster said, but it spoke with a kind tone.

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With the help of the big monster, the panda became more and more determined to hold onto the big monster’s thigh.

Stealing a peek at the big monster, Mo GunGun decisively chose that head of silver silk as his new home. fAJ0tg

Compared to the hay in his nest, the smooth silver hair looked much more comfortable to lie down and roll around on.

Lu Xiao Qi had no idea that his furry friend wanted to kiss up to him for the rest of his life and coveted his hair for his nest. He seemed to have an unfluctuating facial expression, but on the inside surged wave after wave of shock. As a leader of the intergalactic military headquarters, he naturally had picked up many skills, which naturally included lip-reading.

Looking in the direction of the panda’s dark and quiet pupils, it wasn’t very clear, but he could vaguely understand the meaning of Li Mingxun words, even if it was only a veiled guess.



The military seemed to be in harmony, but it had been split into different groups for a long time. Many general-level military leaders were controlled by those surnamed Zhao, especially the Fifth Army Corps, which almost completely consisted of private soldiers belonging to the Zhao family.

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Lu Xiao Qi was silent for a long time, but suddenly felt a little itch in his palm. He looked  down, causing Lu Xiao Qi to be speechless: “………”

The little one was sprawled in the center of his palm and arched back and forth against it. A round and fluffy little buttocks twisted and turned, with the small bunch of tail hair slightly sticking up.

The itchy feeling in his hand bore into his heart, and Lu Xiao Qi remained silent. yHaQrt

The panda squirmed slightly. He rubbed his scent onto Lu Xiao Qi’s palm, making him feel safe.

The wet black nose rose slightly, and the panda took the opportunity to brush against the hand a few more times.

The hand of the monster was warm and comfortable, not to mention the spaciousness. The little panda felt extremely satisfied. He even began to wonder which was more comfortable, the palm of the monster or the head of silver hair. Thinking deeply about it, Mo GunGun couldn’t help turning his body over.

Lu Xiao Qi noticed the strange eyes of the little fellow and, inexplicably, felt his heart squeeze. rQkOKX

Thanks to the little fellow exposing his naivety and innocence, Lu Xiao Qi’s negative mood caused by the death of his soldiers dissipated.

He really was a little bundle of joy.

Lu Xiao Qi gently touched the soft fur on the panda’s belly. He poked and prodded the squishy lump of fur, causing the panda to tremble a bit.

A gust of wind blew by, causing threads of silver silk attached to the monster’s head to sway in the wind. It looked very attractive. Or at  the very least, the panda was captivated by the sight and even unconsciously started swaying too. Y zM80

He blankly stared at the shiny hair fluttering in the wind. The panda hated that he was unable to immediately go up and roll around.

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His quiet gaze did not stop the little fellow from exploring and his palms were even subconsciously held by his sides, prepared to catch a falling hairball during the climb up. After all, the little fellow was really clumsy, and falling every now and then was his norm.

The big monster’s tacit attitude encouraged Mo GunGun. He slipped a few times before reaching the silver nest.

He looked left and right, and after two seconds he smacked his lips and sat down.

Mo GunGun’s small paws pulled at the silver silk and secretly wriggled his buttocks to feel the new experience his new nest brought him. 4got7w

He really liked this abundant soft hair. Mo GunGun rolled over twice in joy.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

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In fact, Lu Xiao Qi was somewhat stunned. No living creature had ever been so close to him, much less had ever wildly tossed about on his head.

This feeling was pretty good. If any human being was arrogant enough to try and mess up his hair, he would definitely not spare them, but for a lovely and naive little furball who was foolishly trying to be intimate, he would not be on guard. There was even a strange sense of satisfaction that he was not alone. lfYkZi

As if, he was not abandoned.

Lu Xiao Qi did not know how the central government treats missing people who haven’t been found dead, but he could roughly guess.

The military made mistakes, causing the entire army to fall into enemy hands; who was responsible for this?

The big monster’s breath grew heavy, and seemed depressed and in pain. Mo GunGun hesitated for two seconds before stretching out two small paws and patted his head. fpdtWj

Be good.

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In the old days, Mom would hold him in her arms and pat his head.

Of course, he was not as big as his mother, so he could only try his best to stretch open his body and hold the top of the big monster’s head head.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………” fXavyC

The murderous intent that had began to gather dissipated in an instant, and even hatred could not rise.

Lu Xiao Qi sighed silently.

He could feel his hair being fiddled with, before finally the creature above him was satisfied with clutching the hair above his forehead.

Lu Xiao Qi was grateful to the animal for the distraction, but was somewhat tired. ObfcYj

The pleasure the small panda gave him really softened his cold heart, but at the same time the creature gave him a headache.

This was the first time Lu Xiao Qi had experienced such a complex emotion.

What he didn’t know was that pet shovelers from the past were equally in pain and in love.

But they were all very happy. pHTgOP

Lu Xiao Qi, who was incarnated as a panda slave, indulged the little panda and allowed him to play with his hair. He made his way into the wreckage of the battleship with the panda on his head, but suddenly he felt his clutched hair change from a gentle pull to a fierce tug.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

On the left and right side, it’s very average. Lu Xiao Qi’s scalp hurt from where it was pulled.

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When he finally got into the warship, the two sides of his head were numb. MP9wTe

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

As Mo GunGun got closer to the big dark monster, he trembled with fear. Two small claws couldn’t help but tightly grip the big monster.

