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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh1 - In Spite of Everything, I’m Getting Married.


In the very early hours of the morning, Lin Qian was on top of a pillow, an elbow propping up his head, as he sent Zheng PingQing a message.

Lin Qian: Happy Birthday 🙂 I5tQPT

A reply was sent back in seconds.

Zheng PingQing: Don’t just say that, do something to make me happy, ah!

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Lin Qian rolled his eyes and typed: It literally just became your birthday!

Zheng PingQing’s reply seemed expectant: Don’t hesitate, act quickly! C1UV2R

Lin Qian: “….”

Lin Qian moodily replied: The person already gave you their warm greetings, isn’t that enough for you to be happy?

Zheng PingQing: not enough.

Lin Qian couldn’t help but reflect on himself. In the end, for what reason did he decide to lose his mind and agree to associate with this person?


He tapped his index finger against his chin and replied: Then, what gift do you want?

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After a bit of thinking, he added: A friendly tip, my bank account has **** yuan so think about your answer with this in mind.

This time the reply was slow to come. The message box showed that the other party was constantly editing their reply, which made Lin Qian feel guarded.

Typing for so long, how many gifts does Zheng PingQing want, ah? You’re not actually planning on emptying my account, are you? RJxilP

Lin Qian wondered if he should backtrack and tell him to forget about it.

Anyway, this wouldn’t be the first time he and Zheng PingQing tried to scam each other.

Just as Lin Qian’s heart was about to shatter from the thought of his empty bank account, Zheng PingQing’s reply finally appeared.

Zheng PingQing: I don’t want money. BjeOyz

Lin Qian’s heart: “….”

It took you half an hour just to edit those four words?

As he rolled his eyes, another message appeared.

Zheng PingQing: Marry me, Lin Qian. XJdabf

Lin Qian was stunned, his elbow slipping, causing his head to fall straight down. Fortunately, the pillow below prevented a tragedy.

Lin Qian rubbed his chin, his heart fluttering from the abrupt drop: Do you know what you’re saying?

Zheng PingQing: I typed it word by word. So, what do you say?

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Lin Qian struggled to contain his laughter as he replied: If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have befriended you. 4zFveB

Zheng PingQing: If you want to laugh at me, then just go ahead and do it. Anyway, I’ve long crossed over to the enemy’s side and admitted defeat.

Zheng PingQing: Damn it!

Zheng PingQing: I like you. I can’t back out of these feelings anymore.

Looking at Zheng PingQing’s self-deprecating messages, Lin Qian could almost see his chagrined face. He couldn’t help the smile that blossomed as he replied: Say that again. HZcx9J

After sending this, Lin Qian felt a little perfunctory, like that online expression of “Putting on a facade when in reality, everyone already knew that he’s dumb as hell.” He hurriedly clarified: Calm down a bit, you’re not being stupid.

Lin Qin: After all, I like you too.

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Although Zheng PingQing didn’t immediately reply, Lin Qian, with more than ten years’ experience fighting with this person (in both wills and punches), could easily imagine the extremely dopey smile Zheng PingQing must be wearing right now.

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Vegf fcbeut, Itfcu UlcuHlcu’r cfza wfrrjuf kjr j iba wbgf ufcaif. 8 Re4Z

Itfcu UlcuHlcu: Olc Hljc P’nf kjrafv rb wjcs sfjgr bqqbrlcu sbe, P gfoerf ab mbcalcef ws raeqlvlas.

Itfcu UlcuHlcu: Ugbwlrf ab wjggs wf.

Olc Hljc rwlifv: Tbe olcjiis jvwlaafv atja sbe kfgf yflcu raeqlv yfobgf.

Olc Hljc: Dea atja vbfrc’a wjaafg. P qgbwlrf, sbe obbi. Zv6a8I

Lin Qian: Don’t forget your passport. I’ll see you at the airport.

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China hadn’t passed the same-sex marriage law yet, so two men can only go abroad if they wanted to get married.

A message box showed that once again, the other person was frantically editing a message. However, even after a long while, the message sent was still very inconsistent with the typing time.

Zheng PingQian: Wait for me. CE1euQ

When Lin Qian saw those familiar words, he couldn’t suppress the gentle sigh that escaped him. Then he snorted.

In the ten years they’ve known each other, Zheng PingQing has said those words to him countless times.

But all those times in the past were said in animosity.

Who could anticipate that those words, said between the same two people that were once irreconcilable adversaries, who would shout 'You die, I live' to each other, would be spoken for a marriage proposal. sVy5OW


On the way to the airport, Lin Qian’s mood was quite delicate.

