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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh30 - Killing to Repay the Life Debt


Lu Xiao Qi turned on the infrared radiator, his expression cold. On the screen, two pairs of green flames seemed to be burning. It looked like the ghost fire in the empty eyes of skeletons. Normal people had higher internal organs, but theirs were outlined in green.


But in the eyes of the little panda, they were two real robed men with ferocious faces and protruding eyes.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They could act like humans, but real living people should have been angry.


Lu Xiao Qi squinted his eyes, and his expression sunk. It’s a zombie.


The white coated monster stretched out its scarlet tongue and licked its fangs, its eyes full of greed and hunger. He held out a hand, his nails long, pointed, black and sinister, like poison. He jumped at the mecha.


The black robed person swayed and swung closer. Although his face was full of stitches, there were still gaps, and there was still a piece missing from his chin.

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The black robed monster opened its mouth and exhaled out an ominous mist. The mist was black.


Surrounded by the fog, the black robed zombie, stimulated, howled to the sky, “Eat!!”


“En!” Influenced by him, the white robed zombie was excited. He stretched out his sharp claws and tore up a nearby skeleton. He stepped on the panda’s skeleton unconsciously.




The white robed zombie crushed the bones.


Mo GunGun’s pupils suddenly shrank. His originally suppressed anger didn’t dissipate completely, so he stood up and couldn’t help but yell at the zombie.


The soft voice was full of sharpness and anger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


His black eyes turned red from tears. Mo GunGun used his little claws and wiped his eyes.


He didn ‘t know whether it was an illusion caused by countless emotions or other reasons. He suddenly felt a heat in his body.


Warmth filled his whole body, and gradually his temperature rose. His blood seemed to be boiling.


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Mo GunGun felt an urgent need to vent his desire, so he let out a hot breath.


Lu Xiao Qi’s body was tense. He was ready to kill them with a single strike.


Suddenly, his clothes made a tearing sound, and out rushed the little panda he was trying to protect, right in front of the brightly lit screen.

  MwI qh

He shouted a fierce “Mmm” at it, his black pupils glittering with a human-like luster.

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Mo GunGun’s body felt like magma, seeming to smoke.


He breathed heavily, staring at the two greedy zombies on the screen. He pulled the corners of his mouth back, revealing his small teeth.


His anger blew up, causing him to rushed straight to the screen with a silver glow around him.




Mo GunGun didn’t think about it. He went through the suspended screen and knocked the extremely hard armor away. The silver halo around his body glowed softly. Mo GunGun was filled with endless courage and determination.


When Lu Xiao Qi saw the halo, he felt like he was seeing something sacred.


On the other side, skeletons ignited when they touched the halo, and the silver light almost instantly swept them away. It swallowed nearby skeletons, and the skeletons, licked by flames, roared and rolled on the ground with fear, but it didn’t help.

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They were devoured by fire as they wailed in pain.


The rising and falling silver flame burned very fast, and the green light in the skeleton’s eyes quickly faded away.


In the blink of an eye, the fearless skeletons were reduced to black powder.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Apart from that, nothing was left.


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Zb XecXec, ilxf jc fcgjufv yeii, gertfv ja atf hbwylf klat tlr rtbga ifur. ktfgfnfg tf gjc, rlinfg oijwfr rqgfjv.


Ktf akb ugffvs hbwylfr rabqqfv jcv ibbxfv ja fjmt batfg delmxis.


Ktf yijmx mbja qlmxfv eq atf tfjv ogbw atf ajyif, klat yijmx jcv ktlaf oeg yjgfis jaajmtfv.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Dijmx gbyf: “Vabq, tlw.”


The white robed zombie viciously tore the body of the bear. It was covered with blood.


The white robed monster smiled grimly, “His, eyes, belong, to, me.”


The black robed zombie turned its head rigidly. “Mine.”


White robe: “Share, him, with, you.”


When Mo GunGun saw his ancestor’s broken body insulted, his eyes glowed red.


Mo GunGun: “Hateful!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The black robed zombie exhaled, “That, circle, is, a, bit, interesting.”


White robe laughed,  “Maybe, it, is, spicy.”


Mo GunGun’s anger exploded. The silver ring around him changed shape.


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The white robed zombie sneered, “It, can, transform.”


