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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh28 - Sleeping Together 


A barbecue shop not far from No.12 High School was currently filled with students. Although they were sitting at the same table, there was an obvious divide that separated them into two groups. They all looked embarrassed and lost.

If any other No.12 student happened upon this scene, they would be able to recognize this large crowd to be the two most famous combative groups in their school. It was Lin Qian with his friends from the top class, and Zheng PingQing with his younger brothers in the…less advanced class. ujRd30

And this student who saw this particular scene would probably go ‘haha’ and look like they’ve been cheated.

You should know that these two groups were famous for being completely incompatible from the moment they met. They were guaranteed to fight whenever they appear together in the same place. No. 12 students have seen and broken up countless fights.

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But they didn’t expect that after one short summer vacation, these unreliable boys suddenly said that they’ve reconciled!

For the students who picked a side and invested themselves in this battle, how can they endure! vhNfJ9

However, they didn’t know that the members of these two groups were also at a loss.

The first monthly test for the seniors happened earlier that day. No.12 High School had arranged the test to occur on a Saturday so that any highly strung or nervous student could have a day off after the test.

And now these two groups appeared together in this barbecue shop after they all sat a test…

Before, on a certain day…well, we don’t need to recall every single thing that happened back then. But on that particular day, Dong MingEn had made full use of his diaphragm and demanded Lin Qian to treat him to some food. He never expected Lin Qian to readily agree to his demands, and later, to actually bring it up and schedule it. Lin Qian expressed that everyone in the tutoring group could go out and eat after the test to relax and chat with each other.


Everyone who was supposed to be chatting and relaxing with each other: “…..”

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Look into your heart and tell me, weren’t the tutoring sessions just a way for the two groups to use each other?

At this moment, every single friend and brother sitting on this table were in a complicated mood.

As the relationship between the groups’ two bosses grew hotter and hotter, the public also began to view the two factions as one inseparable gang. The pictures of their princess carry were still being circulated in the community to this day, and even their dramatic backstory filled with life, love, and hate was gradually spreading past their school. And having reached this stage, no one in either group had the courage to explain that they weren’t friends, but were instead using each other. WsvG2m

But in the dead of night, some couldn’t help but have occasional doubts. Having spent so much time with the enemy, had feelings that shouldn’t have existed developed?

However, some people didn’t have such convoluted thoughts. Gou XinDou, who was sitting next to Dong MingEn, was as quiet as a chicken. His entire person exuded an aura that said ‘who am I, where am I?’

If he had known that Dong MingEn’s invitation to ‘plunder the home of the wealthy’ involved the ‘wealthy’ Lin Qian, he would never have come.

Dong MingEn saw Xu Yao staring at him. Coughing to hide his embarrassment, he said: “Come on, let’s order, order.” a9FsSY

When the first monthly test neared, Dong MingEn and friends finally experienced a sense of urgency. They began to actively read through their textbooks, and for the first time, took the initiative to ask teachers and their tutors for some help.

However, what puzzled Dong MingEn was that every time he asked Xu Yao a question, Xu Yao, though attentive, would always look at him strangely.

Xu Yao looked at him with a bit of expectation, but also with a bit of resentment.

As a result, Dong MingEn had to seriously examine whether or not the questions he asked were really stupid. 3q92Am

Later, Dong MingEn couldn’t help but secretly complain to Lou XingGuang, only to find out that Lou XingGuang had the same problem. Luo XingGuang told him that Jiang TingJun kept looking at him with strange eyes that conveyed both expectation and sadness.

And so, the two had serious doubts about their intelligence…

Especially when compared to Zhang FanFan of the same class, who constantly asked questions and was always reviewing her notes. Her serious and assiduous attitude made Dong MingEn, who had lived his entire life without appreciation, feel a little ashamed.

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Now, facing Xu Yao, Dong MingEn still felt a little guilty. He silently handed Xu Yao the menu and said: “You order first.” 8AYyIH

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Xu Yao glanced at him and silently took the menu.

Gbcu ZlcuSc: “…” Cujlc, jujlc, kts lr tf ralii ufaalcu atlr ibbx ktfc atf afra lr jigfjvs bnfg!

We Tjb kjr ufcfgber klat tlr bgvfglcu. Dfobgf batfg qfbqif mbeiv ulnf atflg bqlclbcr, tf kjr jigfjvs bgvfglcu fzagj qbgalbcr. Coafg We Tjb bgvfgfv, Gbcu ZlcuSc rjlv ab atf kjlafg: “Ccv j vbhfc yffgr, lmfv.”

