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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh3 - Equipment for Flirting


Lin Qian was immersed in his own thoughts, thinking about the impending situation and trying to figure out how to minimize the resulting fallout. Suddenly Jiang TingJun patted his shoulder, breaking his line of thought. Fu YiFei’s fussing soon followed: “Look, isn’t that Dong MingEn?”

When Lin Qian raised his head, he saw a familiar figure in the distance. 6jEFDQ

It was one of Zhang PingQing’s best friends; one who followed his’ and Zhang PingQing’s fights and eventual reconciliation in all those years.

Speaking of which, Dong MingEn was one of the victims in his previous life. During the scuffle, he broke a rib and had to recuperate for half a year. His grades were already subpar, so in the end, he didn’t even get to go to university.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What is he holding in his hand?” Jian TingJun frowned, trying to identify the object. He was a little short-sighted, so his squinting didn’t help him at all.

Fu YiFei tried to explain with much difficulty: “It’s a big horn, the kind used in vegetable markets when they announce big sales.” t8b0OJ

Jiang TingJun: “…what’s he doing with a loudspeaker?”

Xu Yao also expressed his doubts: “Or more importantly, where did he find it?”

Pan QiBo wondered: “There’s no event in school where they would need a loudspeaker. Is he going to use it to confess to a female classmate, ah?”

The others: “….”


Xu Yao immediately refuted him: “A loudspeaker confession? Something so crude? Who’d be so unlucky to get a confession like that?”

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Jian TingJun slapped his knee and mocked: “I would rather be single for the rest of my life than get such a confession!”

Lin Qian couldn’t help but take a peek at Jiang TingJun in the corner of his eyes. In his last life, Jiang TingJun really did become a single dog for a lifetime. Every time they all got together, he would beg the group to introduce him to someone. He was willing to work like an ox for the rest of his life if needed.

When Lin Qian later announced his relationship with Zheng PingQing, he even said he was willing to give it a try as long as he could have sex. G8zsRI

Xu Yao was so frightened he beat him up all night.

Now hearing what Jiang TingJun had said, Lin Qian wanted to persuade this young man not to go casually setting up flags for himself.

Maybe because he heard them, Dong MingEn suddenly turned his head towards their direction. When he realized who the people walking were, he gave them a sinister and triumphant smile.

“Damn, what’s he laughing at?” Xu Yao grew goosebumps instantly. dhoDpR

“We can’t lose, watch my counterattack!” Fu YiFei quickly put on a fighting stance, and looking straight at Dong MingEn in a very imposing manner, did the Ultraman pose, complete with dubbing: “biu~biu~biu~”

Dong MingEn in the distance: “….”

Xu Yao and the others: “….”

Lin Qian: “….” X41JM5

Once again, it’s impossible to defend against Fu YiFei’s mental retardation.

Not to be outdone, in the distance they saw Dong MingEn give Fu YiFei the finger before running away with the loudspeaker in his arms.

Fu YiFei snorted: “Look at him running away so fast!”

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Lin Qian side-eyed Fu YiFei and asked: “Why, do you have any more special moves up your sleeve?” 4vQsoy

Fu YiFei seriously thought about it before sadly replying: “None.”

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He was smacked on the head by Jiang TingJun.

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When he saw Huo YeRui, Lin Qian couldn’t help but mentally roll his eyes. The reason they were caught during their brawl in his last life was due to Huo YeRui ratting them out to the class leaders in secret.

As he neared, Lin Qian heard Ke CaiZhu speaking: “YeRui is a good boy, I don’t believe he’d ever lie. Since you’re not taking this seriously, don’t blame me if something happens…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His homeroom teacher Hong KeYi interrupted her: “Teacher Ke, it’s not that I don’t believe him, it’s just that without any evidence, how can we just casually replace the student representative?”

The others also added: “That’s right; it’s difficult to convince people when we don’t have a good reason to do it.” p20Q6V

Ke CaiZhu patted her chest: “I’m not one to gossip, but Lin Qian doesn’t even take his own father seriously, and it isn’t unusual for students nowadays to have a few conflicts…”

The other people glanced at each other. As Ke CaiZhu was about to continue, Huo YeRui hurriedly interrupted: “Teachers, I was being reckless. I just heard a few things and became worried about the assembly so I thought I’d say something. Anyway, being a little more attentive isn’t really a big deal, and if nothing does happen, that would be great. And if it does end up being true, we’d be more prepared.”

