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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh92 - College Entrance Exam Results


After Lin YaZhi’s call, Lin Qian received a call from Shao SiJia. He finally learned from her that Lin YaZhi had gifted him with the latest tablet computer and drew a family portrait using it.

Probably because she was so shocked at Lin YaZhi’s drawing skills, Shao SiJia saved the picture in her phone and sent it to Lin Qian using MMS. 9WynTC

The moment Lin Qian opened the message, he felt as if his heart had gone through a thorough wash.

Truly worthy of an artist who relied on emotion. Shao SiJia’s evaluation of Lin YaZhi’s skills didn’t wrong him one bit.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There were four round heads, with two of them bareheaded and the other two with long stick hair. Lin Qian could guess who they represented. However, in the lower right corner of the picture, there were two circles that resembled bread rolls. No matter which angle Lin Qian viewed them, he couldn’t figure it out.

In the end, Lin Qian gave up and asked Shao SiJia: “What’s those two lumps on the bottom right corner?” nLxFg

Shao SiJia replied: “Oh, that’s the bastard and the little bastard.”

Lin Qian: “….” Well, should he be glad that Lin YaZhi at least included the Zheng men to this family portrait?

After Lin Qian ended the call, Zheng PingQing calmly said: “You spent the night with this bastard, ah.”

Lin Qian glanced at him, then smoothly replied: “Un. Ah, maybe you’ll give birth to a baby called BiXi later!” muNQdB

Zheng PingQing: “….”

The little bastard who tried to take advantage was soundly defeated…

Well, Zheng PingQing had never cared about his verbal sparring skills. However, practice was important, so Zheng PingQing pinched Lin Qian’s toe and said: “Then let’s increase the chance of pregnancy by doing it a couple more times in the next few days.”

As they continued to bicker for a while, Lin Qian’s cellphone rang once more. 2opga8

“How can so many people know your birthday?” Zheng PingQing, who was just about to drive a car, was unhappy.

Lin Qian seldom celebrated his birthday. Other than Xu Yao, there should be few people who even knew when Lin Qian’s birthday was.

Lin Qian used his foot to push Zheng PingQing away and said: “In our last life, a lot of people knew my birthday too, ah. It’s just that they didn’t dare call me.”

As a handsome man, who knew how many girls had overtly or covertly inquired about his birthday. But, well…Lin Qian wasn’t lying when he said most people didn’t dare call to greet him on his birthday. Op7d5b

Zheng PingQing sourly said: “Then hurry up and answer the phone so you can tell the caller that you’re in bed with your boyfriend.

Lin Qian looked at the caller ID on the screen then replied: “….it’s your father.”

Zheng PingQing, this dog, replied: “Let him know that we’re currently on the same bed, so he doesn’t have any illusions about me.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Qian ignored him and continued to push Zheng PingQing away with his foot. He answered the phone and said: “Uncle, what’s the matter?” lwpPiy

Zheng BuLu greeted him: “Ah Qian, Happy Birthday.”

Lin Qian didn’t expect Zheng BuLu to know his birthday. He couldn’t help but smile and sincerely say: “Thank you, uncle.”

“I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I didn’t prepare a gift. So just tell me what you want, and I’ll buy it for you!”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Rb, sbeg mjii lr jigfjvs atf yfra uloa sbe mbeiv’nf ulnfc wf.” Olc Hljc gfqilfv. IDvViS

Olc Hljc’r kbgvr wjvf Itfcu DeOe gfijz. Lf rjlv: “Ct Hljc, sbe gfjiis jgf j ubbv ybs.”

Olc Hljc gfqilfv: “Qfii, P’ii jikjsr yf j ubbv xlv obg sbe, jr ibcu jr sbe vbc’a bypfma ab ws gfijalbcrtlq klat Itfcu UlcuHlcu.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The other end of the call became silent. After a while, Zheng BuLu said: “Truthfully, I was a bit unwilling before…I hoped for PingQing to inherit my company, and his relationship with you would greatly affect this…”

Lin Qian didn’t refute his words. He simply let out a light hum and said: “I understand your concerns, but please believe us.” Gne3SX

Zheng BuLu sighed and finally acquiesced. “I checked his grades these past few months, and I have to say, it really surprised me.”

