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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh55 - Boyfriend’s Competitive Heart


Naturally, it was Zheng PingQing and Lin Qian who reported Huo PingChuan to the authorities. Truthfully, Huo PingChuan’s tampering of the survey results hadn’t been their primary concern. Even if this trivial matter were to be revealed, it wouldn’t have made a fundamental impact on the deep roots Huo PingChuan had made for himself. Just look at the teachers who scored low in their last life. It was impossible for these teachers to not know that the survey was bogus. It was just that they didn’t have the power to contest Huo PingChuan.

To truly bring down Huo PingChuan, they had to uproot him and the prominent leader behind him. IyqCuW

And the opportunity they were waiting for was, funnily enough, the teacher satisfaction survey itself.

Huo PingChuan plans things carefully. He gets other people to do the dirty work and rarely comes forward himself. Any evidence of his involvement was usually dealt with immediately after. This was how Huo PingChuan managed to extricate himself from that drama with Huo YeRui’s test and pin all the blame at Ke CaiZhu.

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However, in order to protect himself and make up for his previous losses, Huo PingChuan had to make a secret deal with that Education Bureau leader.

It was also at this time that Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing understood just how important this so-called teacher satisfaction survey was to Huo PingChuan. While the teacher survey system was used to manipulate a teacher’s career, there were other systems packaged together with the survey that exposed the real purpose for all this: to exploit the various benefits available to their own desires. wQuHqE

The registered legal owner of the institution providing these systems turned out to be the wife and uncle of an important person in the Education Bureau. The systems themselves had no great value, but for some reason, they sold the systems to schools with a surprisingly expensive price tag. And even after paying the fee, the schools were still charged every semester for maintenance, updates, and services.

To protect the institution, the schools were responsible for the implementation. Through this simple operation mechanism, a large number of education funds could be placed in their pockets.

Huo PingChuan used this system to eliminate any dissident voices in his school and consolidate his power at the same time. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

Although Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing had all the evidence in their hands (courtesy of Ke MuZi), they didn’t take immediate action. The main reason for this was that they didn’t know who was behind Huo PingChuan. It could be one person, two people, or even an entire group. eEimPN

Seeing that Lin YaZhi’s complaint letters were being transferred directly into Huo PingChuan’s mailbox, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing didn’t act rashly, and instead, patiently waited for Huo PingChuan to take action.

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After that fraud incident with Huo YeRui, Huo PingChuan was quiet for a while. He didn’t dare start the implementation of the survey system until the limelight had left him.

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing had been waiting for an opportunity like this. With the help of Ke MuZi, they were able to intercept a large number of documents from his private messaging with this institution. Even when Huo PingChuan destroyed the evidence afterward, Ke MuZi had long gotten his virtual hands on the necessary information. Besides, the system itself was the best proof. When implemented, the evidence of manipulation would no longer be as easy to erase.




The school auditorium of No.12 High School was adjacent to its sports field. There was a row of trees with sparse branches the separated the two areas.

Lin Qian sat on the bench outside the auditorium, hidden in the shadows of the trees. He sent a message to Ke MuZi: stHxRk

Lin Qian: Thank you, it’s done.

Ke MuZi: You’re welcome. I was free anyway.

Lin Qian:…..

Lin Qian put away his cell phone and watched the mottled light dance on the ground, the shadows of the branches and leaves parting the sunlight and making it look like fragmented pearls. A breeze drifted past, creating a thin mist of dust rise. jKvemG

Winter was coming.

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Mbgaecjafis, atfs jii wjcjufv ab qfgrfnfgf. rSLWCw

Cr tf atbeuta yjmx ab atf wjcs olutar tf jcv Itfcu UlcuHlcu rajgafv, Olc Hljc reymbcrmlberis rwlifv. Xgjvejiis, atf rmfcf yfobgf tlw mifjgfv, jcv j ojwliljg oluegf fcafgfv tlr nlrlbc.

The face that had slowly turned tough and mature over the years had gradually faded from Lin Qian’s mind and was replaced with the youthful appearance of the present.

