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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh11 - Sweet and Indulgent Daily Life



Editor: Seafall LSnADP

Proofreader: Luoshenhua


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Xiao Qi seemed to really have seen skeletons. His eyes were fixed on the thick fog.

Seeing that the man was looking in their direction, the two skeletons believed that he could see them. gJY9cO

As an experienced soldier, he had already faced many battles worse than this, and Lu Xiao Qi had solved each of them efficiently. This wasn’t even worth mentioning.

In addition to the Red Kun Imperial Family, the Zerg were very difficult to deal with. If it were anyone else dealing with this situation, their complexions would have turned ugly. For the admiral who had already seen strong winds and waves, he remained calm and vigilant towards the two undead creatures.

If it weren’t for his small companion, he would have never known that the world had something like this.

“Uh-huh!” The panda opened his mouth and bit the admiral’s collar with dull teeth. Run fast, big monster!

Io 0Or

Lu Xiao Qi remained collected and motionless, contrasting with the incredibly anxious panda sitting on his shoulder.

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The smaller skeleton: “Jie, Jie, it’s so lively, it must taste very good. I can’t wait to eat it.”

The bigger skeleton: “Both look good. I think the tall male looks better.”

The smaller skeleton looked back and asked: “Heh, do you want to go first?” AdoIKj

The dialogue between the two skeletons was unbridled and did not take Lu Xiao Qi and Mo GunGun into account.

In fact, they were both half right and half wrong.

The little panda really could see them, as he had the Yin-Yang Eye, which had psychic abilities. It would only be used for defending himself, and was very easy to use.

That’s the way it should be. Shn7bO

But now, the panda had a thick thigh to hold although his thick thigh showed unhappiness from time to time.

After destroying the Red Kun Royal Family single-handedly, Lu Xiao Qi’s individual combat skill was off the charts. Even if he had to confront a thousand soldiers, Lu Xiao Qi would stay fearless, let alone against two skeletons. The difficulty of killing these skeletons was merely the same as killing ten bamboo rats in one go.

Lu Xiao Qi didn’t even need to move from his spot. His flexible and fierce tail was more than enough to deal with them.

Meanwhile, the panda stopped in a daze. KbMFwN

Each of the eyes of the two skeletons’ had a gloomy green fire. In the next moment, they turned into rockets and rushed toward his golden thigh.

“Uh-huh-huh!” In his collar, the panda spoke. After he said his piece, he dived straight back in.

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The panda peeked his small head out of the collar. If there’s an attack, un, he’ll give a warning.

Despite all of this, Lu Xiao Qi kept his cool. Even though the surroundings were covered by shadows and the light was becoming dimmer, he showed no signs of worry. Unable to kill from a distance, his wanton look seemed extremely relaxed. Seeing this, the two skeletons that conspired to eat them were angry, and the green light nearly blew up three feet high.

The big skeleton, which was surrounded by black fog, seemed to turn more malevolent.

Mo GunGun trembled. In his damp eyes, besides panic, there was a little curiosity. He leaned on the big monster. KlIiyM

What is this? The two black skeletons dyed red looked mottled like they were rusting.

They looked bare and ugly.

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Something stirred the panda’s wet little nose, causing him to sneeze tenderly.

How terrible. OztcCh

Big Skeleton: “How arrogant! You dare try to kill me!”

As he spoke, he began to condense his power for a lethal attack. The skeleton’s ‘power gathering time’ did not take long, but for Lu Xiao Qi, these two or three seconds of `power condensing’ was simply asking for death.

Lu Xiao Qi did not give the big skeleton the chance to complete this big move at all. With  two swipes of his tail, the smaller skeleton broke at the waist and the big skeleton’s skull was split into two halves. The green glint disappeared from its dark eyes.

Just before the big skeleton died, he choked out disbelievingly, “You, you…” Eej KZ

Although there was no flesh and blood to begin with, it was now dead.

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The panda wanted to step away in shock.

Was, was it over? The two monsters were very scary, but the big monster solved it so easily.

The smaller monster was cut at the waist, but it still did not die. JbAY8

It looked at it’s partner and screamed in horror with a sharp voice that could pierce the eardrum.

Even Lu Xiao Qi felt a bit of discomfort. Mo GunGun was the first to bear the brunt of such an attack. His head was buzzing. There seemed to be a sharp explosion of pain in his mind.

Then, he gave out a choked cry and fell unconscious.

When he woke up again, he was in a nest of red. xhXwHd

After lightly sniffing the the red orbs, Mo GunGun’s eyes brightened. It was that super delicious fruit!

Then, he suddenly froze and remembered that he encountered those ugly and stinky things that were killed by the big monster.

What happened after that?

The panda’s ears twitched in confusion. The round ears fluttered like two small pocket fans. dGeSbR

A pair of small paws scratched at his face, and the panda’s chubby buttocks arched, subconsciously lifting an apple.

Is the big monster OK?

Did the big monster annihilate them? In the end, did the two monsters…

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He didn’t want to think about it. The panda sat still for a moment and then turned around with the apple in his arms. Aj5lEc

Hugging an apple that was almost as big as his body, the panda looked very cute even while feeling anxious.