Zheng BuLu’s voice became tinged with regret and remorse as the continued: “From when he was small, I always thought that I had provided him with a good life. I didn’t understand. I gave him the best of everything, but my son still somehow ended up being a hooligan…now, I think…maybe you were the one who gave him what he actually wanted.”

Lin Qian told him: “It’s not like that. You did a good job, it’s just that you didn’t understand Zheng PingQing’s thoughts. But that’s not your fault. It’s just that everyone’s interpretation of a ‘good life’ is different.”

The call went silent once more. After a long pause, Zheng BuLu said: “Thank you for understanding my intentions.” 1rZTPM

Lin Qian replied: “The person who understands isn’t me, but Zheng PingQing, ah.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zheng BuLu shook his head. “But you were the one who changed him. He wasn’t like this before. He truly is different this year. As a father, I’m genuinely glad to see this change in him. So if you give me a little more time, I think I’ll be able to accept it.”

“I know you will.” Lin Qian’s smiled. “Thank you. This really is the best gift I’ve received today.”

“Good…” Zheng BuLu was just about to hang up when he heard his son’s roar. DwKFT4

“No way! The best gift you’ve received today is obviously me! My father only has money, ah! It’d be impossible for him to give you a better gift!”

Zheng BuLu: “….”

Lin Qian’s voice sounded out: “Uncle said that he can accept our relationship.”

But Zheng PingQing still refused to accept Lin Qian’s words. “That can only be your second-best gift! I’m your best gift!” B0DZub

Zheng BuLu: “….”

Zheng BuLu angrily yelled: “Ah Qian! pass the phone to PingQing!”

Zheng PingQing leaned towards Lin Qian’s cellphone and seriously told his father: “Dad, your gift is perfect. I’ve very moved. Really.”

Lin Qian kicked Zheng PingQing away and, with his voice still as gentle as a calm lake, said to Zheng BuLu: “Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll teach him a good lesson.” 4x3OB7

Zheng BuLu: “….”

Why isn’t Lin Qian his son, ah!


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

…… yixe6f

It was late August, and summer was coming to an end. The new semester hadn’t yet begun, so it should’ve been a quiet day in No. 12 High School, but today, the campus grounds had never been so lively.

The college entrance examination results had been out for quite some time now, and the students had already received their admission notices for their chosen universities.

This year was No. 12 High School’s year.

In the past year, the grades of the No. 12 High School students had steadily increased, and this attracted the attention of the whole city. From time to time, teachers and students from other schools even doubted whether they were cheating. Even the committee in charge of the city-wide exams paid particular attention to all the No. 12 High School students just to prove their innocence. But despite all this, their rapid progress and rising grades made rumors rampant. nTwIta

Some people were waiting for things to explode. After all, while it is somewhat possible to cheat in the city-wide exams, it was absolutely impossible to do anything shady in the college entrance exams. Many felt that the halo obtained by the No.12 High School seniors would be wholly beaten back to its original form during the college entrance exams.

But now, these rumors were gone.

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The clouds were dispelled, and the sun shone through.


The results of the college entrance exams proved that No. 12 High School’s brilliance in the past year was all due to their own students’ efforts. mrXvdT

This year, No. 12 High School became a sensation in Rong City. They suppressed No. 1 High School in the college entrance exams, with 70% of their students able to go to top-tier universities and over 90% passing the undergraduate requirements. It left a small portion of students with lackluster results, but the college entrance exams was a battle that many people were prepared to repeat. The students who barely failed were full of confidence as they waited for next year’s college entrance exams.

These kinds of results were something no school in Rong City had achieved in years.

After the college entrance exam results were released, No. 12 High School was on headlines almost every day.

What’s more, this year, with the gradual rise of smartphones, microblogging entered the public vision. This made No. 12 High School’s amazing results become one of the most popular searched topics on the internet. Its sensation level was no less than that of the famous XX High School incident that will eventually happen in the next year. A GWPo

No. 12 High School being heavily reported on meant that its students were also reported on. It was a given that Lin Qian would be in the news for being the No. 1 student in Rong City, but surprisingly, several of the underachievers also received some fame.

