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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh19 - Too Much Bullying


“How come Zheng PingQing didn’t come?” You NiNi interrogated Gou XinDou, “Didn’t you say he was going to come?”

Gou XinDou chewed on the straw of his drink as he casually answered: “He’s not available, too busy studying.” ce4zTi

You NiNi took a moment to digest his words before saying incredulously: “Busy studying?”

A few days ago, they had inquired about Zheng PingQing. Rumors had it that this hotshot in No.12 was ‘good looking’, ‘suspected to have dropped out of school’, a ‘leader who had many brothers’, and someone who ‘regularly promoted the bad boy lifestyle’.

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Now, they hear that the reason for his absence was because he was ‘too busy studying’.

Gou XinDou spread his hands. “He’s been infected. Even I almost succumbed to the 'Five-Year College Entrance Exam, Three-Year Simulation' mindset.” Ia5ucz

You NiNi wanted to beat up this useless dog brain that was in front of her. “Tell me the truth. You didn’t even call him at all, did you?!”

You NiNi was very skeptical and simply thought that Gou XinDou had been afraid that Zheng PingQing would steal his spotlight and so deliberately lied to them all.

“It’s true.” Gou XinDou felt wronged. It was clearly You NiNi who approached him first. He didn’t have a clue on how to pick up girls, how can he be afraid of Zheng PingQing robbing the limelight from him?

“If you don’t believe me, ask his good brother.” Gou XinDou walked towards the edge of the skating rink under You NiNi’s angry gaze and stopped next to Dong MingEn, who had been shuffling like a dog as he clutched at the railing.


He heard Dong MingEn reluctantly say to the girl next to him: “You go practice by yourself first, I’ll be back later to accompany you.”

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The girl smiled shyly. “Alright.”

Gou XinDou watched in awe.

Dong MingEn, this guy who looked moments away from kissing the floor, could actually reel in girls? 3nAYTd

As soon as Dong MingEn stumbled off, the girl slipped away like an arrow and began to dance on the ice.

Gou XinDou suddenly realized that it wasn’t Dong MingEn who was picking up the girl, it was the girl picking him up, ah.

Dong MingEn was particularly satisfied with today’s outing. He offered to take care of a cute and endearingly silly girl. Furthermore, this girl had very good taste, praising him the entire time. If he hadn’t needed to face You NiNi’s interrogations, today would’ve been perfect. He got off the ice and headed towards You NiNi.

You NiNi’s unhappiness was written all over her face as she continued to interrogate: “Didn’t you say that Zheng PingQing likes RunWei? Why didn’t he come?” S82Nxn

Dong MingEn glanced at the girl sitting with them across the table. She was tall, had long wavy hair, and looked like a doll.

She was the real protagonist of today’s outing: No.9 High School’s top beauty, Luo RunWei.

Luo RunWei was obviously in a bad mood. She was playing with her phone, her face looking impatient. Occasionally, she would look up at the various couples skating on the rink, eventually becoming more and more annoyed.

Dong MingEn felt somewhat guilty as he answered. “He never said he liked her, he just said she was pretty.” ivlVHO

You NiNi almost rolled her eyes off her head. “Isn’t that the same thing?”

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“No, no, no, that’s just half of it.” Dong MingEn waved his hands in disagreement. He then hesitated before reluctantly spitting out: “For our Boss to like someone, they have to be beautiful and get good grades.”

Tbe RlRl rcffgfv. “EecQfl’r ugjvfr jgf ugfja.”

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“Efjiis?” Gbcu ZlcuSc kjr regqglrfv. y9VBxX

Tbe RlRl ibbxfv qgbev jr rtf gfqilfv: “Vtf’r lc atf abq afc lc beg fcalgf ugjvf.”

Gbcu ZlcuSc rijqqfv tlr atlut. “Memx, ktja j wlrmjimeijalbc.”

Ktfs atbeuta atja Itfcu UlcuHlcu’r gfqeajalbc kbeiv bcis jaagjma ilxf-wlcvfv ulgir, atfs vlvc’a fzqfma Obe EecQfl ab jmaejiis yf j abq rmtbijg.