With a smile, Huo YeRui finished: “After all, this assembly where all the students take their vows is very important to all of us. Making mistakes is the last thing we want to happen.”

Ke CaiZhu coldly hummed: “If a problem does occur, you’d best be prepared to take responsibility.” OBwUde

As she shook her head, she finally saw Lin Qian, and her expression became even uglier.

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Lin Qian nodded his head towards the teachers, and politely greeted: “Hello, teachers.”

Ke CaiZhu had a menacing look on her face as she fiercely said: “Do you know what time it is? As the student representative, do you even understand the concept of being on time?”

After having said this, she shook her head again and walked away, leaving behind a confused Lin Qian. BN dpn

Lin Qian turned towards the others and asked: “What’s going on?”

Hong KeYi replied with a forced laugh: “It’s nothing. Go on and prepare, all the female classmates in your year are breathlessly waiting for you to inspire them.”

Another homeroom teacher put on an expression of disapproval: “Are you saying the male students don’t need any inspiration?”

The teachers’ jokes didn’t pressure the reborn Lin Qian. Thinking about the young Zheng PingQing who was probably practicing and psyching himself up to confront him in front of a large group of people, Lin Qian smiled: “Whether it’s the male or female, please be rest assured that I won’t discriminate against my fellow classmates. AdpRwz

Teachers: “….”

After the teachers left laughing, a student in the backstage crew shuffled over and said: “Lin Qian, just now Ke CaiZhu took Huo YeRui to complain, saying that you and Class 8’s Zheng PingQing are on bad terms and that Zheng PingQing was plotting to screw up the assembly to make you look bad…”

Lin Qian: “…oh.”

The classmate looked around like he was speaking some super-secret information. Lowering his voice, he said: “Teacher Ke said that in order to maintain the sanctity of the assembly, they should change the student representative to Huo YeRui. Bah, she’s just jealous, who doesn’t know that she’s just trying to hold onto the Vice-Principal’s thighs!” pug0Os

“Since Vice-Principal Huo’s been playing cold turkey, Teacher Ke turned her boot-licking towards that prospective prince. Good thing we’ll be graduating next year. Otherwise when Vice-Principal Huo becomes principal next year who knows what’ll happen…the teachers and our fellow classmates will all be miserable…” This classmate is quite the gossip, chattering endlessly.

“Huo YeRui’s face is too thick. The student representative is guaranteed a reserved spot in University F, did he think that he was qualified for this? Fortunately, the other teachers aren’t blind and didn’t let Teacher Ke succeed, but now that I think about it, maybe Vice-Principal Huo has something to do with this…”

The classmate crossed his arms and humphed, but Lin Qian’s heart was dismayed: Why couldn’t Teacher Ke and Huo YeRui have succeeded?

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If he could switch with Huo YeRui and get him to go up the stage instead, he would have saved himself a lot of grief! ZeQdPT




“…Thank you for our Principal’s words. As one of Principal Qiu’s last batch of students, I hope we can all live up to his expectations.” The host, while looking a the Principal, smiled as he said this. He then continued: “Next let’s welcome this year’s student representative, our invincible top student to please come and say a few words…” v6y2zT

The auditorium of No. 12 High School was large, capable of accommodating both the teachers and students of the entire school. It had a large stage with the steps leading to it on one side. Right now, more than half of the seats were occupied, with students from other grades also attending.

Before the host even finished his sentence, a large cheer could already be heard. Many people shouted in unison: “Lin Qian~ Lin Qian~”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The school staff leaders sitting in the first row couldn’t help but look back. They’ve worked in this school for many years already, but scenes like these were rare.

The Principal, who just sat down happily turned towards Vice-Principal Huo PingChuan and said: “Lin Qian’s popularity is really high, ah.” SQwayI

Huo PingChuan mirrored his smile: “No, no, it’s not surprising that all the female students like such a talented person.”

The Principal didn’t seem to catch onto his biting tone: “Haha, it shows how good one can be if given such elegant genes!”

Huo PingChuan sneered but didn’t say anymore.

Lin Qian stood behind the podium and from this position, could see the entire auditorium. RqdOEp

The first row had the school staff leaders, and the second had the teachers.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He could see Xu Yao and Jian TingJun waving their hands madly, like a group of fans in a meet and greet event.

He moved his eyes towards the other students, sweeping past both familiar and unfamiliar faces before his gaze finally stopped at the rear of the auditorium.

