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Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage ContractCh14 - The Panda’s Post Hair Loss Depression


Editor: Luoshenhua

Compared to the big monster, Mo GunGun’s mood was low. He laid limply on the small mat, absentmindedly holding a small bamboo shoot while hiding his ugly belly from sight. NJ3yf

His stomach growled.

He was hungry. Looking at the bamboo shoots in between his paws, the panda’s mind was in a tangle.

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With his small face wrinkled up, he gave the far away bamboo pile a bitter look.

Lu Xiao Qi looked to the side. He couldn’t help feeling that the panda’s expression was funny. Ever since he found out that his stomach was missing a patch of fur, he had been depressed. CQnpTo

He laid on the ground, motionless.

Inexplicably, Lu Xiao Qi thought of a mutant beast in the Special Operative Corps. Because its long hair caused problems when training, the hair was cut by its breeder. The mutated beast had stayed in its nest for a whole month, waiting for the hair to grow out again before it recovered.

Maybe it was the same with this little guy.

Lu Xiao Qi stroked the little panda’s back with his hand, the soft feeling passing from his fingers to his heart. The cold and stoic man even fell into an illusion that he himself was turning soft. As he stared at the flickering screen in one hand, he continued petting the panda with the other, lost in thought.


He didn’t know what his golden thigh was thinking, but Mo GunGun felt the reassuring warmth on his back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little one couldn’t help but stretch out his limbs, shift his buttocks, and squint his eyes comfortably, with a bamboo shoot in his claws.

The panda looked at the big monster and even forgot about returning to his own home.

The night was peaceful and warm, and there was plenty of food to eat. Mo GunGun didn’t want to go back to his tree hole. SF3puQ

Stretching out his neck, Mo GunGun looked at the treasure in the big monster’s hand with bright eyes full of curiosity.

What is this?

It’s surface is dark. What does it do? The big monster really has so many things!

The ignorant and naive black eyes blinked rapidly, wriggling towards the screen cautiously. The little action was very similar to a crawling tortoise. OWdG1J

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Oe Wljb Hl mbeivc’a tfiq yea ijeut.

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The monster didn’t pay attention to him at all, so Mo GunGun happily continued to play around with the toy. ruqjfc

Lu Xiao Qi, who hid his smile, “……”

The little panda’s nose twitched, as if he wanted to smell the device, his watery pupils full of confusion. His black ears shook as he sat in front of the screen, intently staring at it.

The round body of the panda blocked most of the screen. Lu Xiao Qi lowered his head and could only see one scholarly-looking panda.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Eh, what is this? AE3hQ5

Mo GunGun’s ears pricked up. He stared at the white spot that suddenly appeared in the corner of the screen. He watched it flash again and again.

It was really interesting. The big monster’s things are all very nice!

Mo GunGun moved his paw and touched smooth surface again. Then, another dot on the screen began to flash.

Ah! He blinked in surprise. Although it was not where he wanted it, it was interesting. Mo GunGun placed his other little paw on the dot. Now the whole screen was covered by his two small paws. Mo GunGun was extremely satisfied. 4dxTua

The excited panda continued to explore the device with vigor. After a while, the little panda slowly bent his head and sniffed at his tender belly.

It was originally chubby, but now it was even more round. Mo Gungun wanted to cover his belly with something, but he couldn’t help being self-conscious of this small bare piece. He kept looking, smelling, and sniffing before finally sticking out his tongue and licking it.

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At the end, Mo GunGun placed his two small black claws on his belly, pretending that he hadn’t lost any fur.

Lu Xiao Qi coughed softly, wrestling with himself internally as he tried to resist smiling. iYSUah

He had never been so happy, and it was all thanks to this curious and lively little guy. Even though he still had a lot of worries, Lu Xiao Qi was able to keep a calm and peaceful mentality. He thought, perhaps it was due to having this little guy with him, that he was able to recover so quickly.

The sky had already turned completely dark.

Mo GunGun looked at the monster, and then looked overhead. Finally, he realized that he should return home. He carefully slid down from the big monster before squatting on the ground and shouting at him.

Lu Xiao Qi focused on him. SvI8kc

The panda was no longer polite to the big monster. He clumsily tied six or seven bamboo shoots and began to walk away unhurriedly.

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His little buttocks turned around as he left. Lu Xiao Qi’s smile gradually faded away. He looked down at the screen and was stunned.

The previously unresponsive screen now showed clusters of stars.

Surprise flashed in his eyes for a fleeting moment, before the look in Lu Xiao Qi’s dark pupils grew deeper and more unfathomable. H7Keyx

Meanwhile, Mo GunGun didn’t know what kind of shock the responsive screen had brought to the big monster. He went back to his little nest and saw the precious honey and purple bamboo shoots. The panda’s eyes couldn’t help crinkling as he ran happily. A scene like a black and white bowling ball hitting the bamboo shoots occurred, leaving the piles of bamboo in disorder.

The black and white “bowling ball” rolled around on the bamboo shoots, happy to death.

As for the place without fur, Mo GunGun didn’t want to talk or even think about it.

Staring at his little tree hole full of stuff, Mo GunGun felt that he was super rich. He didn’t know why, but out of all his treasures, the red ball felt strangely familiar and precious. Burying himself in the middle of his nest, Mo GunGun held it in his arms. HJq6MC

While silently comparing his own small hay bed with the bed of the big monster, Mo GunGun grew drowsy.

When he wasn’t paying attention, the red ball flashed again. Clearly, little GunGun, who had already slept all day, was once again going to sleep.

While guarding his source of low self-esteem with both paws, Mo GunGun dazedly fell asleep.

That night, a brilliant red light appeared in the small tree hole. QNWmeI

Before long, the furry little panda disappeared and transformed into a smooth skinned little child.

Without hair, the forest at night was very cold.

Mo GunGun shivered from the cold and kept trying to curl himself into a ball. Unfortunately, this body was not the same as the original; it wasn’t nearly as round.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sitting up and shivering, Mo GunGun sneezed. CuPFzj

He felt so cold that after looking down at his hairless belly, he blinked once, and then blinked again.

When he clearly saw his smooth little belly, he turned silly.

Mo GunGun: “Σ (° Δ° ||) ︴”

The sleepiness disappeared in an instant, and Mo GunGun nearly exploded. The child laid on his back, with his chubby little legs raised. He couldn’t help stretching out his paws to touch them, but he found out that his fluffy front paws had become ugly. bdK 9Y

Mo GunGun almost fainted.

Mo GunGun: “Ah Ah Ah!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Staring at his new hands, Mo GunGun was at a loss, though he felt that they were vaguely familiar.

Wait, wait! dgnk1M

The big monster seemed to have this kind of hairless claw. He, he, was he infected with some terrible disease by the big monster!?

Yesterday, he had lost some of his hair. Today, he was completely bare.

His beautiful hair!!!!

Mo GunGun couldn’t believe it. He felt like he was having a nightmare. He couldn’t help  pinching myself. It was very painful. ne0wZE

He took a good look at his new body and became as still as if he was frozen by ice.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had become a monster, an especially ugly one. He could no longer become a beautiful and big panda.


Luoshenhua: HAHAHA, I love this! Lu Xiao Qi, the newest panda-balding virus. The only cure? Meng~ Rk KMd

Sora: I have a competition and school play on Saturday and work on Friday and Sunday. Early release? Maybe. Or is it early April Fools? Possibly.

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    Yes, meng is justice and fluff is healing 💕