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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh8 - The Same Height


As Ke CaiZhu apologized to everyone, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing couldn’t help but glance at each other.

In their previous life, Ke CaiZhu caught them in the middle of their fight, resulting in Lin Qian losing his guaranteed university spot and the spot ending up in Huo YeRui’s hands. Later on, Ke CaiZhu would rely on this to tightly hug future Principal Huo PingChuan’s thighs and eventually become a member of the Municipal Education Bureau, the pinnacle of her career. Using her newfound power, she would become the scourge for many students. iML5Xr

Now, as Ke CaiZhu apologized, Principal Su Rong couldn’t help but sigh: “Lin Qian is truly worthy of being the student representative. Not to mention his grades, but it’s rare to find a student so warm-hearted towards his fellow companions…ah, if every student was like Lin Qian, No. 12 High School would truly be a wonderful place.”

Lin Qian: “….” How come he never knew the Principal could sigh like this?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Principal turned his head to speak to Hong KeYi: “Teacher Hong, your student Lin Qian is excellent in both character and intellect. You should hurry and write his recommendation letter for his university admission.”

As Ke CaiZhu listened to this, her expression twisted, but she didn’t dare express any more of her opinions. cdRkTH

Hong KeYi had a very happy expression on as he replied: “Okay, I’ll immediately start writing it as soon as I get back.”

Bai YanZhu wasn’t Lin Qian’s homeroom teacher but nodded along as he praised: “Lin Qian is truly a rarely seen student of good character; seeing him have this opportunity gives me hope.”

When they heard this, Dong MingEn, Zhou Daota and several of their friends all saw expressions of grief on each other’s faces.

Good student my ass! They really wanted to jump in and hurl abuse towards Lin Qian. 85n3O1

Unfortunately, they were now in the same boat as Lin Qian. No matter how unhappy they felt, they had to endure it first.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Principal expressed a few more praises, before kindly saying his farewells to the students. As he walked away though, a thought suddenly passed through his mind and he asked: “Speaking of, why did you all end up hiding here for your tutoring?”

Lin Qian’s expression didn’t waver as he said: “We were afraid that it would affect the other students.”

“It’s been hard for you.” The Principal sighed again and thought for a bit before saying: “Well, go to Headteacher Ke’s office later and do your tutoring there.” g3khfH

Ke CaiZhu: ????

Ke CaiZhu couldn’t help but exclaim: “But Principal, this will affect my office work.”

The Principal smiled and happily replied: “I remember that teacher Hong has space in his office. Move there later- it’ll probably make it easier for you to communicate with the other teachers and therefore improve your work efficiency.”

Ke CaiZhu could feel tears welling up and it took her a lot of effort to keep from crying out. K6hJln

What is this? She had been the Headteacher for so many years and finally managed to get an independent office, but in just one day, everything was taken away.

Lin Qian ignored Ke CaiZhu’s resentful glare and laughed: “Thank you very much, Principal.”

The Principal patted his shoulder meaningfully and left with the rest of the teachers.

Before Bai YanZhu left, he also asked Dong MingEn to write another copy of the agreement as he wanted to remember this historical moment that marked the rise of Class 8. mGYL1S

Lin Qian couldn’t help but ask Zheng PingQing: “Is your homeroom teacher’s writing comprehension so strong that he can safely read that mess? Even asking for a copy and intending to have it archived.”

Zheng PingQing crossed his arms, also somewhat troubled: “Not at all, he just always wanted to be some sort of father-like figure to us.”

Lin Qian: “….”

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Looking at the Principal’s retreating back, Xu Yao and friends all gathered around to congratulate Lin Qian. olRCF1

Xu Yao: “Great, with this, your spot is guaranteed.”

Jiang TingJun pushed him aside and said: “What are you saying, him getting the spot is just a matter of course.”

Fu YiFei: “Well, even though I expected it ages ago, my heart is still excited for you…”

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Pan Qibo: “Yeah!” u9dnNX

Cr atfs kfgf mfifygjalcu, j vlrmbgvjca nblmf lcafggeqafv atfw.

Gbcu ZlcuSc, atlr qfmeiljg qfgrbc, rjlv: “Lfs tfs, kf jirb vfrfgnf rbwf mgfvla, Olc Hljc jgfc’a sbe ubccj agfja er ab vlccfg?”

