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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh81 - Happy Little Birds


The three days of the college entrance exams were probably the longest but also the shortest days the students have ever experienced.

These three days of emotional tension could crush people at any time, but on the other hand, the end of these three days brought an inexplicable sense of relief. Noa03j

But Lin Qian, who had been reborn, had a much lighter mood. He had already lived through the college entrance exams many years ago in his memory. What’s more, since he had already seen his future, the results of the college entrance exams ultimately had little impact on him and his life.

In contrast, his boyfriend was extremely stressed.

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Zheng PingQing had also been reborn, and in this life, he was also a rich second-generation man. So truthfully, the college entrance exams didn’t have much of an influence on Zheng PingQing’s future. But Zheng PingQing wanted to go to the same university as his boyfriend, and this was not at all easy.

If he hadn’t been afraid of sudden death, Zheng PingQing probably would’ve studied late into the night the entire month before the exams. ELNWZ3

Eventually, the dust settled.

At the end of their final test, the bell rang and Lin Qian breathed out a long sigh.

His second senior year of high school finally came to an end.

The past year hadn’t been difficult for him, but it held special significance.


As soon as the bell rang, the students around Lin Qian went mad and ran out of the examination room, jumping and yelling as they did so.

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Lin Qian got up and followed the crowd out of the room. The entire building had become a sea of joyful faces. Because the teachers were still there, no one dared to get too crazy, but the resounding cheers were unavoidable.

The air was filled with a myriad of emotions, from loss, happiness to the feeling of liberation.

The dense horde surged, and there were bodies everywhere. But despite this, Lin Qian immediately saw Zheng PingQing across the crowd. mfXDQl

He was standing still, smiling at him.

Lin Qian smiled back and started walking towards him. Eventually, the two managed to get together after traversing time and a multitude of people.

“Wow, despite the massive amount of youthful people, no one can rival your shining visage.” Lin Qian never hesitated to praise his boyfriend.

Zheng PingQing raised a brow. “Of course. In order to match my amazing boyfriend, I can’t lose to these youngsters.” 48mzUp

Lin Qian knew just how much effort Zheng PingQing had exerted just to catch up to him, so Lin Qian lifted a hand and touched Zheng PingQing’s neck. His eyes sparkling, Lin Qian said: “You’ve worked hard.”

Zheng PingQing solemnly replied: “For you, any pain or hardship is worth it.”

Lin Qian chuckled, then gently pulled at the ends of Zheng PingQing’s hair. “Cut the crap and let loose already!”

Zheng PingQing pounced and held him tightly. 3D4dfr

Lin Qian put his chin on Zheng PingQing’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around him. His hug was just as tight.

Both of them were the most recognizable figures in all of No.12, and they were outstanding in both appearance and height. Their embracing figures stood out, but at this time, many students were also holding each other in excitement. So while plenty of people saw them hugging, no one was surprised.

“I really like you, ah!” Zheng PingQing buried his head into Lin Qian’s neck, his muffled voice barely perceivable.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Me too.” Lin Qian didn’t hesitate to respond to him. “I want to give you the whole world.” a1uneV

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Zheng PingQing sounded a little plaintive as he replied: “…couldn’t you have left those words for me to say instead?”

“Rbqf.” Olc Hljc gfoerfv, tlr abcf bnfgyfjglcu jr tf rjlv: “Tbe tbjgvfv jii atf mbgcs ilcfr yfobgf, jt. P tjnf ab rjs la atlr alwf.”

Itfcu UlcuHlcu aglfv ab vlrmerr la klat tlw: “Ktfc, ifa’r ajxf aegcr…”

Lin Qian saw that Zheng PingQing was willing to compromise, so he could only give in. “Alright, ah. After all, who made you my darling precious sweetheart?” ed1oC2

Itfcu UlcuHlcu: “…..” P atbeuta kf’nf jigfjvs mbwf ab jc jugffwfca? Qts jgf sbe ralii agslcu ab jaajmx sbeg ybsoglfcv, jt.

Zheng PingQing was very unwilling. He also wanted to croon sweet words to his boyfriend, ah.

