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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh4 - Coexistence (and Death..!?)


TL: Sora

Editors: Luoshenhua and Purpleangel heoXgE

Proofreader: Leafy


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It was interesting to see the tentative animal light up over a piece of meat. Lu Xiao Qi could not help but tear a small strip of the roast for him, causing the panda’s black pupils to shine. He took back his hand and saw Mo Gungun pull out two small paws to hug the meat and lick it a few times. It was an extremely unusual scene. 3BdvxK

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

It was so funny that Xiao Qi took another greasy piece of meat and tore off a large piece before stuffing it into Gungun’s arms. Before there was any time to be depressed, Mo Gungun was overwhelmed with the unexpected favor: Ehh??

Mo Gungun looked up, both perplexed and with expectations. Lu Xiao Qi pointed at the round black ears then pressed the tender small ears down. Mo Gungun tightly gripped onto the meat, stiff as a puppet.

The small animal’s arms were almost unable to carry all of the meat, but he still stubbornly refused to let go. Amused by Gungun, Lu Xiao Qi stuffed yet another fruit into his arms.


Mo Gungun refused to let the fruit tumble down, propping it under his chin.

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Turning around, the general’s eyes overflowed with a deep unknown emotion as he stood up, put away the unresponsive communicator, and clicked on the space button, causing the one-armed black lacquered mecha armor to suddenly appear.

Zb Xecuec agfwyifv nlbifcais, jcv atf ilaaif ogela aemxfv ecvfg tlr mtlc ofii vbkc. Lbkfnfg, ja atlr wbwfca, atf qjcvj’r mjgfajxfg vlv cba cbalmf atf qjlg bo gbecv, yijmx qeqlir atja rajgfv ja atf ylu wbcrafg atja qbqqfv eq bea bo cbktfgf lc vlryfilfo.

Qtja lr atlr?! GjqRCZ

Aera ktfc tf tjv rajgafv ab gfijz, Zb Xecuec kjr oglutafcfv jujlc, jcv tlr ktbif ybvs ogbhf. Qtlif tf kjr ja j ibrr, yijmx obu fwfgufv ogbw atf mgjmxr lc atf wfmtj jgwbg, obgwlcu yffaif-ilxf rtjqfr lc atf jlg, rajglcu ja Oe Wljb Hl klat rmjgifa fsfr oliifv klat tjagfv.

Mo Gungun panicked: “Un!!!”

The panda fell backwards with his hind paws soaring towards the sky. He rolled on the ground twice, before hiding under a particularly large leaf. Under the cover of the leaves, the panda was able to receive some sense of security. He watched as thousands of black mist insects rushed towards the unaware Lu Xiao Qi. Mo Gungun was both anxious and frightened.

Mo Gungun: “Un-ao, un!” SG1xcm

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed, head hanging low, and the small Gungun was almost scared to death.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

Was he trying to warn him? The cowardly panda was probably afraid of his mecha armor. A gust of wind passed, and at the same time he felt something in his chest violently stir. The feeling came in a hurry and disappeared without warning. If it hadn’t been for the bloodstain on his chest gauze, he would have thought he was hallucinating.

Mo Gungun: “Un, un!” ucHqpi

The little bear called out to him more urgently, and Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils instantly grew darker. Just now, something must have happened.

The big monster was shining brightly, causing Mo Gungun to be stunned silly. The black fog rushed into the shining monster’s body but just when Mo Gungun thought that he was going to be swallowed up by the black fog, Lu Xiao Qi’s body emitted a brilliant light. The black swarm was instantly burnt to ashes. Mo Gungun had never seen this kind of thing before. He picked up his meat, as his mouth gaped open slightly.

Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes narrowed: A Yin wind…

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The black fog was so ferocious that it was countless times more frightening than the big monster. Although Mo Gungun still feared both of them, he secretly appealed to the big monster under his breath and his gaze contained a little more worship and admiration. If only he was stronger, he would not have to be afraid of being bullied. If he had been stronger in his last life, would he still have been skinned? Mo Gungun looked at his small soft body before staring at the black dragon’s scaled tail, and became more and more excited. While Mo Gungun gave his imagination free rein, thinking about killing in all four directions, he suddenly noticed that the cold air seemed to condense. As soon as he lifted his head, he was stupefied. It was a huge black beetle that formed a fierce wind. Mo Gungun flexed his little claws, trembling as he pointed. “Umm…” c530 a

It was only when the little fellow acted strangely that Lu felt something was off. Now he knew what must have happened. He had good eyesight and could clearly see that the little fellow was looking at something behind him. Staring at the black pupils of the little fellow, his own rapidly shrank. He saw a huge figure in the eyes of the little fellow, which provoked a familiar sense of instinctive hatred and disgust.

Hong! Kun! Royal! Family!!

He turned abruptly as the sharp cold wind swept over, causing Lu Xiao Qi’s silver hair to wave wildly. The dragon tail swept in an arc, creating a dark ray that formed several dark illusory shadows. Even if he couldn’t see it, Lu Xiao Qi could still perceive the murderous intent. There was no time to probe deeply into who or what had caused this, so he covered the panda with his hand and camouflaged him in the foliage before heading to the mecha. The wind was strong, whistling with resentment, carrying with it the whispers of hatred that never ceased in his ears. If ordinary people were plagued with such strong grievances, they would have undoubtedly become depressed. Unfortunately, this conspiracy of the Hongkun Royal Family failed to succeed because of its two listeners: one was a stone-hearted interstellar admiral who was unaffected by such things, and the other was a panda who could not understand what the noise meant.

Mo Gungun listened to Lu Xiao Qi, his entire face covered by a leaf as a disguise. The big ghost bug’s efforts were useless and after figuring out that this method was not feasible, it waved huge pincers and rushed to the severely damaged mecha armor. Gungun was already terrified to the point that he didn’t want his meat any more. Subconsciously, he held on to the man’s arm, dug into his cuffs and climbed under the man’s armpit, burying his head inside as he tried to hide his little body. The journey to the mecha was so bumpy, the panda dared not open his eyes. Though the big monster was still a bit scary, it was now his last saving grace and the source of his little bit of courage. A steady stream of warm breath surrounded him, allowing Gungun’s fears to lighten. The monster, it seemed, was not so terrible. 0A79Tl

Gungun ruminated: If we can live together peacefully, we could share the water source together.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise. Mo Gungun was nearly tossed out of the admiral’s arms by the explosion and his head was beset with a burst of dizziness.

Wha, what happened?! HPUSpJ

Mo Gungun felt fear consume him, blinking and shrinking his neck. After secretly counting to the number ten with his claws, he found the courage to climb out of the cavity in the monster’s chest and squeeze out two round ears one after another. As soon as his attention was caught, he had been swallowed by the gaping wide maw of the black monster.

The frightened Mo Gungun: “!!!”

He was swallowed?! When was he eaten?! It was unclear to him that he had been moved into the interior of the broken mecha, so Mo Gungun almost went mad with fear and his soft hair puffed out crazily. He could see the outside from the cave opening and stuck out a small paw from the monster’s collar. “Cough.” A strong scent of blood entered his nose, making Mo Gungun endlessly alarmed. He suddenly turned and met the man’s deep and quiet gaze as a single drop of blood fell onto the tip of his nose. He dumbly licked the tip of his nose, and the soft hairball’s entire body turned stiff, completely unaware of what had gone wrong.

Mo Gungun: Σ( ° △°|||)︴!!!! UIdbnl

Blood is blood, ao!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was a novel experience to have the weak and tender little thing attached to his skin. Smooth fur grazed him, and it seemed to give every cell an itchy and ticklish sensation, turning them limp and numb. Because of the Hong Kun Royal Family, previously Lu Xiao Qi didn’t have time to pay attention to his clothes after making trouble, but now there was actually an indescribable feeling that could lead him to get sidetracked.