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We Tjb yilcxfv, atfc rmbivfv: “Aera tbk atlmx lr sbeg ojmf?”

Gbcu ZlcuSc kjr qehhifv obg j yla atfc gfjilhfv tf kjr yflcu rmbivfv. Lf kjr jybea ab lcreia yjmx, yea Olc Hljc qeiifv We Tjb yftlcv tlw jcv klat j rwlif, rjlv: “Cigluta, ktja vb sbe kjca ab fja? Pa’r ws agfja.” dPyQSs

Xu Yao jumped first: “What? why?! I’m against it!”

Lin Qian looked back to appease his friend: “What do you want to eat?”

Xu Yao subconsciously responded: “BBQ.”

After saying this, he immediately corrected: “Only I’m allowed to eat, they’re not allowed.” rQkuDM

Lin Qian chuckled as he pulled at his friend’s arm: “Don’t be so stingy, it isn’t fun to eat alone.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao grunted, unmoved: “Acting cute doesn’t work in this era. Laozi is trying to lose weight anyway.”

Lin Qian: “…..”

Lin Qian finally left his friend to stew by himself and turned towards Dong MingEn: “Just pick a time and place, then let Zheng PingQing pass the message along.” FGdQMy

Dong MingEn was stunned. He just wanted to antagonize Lin Qian, it was impossible for them to sit together and have dinner peacefully. But Lin Qian actually took it seriously?

This person really was unfathomable, very hard to defend against!

Lin Qian finally walked to Zheng PingQing and said the words in his heart out loud: “Let’s go?”

Zheng PingQing’s face looked like he long expected this question and said: “Do you even need to ask?” RZxs9P

Lin Qian smiled and turned to his friends: “Scatter.”

Zheng PingQing also looked towards his younger brothers and waved his hand as if trying to get rid of flies buzzing around him: “Don’t follow.”

The two men walked out of the room, shoulder to shoulder, totally ignoring the scary glares and puzzled looks behind them.

“Stupid, Ah Qian is too stupid.” Xu Yao felt like his heart has suffered a lot. MsUTDG

Jiang TingJun angrily replied: “It’s not Ah Qian’s fault, it’s Zheng PingQing who’s too cunning.”

Fu YiFei nodded: “That’s right. We need to be more vigilant in the future, we can’t let Ah Qian fall into any more of their traps!”

Another group in the other end of the room were having a similar conversation. Dong MingEn looked like he was moments away from biting his handkerchief: “Did Lin Qian just threaten our Boss and made him go with him?”

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Zhao Daota covered his eyes as if he couldn’t bear to watch: “Boss is too miserable, even having to accompany such a person.” 5rvYXF

Lou XingGuang, who was the more mature person compared to the other two, was resolute: “As you all saw, Boss was forcing a smile in front of Lin Qian, acting strong. We shouldn’t tear down his false front and make him any more uncomfortable than he already is.”

The two groups, each filled with brain holes and active imaginations, became even angrier and they couldn’t help but glare at each other. In the end, they separated with animosity.

As they walked towards the door Zhou Daota suddenly stopped and pulled at Dong MingEn: “Wait a minute. Weren’t we supposed to do something today?”

Dong MingEn slapped his thigh: “Fuck!” BprCvM

There was a cold chill that flashed in Lou XingGuang’s eyes: “It seems that Lin Qian planned everything far ahead of time. We need to be more careful in the future.”

The same epiphany happened to Xu Yao, who ended up walking most of the way back before remembering. The reason for today’s negotiations seems to have been completely forgotten by everyone.

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“Ermmm…….” Xu Yao was a little worried: “Hey, you think Dong MingEn will continue to harass me?”

Pan Qibo touched his chin before sneering: “He’s not scary. Since he’ll be getting tutored by you in the future, if he dares bring it up, just give him really hard homework.” l79nZ8

Fu YiFei clapped his hands and said: “Give him competition level questions.”

Xu Yao became relieved and even a little expectant: “I hope he doesn’t give up easily and will bravely try to harass me.”


…… bIdqGK


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Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing left the school and slowly walked home together.

As the sun set, the red afterglow was like a fire reflecting their bright future.

The direction of the two people’s home was the same. When they were young, they would often bump into each other, but their meetings had never been so harmonious as it was now. It felt a little special. 7wu4Yb

The day’s chaos also appeared to have been soothed by the silence right now.

