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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh44 - The Admiral’s Gift Lost to Cheng Feng’s



Fan Zi’s joyful cry rang out, “Boss, daren! We’ve arrived in the gray star’s domain, Mier star. Should we land?” shjQPm


They hadn’t entered the human world in a long time.

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This was also a coincidence. MLK7Hh


Lu Xiao Qi was not prepared to bring these people back to Celta. He planned to stay here to let the little one develop. The bandit leader fulfilled his duty as part of the team in the end. He had already prepared identities for everyone on the ship. Although these identities were not outstandingly made, they were enough to get them into the gray star’s field.


As for Mo GunGun’s identity certificate, after entering the planet’s airspace, Lu Xiao Qi chose an unoccupied area and let Cheng Feng connect to the internet.



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The reason for choosing the gray star field was that fish and dragons mixed here, and it was difficult to track down any line.


Lu Xiao Qi was still holding the little one, but the panda child grew a little, his body now arm-length. He looked like a two-year-old toddler with cute fluffy clothes. His exquisite looks were striking. 5lYwvT


He was the definition of another household’s golden child.


The gray star was chaotic, but their perception of beauty was the same. Hzexsg


Such a smart child was really eye-catching.


Mo GunGun was curious about everything. This was a world he had never been in contact with before, and so a new door opened to him. zJebcR


He clung to the big monster. He looked around carefully, his dark eyes shining.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo GunGun’s cheeks reddened. He was full of desire to explore the people who resembled the big monster. gzhr4


When he saw a human with two lumps bulging from her chest and long hair, Mo GunGun was a little dumbfounded as he thought, there were actually uglier ones.


Mo GunGun peeked in pity at her. His glance was caught by the beautiful woman with red lips, and she cried in surprise, “God, what a little angel. You’re so cute! Sir, is this your child? You are truly blessed. How old is he?” HlchM0


Mo GunGun was surprised by the sudden praise. He smiled carefully, a little embarrassed.

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The beauty with red lips: “Ah, he smiled at me!” sB4I K


Mo GunGun had little courage, but also tended to be shy around strangers. When he discovered that the red-lip beauty wanted to touch him, he couldn’t help but retreat into the big monster’s arms.


The red-lipped beauty laughed. “He’s so shy. This little guy is so cute!” P2T6Hf


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With blushing cheeks, Mo GunGun peeked at the uglier monster. Seeing that her lips looked like it was stained with blood, the huddled panda didn’t dare to look at her anymore.


How horrible. Big monster, she wants to eat me. KOYmTL


The little guy was scared.


Lu Xiao Qi took two steps back when the red-lipped beauty stretched out her hand, and his line of sight sharpening. OZpfqc


The red-lip beauty was stunned, moving her hand back. She raised her head and smiled, “This gentleman, you don’t need to be on guard. I didn’t want to do anything.”


Fan Zi pushed his wheelchair over and hummed, “Little girl, if you really wanted to do anything, daren would have already pinched your arm off.” iFJbKe


Little girl?! The red-lip beauty was stunned.


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She was said to be an exotic beauty, even being compared to a viper. The wheel-chaired man was the first to describe her as a child. U7f16v


The red-lipped beauty’s eyes flashed, and a bewitching smile was displayed. “You, you guys must be foreigners. Would you like to sit down?” Although she said it to everyone, her eyes were glistening black gems, though she could vaguely see Lu Xiao Qi’s handsome silhouette. The woman didn’t forget to reveal her beautiful curves.


As she straightened her chest, she smiled at Fan Zi: Boy, who is little? FGiogN


Dong, dong, dong.

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The sound of a drum came from afar. Mo GunGun followed the sound until he saw its source. It was a red rattle drum that swayed to and fro. 9d0OCo


Mo GunGun’s eyes widened.


He tugged at the corner of the monster’s clothes. “What is that?” ItxHp8


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Lu Xiao Qi chuckled, “Do you like it?”


Mo GunGun nodded his head, “Like.” YUNSm4


Lu Xiao Qi stepped forward and bought it, He then handed it to Mo GunGun, “It’s a drum. You can play with it.”


As a panda, he had never seen such a high-tech object. He shook the rattle drum and showed a big smile. t89JSv


Mo GunGun: “Big monster, you are so nice to me!”


The little guy smiled sincerely. Blood rushed to Lu Xiao Qi’s head, and kissed his little face. “En.” g3wjQe


Lu Xiao Qi: “There are many more interesting toys.”


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Mo GunGun’s pupils lit up. “Can I take a look at them?” CSYl J


Lu Xiao Qi smiled, “Yes, you can play with them.”


