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  • Alfred is the gentle husband that only listens to his wifey, Lian. I’m so happy that Alfred prioritises Lian over his wants and needs. It’s a refreshing thing to know and see ~~read~~ that Alfred likes Lian so much!!!

    Alfred, please treat Lian with all your love and don’t lock him up. Show the world your passion and watch Lian shine!

    And Lian? I hope you’re happy and live peacefully with Alfred~

  • on I'm Not HumanChapter 26 3 months ago

    After reading TKG first arc, the last two sentences of this chapter made me want to cry… (πーπ)

    Aiyah, what are these feelings??? _(:3」∠)_

    This was such a sweet chapter that it comforted my poor heart~ ♡(ŐωŐ人)

    Thanking Translator-Sama for this wonderful chapter~ (b^_^)b

    I’m thankful that TKG’s zerg arc is being expanded and has more chapters and details, INH is freaking beautiful~ \(★^∀^★)/

  • Haha, it’s like the Demon King’s magic is reacting to how he feels! (≧∀≦)

    Standing by the magic’s side, Bai Yang, be good and let the magic wash over you! ╮(╯∀╰)╭

    Although I feel sorry for the Demon King, he must be conflicted. Ah, he’s figuring out how to deal with his subordinates ‘passion’ and slowly becoming bent. (´つヮ⊂)

    I bow to the great Translator-Sama and Editor-Sama. Thanking you for the update! (≧∀≦ゞ

  • I saw the summary and my mind instantly went from ” ⌒(・w・)⌒” to “( ͡°/// ͜ʖ/// ͡°)” .

    I’m already preparing myself to read, haha! Looking forward for this! <3

  • I wish I can click the heart button more than once, but I can’t… so sad, so sad. Well, I guess I’ll just reread this chapter again, haha!

    Our little rabbit is slowly becoming a fierce baby and I’m loving it! Thanking you for the update! I really enjoyed it! ^^

  • Ahaha, it’s wonderful to read an update from Flareax-Sama again! I finished reading off Loneliness and it was awesome! <3

    I adored this chapter, JL’s life will be exciting with his overprotective ‘pursuer’! I can’t wait to see what will happen later on in the future~ !

    I’ll be adding this on my reading list to keep an eye out for updates! ^^

  • A pathetic baby panda? More like an AdOrAbLe BaBy PaNdA! What I wouldn’t give to pat the little one’s fur… QAQ

    ______________ML, staring into Mo GunGun’s eyes: Hm? I seem to see someone in the little furballs eyes? *Pupils shrink: Yandere Mode Activated.* Mo GunGun: !!!

    ML: I see. Skeletons think they can eat my fluffy w̶i̶f̶e̶ furball? Tsk, I’ll teach them a lesson!

    _______ _______

    Thanking Translator-Sama for the update! I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, haha! ^^

  • Little Theater

    Panda: Um, what’s this dark thing following me? ( 〇□〇)

    General: …

    Panda: Oh, oh, never mind! It’s very nice… (´つヮ⊂)

    General: … *En, as expected. Only my little creature can be so meng when afraid of his own shadow.*

    *Extended Theater*

    Panda child: Zzz… zZz

    General: What? Who is this human? Where is my panda?

    Panda: zZz…ZzZ…

    General: My little panda is unexpectedly a human? … ! Then it is legal to marry him, yes?

    The Law: Actually no-

    General: What?

    The Law: Yes, yes, very legal, when would you like to arrange the ceremony— ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

    **Theater end**

    Thanking Translator-Sama for the update~

    I laughed when Mo GunGun was scared of his own shadow ≧(´▽`)≦

    I will not lie; Mo GunGun wanting to nest on his hubby’s head made me squeal. A lot~



  • on LonelinessChapter 17 7 months ago
    Ack, the pain my heart is feeling… QAQ

    Chen Dong Lan, let me hug you! We can wait for your **future hubby** – ahem, your friend to come back and keep you warm!

    But, if you want to keep moving amidst the snow cloaked mountain, then I will accompany you behind the screen of my laptop, because I will be here to support you, like you have supported Yuan Yuan… except in a more fan-to-idol way! uwu

    Hem,hem, thanking Translator-Sama for the update~ Kowting from gratitude~ <3

    My heart broke, but I’m imagining that Chen Dong Lan’s heart is s-h-a-t-t-e-r-e-d… Now, to wait for Yuan Yuan so he can mend CDL’s heart and stuff my stomach full of dog food and PDA! <3

  • I have a feeling that taking Gu Huai’s ‘ball’ will make the zerg’s unhappy… ?! (´つヮ⊂)

    Ah, but ML is so cute as a fluffball. Decorative wings, fluffy and he can chirp… My heart is positively melting. ≧(´▽`)≦

    But anywho, thank you Translator-Sama for the update~ I’m going to reread this chapter so I can squeal quietly with joy~ (⌒▽⌒)