Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our Marriage

Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our Marriage 和宿敌结婚当天一起重生了

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Author: 林知落
Total Chapters: 104
Genre: Comedy, Completed, Modern, Rebirth, School
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Translators: Xefielle
Release Schedule: Tuesday, Friday


Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing, two people who have wanted to kill each other for many years, fell in love. After a lot of ups and downs, they finally married.

But they didn’t expect to get reborn together on the day of their wedding.

Back to the year when their feud was at it’s most intense.

The friends around them also saw each other as enemies.

Yet the two men in question were…in the eyes of the frightened relatives and friends of both sides; they began to scatter dog food.

Friends and relatives: ???

ermm…..this is awkward.

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  1. Hello! I interested to translate this novel into Indonesian and posted it on my wattpad account, can I? 😀

  2. Hello! I really wanna translate this novel into Portuguese and post on my Wattpad account. Can I? Obviously, I’ll credit ^^ <3

  3. Hello! I really would like to translate this novel into Thai, may I?, of course I’ll give you credit! 😀

  4. Wondering if the translator is going to continue translating this novel..

  5. Hi. I want to ask for your permission to re-translate this novel into my language, Burmese. I’ll give credit to you. Waiting for your reply. Thanks for your translation.

  6. Finished this novel and I can honestly say that it is one of the cutest works I have ever read. Both of the leads are cool and adorable at the same time, not to mention that their strong time-transcending love is really moving and heartwarming. All of the side characters are funny and their interactions are really enjoyable. The only shortcoming of this story is that Dong MingEn and Xu Yao didn’t become a couple. They were cute and would have been really nice if, in the end, they got together despite their constant reluctance throughout the story.Last but not least, thank you Xefielle for the beautiful job you have done translating this masterpiece. It was really easy to read thanks to your hard work (bow) and if it wasn’t for you as someone who doesn’t know any Chinese and can’t stand using machine translate software I would have never been able to enjoy this novel. I don’t know if you are searching for another work but If you are, please check Jie Yao (Antidote). There is a 12 ep short anime and the story is really nice. After watching the anime I found that there was a 102 chapter novel, but couldn’t find a translation anywhere, so I guess that no one has picked it up. Here is a link to the raw:
  7. This is such a good read! It lives up to its comedy genre. The characters are hilarious and their developments are interesting and fulfilling to the heart. 100% recommend it!