Zheng PingQing couldn’t help but frown. “What high school student drinks beer?” NTOwMQ

Dong MingEn was stupefied. “Boss, don’t you drink some yourself?”

Lou XingGuang also commented: “Don’t you often say that it’s fun getting drunk…”

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Zheng PingQing: “…” Once again, he was forced to recall his wanton and unrestrained high school career.

Zheng PingQing’s expression didn’t change as he replied: “I don’t drink anymore, now that the college entrance exams are on the horizon.” Znpt8z

Dong MingEn: “…” Those college entrance exams are too dehumanizing.

Seeing several people look wronged, Lin Qian thought for a moment, then said: “Maybe we can have some now, but then we can’t drink anymore until after the college exams.”

Whenever his boyfriend said something, Zheng PingQing would naturally agree with him unconditionally. So he immediately did a 180 and said: “Alright, just this once.”

Dong MingEn cheered and ordered some beer. Gou XinDou, who had been observing the tip of his nose all this time, couldn’t help but glance at Zheng PingQing. He saw Zheng PingQing lean his head towards Lin Qian’s neck and ask: “What about you? The usual?” qK9Sja

Gou XinDou: …ah, his eyes hurt.

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Before Lin Qian could answer, Xu Yao, who was sitting on his other side, had already heard everything. Xu Yao didn’t expect Zheng PingQing and Ah Qian to have already gotten so close that they knew each other’s ‘usual.’

Xu Yao’s heart throbbed, unable to accept such a thing. He decided to prove to Zheng PingQing that he still knows Lin Qian best. So he immediately stood up and said: “Ah Qian, I’ll go get you a coke!”

But it was a pity that although Lin Qian was back in his 17-year-old body, he had long become a health-conscious soul, greedy for life, and afraid of death. He hurriedly stopped the standing Xu Yao: “No, no, I want lemonade.” BG5Qf1

At the same time, Zheng PingQing had already told the waiter: “Bring me a pitcher of lemonade.”

Xu Yao: “…”

Xu Yao turned to walk towards the restaurant’s small fridge. “I’ll drink it myself.”

Gou XinDou sympathized with Xu Yao. He stood up and said: “I want a coke too.” OCLr8W

Dong MingEn slapped Gou XinDou on the shoulder. “What coke, you’re not going to drink with us?”

Xu Yao couldn’t help but feel depressed. He turned back around and said: “I’ll drink some beer too.”

At first, Dong MingEn and his friends were still a little uncomfortable with Lin Qian’s friendliness. But without them noticing, as months of incredibly boring tutoring sessions went by, they somehow got used to each other. And with today’s promise of delicious food, they actually started to enjoy themselves.

And this was probably their last time drinking until after the college exams. They wanted to savor this moment, and thus ended up asking the waiter for beer several times throughout the afternoon. 3dxBNo

Several students from the top class didn’t drink, but with Xu Yao taking the lead, they all ended up drinking till they were muddleheaded.

It was too late for the two health-conscious, middle-aged souls to put down their lemonades and stop them. Their young friends drank way too much, but fortunately, none of them were particularly bad drunks. It was just that they all ended up opening up to each other. Their clean-cut appearances became disheveled, and the two groups who were originally like water and fire, ended up talking nonsense with each other.

Dong MingEn began telling Xu Yao the sad story of his childhood: “I didn’t want to do my summer vacation homework this one time, so I purposely lost it… As a result, woo– my mom kept me awake for two days and two nights…my mom…my mom got me another textbook to do…then my homeroom teacher heard that I lost my homework…so he sent it to me again…sent me another copy…wuwuwu I ended up doing twice the amount of homework during the summer…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A confused Xu Yao couldn’t understand his pain. “Twice the amount of the usual summer homework…can’t it still be finished in a flash?” s ESTY

Dong MingEn leaned on Xu Yao’s shoulder and cried out: “…how, how can it be done that fast…”

Then, Dong MingEn’s tone began to sound hurt as he continued: “You…why do you always look at me with disdain whenever I ask you something…am I that slow when I do the questions….”

Fu YiFei, who had also been drinking a great deal, repeated his words: “Slow…too slow…”

But Xu Yao refused to admit to anything. “Who…who looks at you…” h8HgYJ

Dong MingEn suddenly revived, looking very stubborn. “You do!”