Zheng PingQing was sitting there. CsrZuA

Lin Qian didn’t notice him because his eyes were good, but because the group of underachievers surrounding Zheng PingQing were too dazzling.

Zheng PingQing was simply good-looking, while Dong MingEn and the others had brightly dyed hair colors, loud clothing, and temperaments a 12-year-old would have. When they gathered together, it was hard not to notice them, no matter the occasion.

In a few minutes, this group of people will heckle as he says his speech and will make a commotion.

Sigh, there’s nothing to be done. Zheng PingQing was so childish during his teenage years. Od3wy0

“Did you save a heart-saving pill for me first?” Lin Qian asked the host, causing laughter amongst the audience.

As the laughter died down, Lin Qian started: “Dear fellow students, the upcoming college exams are going to be terrible…”

Dong MingEn took the lead by loudly scoffing, making Xu Yao look towards him in vigilance.

Lin Qian smiled and didn’t pause, continuing: “But these exams are also really important. This is one of the few opportunities we have in our lives where we can change our destiny ourselves. In any case, please stick with it.” kBFXPc

Lin Qian had long forgotten the speech he had written for this, but his failure in the college entrance exams left a profound impact on him and Xu Yao’s life. So although he was improvising this time, he was being very sincere. Combining a few examples in his past life, Lin Qian managed to say a tender and emotional speech, rousing the hearts and feelings of his fellow students.

Even the Principal couldn’t help but sigh, tilting his head towards Huo PingChuan: “I didn’t expect Lin Qian to be such a profound and diligent student!”

Huo PingChuan: “…” Can’t the Principal talk to the person on his other side?

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“…so let’s all work together!” Lin Qian finished, prompting the audience to clap loudly. rLOqcl

However, Lin Qian remained unmoved. His eyes glanced towards Zheng PingQing’s direction, confusion in his heart.

This time Zheng PingQing didn’t interrupt him. Did history start to change already?

Lin Qian’s thoughts ran wild as he prepared to step down the stage. Just as he was about to let out a sigh of relief, he heard a shout from the back of the auditorium: “Lin Qian, wait.”

Lin Qian looked back to see a figure across the vast crowd, standing up straight and elegant, attracting everyone’s attention. GCu0Qa

It was Zheng PingQing, a loudspeaker in his hands.

The kind used by vegetable market aunties!

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Around him, Dong MingEn and the rest of his group were flushed with excitement as they held their mobile phones up, preparing to record every second of this historic scene.

Zheng PingQing’s colorful group immediately attracted the eyes of the whole audience. Who didn’t know about the feud between Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing? Seeing this stand-off, everyone became nervous, knowing that something big was about to happen. nh9A1D

Several teachers who had been warned earlier about Zheng PingQing’s sabotage turned white.

Ke CaiZhu started yelling eagerly: “See? I told you, but you didn’t believe me. Now you’ll be the one accountable; I’m not going to protect any of you…”

“What’s going on?” The Principal questioned.

Huo PingChuan’s eyes twinkled as he said: “YeRui heard people saying that Lin Qian and Class 8’s Zheng PingQing are at odds with each other. Class 8 students are unhappy with Lin Qian and got together to go against him. I asked YeRui to talk to Ke CaiZhu, but Teacher Hong didn’t believe…” 5tG8Mc

The Principal was stunned: “I didn’t think Lin Qian was such a person.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Huo PingChuan smiled: “As the principal, you wouldn’t have heard such gossip.”

Although the Principal had some difficulty believing that so many people would unite against the student representative, the facts were in front of him. Unbelieving, he and the other embarrassed teachers could only watch the stunned Lin Qian.

Lin Qian’s heart was fucking dying. Why did he ever think that asshole Zheng PingQing would stay quiet in a situation like this? He just waited a few minutes for a flashier entrance! tn Dho

And to go as far as to prepare some equipment, I’m not worth such special treatment, ah!

Lin Qian looked up to the heavens and sighed.

He just spared Zheng PingQing in this lifetime, why couldn’t this Zheng PingQing let him go!

This world isn’t worth it! AsVL81

Zheng PingQing lifted the loudspeaker, eyes burning: “I am now officially announcing in front of the teachers and students of the whole school-“

-Word by word, clearly enunciated and distinct:

“Lin Qian, you’re the most handsome man in all of No. 12!”

Lin Qian: !!! dBzht4

All the teachers and students: ???


Their friends are all so stupid I love them. And rejoice Lin Qian, you still have your hubby 100%!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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