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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh94 - Extra 1: Love Letters From the Past


“So now, you’re my fiancee.” Zheng PingQing stood up while still holding Lin Qian’s hand. “I hope you’ll abide by your husband’s teachings when at university. You can’t be fascinated by the teeming world outside, ah.”

Lin Qian had no words. “…you make it sound as if this is my first time going to university.” F1B37

And what ‘teeming world’? He’s never seen such a thing, ah.

“I’m just taking some preventive measures, ah.” Zheng PingQing confidently explained. “Don’t think I don’t know- in our last life, you received hundreds of love letters from your classmates in university. I had no right to say anything then, but this time, things are different.”

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Lin Qian’s eyes became strange. “….even when our relationship was so bad, you still secretly paid attention to me?”

Zheng PingQing thought for a bit, then said: “Maybe it was just the natural inclination of a black powder fan.” 5UlzCk

Lin Qian smiled, then wrapped his arms around Zheng PingQing’s waist. “Be honest. Have you ever intercepted a love letter intended for me?”

“No.” Zheng PingQing replied. And this was actually true. Whether he liked Lin Qian or hated him, Zheng PingQing had always done things in an open and upright manner. As a sign of respect towards his opponent and himself, he never did anything shady.

However, Zheng PingQing continued: “But I had always been secretly unhappy.”

Lin Qian raised a brow. “That’s all?”


Zheng PingQing wrinkled his nose, then eventually told him the truth. “Just….honestly, I also wrote you a love letter…”

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Zheng PingQing, who rarely showed a sense of shame, was now looking quite embarrassed as he said: “I wrote it anonymously.”

Lin Qian’s eyes widened. “….during university?”

Zheng PingQing nodded. KFbNnm

For the first time, Lin Qian felt like he had been struck by thunder. “You were still quarreling with me non-stop during university! What was your state of mind when you decided to write me a love letter, ah?”

“I was being competitive.” Truthfully, Zheng PingQing had no idea what had been going through his mind when he wrote the love letter. “I felt like those girls had no vision. I wondered how those girls fell in love with you when they didn’t know anything about you…but I was also a little worried that…you might like one of them back…”

Later, as time went by, Zheng PingQing found that Lin Qian didn’t seem to show any signs that he had fallen in love. So Zheng PingQing secretly dismissed those girls that couldn’t even move Lin Qian the slightest. In the end, Zheng PingQing’s love letter was probably some sort of personal challenge to himself. It was unknown whether a demon or ghost possessed him, but….after exhausting his brain by trying to think of the nastiest, most cringe-worthy words and writing it down in a letter, Zheng PingQing sent the abomination to Lin Qian.

“It was all your fault!” At the thought of this vile letter, Zheng PingQing’s face felt extremely hot. “After sending that letter, I became restless and uneasy for months! I was out of my mind, ah.” nJ34aF

On the one hand, he was worried that Lin Qian wouldn’t reply to his letter.

On the other hand, he was worried that Lin Qian would reply. After all, he could only imagine the kind of reply he would get from a letter like that…

“Yes, yes, it’s all my fault.” Lin Qian rolled his eyes, extremely amused.

But now that everything was brought to light, Zheng PingQing couldn’t help but ask: “Speaking of, what’s the matter with you? I wrote you such a touching love letter, ah. Why didn’t you reply?” Nvg4IE

Lin Qian asked: “Didn’t you send it to me anonymously? How am I supposed to send you a reply?”

Zheng PingQing had no way of refuting such iron-clad logic. “…you’re right.”

“But…” Lin Qian tried to think back. “That letter you sent me was really touching, ah. It helped several of my classmates catch a girlfriend.”

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Zheng PingQing’s mouth twitched: “What the heck?” LWdZXK

Lin Qian laughed and patted Zheng PingQing’s head. “But now I know: You liked me long before you even realized your feelings for me.”

In his last life, Lin Qian received many love letters. While he never liked any of them back, out of respect for the author, he would always carefully read through any love letter that reached his hand. Although his reply would only ultimately be a ‘thank you,’ Lin Qian had understood from a young age that people’s hearts and feelings should be taken seriously.

But there was one love letter that left a deep impression on him.

Unfortunately, it was anonymous. It was even typed and printed out, hinting at the author’s remarkable cautiousness. xvdW4u

Truthfully, that anonymous love letter wasn’t as nauseating as everyone thought it was. On the contrary, a lot of sincere feelings and thoughts had been poured it. In fact, the author probably didn’t even realize just how much they had bared in that letter. It had been so heartfelt that Lin Qian could still remember some parts of it.

He could still remember reading the tangled and muddled emotions the authors must’ve had when writing the letter. Those feelings were in every line, between every word.

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It was the first time Lin Qian had decided to write a formal reply…well, a formal rejection letter.