Dong MingEn then tried to imitate the way Xu Yao usually looked at him. However, he couldn’t quite capture the essence of Xu Yao’s look on account of being drunk, so in the end, it only looked like Dong MingEn was staring at Xu Yao intently.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Amazingly, Xu Yao, despite being drunk and delirious, could read his expression. He then started complaining: “I wrote you so many study guides, so many…why…why haven’t you given me a present! My..my heart is aching…”

Dong MingEn was at a loss: “…ah…?” fcowF

Nearby, Gou XinDou was a little more steady than the two of them. He kept shaking his head, saying: “Fake, it must be fake.”

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing, who heard everything, looked at each other. “….”

The reasonable Lin Qian looked around him. “I don’t think we should let them go home like this.” Particularly the students from the top class. In the eyes of their parents, they were all good babies, so it would be crazy to bring them back home in this condition.

Zheng PingQing was also astounded by these young people who didn’t know how to control themselves. He thought about it for a moment, then said: “Let’s take them to my house, then call their parents that they won’t be coming home.” UHyc8k

Lin Qian couldn’t think of a better way, so in the end, they had to inform everyone’s parents, one by one. Fortunately, the two were well-known figures among everyone’s parents, so they all believed them. Then, they called several taxis to transport this group of drunkards to Zheng PingQing’s big house.

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Luckily, the Zheng family home could fit this great amount of people. Only, a bunch of drunken teenagers wasn’t exactly easy to carry.

With all the dancing and shouting, the house turned into a mess in a matter of minutes. Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing tirelessly corralled the rowdy students into beds and only left after they made sure everyone would be okay for the night.

Zheng PingQing slumped into a sofa and rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, we totally owed them in our last life.” NQ4Pud

Lin Qian laughed. “That’s just how it is.”

Zheng PingQing hummed. “Regardless, we should also get some rest.”

Lin Qian nodded, asking: “Which room do I sleep in?”

“There’s space in my room.” Zheng PingQing replied. hpzHQ9

Lin Qian calmly looked at the sofa and asked: “Then, which one is sleeping on the sofa?”

Zheng PingQing was also very calm as he replied: “It’s also fine to sleep on the sofa together.”

He then added: “There’s more than enough space if we sleep on top of each other.”

Seeing that Zheng PingQing was very determined, Lin Qian didn’t argue further. He simply said: “Then let’s sleep in your room together. I just hope you don’t regret it.” SQsLJd




Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next morning, Xu Yao’s biological clock woke him up. He looked up at the strange ceiling, then at the strange bed he was lying on. What surprised him the most, however, was his strange bed companion. 9xdUCl

He and Lou XingGuang were lying on the same bed.

Xu Yao: !!!!!

Still hungover, Xu Yao shook Lou XingGuang. “Wake up, wake up, where is this?” Then he hurriedly ran out of the room, frantically looking around. Xu Yao was totally confused. He pressed a hand towards his temple while knocking at several doors. “Is anybody in there? Where is this?”

“Jiang TingJun, Fu YiFei, Pan Qibo, you there?” TZFYkp

“Ah Qian, where are you? Are you here?”

Xu Yao’s shouts successfully woke up everyone else. The doors started opening one by one, and students with disheveled clothing and haggard appearances surfaced. Dong MingEn stuck his head out, sleepily muttering: “Who the hell is so noisy so early in the morning…”

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Despite his splitting headache, Xu Yao continued: “I wake up to find that I’m in some unfamiliar place, I don’t know if I was sold, or kidnapped; where is this?”

As he said this, everyone snapped out of their daze and looked at each other. 3mC9tu

Finally, the last door opened, and out came a refreshed Lin Qian. “Don’t panic; this is Zheng PingQing’s house.”

Xu Yao: “…”

Then, Zheng PingQing poked his head out of the same door. With two astonishing dark circles under his eyes, he angrily yelled: “Would you please be quiet! I haven’t slept all night…”

Others: “….??” GzrTOZ

Gou XinDou, who just came out of the toilet: !!!!

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Fortunately, he had just been to the bathroom, or he would’ve peed his pants!

The author has something to say:

I deleted more than 2000 words in this chapter, so this was practically 6000 words! nmUciP

Gou XinDou: Back then, I should have poked myself blind.

Also, seeing so many friends worried about Ah Qing’s hair, I want to solemnly state that his hair is very thick, and since Ah Qing loves it when it gets pulled by a certain someone, it would be impossible for him to turn bald.

Also: Xu Yao is a man! Male! Male! Why did I choose that name? Of course, I also chose it casually…


Translator's Note

I honestly don’t know why they think chickens are quiet.

Translator's Note

to not to know when one is well off

Translator's Note

to do a 180 means to turn right around

Translator's Note

Xu Yao is a girly name/usually girl names.

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