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No matter what the headline was, it was enough to give No. 12 High School great fame.

Initially, after the college entrance exams, the seniors would usually scatter and wouldn’t be seen all together before graduation. However, this year was too monumental for No. 12 High School. In the end, the school decided to gather all their former senior students to hold a commendation assembly before the school started once more in September. This would not only commemorate their students’ achievements but would also incentivize the next generation of students to work hard.

After news of this assembly came out, many of the parents of these former senior students expressed a desire to attend. ALN8tk

For them, this year was a year of miracles. Whether their child was in the top class or the bottom class, all these parents witnessed their children change and achieve results that they didn’t dare think or expect.

So on this day, with the exception of some parents who couldn’t spare the time or simply didn’t care much about their child’s achievements, almost all of the parents showed up.

The venue of this commendation assembly was still in the school auditorium. The school auditorium hadn’t been officially opened yet, but there was already a huge crowd of parents and students gathered outside. Everyone had a jubilant expression on their face, and there wasn’t a single frown to be found.

It didn’t matter whether they knew the person next to them. As long as they were standing together, they began a conversation. There wasn’t a need to worry about finding topics to talk about either, because in a school setting, a parent’s favorite subject was their child’s grades. What’s more, in a situation like this where they were participating in a commendation assembly, everyone had endless things to say. XomAzU

“You may not believe this, but my child is in Class 7, ah. Before, his grades were a total mess. But somehow, he incredibly passed the undergraduate requirements! And by several points too.”

“I believe it, I believe it. My child is the same, ah. His grades were usually enough for an undergraduate course. My husband and I used to tell him that with a little bit of hard work, he’d be able to get into a top-tier university. But any encouragement doesn’t work, and my child, ah…for the last two years he hadn’t improved. My husband and I thought it was hopeless. But guess what? He’s not the first child in our family to get into a top university!”

“My child…sigh. She was originally in No. 10 High School. She used to play outside and skip school. But I had a job transfer last year, so my wife and I decided to move our daughter to No. 12 High School. It took a lot of effort to convince our daughter, but we really didn’t expect that No. 12 would be this good of a school!”

“Ah, my little boy used to go to internet cafes and play games every day. But somehow, when he started his senior year, he gave up all his games and diligently did his homework. Sometimes, he even studies until midnight. The only way I could get him to stop was to physically drive him to bed!” ZFRWso

One after the other, the proud parents talked about their children’s transformations. Their expressions were brimming with contented smiles, with some of them even crying.

Some of the parents still didn’t know the reason for their child’s sudden change. They asked: “I was out of town last year, so I almost had a heart attack when I found out my daughter had a high enough score to attend a top-tier university. What exactly happened? Are the teachers in No. 12 that good?”

As soon as this question asked, other parents gathered around to explain.

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“The teachers in No. 12 are conscientious and responsibly, but it wasn’t solely due to them. It was mainly because of the tutoring group in the school.” C1tqae

“Yes, yes, it was organized by the No. 1 student in the college entrance exams. His name is Lin Qian, right? I heard that Student Lin Qian is very charismatic. He’s not only smart, but he also has this kind of temperament that makes his peers listen to him. When he asked everyone to study, they all immediately immerse themselves in learning.”

A parent was taken aback by this. “Is there such a student?”

“There is.” It was Li Gao’s mother who answered this time. She had been in an excellent mood this past year, and the increase of her waistline was proof of this. She had long been converted into a brainless fan of Lin Qian. “Li Gao, that bear child in my family, not only had bad grades but was a real hooligan. He used to bully his classmates and get into fights a lot, ah. But then Lin Qian transformed him into an obedient child. Now, not only does my son study hard, but he even helps out around the store. A few days ago, a customer even praised him for being so diligent, ah, I was so embarrassed.”