He bought a bunch of toys for the little one. He let the little guy hold his favorite toy, a black and white striped leather ball and threw the rest to everyone to carry. Lu Xiao Qi looked meaningfully at the crew, then bought a little black cloak for the little panda. He turned around and quickly walked into the crowd, disappearing in the blink of an eye. 2C4IWx


Fan Zi blinked. He looked at the shadows lurking in the corner, sneered, and waved.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The crew behind him laughed, and looked contemptuous. “Their tailing ability is only at this level. Brothers, let’s go and have fun!” mgb2A9


After that, a terrible incident happened in the alley. In the end, Fan Zi was a living corpse. As long as his eyes were not exposed, he would seem like a human, with wisdom in addition to the corpses’ ability of not fearing death and ghosts. The woman was very voluptuous, and if he was a normal man, he would have been moved. However, her bewitchment was useless on the group of living corpses.


Compared to her seduction technique, Fan Zi’s magic technique was cannibalism. c0uzPk


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The woman was well-informed. When she was first informed by someone that her subordinates were missing, she found that several of them were scared out of their wits, two went completely mad, and one was too afraid to move.


The woman narrowed her eyes. “It seems that we kicked a hard rock.” MPRf6s


Lu Xiao Qi ran quickly through the forest. All of the people who followed were solved by Fan Zi and others.


Coming to the edge of the forest, they found Cheng Feng had long been waiting. Df34kj


Lu Xiao Qi jumped into the mecha, “Are you ready? Go deep in the forest.”


Cheng Feng said, “Yes admiral.” J98hUZ


The mecha moved quickly, so it was only a matter of time until they arrived at their destination. “GunGun, I bought you a small gift.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo GunGun’s eyes became round. dWyDm7


Cheng Feng: “It is in the small compartment on the left, you can take it out yourself.”


Mo GunGun nodded hard. He carefully wriggled out of the big monster’s arms and slipped down. His short little hands didn’t catch himself properly, and he fell a bit. V7u8fQ


Lu Xiao Qi swept his gaze over him and let the little guy toss about. Inside the mech, except for the buttons, nothing was dangerous.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Mo GunGun searched around until he found the little compartment. He grinned widely. 1COTyR


Holding a big lollipop, Mo GunGun sniffed it. “What is this!”


The lollipop was rather large compared to his small form. He opened his pink and tender mouth and tasted it. HvO2zy


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A sweet and mellow flavor spread. It was even more delicious than honey!


Mo GunGun’s eyes narrowed in pleasure, “It’s delicious!” t4rTLC


Reaching the destination, there was a concealed log cabin surrounded by grey fog.


Lu Xiao Qi was very amused to watch the little one eat a lollipop while in a panda costume. GYKlcy


Cheng Feng: “Little GunGun, do you like the lollipop more, or your little ball?”


Mo GunGun was tangled for a moment, then stated, “Lollipop.” dVxRwW


Cheng Feng laughed, “Okay, Dad will buy it for you next time.”


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Mo GunGun nodded his head. 90PFfY


Lu Xiao Qi: “…………”


Lu Xiao Qi took a deep breath, and while hugging the little one, he jumped out of the mech. He pointed at Cheng Feng, who wanted to keep up, and ordered, “Stay on standby here.” zsy OV


Cheng Feng’s electronic eyes flashed. “Yes admiral. “

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When they entered the cabin, Cheng Feng muttered, “I must be more careful, jealousy makes people act differently! “ mGwj1p


As they walked closer to the cabin, Mo GunGun couldn’t help but widen his eyes. He saw the blue lines flowing continuously into the sky from the wooden house.


Mo GunGun blinked contemplatively. He had only seen the blue lines come from Cheng Feng. 2Wxg8t


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When he entered the wooden house, Mo GunGun stared at an old object that was constantly sending blue lines.


Lu Xiao Qi narrowed his eyes and pressed a button. SaOWM5


There was a crackling sound. Mo GunGun didn’t understand what it meant, so he sat on a small table and stared closely.


Mo GunGun tilted his head. feNvj7


What is the big monster doing?


Suddenly, the blue lines began to gradually condense into a solid, forming a blue screen. V5jtvs


Mo GunGun was shocked.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The blue screen flashed twice, and a blurry figure appeared. MyxvQ


A voice came out first.


“Who is there?” The voice was a little hasty, even urgent. After he finished, the figure appeared clearly, showing only his head. 5N4rYW


Mo GunGun took two steps back, dropping the lollipop.

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Lu Xiao squinted. QBGEo3


The voice was shaking, “Is, is that the admiral?”


Lu Xiao Qi: “Lang Ya.” nKMlN9


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There was a pause, and then a shout, “Admiral!!!”


Lu Xiao Qi: “It’s me.” r8XHwD


Lang Ya couldn’t believe it, “Admiral, you‘re alive! I knew you couldn’t have died! This is great!!”


Lu Xiao Qi: “Well, I’m on the MMQ channel now, so we can’t take too much time. To make a long story short, how is the situation there?” McFGHl


The crying Lang Ya sniffled, “Admiral, the situation here isn’t very good.”


