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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh96 - Extra 3: University Life


“Look, look, its that boy again.” Dressed in military fatigues, some girls were sitting on the ground, pointing towards a boy standing under the shade of a distant tree. They whispered towards each other, their eyes shining like stars.

“Ah, ah, he’s so handsome! It’s like he’s glowing.” One of the girls pressed her hands against her cheeks. SN2HcW

“I heard that school flower the in the next class has taken a fancy to him. After military training’s finished…”

“Hiss- so fast?”

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“You have to be quick, ah. Don’t you see how many people stare at this boy every time he comes? If you’re just a little bit late, you may not even have the chance to ask him out.”

“Right, right, right. Alas, I don’t have the confidence of that school flower. Otherwise, I would ask him out too…” Q6PUaH

Another girl whispered: “Don’t be silly, ah. That boy’s not in our university, but he frequently visits this old military training grounds for no apparent reason. I think it’s obvious he’s here to visit his lover.”

Next to her, another girl chimed in: “That makes sense.”

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t think about that. Alas, what a pity.”

Just as the girls were about to howl in indignation when someone informed them: “No, no, I heard from someone that he’s a friend of Zheng PingQing from business management. The boy is here to visit him.”


At the mention of Zheng PingQing, the girls immediately perked back up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah ah, Zheng PingQing? He’s also really handsome, ah.”

“Right, right, right. Hey, which do you think is more handsome? That boy or Zheng PingQing?”

“Drooling about Zheng PingQing is useless, ah. I heard that on the first day of the semester, a lot of people approached Zheng PingQing and asked about his love life, only to be directly told that he was already engaged.” goQR3t

The girls: “….”

Someone’s mouth twitched. “….really?”

The girl nodded. “Really. I heard that they even wear engagement rings and are just waiting to graduate to get married.”

The girls were in disarray. “Getting engaged during high school?” MPV6Td

“That…isn’t he a bit too impatient. ah?”

“Could it be some kind of arranged marriage?”

“Arranged marriage? What, is Zheng PingQing a bigwig that’s inheriting a great fortune?”

Some of the girls cursed. “He’ll regret it sooner or later. How many people do you meet in high school? Now that he’s in university, he’ll meet all sorts of people and find out just how naive he’d been.” VNHcJQ

One girl couldn’t help but ridicule the others’ explosive allegations: “I don’t know if he’ll come to regret it in the future, but I heard that he’s a super show-off. Someone heard him say that if he hadn’t been underaged, he would’ve already married his lover the moment they got engaged…”

The girls: “…”

The girls who previously had starry eyes when Zheng PingQing was mentioned, now became confused.

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“What the hell…” yNq3 t

“He’s not the lady-killer I imagined him to be…”

“He doesn’t look like someone who can’t pick up girls, why does he need to show off…”

“Forget it. We still have that handsome boy from the other university.”

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Snfgsbcf cbvvfv. “Tfr, sfr. Pa’r yfaafg ab rajs ibsji ab tlw.” G0JVdI

“P kbcvfg lo tf’r ralii rlcuif…”

“Snfc lo tf lrc’a rlcuif, ktb xcbkr? Ktfs wluta ygfjx eq…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pc jcs mjrf, atlr tjcvrbwf ybs kjr ralii wemt yfaafg atjc Itfcu UlcuHlcu, ktb tjv fcaterljralmjiis ajixfv jybea tlr fcujufwfca ab jcsbcf jcv fnfgsbcf. Ktf rweu fzqgfrrlbc Itfcu UlcuHlcu tjv jr tf rqbxf bo tlr ibnfg mbwqifafis rtjaafgfv atf ‘mbbi ues’ lwjuf atja fnfgsbcf atbeuta eq jybea tlw.

…… agrQkJ

Similar conversations had taken place in University L’s freshmen military training group in recent weeks, with all of their discussions centered around Lin Qian, who had come to visit Zheng PingQing every day.

It had been a month since the semster had started, and the one-month military training that all universities did was about to come to an end.

Coincidentally, L University’s military training ended one week later than A University’s training. That was why a week ago, after Lin Qian had finished his own military training, Lin Qian would visit University L and watch Zheng PingQing train.

Zheng PingQing was a man of outstanding appearance, with his handsome face and long limbs. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that his military instructor took a liking to him. His military instructor would often use him to demonstrate things, and his training often ended up becoming several times more intense than the other students. But despite the hardship, Zheng PingQing never missed the chance to talk to Lin Qian on the phone every night. UuOqt

Of course, because Lin Qian had also been in the middle of his military training, Zheng PingQing was worried about affecting Lin Qian’s rest and only dared to talk to Lin Qian on the phone for a few minutes.

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After carefully counting the days of their separation, the two had realized that they hadn’t seen each other for more than half a month. This was the longest time they’d been apart since their rebirth. This was why after his military training, as long as he didn’t have any classes, Lin Qian would go over to University L to watch Zheng PingQing train and give him moral support.

Because of Lin Qian’s eye-catching appearance, after a week of standing under the same tree just outside University L’s military training grounds, he had become the number one choice for the female students to watch when they wanted to relax after military training.