With a bag in his hand, the man sped forward, occupying a bigger and bigger part of Lin Qian’s view with every step he took. So much so that eventually, Lin Qian saw nothing but him.

Zheng PingQing stopped in front of Lin Qian and smiled. “Boyfriend, are you hungry?” CKrcE4

Similar to the days in their last life, Lin Qian simply needed to send the words ‘hungry’ to his circle of friends, and before long, his doorbell would ring. Whether it was in the middle of the day, or late at night, when Lin Qian opened the door, he would see Zheng PingQing’s smiling face as he says: “My future boyfriend, are you hungry?”

Back then, Lin Qian’s response would always be banging his door close.

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Lin Qian would then watch Zheng PingQing stand outside for half an hour through the door’s peephole. Eventually, Zheng PingQing would hang the takeout on his doorknob and leave.

Lin Qian didn’t know if Zheng PingQing knew. The intended recipient later ate the takeout. bDBUFc

Lin Qian smiled and shuffled over to make space for Zheng PingQing on the bench. As he did so, he asked: “Did you watch a good show?”

“It was wonderful.” Zheng PingQing replied with a satisfied smile.

Lin Qian helplessly shook his head. “You’ve successfully tortured Huo PingChuan with your own hands?”

“Of course.” Zheng PingQing sat down, opened the takeout box, and gave Lin Qian a wonton. He then reported the incident with relish. Q 71ft

This time, because the complaint was about Huo PingChuan manipulating the teacher scores of Class 7 and Class 8, Lin Qian didn’t follow him to the teachers’ office. But unexpectedly, the anti-corruption officers came to visit today. In the end, Lin Qian missed the opportunity to witness Huo PingChuan’s arrest.

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In this regard, Lin Qian felt much regret.

Fortunately, his boyfriend witnessed the scene. But Zheng PingQing’s storytelling abilities weren’t that good, and this particular story had a lot of strong emotions attached to it. So as he told Lin Qian what happened, he would interrupt himself and curse Huo PingChuan ever so often, seriously affecting the rhythm of his anecdote. But, well, it was better than nothing.

Afterward, Zheng PingQing patted his hand. “Fortunately, I reported him today. If he got taken away before I managed to laugh at his face, how can I get my enjoyment?” Ia0Gqw

Lin Qian: “….” It seems that Zheng PingQing still bore a grudge. He hadn’t been willing to miss the chance to torture Huo PingChuan personally.

Lin Qian grabbed another wonton and ate it. Tasting the peanut butter, chili oil, and chopped green onions, Lin Qian instantly felt a touch of happiness.

Lin Qian smiled and said: “Sometimes I wonder, Huo PingChuan is a bad man, but if he hadn’t done the things he did, if we didn’t end up in trouble for so many years…do you think we would’ve still ended up getting together in the end?”

Zheng PingQing replied without hesitation: “Yes.” wVRAiI

Lin Qian raised a brow, a little surprised. “Are you sure?” The fist Zheng PingQing used to hit him hadn’t been faked.

“More than that.” Zheng PingQing looked at Lin Qian with burning eyes. “I would’ve like you sooner.”

Zheng PingQing leaned closer to Lin Qian and lightly rubbed his cheek against the top of Lin Qian’s head. His voice held a little bit of lingering fear as he said: “Did you know? When I first realized that I liked you, I almost scared myself to death.”

Lin Qian: “…..” 8fJEYo

Lin Qian was very doubtful of his words. “Really? I felt that you wantonly pursued me without the slightest hesitation, ah.”

Lin Qian thought back and didn’t see any inkling of struggle or hesitation in Zheng PingQing’s previous actions.

He was the one that got scared by Zheng PingQing’s relentless pursuit!

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Zheng PingQing softly touched Lin Qian’s neck. “That’s what happened after the hesitation. Do you know how long I had to spend reconstructing my thoughts and psyche before I could gather the nerve to boldly pursue you?” yHanrf

Lin Qian looked at him dubiously. “How long?”

The time between Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing becoming friends and becoming lovers hadn’t been long. Zheng PingQing started pursuing him less than a year after they reconciled. Lin Qian didn’t believe that Zheng PingQing reconstructed his psyche during that entire year.