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However, despite being unwilling, Zheng PingQing’s hands tightened around his lover.

Lin Qian commented: “….you seem to be taking the opportunity to steal a kiss?” He felt a wetness on his neck. DmGeK5

Zheng PingQing uttered a decisive ‘un’ and confidently replied: “I'm just following my character design!

Lin Qian: “…..”

Not only was Zheng PingQing unashamed, he even intensified his actions. He opened his mouth and lightly nibbled on Lin Qian’s neck.

As he did so, Zheng PingQing wondered if he should bite down and make a hickey. While he was hesitating, Zheng PingQing was suddenly hit from behind, causing his teeth to knock down. EXBDMd

Dong MingEn’s excited cry sounded out: “Ah, ah, ah, Boss! We’re finally free!”

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Dong MingEn had seen the two hugging from afar, and couldn’t contain his delight. He ran towards them, and when he was a meter away, jumped. Like a fierce tiger bearing down on his enemy, Dong MingEn flew and fell heavily on Zheng PingQing’s back. He opened his arms and wrapped both Zheng PingQing and Lin Qian with his arms. Dong MingEn’s expression was filled with joy as he shouted: “I’m so happy! You guys are also super happy, right?!”

They must be! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be hugging each other so tightly!

Lin Qian muttered: “…ow.” His neck hurt. That’s definitely going to leave a mark. 1K68uh

Zheng PingQing also felt his teeth hurt. With the desire to kill Dong MingEn violently surging, he coldly said: “Let us go.”

But Dong MingEn had lost his mind. For the first time, he bravely resisted his Boss’s orders. “No way. I’m so happy, ah. I have to hold you, or I’ll float away.”


Zheng PingQing’s voice dropped a few more degrees. “If you want to keep being happy, you’d better let go at once.” aqRJ96

Dong MingEn: “….” He finally noticed his Boss’s murderous aura.

Even at such a joyous event like this, his Boss isn’t letting him hug. So strict, ah.

Dong MingEn hesitated to let go. After some thought, he silently let go, ran to behind Lin Qian, then hugged him. He shouted once more: “Lin Qian, give me a hug! I’m so happy; I have to share it with someone….”

Dong MingEn didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence. Zheng PingQing’s murderous aura materialized, and he said: “Your happiness has officially come to an end.” RQohwT

Dong MingEn: My legs feel soft all of a sudden.

Zheng PingQing’s murderous aura was so sharp that Dong MingEn became frightened. He was so scared that….he forgot to let go of Lin Qian.

Dong MingEn could already see his corpse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ah, so tragic. IZrjSK

Dong MingEn was at a loss. He didn’t know what he had done wrong…

It was then that his savior, Xu Yao, fell from the sky.

“What are you doing-” Xu Yao’s panicked yell can be described as heartrending.

After he handed his paper and left the classroom, Xu Yao also wanted to look for his friends and celebrate together. Fortunately, he managed to find several of his acquaintances amongst the turbulent crowd. Unfortunately, he saw them in a frightening posture. 6JRDCj

Seeing Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing holding each other was so typical it wasn’t worth mentioning anymore.

But what is Dong MingEn doing hanging on Lin Qian’s back? How audacious is he trying to be by hugging Lin Qian while the gays were having a moment?!!

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Xu Yao was gobsmacked. His first thought was: It’s over. Dong MingEn’s little life ends today.

Xu Yao only knew two gay people in his life, but one of them thoroughly altered his understanding of the term ‘dog lovers.’ ST7MRJ

Zheng PingQing was a man that had an extremely small tolerance for anything that got between him and Lin Qian.

Xu Yao’s second thought was: No, I need to rescue him.

And at that moment, Xu Yao ascended to a higher level.

It was like the wind was under his feet. Xu Yao ran towards the group, and before Zheng PingQing could make a move, he tore Dong MingEn off Lin Qian’s back, flipped Dong MingEn towards him, and then bravely devoted himself to this idiot in front of him. RWnp9y

“Dong MingEn, if you want to hug someone, hug me!” Xu Yao shouted.