However, he didn’t know the name or address of the sender. Lin Qian went around his dormitory and asked if anyone knew or saw the person who had left this letter on his door, but naturally, no one knew anything. Lin Qian’s questions caught the attention of his dorm-mates, though. MHXanT

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It was due to the fact that this was the first time Lin Qian had showed any interest in a love letter. It made everyone curious, so they rushed to read the letter. After they read it, they were shocked. But then, they all decided to keep it confidential so they could have material to say in case of a rainy day.

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Ktlr kjr kts Olc Hljc rjlv atja atf ifaafg tfiqfv rfnfgji bo tlr mijrrwjafr mjamt ulgioglfcvr. ZudULX

After listening to this story, Zheng PingQing: “…..”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zheng PingQing said with a deadpan expression: “So my letter didn’t dissuade you, but pulled a lot of female classmates instead?”

Lin Qian held back a smile as he replied: “You can say that.”

Zheng PingQing scratched his head. “So did my love letter impress you or not?” 7BUCoF

Lin Qian was surprised. “So that’s what your intentions were when you wrote that love letter? You wanted to impress me?”

Zheng PingQing: “….” How would I know?! He had been possessed by some sort of ghost when he wrote it, ah!

Seeing his sad expression, Lin Qian moved a little closer and said: “You know, I actually suspected that you had something to do with it…”

Zheng PingQing’s brows finally unfurrowed. “Really?” 2uaTLr

“Nn.” Lin Qian nodded. “But I only briefly entertained the idea. I didn’t dare say it out loud.”

Zheng PingQing asked: “Why?”

Lin Qian gave him a look. “Don’t you think that such accusations would make me seem…abnormal?”

Zheng PingQing could only reply: “…right.” 5fXuro

If it weren’t for the extreme emotions hidden between the lines of the letter expressing the author’s desperate attempts to hide his feelings and Lin Qian’s ten brain holes, it would’ve been impossible to figure out that Zheng PingQing had written the love letter.

Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing’s eyes met. They knew that no matter what their appearance was, whether it was their adult bodies in their last life or their much younger ones in this life, their love was forever constant. It persisted, no matter the timeline.

“Why did I still end up three centimeters shorter than you?” A depressed Lin Qian suddenly said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thanks to the blessings of the mighty milk, Lin Qian had reached the height Zheng PingQing had in their last life. The problem was that Zheng PingQing had also grown taller in this life. In the end…Lin Qian still ended up shorter than him. VWzsoC

Zheng PingQing bowed his head and kissed Lin Qian. “It doesn’t matter, ah. No matter what your body looks like, we can still *beep* and *beep*.”

At long last, Zheng PingQing’s R-rated campus love-story was realized as the two deepened their kiss. However, after only two minutes of feeling each other up, they heard a shocked voice from behind: “You two…you…”

The two separated and turned their heads. It was Huo YeRui.

Huo YeRui’s expression was full of shock and disgust as he said: “So you two had this sort of relationship! So disgusting!” U5YMBq

But there was also the slightest hint of pleasure in his tone.

Huo YeRui had an awful year. It was like all the good luck he had accumulated over the past ten years had been used up overnight. His father had been arrested for bribery, and his own reputation had fallen onto the mud.

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In the past, because of Huo PingChuan, some teachers were willing to give him special treatment in private. He had always been so busy socializing and forming connections that it would be inevitable for him to miss a few questions in an exam or to lose a few points. It was thanks to these teachers that he was able to maintain his high scores and receive a place in the top class.

But after Huo PingChuan’s arrest, this special treatment disappeared. In addition to this, his mental state became out of balance. In the end, he could only muddle through his last year of high school. However, when he got his results from the college entrance exams, Huo YeRui found that his grades were only enough for an ordinary undergraduate course. zQY35x

It was a far cry from his original plans to get into F University through the school’s recommendation.

In contrast to his fellow classmates who achieved excellent grades, he was left feeling frustrated by his average results.

He actually didn’t want to attend this commendation ceremony. After all, he didn’t have his high grades anymore, and his popularity had hit rock bottom too.

But in the end, he finally decided to secretly attend for fear of being laughed at. He didn’t dare appear in front of Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing’s group, so he had sought places with few people. Eventually, he wandered into this deserted stairway. qKMENo

Huo YeRui hadn’t expected to uncover such a fantastic secret.

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He had attributed all his misfortunes this year to Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing. He hated them both and wanted to get revenge, but he had no ability or the means to do so.

He never thought that God would eventually give him a helping hand.

Huo YeRui’s face was red in excitement as he said: “You two are so shameless, ah! I’m telling the other students!” uQTaHn

He held his head high and waited for the two people in front of him to panic and beg to keep their relationship a secret. Huo YeRui planned to take this opportunity and humiliate the two and avenge himself.