“We really started over…” Lin Qian spoke first. Even now, the feeling of disbelief hadn’t completely dissipated.

Zheng PingQing nodded, then suddenly asked: “If you had known that your wish would come true, would you have changed your wish on that plane to become rich overnight instead?”

Lin Qian: “….” FHE4B5

How come you know me so well?

Lin Qian’s expression didn’t change one bit as he replied: “No, I would’ve wished to be with you forever!”

Zheng PingQing looked ahead pretending to be calm, but Lin Qian could see the smile he was trying to hold back. Lin Qian couldn’t help but grin.

After a while, Zheng PingQing finally managed to contain his smile and coldly replied two simple words: “Me too.” gGZxKb

Lin Qian couldn’t help but reach a hand up and ruffle Zheng PingQing’s hair. “You keep that promise then, ah!”

Zheng PingQing turned his head a little to sneak a look.

Lin Qian put his hand back into his pocket and acted as if nothing had happened. “It’s too late to make a wish now though.”

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Zheng PingQing grabbed his wrist and pulled Lin Qian towards him. The two men faced each other, so close that they could feel each other’s breathing. 5nm80A

Lin Qian looked into Zheng PingQing’s eyes and sighed: “I’m not shorter than you yet, ah!”

How come he ended up five centimeters shorter than him in a few years?

It’s really confounding, ah.

Zheng PingQing: “…..” 9xrE1j

Lin Qian’s skill level of destroying the atmosphere in such critical moments was too high.

“Yeah,” The Zheng PingQing who was already used to this, answered: “It’s great, I don’t have to bend down to kiss you.”

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Lin Qian: “….”

Zheng PingQing continued: “While being tall is good, we can now kiss several, no, hundreds of times while our heights are the same.” FmCXDO

Lin Qian: “….”

Lin Qian’s mouth pursed as he said: “How about I buy you a pacifier so you won’t even need to bend down, you can even use it while sleeping…”

Before he could continue spouting nonsense, Zheng PingQing suddenly moved closer and directly blocked all his unfinished words.

They’ve had countless intimate moments like this many, many years later into their lives. But somehow, the sensation this time felt completely different. GOuDra

Their senses seemed just a little more sensitive, and they could feel each palpitation, each tremble.

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Their surroundings faded away and no other sound could be heard past each other’s hearts.

The last few vestiges of disbelief regarding their situation completely disappeared because of this simple, but true kiss.

They really have been reborn. n8g7Bm

“What the hell had I been thinking, wasting years and years before liking you.” Zheng PingQing’s lips retreated a little, his voice heavy and a little hoarse.

“Yeah.” Lin Qian agreed. “I’m not the same though. I was perfectly fine before, and years later when I wanted you, I went and got you.”

Zheng PingQing: “….”

Is there any way to remove skill points? Asking online. EIP3JK

Zheng PingQing lifted his head in exasperation, then took Lin Qian’s hand and resumed walking. “I’ll send you home first.”

Lin Qian let go and jumped behind Zheng PingQing’s back. He wrapped his hands around Zheng PingQing’s neck and pressed his chest right up against him. Lin Qian hung on his back like a koala and sighed: “Too tired, carry me back.”

Zheng PingQing helplessly patted the arms around him: “You come down.”

Lin Qian hummed: “No way.” fSTCq7

Zheng PingQing insisted: “Come down.”

Lin Qian, who knew Zheng PingQing’s personality intimately, mocked: “Don’t tell me you’re too weak?”

Zheng PingQing stiffened, before saying a little embarrassedly: “It’s not that I’m weak, it’s just that this young body has too much energy and nowhere to spend it.

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Lin Qian had no words. oOzljw

Zheng PingQing sullenly said: “I knew my young body was too impulsive. I shouldn’t just casually kiss you whenever.”

Lin Qian: “…”

Lin Qian couldn’t help but petulantly yell: “Age isn’t an excuse for being an animal; I think it’s just that your brain is filled with perverted thoughts!”

Then he laughed. “So easy to rile up. What happened to the hundreds of kisses you were fantasizing about?” sTxEiP

Zheng PingQing finally couldn’t help but say: “Shut up.”


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Such a cute moment, but Lin Qian, you just had to keep messing around. Zheng PingQing was trying to be romantic!


Translator's Note

honorific that can mean master

Translator's Note

hormonal teenagers get hard at the smallest things…heh.

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