“Hateful, hateful, hateful!” Mo GunGun felt insulted and angry deep in his soul. In the heart of the little panda, the two zombies had been put in the top spot of his blacklist, the one that will never be black.


Smiling wantonly, the white garbed zombie’s ugly face suddenly exuded a trace of blood. He covered his face and gave a fierce look.


Looking at Mo GunGun’s eyes, he became more greedy.

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The white coat snapped the bear’s head. An ineffable liquid flew into the sky.

  qMh K2

Mo GunGun’s pupils shrank rapidly. He couldn’t bear it.


His heart beated wildly as blood rushed to his limbs. Mo GunGun felt like there was a fierce beast raging inside.


Only revenge could calm his heart!


The silver light suddenly appeared in front of the zombies, the halo bursting out with a bright light. The white robed zombie with black claws let out a pained roar.


White robe: “Ah!”


When the silver light and black claw came into contact, the white robed zombie let out a hissing sound, and jumped back and stumbled a few times. danger did not fall.

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He shook his arm with great force, eager to put out the silver fire on his hand. lLQt89


It was a pity that it was all in vain. The more the flames raged, the more the arm burned. At that moment, the white robe no longer thought about eating. He asked for help from the black robed zombie, “Black! Help, me! “


The black robed zombie was silent for a few seconds and threw the panda’s body away. OyjJxV


His body continued to burn, and the flames even became more vigorous. The white robed zombie roared as the flame spread to his face. His eyes were almost engulfed by the flame, “Black! Damn! You… “

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At last, the white robed zombie was consumed by the silver flame, from head to toe. JXei13


His mouth was still full of resentment, but there was less and less of it, and the plaintive voice grew weaker and weaker.


The scope of its struggle gradually became smaller. Ou1Wkt


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The blazing silver fire was so bright that it shined like the sun on a clear day.


The black robed zombie looked at the white one then turned around abruptly. JMd350


It wanted to run.


With a flash of black light, the black zombie hurriedly tried to leave. With a bang, the zombie flew away and smashed into the rock wall. wz4V8G


The machine armor that had been waiting for the opportunity revealed its ferocious weapons.


“Whoops…” The black coat was frightened. He opened his mouth and spit out black fog. P4HW5Z


Mo GunGun looked at the man, and stood in front if it with his small body, his round face serious and full of anger.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He looked at the black robed man beaten down by Lu Xiao Qi. His eyes fell slowly to where the white robed man had been burned to ashes. Before it disappeared, it suffered the pain of burning alive. Mo GunGun’s eyes then fell on the broken and incomplete body of his ancestor. Fz359q


His eyes were still a little red, and he went over with his little claws against a holy silver ring. The rest of the skeletons stood back in fear, hate to go far away, or never appear. They had been scared out of their minds. The invaders were all stronger than their most powerful. Since there was no graveyard nearby, they had no ability to fight back, and if they tried to they would be delivering themselves as food to their opponents.


The skeletons may be stupid, but they still had common sense. gt7G6o



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Like a rag, the black robed zombie was tossed violently in the air. VPgGBj


He wanted to fight back, but he was unable to resist the fierce impact. His stitched together face was beaten and deformed, and pieces of meat fell off. His bitter roar was of no avail. The black claws extended towards the mecha, left a few traces, then fell down again.


Bang- The zombie lost count of how many times it had hit the rock wall. cEDRnF


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

It was once a smooth rock wall, but now it was full of uneven and deep holes.


Lu Xiao Qi didn’t let the black robed monster go. He found that as he tormented the zombie, the ghostly fire on the screen grew dim. TKuDFc


Obviously, it was the equivalent of a human bleeding to death.


The guilty party stepped back from the unseen enemy, wracked with pain and full of fear. 7AZOrn


Its face had basically fallen off, and the corpse revealed that it was dying. For every piece of flesh it lost, its strength would weaken, as if it had torn its soul. It was painful. The pain penetrated deep into its bone marrow.


If all his skin and viscera fell off, he would degenerate into a real skeleton. qeUP69


The black robed zombie shook its head and cried out in horror, “No! No!!”


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Black robe: “Ah!” j aVxo


He was greeted by a heavy iron fist, his jaw smashed, rendering him unable to speak. The black robed zombie could only emit a whine, and the word “ah” became the only word it could say.