“The same happened to my son.” This was Guo DangLi’s mother. She and Li Gao’s mother didn’t really talk to each other before, mostly because they thought that the other party’s child was the reason for their own child’s delinquency. They had actually quarreled with each other several times in the past. However, in the last year, they not only reconciled but also become good friends. In fact, they came to the commendation assembly together. Guo DangLi’s mother explained: “One year ago, I would’ve never dared to expect such results from my son, ah.” 4B8kbO

Guo DangLi had become the model child in their neighborhood and was often used by their neighbors to educate their own children. He had become the typical example of ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ and ‘ a prodigal son returned home is worth more than gold.’

Among the group was a quiet middle-aged man. This was Zhang FanFan’s father. Like Zhang FanFan, he wasn’t very good at speaking, but he still nodded along to the conversation.

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Truthfully, it could be said that Zhang FanFan’s brain wasn’t very bright. She studies hard, but her grades hadn’t improved despite the work she put in. However, ever since she met Classmate Lin Qian and received the guidance of the tutoring group, her grades had risen. In fact, she even received an acceptance letter for a well-known undergraduate school and surprised everyone who used to say sarcastic remarks about her.

“Then, according to you all, this Lin Qian is really amazing.” The unaware parent was shocked at this revelation, but he also did a thumbs up. “Doesn’t this mean that if this top student had delinquent tendencies instead of a good moral character, he would’ve directly made the school into a triad?” f3JDY6

The other parents: “….”

As they talked, a sudden commotion surged in the crowd. Someone exclaimed: “It’s Lin Qian!”

“Lin Qian’s arrived.”

Li Gao’s mother and Guo DangLi’s mother hurriedly turned towards the shouts. 4XkK2s

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing stepped past the school gate and attracted everyone’s eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The couple: “….”

And they tried their best to be low-key, ah. Zheng BuLu had initially wanted the driver to drive them to the school gates in a luxury car, but Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing insisted on walking.

They could only blame themselves for being too incredible, ah. UdHh Y

After a year of friendly competition towards drinking milk, the couple’s heights surpassed the original heights in their previous life. They originally already had relatively tall heights, but now, they stood out of any crowd.

In addition to this, their outstanding good looks and mature temperament made them both look striking no matter what they did. Like fireflies in the dark, they both attracted attention no matter the situation.

What’s more, one of the boys was the college entrance exam’s number one student who had been featured in all local media.

It was a kind of existence that everybody looked up to. Fey0b

“Boss Lin! Boss Zheng! Good morning!”

“Morning Boss Qian, Boss PingQing.”

“Good Morning, Bosses.”

Compared to their parents, the students had deeper emotions towards the two men. They all rushed to greet them. PNozkl

These were the men that brought them to glory, ah. After today, no one knew if they could ever meet these two bosses again. They all wanted to seize the opportunity to talk to them more.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Zheng PingQing noted that the crowd was so dense that there might not even be a path for them to walk through. He held up a hand, then pressed his palm down.

The noisy students immediately quieted down.

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Like Moses parting the sea, the densely packed students automatically retreated towards the left and right sides, separating to give the couple a wide path from the entrance to the auditorium. fz7EyK

“Boss, please!” Who knew which student shouted this.

Zheng PingQing nodded in satisfaction.

Lin Qian: “…” When did he have the time to secretly train his classmates to do this?

The parents: “….” BWzuOE

The unaware parent from before was stunned. “Are you sure he didn’t turn the school into a triad?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

got lost in translation. In Chinese, bastard is [王八蛋] while turtle is [王八]. When Zheng PingQing says, ‘you spent the night with this bastard,’ it’s similar to ‘you spent the night with this turtle.’

BiXi is one of those folktale characters who was the son of a dragon that has a tortoise form.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

So basically, Lin Qian is implying that he’s a dragon while Zheng PingQing is a turtle, and since they fucked, their baby would be BiXi.

This is basically a punny sort of joke.

Translator's Note

to dispel the clouds and see the sun (idiom); fig. to restore justice

Translator's Note

the most basic grades needed to be able to study an undergraduate course.

Translator's Note

Prodigal son: A child who strayed from the right path but eventually turned back for the better.

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