He took out his phone and opened the messaging app to stare at the words ‘wait for me’.

Zheng PingQing had transferred to Lin Qian’s high school during his sophomore year, and ever since then, the two had been continuously fighting for more than a decade. n2sz75

Even their relatives and friends, because of their antagonistic relationship, had become two well-known circles of opposition in the city, regularly sniping at each other.

That was until a few years ago, when Zheng PingQing’s father, the city’s richest man, was exposed in a scandal. Seeing the Zheng family’s misfortune all over the newspapers along with some recent revelations made Lin Qian and his close childhood friend Xu Yao finally realize that Zheng PingQing truly wasn’t an enemy to be blamed.

Though even during the reunion celebrating the 50th anniversary of their high school last year, one of the main topics everyone was reminiscing about was the legendary feud between Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing.

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It was a classic case of ‘teenage angst ruining one’s future prospects.’ LPiSNp




Lin Qian stood in the departure hall as he watched Zheng PingQing cut through the crowd to reach him. iu3xpQ

Despite it being hours before sunrise, Zheng PingQing dressed casually. He didn’t even have a suitcase, just a bag on one hand and his passport on the other.

Still, he was like a crane amongst a flock of chickens, truly dazzling.

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“You’re here.” Zheng PingQing stopped in front of Lin Qian, his face slightly pale due to his nervousness. Despite this, his eyes were clear and resolute as he said: “You’re sure about this? No lingering doubts?”

Without waiting for Lin Qian to reply, Zheng PingQing took his hand and answered his own question: “Regardless, regretting things now are useless.” Q5fSXW

With a hand firmly on Lin Qian’s wrist, Zheng PingQing started to drag him towards the security checkpoint.

Lin Qian: “….”

Lin Qian didn’t resist the man pulling him forward. A little dumbfounded, he simply replied: “You’re not giving me a chance to speak my mind, ah.”

Zheng PingQing paused for a second, before continuing to walk determinedly: “You’ve already agreed.” lOwy3X

Lin Qian: “….”

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Well, what else can he say to that? In the end, Lin Qian could only grasp the hand holding him. With a gentle voice and smiling expression, he said: “Yes, yes, I’ve already agreed, no need to be afraid.”

Zheng PingQing’s footsteps slowed.

Lin Qian discovered that the hand he was holding was faintly trembling. Ol6msq

In the past, they fought so ferociously, sometimes to the point of actually coming to blows. Zheng PingQing had never once been scared or timid when facing him then, but now he was genuinely anxious enough for his hands to shake. There was no trace of that imposing person today.

Lin Qian couldn’t help but hate himself a little. They had been butting heads for so many years, how did he not discover the fact that Zheng PingQing was someone who was strong in appearance but was weak-hearted in reality. He could’ve teased him into submission a long time ago!

Zheng PingQing was tense right until they actually boarded the plane and sat down on their seats. When he confirmed that Lin Qian really wasn’t going to escape, he calmed down enough to loosen his death grip on Lin Qian slightly.

“We’re actually getting married.” his tone as he said this showed his disbelief on the matter. LaTI1X

Lin Qian was also quite emotional: “In spite of everything, we actually are.”

If someone said a few years earlier that he would one day agree to marry Zheng PingQing, every single relative and friend of his wouldn’t doubt that person’s untimely and violent death.

The world truly is unpredictable.




As the plane took off, Lin Qian looked through the window to see the forever-bright glow of the city shrinking. As the glittering lights disappeared, he officially said goodbye to his childish and frivolous youth.

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Maybe because he had the same thought, Zheng PingQing’s voice sounded near his ear with a sigh: “Do you sometimes wonder if we could go back and start all over again…” h0s6zI

Before he even finished, Lin Qian couldn’t help but retort: “If we could go back in time, the first thing you have to do is publicly admit during the senior assembly that I’m the most handsome man in the entire year!”

One deeply affectionate Zheng PingQing: “….”

They’re already getting married and he still can’t let go of that petty grudge? Can’t you just go with the flow and say some sweet words?

Zheng PingQing felt a little aggrieved as he nodded: “…alright.” KXEDJu

Then Zheng PingQing continued and said a few sweet words of endearment: “Then after I admit it, we can fall in love early on, without having to waste all those years…”

But in the end, Lin Qian just had to spoil the atmosphere: “Wake up a little, we’d be too busy preparing for our college entrance exams to do anything.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zheng PingQing: “….”