Lu Xiao Qi, who had just finished scouring the skeleton, could not help laughing and threw the two skeletons onto the ground. He sat down and steadily skewered two fish with a stick and roasted them over the fire. When Mo GunGun saw the big monster, he was happily surprised and instantly noticed the food, forgetting the apple, and straightforwardly moved towards it. He rolled down from the red nest, not taking into account his earlier pain, and ran all the way to the big monster.

The panda lifted his head up, “Uh, uh.”

In the small, bright eyes of the panda, only his reflection could be seen in them. At that moment, Lu Xiao Qi’s heart trembled. D8y2Vc

It’s as if he was the little fellow’s lifeline.

The panda twisted his little buttocks and ran over, his short legs sprinting at his highest speed. He finally arrived near the big monster, raised all four limbs to clasp onto the big monster’s leg.

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The small butt, like a car parked on a familiar street, sat on the man’s military boots.

The clingy panda clung onto the man as if he were actually a koala bear. At this point, he was trying his best to genuinely ‘hug his golden thigh’. A6prw7

The panda rubbed his tiny fluffy face against the shaft of the admiral’s boots and rubbed his butt against the bottom.

From time to time, the small tail with its few hairs stood up, brushing up it’s sense of existence.

Lu Xiao Qi: “………”

Big black eyes peered up at him, giving the panda a lovely and spoiled appearance, causing something to grow in the admiral’s frozen heart. ZVFL8X

Lu Xiao Qi was slightly covered in blood.

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Staring down at the little one, he maintained a strange silence for a long time.

After the brief two seconds of joy which soon dissipated, he caught a glimpse of a naked skull.

Mo GunGun: Σ( ° △°|||)︴ cKsRqE

That, that, that was the monster from earlier!

Agitated, he leaned back and accidentally rolled over the boot and fell on his heels. The panda ran back to the red nest with his little tail in his mouth. Slipping down, he dug out an apple from behind and hid himself, replacing the fruit.

Lu Xiao Qi remained silent during the whole process.  When he saw the little fellow make a serious effort to cosplay as an apple, the corner of his eye couldn’t help but twitch.

After two seconds passed, Lu Xiao Qi was afraid that the little panda would be crushed by the apples. He picked up the skeleton and threw it into the wreckage of the warship. He didn’t want the little one to look at it. O4WJPV

Fortunately, Lu Xiao Qi got an unexpected harvest on this trip.

Among the materials he needed, the skeletons were one of the most important parts. Interstellar mining could only find these materials buried underground, but surprisingly, he got what he needed in a different form. The knowledgeable admiral Lu Xiao Qi had to admit his ignorance. Against all expectations, though the skull looked ugly, it was of excellent quality: much purer than what the Star Mining Team had offered him.

Lu Xiao Qi carefully examined the enemy’s situation before gazing at the panda’s face. There was an imperceptible gentleness in his eyes which was not easily perceived.

Mo GunGun looked left and right and hoped he wouldn’t see anything terrible, but he couldn’t help probing again. uPY1Dd

He lifted his head towards the big monster, perplexed. With soft eyes on him, he gave out a tender cry.

Lu Xiao Qi looked down, “It’s all right.”

It’s a pity that he didn’t understand, but the voice of the big monster was really pleasant. Mo GunGun continued to look in every direction before setting his mind at ease.

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He rolled over until he hit the big monster and his small body finally stopped, unlike previous times. S1NyhA

This time, the panda knew where to stop and lie flat, holding the big monster’s ankle from behind, looking like a little dumpling.

If Lu Xiao Qi walked forward, he would probably get dragged along…

This little rascal.

It hadn’t been long since they started traveling together, but Mo GunGun’s fear of him was already greatly reduced, and now he was eager to play with the big monster. Or rather, Mo GunGun had already started playing. drBhyN

He held onto Lu Xiao Qi, opened his mouth and bit his leg.

As for Mo GunGun’s vigorous little eyes, they kept staring at the black tail with envy.

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Several times when the black tail came closer, he couldn’t help reaching out with his claws.

Unfortunately, the tail’s vigilance was very good. Whenever he thought that he could touch it, the tail moved far away. C86eAE

Mo GunGun felt it was a pity, and at last, he gave up and listlessly clung to the thigh.

Lu Xiao Qi, who got played: “………”

Not only did he need to pay attention to the panda’s immature teeth, but he also needed to raise his tail to prevent the little fellow from grabbing it and ending up hurting himself.

To be honest, raising his tail was a little tiring. As for holding his boots and hugging his legs, climbing up and down, Lu Xiao Qi was still able to remain extremely calm. n MlV4

After Mo GunGun hugged for a while, he climbed from his thigh to his shoulders and saw the big monster’s collar had two small holes.

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The panda: “!!!”

Those are teeth marks. It, it seems like, he might have hurt the big monster!

Seafall: BTW, is it only me that noticed on how the author always emphasizing Mo GunGun’s butt…? Haha JSGZUO

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