Just then, Zheng PingQing seriously replied with a heavy voice: “A whole….two and a half days!”

“A whole…two…two and a half days?” For a while, Lin Qian didn’t know whether he should feel distressed for the gullible Zheng PingQing, or correct him and explain that two and a half days couldn’t be described with ‘whole.’ zdZcQr

Zheng PingQing nodded, his expression full of pain. “I’ve never spent such a long amount of time in making a decision before. It was this grand love that caused me to waver and worry so much about personal gains and losses.”

Lin Qian’s face was deadpan as he replied: “…..It’s this grand love that makes me reluctant to beat you right now.”

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Zheng PingQing was the type of man that, if given an inch, will want a foot. Taking advantage of this ready-made excuse, Zheng PingQing kissed Lin Qian. “It’s this grand love that makes me want to kiss you.”

“Alright.” Helpless at the ridiculous situation, Lin Qian could only kiss him back. After all, it’s this grand love that made Lin Qian unwilling to disappoint Zheng PingQing. Eti8ZI

Zheng PingQing took this opportunity to hold the back of Lin Qian’s head and deepen the kiss.

After a long while, Zheng PingQing muttered against Lin Qian’s lips: “My boyfriend tastes sweet.”

Lin Qian licked his lips and said: “It’s probably the peanut butter?”

“I wasn’t concentrating on the taste, why don’t we try again? I’ll carefully determine it!” Zheng PingQing replied with a serious expression on his face. gbF4MU

Lin Qian pushed him away. “…You haven’t finished talking about the construction of your psyche.”

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Zheng PingQing tapped his thigh. “Ah, your charm almost caused me to lose my head.”

Lin Qian: “….” Why is it that this person can always find an excuse to take advantage of him.

Zheng PingQing sighed, then said: “I didn’t believe it at first. I figured it was just an illusion due to being single for a long time. But even so, I kept thinking of you all the time. Even when I dreamt, I kept dreaming of you.” MxJQwK

“In the end, I finally accepted the fact that it wasn’t some illusion and decided to pursue you.”

“…..That’s it?” Lin Qian asked. Why did he feel that this change of heart was done smoothly and without struggle?

“Yes, ah. As long as you’re not enemies, people like you are easy to fall in love with. Later, I even suspected that I secretly liked you when we were still at odds with each other, and was I just refusing to admit it.” Zheng PingQing was very frank, making it difficult for Lin Qian to grasp his psychological process of change accurately.

Zheng PingQing concluded: “So my feelings have nothing to do with Huo PingChuan’s machinations, or anyone else. As long as I meet you, I’ll fall in love with you.” x9wm4u

“I see. So this question is actually much easier to answer than I previously thought.” Lin Qian smiled, picked up his things, and stood up. “Come on; it’s time to go back.”

The last class soon ended, and the bell rang. All the students walked out of their classes, chattering and yelling, and the school soon turned noisy. But just as quickly, the hallways quieted down.

The two men slowly walked to the small office where they did their tutoring sessions. It wasn’t until they reached the office door that Lin Qian suddenly stopped.

Zheng PingQing also paused and looked at him. “What’s the matter?” ld MZQ

“I thought about my question…” Lin Qian slowly said. “I thought about it as we were walking, and I realized I had the same answer as you…”

With his eyes overflowing with happiness Lin Qian said: “As long as I meet you, I’ll definitely fall in love with you.”

Zheng PingQing looked at him for a long time, then issued a bitter cry: “Ten minutes?! You’re already so sure after only ten minutes of thought?! I fucking struggled for two and a half days! What am I, the best boyfriend in the world?! I think I’m going to die of anger!”

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Lin Qian: “….” This isn’t something to be competitive about, aren’t your ambitions a little too strong? JvW4tr

At the same time, Gou XinDou, who had covered his ears with his hands, looked straight ahead as he walked past the pair and pushed the office door open.

Just do it firmly, nevermind everything else.

The author has something to say:

XinDou: Can’t hear, can’t hear VwSlYz

Translator's Note

An idiom meaning not satisfied with small gains / give him an inch, and he’ll want a mile

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