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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh35 - Confrontation Between the Admiral and the Zebra Painted Cheng Feng


During the daytime, Mo GunGun could directly convey his intentions through spiritual force so that people could understand.


When the sun sets, his ability would be unusable until it recovered at dawn.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Mo GunGun did not know that there was a limit on when he could communicate. He was very happy to talk with the two night and day.


As a mecha with only a computer chip, Cheng Feng didn’t have any mental force, so he couldn’t understand the panda at any time.


All of it depended on guessing.



It was pretty hard for Cheng Feng to talk with the panda and guess his intentions.

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Lu Xiao Qi pretended to understand, his face utterly devoid of all signs of his confusion.


So up through now, Mo GunGun was completely unaware that his communication skills were full of flaws.


When the young, cute voice appeared again in his mind, Lu Xiao Qi secretly exhaled.


Mo GunGun stared at Cheng Feng.


After he became a zebra mecha, Cheng Feng had dark clouds hanging over his head, his chip burning with anger. He really didn’t feel well. As an intelligent mecha with standard aesthetics, Cheng Feng was eager to fight the admiral.


Lu Xiao Qi patted Mo GunGun.


Lu Xiao Qi: “What’s wrong?”

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Mo GunGun blinked his dark eyes, slid down from the big monster’s palm, wiggling his little buttocks as he ran to Cheng Feng.


Cheng Feng: “……”


If there was regret medicine, he wouldn’t have raised an objection, as he realized that not being painted black and white was also good.


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Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes grew dim, but he remained silent.


As he circled around Cheng Feng, Mo GunGun called out a few times.


At first glance, it looked bizarre, but after looking at it for a long time, Mo Gungun thought it was pretty good-looking. After all, having a black and white body was similar to him.

  Jn 10L

Mo GunGun sat down, stretched out two small claws, “It’s better than before!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


When he saw the two black patterns on his chest, his eyes widened with surprise.


Mo GunGun: “En, it’s GunGun! I’ve been painted onto Cheng Feng! “


Cheng Feng guessed, “Does GunGun think that I am good-looking?”


You are much better than before. Mo GunGun nodded hard.


Cheng Feng was pleased, and his idea of exploding because of his ugly appearance disappeared as the little panda unexpectedly praised him.


On the one hand, he was still a little tangled up about the aesthetic, on the other hand, he was strangely refreshed. Cheng Feng said, “Ha ha ha, I think the admiral has a talent for painting.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lu Xiao Qi had a headache. When faced with the racial difference between what they thought was beautiful or ugly, he had nothing to say.


Cheng Feng put the little panda on his head as he happily said, “Okay! Since the little one likes it, that’s that, hahaha. “


He had always been suppressed, but suddenly one day, with the help of a foreign friend, Cheng Feng finally made the admiral be dejected.


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“Admiral father, thank you!” Cheng Feng said.


Lu Xiao Qi’s face was expressionless while his eyes were dark.


Cheng Feng really wanted to dispel his anger. Still, on the surface, he righteously said, “Admiral father, I have thought about it carefully. This image is good for us.”


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes were cold as if he believed in the evil son of a ghost.

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Cheng Feng: “Don’t stare at me, dad. My past image is too deeply rooted in people’s hearts. When they saw you fighting, they would always see me following suit. But now, who would even think that a zebra mecha was once a category 10 hurricane? We will be faced with many dangers when we leave here. I believe that this camouflage can prevent many people from finding us.”

  kXy Ri

The righteous Cheng Feng was awe-inspiring and powerful.


Lu Xiao Qi was silent for a long time, and at last, his face became completely dark.


Seeing that the admiral was speechless, he patted his metal arm. He had to admit that the admiral’s paint distribution was quite even.


Mo GunGun was lost throughout his speech, but he got the main point.



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Ktf ilaaif qjcvj, ktb kjr nfgs tjqqs ja olgra, kjr rtbmxfv, jcv jczlberis rjlv, “Zwtww! Zw, Zwtww! “

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Oe Wljb Hl’r rafqr rabqqfv jr tlr ktbif ybvs raloofv.


Zb XecXec’r fsfr kfgf gfv. Lf milwyfv vbkc lc j teggs yea ibra tlr obbalcu. Lf rajgafv ojiilcu jcv oilqqfv aklmf lc atf jlg.

  d7k lI

Cheng Feng moved quickly and caught him with one hand.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo GunGun didn’t care. He climbed to the ground, ran to the big monster, and grabbed his ankle.


Mo GunGun: “Mmm!” Big monster, where are you going? Are you really not going to stay?


Mo GunGun’s eyes gathered mist. It turned out that his worries were not superfluous. The monster really was going to leave.


Would they meet again in the future?