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Dong MingEn was still in a state of stupor. He thought that death was coming, but in the next second, he was suddenly pulled away and then hugged tightly.

Lin Qian: “…”

Zheng PingQing: “….” fKopJk

Xu Yao patted Dong MingEn’s back and said: “Didn’t you already stake your claim on me? Aren’t I your best and closest friend? It’s obvious that you have to hold me first, ah!”

Dong MingEn was pulled back from the brink of death. Although he was rescued, his consciousness hadn’t fully come back yet. Dong MingEn’s legs were soft, and he could only hang on to Xu Yao. He weakly said: “Good friend, hold me tight; I just had a near-death experience.”

Zheng PingQing released Lin Qian and crossed his arms across his chest. He looked at the two people desperately holding on to each other, and cooly said: “Count yourself lucky.”

Lin Qian was very confused. “I didn’t expect Ah Yao to be so affectionate towards Dong MingEn…” K1EwLq

Xu Yao: “…..” No, no, no, no, it’s just that I'd rather save a life than build a seven-floor pagoda, ah.

Dong MingEn nodded hard. “Ah Yao is very kind to me…”

Xu Yao: “….” he shouldn’t have been so kind!

Xu Yao was already feeling a little regretful and depressed. Suddenly, a few shouts sounded from afar: “Friends, our spring is coming!” 7nKH3C

“Hahahaha, we’re free birds now!”

“Brothers, let’s go to an Internet cafe!”

“I’m going to sleep for three days and three nights!!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.




With this chatter, a few familiar figures rushed over.

Xu Yao’s eyes widened in horror: “Fuck my life-” k1yOod

He wanted to stop it, but it was too late. He saw Lou XingGuang, Zhou Daota, and Jiang TingJun run over one by one, with their arms wide open. Like little birds set to jump to their first flying lesson, the three boys pounced on him and Dong MingEn. They passionately shouted: “Come on friends, let’s embrace freedom together-”

Xu Yao and Dong MingEn were hugging each other firmly, but in fact, Dong MingEn’s weak body was being supported by Xu Yao alone. When Lou XingGuang jumped on them, Xu Yao’s knees gave out in an instant. Before he could even make a sound, Zhou Daota and Jiang TingJun smothered him one after the other.

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Xu Yao: If I ever go back in time, I must choose not to do good.

Xu Yao: Dropped dead. YdvsF

Dong MingEn: Dropped dead.

The three people who jumped on them: Collectively dropped dead.

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing: “….”

Lin Qian calmly turned to his boyfriend and said: “Let’s go.” 3wPdoI

Zheng PingQing nodded, and the two turned around and walked off without looking back. They left their mentally disabled little friends lying on the ground and ignored their outstretched arms and weak voices calling out: “Boss, save…”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

But their bosses were two heartless gays who had turned a deaf ear to their cries and walked away.

After all, as the dignified big shots in their generation, they really couldn’t afford to lose face.

The author has something to say: dkZD1i

I know you’re very disappointed, but I reiterate, Dong MingEn and Ah Yao aren’t a CP.

Xu Yao is as straight as a ruler.


Also, when I first looked up the title in the Chinese dictionary, it translated it as ‘Happy’ and ‘P*nis(Kiddie term).’ I initially translated the title as ‘Happy Peepee,’ but after I finished the chapter I was confused as to why the title was like this. No p*nises were mentioned in the chapter, after all. But then I remembered that sometimes kids use bird/birdie to say p*nis in China. Birds were mentioned in the chapter, and I LOLed so hard when I replaced the word birds with p*nis. 3zkoU2

The author probably intended the title to literally mean Happy Little Birds, but I had to share my confusion because I found it hilarious.

Translator's Note

‘I can only concede. After all, you’re my darling precious sweetheart.’

Translator's Note

Zheng PingQing is just following the script, ah. Based on his public persona/character design, no way is he gonna pass up this chance to feel up his boyfriend!

Translator's Note

Levelled up/ ascended into a higher cultivation level/ ascended to a higher plane of existence

Translator's Note

saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda (idiom) meaning It’s better to be kind and save a life whenever possible.

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