Finally, with great difficulty, University L concluded its military training. With great relief, the freshmen stumbled away, and the audience also dispersed. Zy2OV5

Instead of retreating with the crowd, Lin Qian stood still underneath the shade like he always did this past couple of days.

Before long, Zheng PingQing came running, cutting through the heavy stream of people to get to Lin Qian.

“I missed you so much.” Zheng PingQing wrapped his arms around Lin Qian into a tight embrace. He buried his face into Lin Qian’s neck and rubbed his sweaty forehead against Lin Qian’s collar.

“I missed you too.” Lin Qian hugged Zheng PingQing back. 2DUiy9

Zheng Pingiqng was still wearing his military fatigues, so it wasn’t obvious. But because Zheng PingQing was embracing him, Lin Qian could feel his wet back and smell the faint scent of sweat.

But Lin Qian didn’t mind one bit. Instead, he hugged Zheng PingQing even tighter. Even if a few passers-by gave them curious looks, Lin Qian didn’t care.

Perhaps to make up for his past regrets, Zheng PingQing put a lot of effort into everything he did in this life. So while his fellow freshman classmates complained endlessly during military training, Zheng PingQing followed and completed his training by the letter.

“You got tanned.” Lin Qian commented as he lifted a hand to touch Zheng PingQing’s forehead. XdlYLZ

Because Zheng PingQing hadn’t been lazy during his training, he didn’t lower his head or fool around even when the sun was high. So despite the sunscreen, after one whole month, it was like Zheng PingQing had transformed into a completely new person.

Zheng PingQing became nervous at Lin Qian’s words. “What? Do I look ugly?”

“Nope, you still look very handsome.” Lin Qian looked at him. “Your handsome face transcended your skin color.”

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With that peace of mind, Zheng PingQing also commented. “You also got a little tanned.” 0kQtuo

“Not enough sunscreen.” Lin Qian explained.

“But, you’re still the whitest one, ah.” Zheng PingQing told him, feeling a little depressed. He put his arm up against Lin Qian’s and compared them. Their skin tone was obviously different. Lin Qian was born with very fair skin, but after a month of military training, he didn’t tan much. Instead, Lin Qian’s complexion only turned into a light wheat-looking shade, a sharp contrast of Zheng PingQing’s much darker tan.

Zheng PingQing frowned. “We don’t match anymore.”

Lin Qian earnestly replied: “How is that possible, ah. Even if you change into every color under the sun, you’re the only person for me.” 6aZHyu

Satisfied at Lin Qian’s answer, Zheng PingQing held his hand and said: “Let’s go eat.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The couple slowly walked along the school road.

University campuses were different from high school campuses. There was less oppression in the air, and instead, the atmosphere was more lively and relaxed, and the people were more open. nrpsCA

Because of their tall figures and attractive looks, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing were always eye-catching. Especially Zheng PingQing, who was still wearing his military fatigues. The tight clothes made his shoulder broader and waist more narrow, while his tanned skin made him more refreshing.

With such a man next to him, Lin Qian, despite becoming a little tanned, looked much paler than usual. Coupled with his more delicate looks, Lin Qian’s elegance became much more prominent as he walked next to the rugged Zheng PingQing.

Like yin and yang, there was an unexpected sense of matching between Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing. It was as if their figures fit perfectly together. This attracted many peoples’ attention.

But, as if they were used to it, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing didn’t heed the stares. They were much too immersed in their own little world. 1WybSP

The sun was bright and scorching, but as the light passed through the trees, it cast a sort of tenderness on the couple.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, the shade of the trees wasn’t enough. While the two walked, Zheng PingQing had Lin Qian walk near the side of the road, leaving half of his body exposed to the hot sun.

Seeing him raise a hand to block the sunlight, Lin Qian pulled Zheng PingQing towards him.”Shuffle over a bit.”

“Oh, there’s not enough space.” Zheng PingQing wrapped an arm around Lin Qian’s shoulders. “I’m going to have to squeeze in.” mxpvEJ

Lin Qian gave him a funny stare but didn’t resist. Instead, Lin Qian reached up to touch Zheng PingQing’s damp forehead and said: “You’re sweating a lot.”

Zheng PingQing carelessly replied: “It’s just sweat. I have thick skin, so even if I sweat a lot, I don’t get burned. But you need to take care, ah. If you stay under the sun, you won’t tan anymore and instead get sunburnt.”

Lin Qian directly wiped Zheng PingQing’s sweat off with his hand and said: “Care about your own well-being too, ah.”

“I’m just trying to tug on your heartstrings.” Zheng PingQing shrugged. He then asked: “Where do you want to eat? Should we eat out or go to the center?” ALMb8E

Lin Qian pondered for a moment, then said: “Let’s go and eat at your canteen. I want to try it out and check the quality of the food. It’s what you’re going to be eating in the future, after all.”

“Oh, we can have wontons!” Zheng PingQing replied, his expression full of yearning.

Lin Qian, who knew Zheng PingQing all too well, felt his hair stand up on end. “What are you planning?”