Lu Xiao Qi’s expression sank. OwzZ n


Lang Ya: “The army corps has died in name only, that damn bastard, he…”


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Lu Xiao Qi: “He used my merits to build his own corps.” 1 zo3s


Lang Ya: “That thief! That belongs to the admiral! He is a traitor! Admiral, the fourth corp hasn’t announced their position yet, but the third and fifth corps have already expressed their commitment. The first, second and three corps objected. The sixth corp is in combat…..”


Mo GunGun didn’t understand the report, so he just stared at Lang Ya. OmkWlb


Lang Ya: “Also, the Zhao family got new technology from the research center. It may allow mutant human genes to change!!!”

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Maybe because Lang Ya had two black ears, Mo GunGun had a good impression of him, so he couldn’t help but move a little bit closer. His ears looked good, even though he was ugly, and he didn’t have a dragon tail like the big monster. hbxUiH


Originally there was only the admiral in the picture, but suddenly there was a little head in front of him.


A pair of big watery eyes looked over at him. MEgkKY


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Lang Ya began to talk slower and slower. Finally, he couldn’t speak anymore. “…Admiral…”


It had only been a few days since the admiral disappeared. How did the admiral give birth to a child?! 5LBsY9


Mo GunGun saw Lang Ya’s trembling round, black ears, and his bear’s paws. His eyes lit up, “It’s a bear!!”


Lang Ya: “…………” kJciuN


Lu Xiao Qi: “…………” He seems to have countless enemies.


Mo GunGun looked back, “Big monster, he…” gxVreU


Lu Xiao Qi: “Doesn’t matter.”


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Lang Ya: “………” Admiral, then you are going to lose me. qs9dax


Mo GunGun nodded: “Oh.”


Mo GunGun turned his head, “Hello bear, my name is GunGun.” a3rpc4



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Lang Ya’s lips twitched fiercely as he commented, “Admiral, your child is so cute.” RSxqcQ


 Lu Xiao Qi directly ignored him, “Prepare an identity for the little one. I remember that Duke Evley has a distant relative.”


Lang Ya was startled, “Admiral!” Duke Evley is alone, where would he have relatives from distant houses? ! vAt2wW


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Xiao Qi narrowed his eyes. “The DNA chips all need to be ready, as for age… there’s no need to fill them out at first.” He looked down at the little one who had grown bigger. His family’s little one had been growing recently, which was an uncertain factor.


Mo GunGun tilted his head. “Big monster?” Hu5Pi3


Lu Xiao Qi’s voice was gentle, “Lovely.”


Lang Ya: “………” What was the admiral called just now? Big, big monster?! ikAvjo


Ha ha, the admiral and his child really had strange taste.


Lang Ya secretly peeked at Mo GunGun. Seeing him in a panda costume, he couldn’t help but silently criticize the admiral, who looked stern yet was sulking. 3jUMdi


Lu Xiao Qi looked at him coldly, “Go back, I’ll pass a photo to you. Old rules.”


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Lang Ya immediately corrected his attitude, “Yes, admiral!” As he said that, he coughed violently, almost like he was coughing up his lungs. O9wFEx


Mo GunGun’s pupils dilated as he stared. “Big monster, red bug!!”


Lu Xiao Qi sighed. Looking into the little panda’s eyes, he saw a huge red bug wrapped around Lang Fang. GHhSOg


The bug was fiercely swinging its pliers, and every time it cut, Lang Ya couldn’t help but painfully cough.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lu Xiao Qi: “Lang Ya, did you fight the Hongkun?” 8yAhc4


Lang Ya nodded, “Cough, yes, admiral, cough cough cough… cough cough …”


Lu Xiao Qi pondered for a moment. “GunGun, recite your lines. “ eADvMK


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Mo GunGun nodded,” Okay. “


Mo GunGun opened his mouth. As he read it, the sound of Lang Ya coughing gradually dissipated. But perhaps because the power was transferred over the screen, the effect was smaller. Lang Ya felt refreshed for a while, but it didn’t last. Even so, he was pleasantly surprised. ouYHde


The suffocating feeling that had been bothering him was greatly reduced. Lang Ya covered his chest, “Admiral, is this considered praying for me? I don’t know why, but I feel more comfortable.” What he didn’t know was that the red bug behind him dimmed, as if it was an illusion.


He took a deep breath, “The little guy has a nice voice, much more comfortable than those of the monks reading scriptures. My head has been pounding. I don’t know why, but my father asked a bunch of daoists to look at me because of the sequelae. What could I do? “ RW3mro


He laughed bitterly, “Maybe later, I will move to the logistics department. Ha, it would be that old man’s pleasure.”

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  1. I wonder if the Admiral is ever going to explain GunGun is not his child, or just wait for him to grow up and introduce him as his lover.

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    It seems that little panda’s power is a blessing for all those who fought previously with the Hongkun. It can help them recover. Uhu Admiral’s little treasure might be in danger.