A fearless Zheng PingQing retorted back: “That isn’t as important as you.” lrJ7Aq

Lin Qian really just had to laugh this time, going in for a cuddle and rubbing his head against Zheng PingQing’s neck: “Well, if we actually do go back in time and start over, all that means is that I would be able to love you a lot earlier.”

“Un.” Zheng PingQing wrapped his arms around him tightly. “Sleep. When you wake up, we’ll get married.”

The night was dark, with the dull roar of the engines in the background. Occasionally, stars could be seen flickering past the window, like meteors passing in the blink of an eye.

Lin Qian unexpectedly felt reassured, and as he nuzzled into Zheng PingQing’s arms, fell into a deep sleep. 2iJlC6


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Lin Qian had a dream. rg74az


In this dream, time really did rewind and he returned to his turbulent high school senior year.

On the first day of their senior year, there was an assembly where the students would collectively say the school’s vows as per tradition. As the top student with the highest grades, Lin Qian was the student representative. He would need to go up the stage and make a speech, inspire his fellow classmates, and lead them to say the oath.

It was just that, because of the feud between him and Zhen Pingqing, the assembly ended in disaster. qE9F6O

Zheng PingQing, who had just returned from summer vacation, was for some reason very angry that day. With a group of people rallying behind him, he publicly confronted Lin Qian in the middle of the assembly. On stage, Lin Qian gave as much as he got, and the ensuing roars of laughter turned the whole scene into chaos.

Before the school oath could even be completed, Zheng PingQing and the people with him swaggered off.

That assembly became the one nightmarish stain in Lin Qian’s entire senior year.

But it was nothing compared to what happened after the assembly. VgowFa

It was the reason Lin Qian couldn’t forgive Zheng PingQian and held a grudge against him all these years.

That was, until two years ago, when Lin Qian’s father divorced his stepmother. This led him to unwittingly find the truth about what happened in that horrible year.

Afterward, he and Zheng PingQing finally managed to understand each other for the first time. Now, whenever they thought back to that farce of a year that changed so many people’s lives, they would groan.

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“Ah Qian, hurry and wake up.” syIrZn

“Ah Qian, it’s time to wake up. All the girls in our year are waiting for you.”

Lin Qian could hear a faint voice in the distance.

“Actually, forget about the girls, we need to kick Zheng PingQing off his high horse.”

“Zheng PingQing’s insane, actually getting along with that Dong MingEn, going so far as to…” The voice, especially the resentment coloring its tone, was familiar. 8AVJKF

“It’s becoming a problem. But never fear, Xu Yao is on your side. That noob is nothing compared to a true master.”

“Fuck, you still need to return the favor, aren’t you my unshakable brother?”

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“Ah Qian, Ah Qian…”

Lin Qian finally opened his eyes in a daze, only to be met with an extremely familiar face. xUR1c8

Xu Yuo was a neighbor who grew up right alongside Lin Qian ever since they were children. He badmouthed Zheng PingQing with him for over a decade. They had an extraordinary, revolutionary friendship that withstood the test of time.

He was still sluggish when he saw Xu Yao’s face wobbling to shape in front of him. Somehow, this familiar face looked a little strange today.

Lin Qian’s head was in a mess. It took him a solid minute to realize that he wasn’t on the plane. How else would Xu Yao be in front of him right now?

But he then realized that Xu Yao was badmouthing Zheng PingQing, saying: “An Qian, I think we should just find Shao ShiJia and ask her to give Zheng PingQing a beating…no, two beatings…” 0uax9c

Lin Qian: “….”

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What’s going on? Didn’t Xu Yao accept his relationship with Zheng PingQing already? Why would he change his mind again?

Lin Qian stopped Xu Yao’s ramblings with a hand on his shoulder and with a serious expression said: “Xu Yao, I know it’s a difficult thing for you to swallow, but you have to accept that Zheng PingQing and I are together!”

Looking into Xu Yao’s blank look and slack face, Lin Qian became aggravated. With a stern voice, he dealt the finishing blow: “Xu Yao, I’m going to marry Zheng PingQing.” BmqNoh

Xu Yao’s eyes widened instantly, and suddenly there was a loud bang and clatter.

As Lin Qian turned his head towards the source of the sound, Xu Yao finally snapped out of it: ????????

What the fuck?!


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Translator's Note

He says an idiom, not just the literal words. The idiom means: Stay, don’t give up and leave / Be sure to wait

Translator's Note

Usually, the saying goes “If you die, I die” but here it’s “You die, I live”

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