Mo GunGun caressed the piece of fur. He looked at it quietly. xUwfot


The pained voice of the monster seemed to be distant to him at the moment. The silver light rotated gently.

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His whole family was murdered, so none of the skeletons could escape. RF1m6X


Wu Er moved around wildly in the pendant. He not only wanted to settle old debts, but he also wanted to fight.


At the same time, he merely looked at the silver light in silence. dEqIeD


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Er’s eyes were tinged with red.


This was one of their family’s secrets. The silver light was a protection blessing from their ancestors. However, none of them roused it that year. 23lseJ


Little GunGun managed to stimulate the protective power, causing Wu Er to have complicated feelings.


He knew that the beautiful halo was not only their ancestors from thousands of years ago, but also the other elders who accompanied him for a long time. caxKzC


It was all for the sake of their bloodline, for GunGun.


They decisively chose this route. jat1L5


This was their last energy in this world, and was the deepest desire of their hearts.


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They used the last of their strength to protect the children of their family. rWGf4E


Wu Er beat his chest and stomped his feet. If he could, he would  have rather become part of the circle of dazzling colors rather than just look at it and recall the past.


Wu Er practiced martial arts while Wu Da prefers learning. r idJH


The two don’t seem like anything special on ordinary days, but the entire panda species felt at ease.

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The ancestors gave the little one they protected with their lives to two people and taught them how to protect him. Vx1hyf


“… Hiss… ” The black robed zombie’s windpipe was torn out, now unable to make sounds at all.


Now, his black robe was turned into rags, his limbs rotting and skin peeling off. onLQ D


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Lu Xiao Qi didn’t want to kill it with a single blow. He chose to kill it slowly.


When there was only a curl of smoke in it’s light green eyes left, Lu Xiao Qi broke its limbs, leaving only the head to be consumed by the flames. V5j1IN


Mo GunGun watched. He was afraid.


He felt complicated. He stroked the fur with the pads of his paws.This was the fur from his species. o04lfW


They must have been frightened and miserable.


The black coat hissed, as if to say something, but it was finally burned up by Mo GunGun’s silver flames. nxv 8N


Mo GunGun’s eyes slowly turned to the skeletons.


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He disliked these skeletons! a73tCv




Lu Xiao Qi opened the robe and looked at the bones of the zombie. He saw a little imprint on one of them. 4xdUvn


Lu Xiao Qi’s eyes sunk.

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The silver fire spread. The brightly colored flames were not hot, even a little but cold. Xt0ldC


Lu Xiao Qi silently watched countless materials burn away, which was a pity, but he only thought this in his heart.


He held out his hand and held up the small panda. The silver halo didn’t harm Lu Xiao Qi. The little guy looked even more lovely now. OIrUh6


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



Lu Xiao Qi sighed in secret, “GunGun, don’t be afraid.” BLp QI


His face  was tense, but when Mo GunGun was told not to be afraid, his soul stirred, his taut face loosened.


Looking at the big monster, Mo GunGun’s mask cracked, and tears slipped down his face. JK7hdI


At the same time, Lu Xiao Qi heard a voice that sounded like silk come from the mecha. “Admiral? Are… You… Alive… “


Sora: ………..I thought this was a fluff novel? Huh? Did I switch novels with someone’s angsty one because I am so confu- 1ztUGC

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  1. … I’m not crying you’re crying 😭😭😭 GunGun just wants to live peacefully eating bamboo but everywhere he goes there’s tragedy. Lost mother, skinned, lost ancestors after finally meeting, hair lost, angry mean bees, bear skinning zombies. Why can’t he just be happy 😭 #justiceforgungun

    • +1

      I just want him to continue to be cute/lovely/adorable and innocent like a panda should be *sigh* plus the fluff comedy with ML

  2. Thanks for the chapter but I really hope you get an editor, as I’m trying to understand some of the sentences, cause this story is really good and I don’t wanna lose out on any details. What an interesting world this is!!!!

  3. Sora, I am thinking the samething when I started reading this.

    Me: I thought this is fluffy, but does supernatural being keep popping at? And what’s with this heavy scenes?

  4. started crying (TT^TT). I feel bad for little panda, and wanted to crushed to death that hateful skeleton!!