Blame them for not asking properly, ah, they almost caused Zheng PingQing to miss his opportunity to experience teenage love. TCV50A

Dong MingEn, who had just successfully picked up a lovely girl, blamed himself severely. The brothers had some development, but the big Boss is alone, how can he let this continue?

Especially with Luo RunWei being both gorgeous and smart; really high-spec! This was a stop their Boss can't miss.

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“Let me call and ask him again.” Dong MingEn very kindly decided to help Zheng PingQing achieve happiness.

You NiNi smirked and interrupted Dong MingEn. “I’d like to see him try and find someone better-looking and smarter than our RunWei.” Zwrs8i

Dong MingEn: “….”

Dong MingEn felt resentful. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help Zheng PingQing recover, it was just that they really couldn’t find a girl that fit his requirements. There was no girl in No. 12 that was any better-looking than Luo RunWei, not to mention her high grades.

They could only blame those stupid entrance exams. Their Boss, who only initially looked at pretty faces, turned crazy and started to consider a girl’s grades.

You NiNi made a face and then walked over to Luo RunWei, telling her about the situation. Luo RunWei looked somewhat reluctant, and went over to Dong MingEn to ask: “What’s going on with Zheng PingQing?” YeXp9I

Dong MingEn quickly rearranged his face and lamented: “Truth be told, it wasn’t that the Boss didn’t want to come, but the pressures of a senior is too much.” Dong MingEn continued to pour dog blood all over Zheng PingQing, “He’s devoting all his time to learning as much as possible.”

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Luo RunWei seemed affected by his moaning and said: “Then let him study hard.”

Dong MingEn: “…” This top beauty is soo understanding.

Dong MingEn had now totally abandoned the idea of pairing her with Zheng PingQing. At the same time, he regretted that his Boss missed such a good girlfriend. qb Z6k

But suddenly, a shout from Luo XingGuang’s voice suddenly floated from the skating rink: “Boss! here- here–”

Seeing Luo XingGuang vigorously waving, Dong MingEn followed his gaze, only to see Zheng PingQing by the shoe counter. He had even changed into skates!

Luo RunWei had also turned towards the commotion and saw Zheng PingQing. Surprised, she looked at Dong MingEn doubtfully. “I thought he was studying hard?”

Dong MingEn clapped his hands. “He must’ve come for you. I mean, studying is important, but how could that compare to a cute girl.” hQx Pq

His statement wasn’t unreasonable. They all knew that their get together would be in the skating rink, and Zheng PingQing wouldn’t come here for no reason.

The taut Luo RunWei finally relaxed, with You NiNi feeling quite smug as she said: “He already decided to come but still insists on playing hard to get.”

Dong MingEn ignored You NiNi’s taunt and said: “I’ll call him.”

As he ran towards him, Dong MingEn thought that their Boss finally came to his senses. He thought that when Zheng PingQing finds out that the beauty Lou RenWan was here, he would be happy. w9Q2xA

Little did he know that when Zheng PingQing heard Luo XingGuang’s shouts, dark clouds suddenly covered their Boss’ previously sunny disposition.

Although he had refused his brothers’ offer, Zheng PingQing had been inspired by their plans. He thought it would be a good idea to take Lin Qian skating after their trip to the library, especially when Lin Qian was in a rare agreeable mood.

And since Huo YeRui’s birthday was also going to be held in this mall, they chose this rink for the continuation of their date.

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What Zheng PingQing didn’t expect, was his persistent light-bulbs to follow him like a shadow. UXIsGd

Zheng PingQing clearly remembered Dong MingEn saying that they were meeting this morning, why are they still here in the afternoon?

These high school students have such lousy time management skills.

“Boss~ Boss~ Boss~” DongMingEn ran towards him with both hands in the air, reminding Zheng PingQing of the ‘I’m coming’ reaction gif that became famous a few years later.

It made it hard for one to pretend that they don’t see anything. OPbHzC

“Boss!” Dong MingEn finally arrived in front of Zheng PingQing and enthusiastically said: “Why didn’t you message me that you were coming, almost missing a top beauty….”