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He was happy being with the big monster and Cheng Feng. Even if he met many scary things, he still felt satisfied.


In the past, apart from food, he didn’t care about much.


It was too hard not to care about them now, but they had to be separated. The panda was very upset, depressed, and sad.


Lu Xiao Qi held up the little panda, “Don’t cry.”


Mo GunGun didn’t think it would be that easy. His tears fell as he sniffed and clutched at the monster’s fingers.


Mo GunGun: “Mmhmm.”


Wu Er felt anxious in the pendant. His positive impression of the ugly monster disappeared when he saw Mo GunGun crying.

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Wu Er squatted in the pendant and swore.


Wu Da was startled, and weakly emerged, “What happened?”


Wu Er colored the story with his vinegar.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Da was not upset after listening in silence. Instead, he was thoughtful. After the ancestors’ disappearance hit him hard, Wu Da had an epiphany. He stopped Wu Er, thought for a moment then said, “Let little GunGun choose.”


Wu Er stood up in fright.


Wu Er: “Brother, what do you mean?”


Wu Da’s eyes drooped, “Everything will only be destroyed if we become complacent. Even if heaven sent Mo GunGun to meet them, this opportunity is also a challenge…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Wu Er was stunned. He couldn’t believe it. He pointed to Lu Xiao Qi and said, “Those ugly people count as a…”


Wu Da: “Wu Er, we are just guardians. When we were alive, we couldn’t change our group’s ways. For thousands of years, our race has maintained this nature, and you know the final result. It’s better to leave everything to GunGun, to fate. “


Wu Er opened his mouth but had nothing to say.


After a moment of stalemate, Wu Er said fiercely, “How could Mo GunGun like that ugly thing more?”


When Wu Da heard this, he grinned bitterly.


Lu Xiao Qi was not good at words, and his comfort was rather bland.


Cheng Feng was anxious. Just when he couldn’t bear it anymore, Lu Xiao Qi said something.

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Lu Xiao Qi: “GunGun, I have to leave.”


Mo GunGun forgot to cry.


Cheng Feng: “……”


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Cheng Feng wanted to kneel to his admiral father. Was he trying to comfort the panda or make him even cry more?


However, Lu Xiao Qi continued to walk through the storm, “GunGun, would you like to leave with me? You could see the world.”


With tears in his eyes, Mo GunGun was taken aback.

  9 7Kug

Leave together? Mo GunGun had never thought of that. The little panda was extremely shocked, and his three world views were shaken.

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The panda was used to being on his own, ready to guard his small territory for a lifetime. He had listened to the words of Cheng Feng and the big monster, and was curious about their world and yearned for it, but never thought about going to see it.


Now, the big monster suddenly mentioned that, and Mo GunGun had no time to react.


Lu Xiao Qi saw that he was scared and also became worried. He gently patted him on the head, “Let’s go and think about it, okay?”


Mo GunGun nodded.


Lu Xiao Qi handed over the bamboo shoots that he always carried with him. When he saw the little panda dazedly eating them, he couldn’t help but smile.


He quickly glanced at Cheng Feng, before, lowering his eyelids to cover the darkness in his eyes.


For example, this primitive planet made the little one feel safe and happy. He didn’t have to take him away, but the planet was dangerous.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Lu Xiao Qi was going to take the panda with him and protect the little fool.


A lifetime isn’t long, not to mention that it would be hard for Mo GunGun to separate from him. Lu Xiao Qi didn’t want to imagine it.


When he was frustrated and in the most danger, little GunGun accompanied him, and he made a vow.


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Cheng Feng was almost depressed. It was so easy for him to let the two see each other.


Lu Xiao Qi was given a hint by Cheng Feng, and after being silent for a while, he said, “We won’t leave without coming back. We can often come back here to live in the future.”


Mo GunGun blinked. He looked at the bamboo shoots in his claws, and his heart came alive.


It seemed that it wasn’t impossible.

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After struggling for a few minutes, Mo GunGun held his head up and shouted at the big monster.


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes softened, “Good.”


Mo GunGun: “Mmhmm.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “I will let you eat bamboo shoots and bamboo rats every day. I will treat you very well.”


Mo GunGun’s eyes shined, and his mouth couldn’t help but water.


Cheng Feng: “……” He felt a bit weird. Why did he feel like they were talking about getting married and going back to visit the wife’s family? Was it an illusion?


Just as Cheng Feng began holding doubts, he began his hourly signal detection routine.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Just as he thought there would be no result, he suddenly exclaimed, “Admiral, I have it!”


“Who has it.” Lu Xiao Qi said with a dark face.


Cheng Feng immediately changed his tune, “Father, I have it.”