Mo GunGun: “Hm!”

He, he, he doesn’t want to be eaten! uHWMYq

Hearing the desperation of his little companion, Lu Xiao Qi’s adrenal glands instinctively kicked in, and his eyes grew as sharp as a hawk’s.

However, after waiting for a long time, there was not even a sign of wind blowing.

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Mo GunGun who noticed the big monster’s momentum changed, became even more panicked, He even became indignant and lamented that his thigh hugging behavior was not enough!

The atmosphere stagnated and the two remained motionless for ten minutes. z568WS

Still calm.

Mo GunGun blinked in perplexity. “Hmm?”

He wasn’t dead yet.

The big monster really was powerful. The panda secretly sat up and gathered the courage to look around. It was a lot more complicated than he thought. The interior of this black monster was not small, and for someone that was the size of the palm of a hand, it was even larger. AVzdnr

Metal sheen of the mecha was still good, and a faint reflection was no problem.

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Mo GunGun saw shadows moving on the walls as they moved.

Instantly frightened, the panda didn’t dare to stay in the nest of hair. He slipped into the back big monster’s clothes, only revealing a pair of small forepaws.

As Lu Xiao Qi was about to open the inner panel, and his back was suddenly covered by something small and fluffy. He almost crushed the control system of his mecha in his surprise. D36ceh

However, although he did not crush it, he did deform it.

The control center had a new indented hand print on it, as well as a thick scratch mark from his tail.

Unaware of his impact on the big monster, the Mo GunGun felt safe in the monster’s clothes. He suddenly felt a little more adventurous, so he squeezed his little head out of the collar of the clothes.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………” KyqW8p

The panda tried to move away as stared at the faint reflection of himself on the mecha’s walls.

Mo GunGun: “Uh-huh-huh.”

Fortunately, Lu Xiao Qi had been paying attention to the panda, and found that he was frightened by his own shadow.

Lu Xiao Qi could not help but feel somewhat helpless. Z1WJ70

The panda didn’t even recognize himself. However, that was very normal.

There were many mutant animals in the interstellar galaxy, but the so-called pet dogs and cats recorded from ancient times had long disappeared. However, there was very little difference between the records and current time. Many animals still reject mirrors. They can’t even identify themselves in the mirror.

Mo GunGun couldn’t be blamed because as a pure wild panda, he had never seen a human before being skinned by poachers. His mother was rescued and released by a peeling monster, so she received a name. His mother’s name was Momo, and his mother said that her surname was Mo. As such, Mo GunGun was given a name similar to hers.

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In fact, no panda had ever called his name before. He just missed his mother. His name was the only thing that his mom left him. CdWu4Q

Therefore, besides having a rather humanistic name, Mo GunGun was a real country bumpkin.

After braving the calamitous encounter with the shadow figure on the wall, the panda crouched on the head of the big monster and  tilted his head in confusion.

En. That dark thing doesn’t seem dangerous.

Mo GunGun held his bamboo shoots in a daze. He saw the big monster coming in and out of the black lacquer wreckage. mJQkIZ

It was not dangerous!

After several secret observations of the large black monster, Mo GunGun confirmed that it was safe.

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After this conclusion, Mo GunGun could not sit still. Obviously, this was the first time the panda had seen the inside of the black monster. He was very curious about it. He became bolder, and with a few bamboo shoots on his back, Mo GunGun came out of the admiral’s clothes and couldn’t help but try to get closer.

After a while, two small furry forepaws scratched the edge, trying to reach the slightly higher debris. When Lu finished his work, he saw the small hairball with two forepaws and one hind leg pulling at the edge of the door, with one hind leg and half of his body dangling downwards. His little buttocks arched as he tried to climb upward. DPtSbG

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed with a slight smile.

That night, GunGun came back to his tree hole satisfied. He jumped into a sweet dream where he was playing with the red ball given to him by the big monster.

There was a full moon that night, so even Lu Xiao Qi slept with ease.

Back at the tree hole, a red light burst out. Inside, the panda clutching the small red ball turned into a child. The red ball flickered again as the child yawned, and unconsciously returned to his furry form again. Wn8SkL


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Chapter 8: The Panda’s First Transformation into a Human

Luoshenhua: Lu Xiao Qi – healed by the meng, Mo GunGun – menging through some scary times Ao7pOQ

Sora: I really need to be more educated in panda noises… I’m just going to leave them until I have a good concrete idea lol

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  1. Little Theater

    Panda: Um, what’s this dark thing following me? ( 〇□〇)

    General: …

    Panda: Oh, oh, never mind! It’s very nice… (´つヮ⊂)

    General: … *En, as expected. Only my little creature can be so meng when afraid of his own shadow.*

    *Extended Theater*

    Panda child: Zzz… zZz

    General: What? Who is this human? Where is my panda?

    Panda: zZz…ZzZ…

    General: My little panda is unexpectedly a human? … ! Then it is legal to marry him, yes?

    The Law: Actually no-

    General: What?

    The Law: Yes, yes, very legal, when would you like to arrange the ceremony— ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

    **Theater end**

    Thanking Translator-Sama for the update~

    I laughed when Mo GunGun was scared of his own shadow ≧(´▽`)≦

    I will not lie; Mo GunGun wanting to nest on his hubby’s head made me squeal. A lot~



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