Zheng PingQing interrupted, his face cold: “Why are you still here?”

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“Why…” Dong MingEn blinked, then explained. “The beauty is going to attend a party later tonight, and we realized it was happening in this mall too, so we said we’d get together in the afternoon instead. Anyway, I found a beauty that fits your requirements…”

Dong MingEn was too busy being delighted at the thought of his Boss’ coming spring to realize that Zheng PingQing’s aura was steadily growing colder. lu2fcJ

“What beauty?” Lin Qian asked, ambling towards them on his own skates.

Dong MingEn: “…”

Dong MingEn was dumbfounded. After a second, he exclaimed: “Why are you here?”

“To skate.” Lin Qian answered with a smile, then turned to Zheng PingQing. “Just now, I heard that there was a beauty that fit your requirements?” GWaBEb

Zheng PingQing felt cold sweat gathering at his back. Even worse, Dong MingEn this moron decided to elevate the situation by sneering at Lin Qian and saying: “It’s got nothing to do with you. The number of girls that like our Boss are as numerous as the number of fish in the ocean. Being jealous of him is useless.”

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Zheng PingQing almost gave him a flying kick, desperately wanting to cut Dong MingEn’s head off with his skates.

Lin Qian looked towards a nearby crowd, easily finding the prettiest girl. He couldn’t help but admire. “Very pretty.”

Zheng PingQing had a very strong desire to live, so with an expression comparable to a piece of wood, he said: “Really? Then I must be blind. I don’t see anyone who could be described as beautiful over there.” JC3P9d

Looking clueless, the foolish Dong MingEn used his skills and pushed Zheng PingQing directly into HARD mode. “Boss, she’s the top beauty of No. 9, totally your type.”

Zheng PingQing looked at him and threatened: “If a pair of ice skates just happened to go through that thick skull of yours, do think you’d survive it?”

Dong MingEn was a little confused, but nevertheless truthfully answered: “Boss, you can be rest assured, the safety procedures in this skating rink are excellent. You don’t need to worry about being injured by skates.”

Zheng PingQing continued to hint. “But your head looks like the perfect target for ice skates.” LOPrXW

Dong MingEn subconsciously touched his head. He didn’t know why, but all of a sudden, his scalp felt cold. He wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Lin Qian’s laughter.”I’ve long known what your type is.”

“What type?” At this moment, Zheng PingQing became the very image of an Emperor, resolutely keeping his gaze forward. “I only have one type: The one with the best looks and highest marks.”

As he spoke, his focus was entirely on the one person qualified to be his ‘type.’

Lin Qian laughed and placed a hand on Zheng PingQing’s shoulder. “Such conditions are too high when looking for a partner, ah.” bq8hd

Zheng PingQing fearlessly replied: “It doesn’t matter; someone will pick me anyway.”

“Anyway, let’s go skating. I’ll lead you.” Zheng PingQing ignored Dong MingEn, took Lin Qian’s hand, and skated away.

Dong MingEn was astonished, quickly asking: “Boss, don’t you want to skate with the top beauty?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Qian smiled, then turned to Zheng PingQing. dyGSUW

Zheng PingQing immediately replied: “There are so many people in your group, why don’t one of you do it? I want to go with Lin Qian.”

Dong MingEn stared at Zheng PingQing’s retreating back. His delight had vanished, and his lips trembled with anger.

Lin Qian that terrible man. He wasn’t content in bullying the Boss in school, he even wanted to destroy Zheng PingQing’s love life!

There’s a top beauty waiting for Zheng PingQing to take her ice skating right over there! PkG3My

This was worse than bullying!

This was obviously cheating!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The author has something to say:

Zheng PingQing: You can’t hide your head from my foot! VSsmgJ

Sorry for the lateness, had unexpected plans.

Translator's Note

pretty sure this is the idea of studying for 5 years just for this one exam

Translator's Note

like a bus stop or train station. Like this is an important pit-stop in this road called life

Translator's Note

An idiom meaning to fully concentrate on one thing/person or to not glance sideways (not looking anywhere else, just concentrating on what’s in front)

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