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Lu Xiao Qi: “………”


He didn’t want to deal with the child’s nonsense, so Lu Xiao Qi took a deep breath, “Speak.”


Cheng Feng straightened out his attitude and tone, “Admiral, it’s 62,000 light-years away from our planet, but there is an interstellar message transmission.”


Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils shimmered.

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Cheng Feng: “Do you want to intercept it and transmit information?”


Lu Xiao Qi pondered for a moment, “Pass it.”


Cheng Feng: “Yes admiral.”


Mo GunGun stared at Cheng Feng, then widened his eyes.


He vaguely saw strands of blue silk rise from Cheng Feng and disappear into the sky.

  3tSz 5

Mo GunGun: “Σ (° △ ° ||||) ︴”


What was that?

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When Cheng Feng caught the little panda staring at him, the mecha burst out, “GunGun?”


Mo GunGun: “Mmm.”


Cheng Feng: “What’s the matter?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo GunGun’s fluffy paws waved around and pointed to the sky, “Mmmmmmm!”


Big monster, Cheng Feng just shot something into the sky! It came out of his head, and it looked like a long, wavy line.


Is Cheng Feng okay? Mo GunGun looked at the big monster.


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes flickered as he said, “….. He’s fine.”

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Mo GunGun asked again repeatedly. After confirming it again and again, he finally believed him. He stared at Cheng Feng.


Cheng Feng’s signal was seen by the panda.


Wavy lines. Lu Xiao Qi’s pupils were deep and thoughtful.


It seemed that the little one could see more than he initially thought. It was not a so-called wavy line, but the transmission of data.


Lu Xiao Qi: “The little one is very powerful.”


Mo GunGun snorted.


Lu Xiao Qi: “I can’t see it.”

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Eh? Mo GunGun, who was holding a fresh fruit, was flattered.


Cheng Feng couldn’t bear to watch the two of them act all friendly. He said sourly, “Admiral, I have a reply.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “En.”


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Cheng Feng: “They will arrive at the planet area in three days.”


Lu Xiao Qi: “Two days later, then.”


Cheng Feng’s electronic eyes flickered, “Yes, admiral.”


Cheng Feng: “Admiral, what else do you need to prepare?” For example, warming up before battle, coordinating energy…

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Lu Xiao Qi: “Go dig up a beehive.”


Cheng Feng’s computer chip stopped, “….En??”


Lu Xiao Qi’s tone was steady, “Your body is hard, and you aren’t afraid of being stung.”


Cheng Feng was stunned.


Cheng Feng: “But this new paint might get dirty.”


Lu Xiao Qi was calm, “It doesn’t matter.” It can be repainted, but the white and black paint may be used up.


Cheng Feng: “………..”

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Cheng Feng choked, “Admiral, father. You really are a dad.”


Lu Xiao Qi turned around calmly and didn’t care about him anymore. He put the little panda on the pile of food and let him eat as many bamboo shoots as he wanted. Lu Xiao Qi began to think. He didn’t know the identity of the ship that was arriving, but there were still some risks.

  qP tdY

Meanwhile, Mo GunGun touched his pendant as he ate bamboo shoots happily.


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“Grandfathers, the big monster said will take me to other places to play.”


Wu Er, who watched the whole process: “………….”


Mo GunGun eagerly continued, as he took a mouthful of fragrant food, “The big monster said there will be a lot of delicious food! “


Wu Er: “………….”

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Mo GunGun: “The monster also said he would protect me.”


Wu Er: “………….”


Mo GunGun  put his smile away, and hung his head down a little wistfully, “The big monster said that we can come back later.”


Mo GunGun drooped his little ears. “But I’m a little scared.” He paused, “Grandpa, should I leave with the monster?” The little panda bit his lip, “I feel sad when I think of the big monster leaving, but I’m afraid I’ll drag him down.”


Wu Er took a deep breath. He pretended he didn’t hear it, “GunGun! Come here, I’ll teach you the first panda skill!”


Mo GunGun eyes widened. “Eh?”


Wu Er suddenly made his eyes watery, “First, show the enemy that you are weak.” Wu Er’s light spot became bigger. Mo GunGun could see his wet eyes clearly. If Cheng Feng saw it, he would say it’s cute.

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Mo GunGun studied without blinking.


Wu Er suddenly showed a ferocious look, “Second, attack his weakness while he is unprepared!”


Mo GunGun suddenly widened his eyes and saw Wu Er fly out.


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Grandpa Wu Er’s next words came from a distance, “Third, if all else fails, retreating is the best plan!”


Mo GunGun: “Σ( ° △°|||)︴……”


Sora: Finally, some more clarity on GunGun’s ability…. Also, Cheng Feng’s bs guessing skills are AP student level, I’m impressed…

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