Zheng PingQing didn’t bother covering up his intentions and instead revealed a kinky/evil smile. “Guess.” 6WSpP5

Lin Qian replied: “…I don’t want to guess.”

Lin Qian soon learned of Zheng PingQing’s plans. It seems that the cafeterias in University L were a little different compared to other universities. Although the food in this second canteen wasn’t as good, the environment was beautiful, and the seating was quite far apart from each other. It was the go-to canteen for couples on campus.

It currently wasn’t the peak time for the cafeteria, but there were still many couples scattered around the hall. In fact, there were even a few couples who were directly feeding each other.

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Lin Qian had no words. “Uh…” eYgm9K

Zheng PingQing pressed down on Lin Qian’s right shoulder, resolutely keeping him in place. “Oh, after practicing how to shoot for a while month, I can’t lift my arms, ah.”

But Lin Qian’s reply was ruthless: “Then you can learn how to eat like a cat.” Just shove your head directly into the bowl.

Zheng PingQing: “….”

Zheng PingQing immediately tried to act cute. “Then, will you pet your cat?” p8MJhr

Lin Qian lifted his hand and rubbed the top of Zheng PingQing’s head. “Good kitty, go get food.”

The huge black cat named Zheng PingQing obediently followed his master’s order and walked straight towards the window that sold wontons. He skillfully ordered: “Boss, can you give me two dry wontons with green onions, no coriander.”

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“Two wontons, coming right up.” With drooping eyes, the chef at the canteen window quickly put together two bowls of wonton, then sprinkled two handfuls of coriander on top.

Zheng PingQing: “…” AwKQrH

“That guy is really bad, ah.” Zheng PingQing said as he picked out the coriander from Lin Qian’s bowl one by one. “Not the least bit of attention is spent on his customers.”

Lin Qian didn’t care much. “Well, when he has to work in a cafeteria like this.”

“After such an exhausting day, we should properly rest! Why don’t we go to our ‘love nest’ tonight and sleep on a proper bed!” Zheng PingQing pretended to carelessly suggest.”

Zheng PingQing had always planned to buy a nearby residence after they settled in their respective schools so they could live together. However, before Zheng PingQing could even make a move, Zheng BuLu had already given them an apartment. Zheng BuLu said it was a birthday gift for Lin Qian and had directly registered the place under Lin Qian’s name. iczInR

Lin Qian hadn’t been too put off by this extravagant gift. One the one hand, there was no way that he and Zheng PingQing were ever going to break up. On the other hand, this expensive gift showed Zheng BuLu’s attitude towards their relationship. Lin Qian couldn’t reject this attempt of a welcoming attitude. Besides, Lin Qian knew that in the coming years, house prices in the capital will rise sharply. Although houses and apartments were still different, in the end, the prices of these both rose.

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“Love nest?” The corner of Lin Qian’s mouth twitched slightly.

“You don’t like that name?” Zheng PingQing thought for a moment, then suggested: “How about ‘the new house‘?”

But then, Zheng PingQing was a little dissatisfied with this title. “But ‘the new house’ feels a bit generic, a bit soulless.” 6yDoPs

After a moment’s silence, Lin Qian calmly said: “You might as well call it ‘lewd nest.'”

Zheng PingQing pretended to feel embarrassed. “That’s too straightforward, ah.”

Lin Qian gave him the side-eye. “I thought you couldn’t lift your hands. Do you even have the energy to have sex tonight?”

Zheng PingQing: “…” This is called lifting a stone and dropping it on your foot. O4 L9m

But Zheng PingQing refused to admit defeat. “I can drink an aphrodisiac and paste on some patches.”

Lin Qian laughed. “You need to think this through.”

Zheng PingQing was somewhat puzzled. “Why?”

Lin Qian’s eyes went up and down, sweeping through Zheng PingQing’s body. “Your face and limbs might be tanned, but your skin is still pale in other areas. As soon as you take off your clothes, I might not be able to keep myself from laughing.” 1d7Oxc

Zheng PingQing imagined such a scene and suddenly became calm. “It seems that this matter still needs long-term considerations.”

He doesn’t want to have such a funny picture in his life history, ah.

Zheng PingQing picked out some coriander for a while and finally managed to finish the work. He pushed the wontons towards Lin Qian, and as he did so, a lightbulb suddenly lit up in his head. “Oh, we can just wait until its dark and turn off the lights!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Qian: “…” BOHi7q

Zheng PingQing looked at his lover and earnestly said: “If you don’t want to, then just eat some coriander, and I’ll back off.”

Lin Qian: “…”

First of all, he really, really, hates coriander.

And second… 7rxZq4

Lin Qian looked down and saw that all the coriander in his bowl had been picked clean. There wasn’t a single leaf left to eat.

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Translator's Note

prettiest girl in class/school

Translator's Note

(idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter / scrupulous attention to detail

Translator's Note

to rub one’s hand along

Translator's Note

is also the word for bridal chamber lel

Translator's Note

the actual raw here is a lewd herbal plaster. Herbal plasters are used to heal wounds.

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