The little furry one had not been scared lightly and Lu Xiao Qi could clearly perceive the panda trembling. Lu Xiao Qi wiped the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth with his thumb and as his distinct lips straightened, there was a cold flash in his dark pupils. In the past years, many corps soldiers had to retire because of insanity. After every battle with insects, countless elites turned into useless people or madmen. So far, the Academy of Sciences had not discovered the cause, and even if armies were well prepared before the war, they were still unable to defend against this phenomenon. The ex-servicemen all agreed that they felt a strange chill and then… fell sick. The Academy of Sciences considered that the infection of special pheromones of the Zerg was caused by viruses, but they still hadn’t found the source for many years. Now, it seemed that the answer to this mystery lay in what had just happened.

Lowering his head, Lu’s eyes were dark. The little panda had retracted into his clothes and pressed tightly against his chest, only a pair of black eyes peeped at him through a gap. In the respiration room, Lu Xiao Qi could even feel the warm breath on his chest. With a start, the panda lost even the courage to sneak a peek at the man. After retreating further a few more times, the panda was thoroughly hidden under the man’s clothes. From a distance, a small bag bulged from under the strong and stalwart man’s clothes. GcfjNn

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

He rarely spared other creatures so recklessly, but this little fellow had saved his life again. If he hadn’t been warned by the panda’s voice and had seen with his own eyes that the panda had such a silly coping method, he would have considered it to be mad or foolish. That foul thing would certainly take advantage of the danger of others, and Lu Xiao Qi, who is seriously injured, would never let it retreat into his body. As a matter of fact, the hiding Mo Gungun had a sad and stirring attitude of falling from the sky while standing tall. He would sooner or later have to die since he was swallowed by the monster. But since such a strong man was also swallowed up with him, he was not particularly afraid. Especially since the other person was very warm.

While carefully avoiding rubbing his small hairy face, a sentimental look appeared in his eyes. He felt warmth for the first time since his mother banished him. If he had to die, he would want to lose consciousness in this warmth. The shivering panda glanced down and licked the tip of his nose. Unfortunately, his leaves, meat, and golden bamboo shoots were not there. He felt the monster’s body move, and he nearly suffocated from his fear, but he could only tightly hold onto the straw. The sense of falling was fleeting. Before Mo Gungun could even begin to panic, he was pinched on the back of his neck and pulled out of the man’s clothes. Four short legs waved fiercely, as he shook all over like a leaf, while his eyes were closed tightly.

Mo Gungun: “Ao ao! Un!” How to comfort himself in his heart? Before he died, he was terrified and gallbladder-stricken. After putting the struggling little one on the ground, the panda rolled seven or eight times on the ground, waved his four short legs up and down, unsure of what to scratch. A trace of silence flashed through Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes. His fingertips pointed at the panda, picked up the nearest bamboo shoot, and stuffed it into his arms. t08DPF

“Well!” Mo Gungun unconsciously held onto the shoot and kept rolling. After rolling for a long time, he realized that he didn’t feel any pain, he was not peeled, and he didn’t smell any blood. Mo Gungun sat up with bamboo shoots and blinked dully a few times.

Mo Gungun thought with his head down: Huh? He’s still okay?!

Looking from left to right, he was still in a state of perplexity, with a fog clouding his mind. He was outside. Hadn’t he been eaten by a monster? Carefully holding his head up, his eyes widened as he saw the majestic monster staring at him funnily. Gungun’s eyes widened.

The big monster had saved him! NJvReM

Mo Gungun blinked at him gratefully, but didn’t say anything.


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Basically Gungun thinking he’s gonna die (again) and is doing his best to be brave

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    Every time this is so adorable that my heart almost explodes into a fluffy purple unicorn.


  2. Aw this poor baby. Too many shocks.

    Thanks for the great translation ☺️

  3. “Gungun ruminated: If we can live together peacefully, we could share the water source together.” Already thinking of living together, heh :3

    And also. “If he had to die, he would want to lose consciousness in this warmth.”

    This just makes you go aww <3

  4. So those soldiers were plotted by the Hongkun Royal Family through poisoning them with the black mist of the insect zergs? Maybe the royal family is afraid by the power of the military, that’s why they want to kill them?