However, reality and imagination were very different from each other. Huo YeRui found that the couple’s expressions didn’t even twitch.

Zheng PingQing even looked expectant as he replied: “Go, go, don’t hesitate.”

Lin Qian narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend. Sure enough, this man couldn’t wait. vSybZo

Huo YeRui: “…”

Huo YeRui thought that Zheng PingQing was nothing but a duck who was reluctant to admit his mistakes. Thinking that he was just faking his calm composure to mess with his head, Huo YeRui immediately sneered: “So unyielding, ah. Then don’t regret it!”

Zheng PingQing replied: “I won’t regret it, ah. Hurry up and go!”

Having failed to achieve his goal to see the two on their knees, Huo YeRui’s expression turned gloomy. He said: “I initially wanted to give you a chance. But now, even if you beg on your hands and knees, I definitely won’t change my mind.” JRU Dh

Zheng PingQing complained: “You’re so long-winded, ah.”

Huo YeRui never expected Zheng PingQing to be so shameless. Giving up on embarrassing Zheng PingQing, Huo YeRui now turned to Lin Qian. “What about you? Aren’t you afraid?”

Lin Qian fell silent for a moment, seemingly lost in thought.

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Seeing his hesitation, Huo YeRui became delighted. Out of the two of them, he hated Lin Qian the most. He wanted to see Lin Qian kneel down before him. uPNqZC

After a while, Lin Qian asked: “Do you want to borrow a loudspeaker, so your words travel more?”

Huo YeRui: “…”

Huo YeRui was shaking in anger as he said: “You, you, you…just you wait and see! You dogs are going to crash and burn!”

Zheng PingQing: “Oh.” qEm3lv

Lin Qian: “Oh.”

Huo YeRui felt like his chest was going to explode. He angrily turned away and ran downstairs, intending to take advantage of the fact that the parents still hadn’t left yet.

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If there was one thing he absolutely had to accomplish today, it was to completely shatter Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing’s reputation.

The two highly praised students of this school turned out to be disgusting homosexuals. Huo YeRui imagined the faces of the people who usually gathered around Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing to morph into disgust. At the thought of this, Huo YeRui’s heart filled with excitement and glee. xPSVAs

He ran all the way towards the crowd and finally saw a familiar group near the school gate.

The members of the tutoring group intended to join Bai YanZhu in the snack shop, but halfway through their journey, they realized that their two big bosses had mysteriously disappeared. The group wanted to go back and find the couple but was vehemently stopped by the witty Gou XinDou and the experienced Xu Yao.

In the end, they decided to wait for the couple at the school gate.

But they didn’t expect to encounter not their two bosses, but a nasty male student. KJNpRi

Huo YeRui came running and excitedly said: “You, you’re all here!”

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Xu Yao was afraid that Huo YeRui wanted to tag along and eat with them. Repulsed, he said: “The group is full, ah. No more people can be added.”

Huo YeRui didn’t understand what Xu Yao meant, but he didn’t care. He swept his gaze around the area. Good, all the relatives and friends of those two are currently present. This was going to be a guaranteed one-hit kill.

Huo YeRui restrained the laughter that threatened to spill from his lips, but he couldn’t hide the merriment in his eyes as he asked: “Are you guys waiting for Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing?” LWAYGo

The tutoring group didn’t want to talk to Huo YeRui, but Tang WanQi was in the same class as him and didn’t have the same thick skin as the rest of the group, so she answered: “Yes.”

Huo YeRui strived to make his tone as flat as possible as he said: “I don’t think you should wait for them. The two were kissing when I last saw them; they probably don’t remember you guys.”

After saying this, Huo YeRui deliberately paused, excited to see the panic in their faces. Even if these people don’t initially believe his words, Huo YeRui had plenty of ways to make them believe.

As expected, the group’s faces changed. Huo YeRui was just about to proudly puff his chest when their next reaction caught him off-guard. aOHpZV

He actually saw them collectively sigh in relief.

“FML, as expected!”

“Fortunately, we didn’t go looking for them. Otherwise, I’d end up getting blinded again…”

“As expected of our older brother Yao. He’s so experienced…he actually saved our lives!” sCETRl

Xu Yao loftily arched his hand. “You’re welcome.”

Huo YeRui became worried and confused. He said: “You don’t believe me? I have proof…”

He took out his cellphone and opened a certain photo. “Look at this.”

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Xu Yao leaned forward and reviewed the photo. He commented: “The camera angle isn’t good, ah.” yehC6w

Luo XingGuang also ragged on the photo. “What’s this? It’s like you secretly took a screenshot while in a movie theater. 0 points!”

Jiang TingJun, who had gotten a lot of experience in a very short time, also commented: “Your photography skills are just too lacking. Ah Qian and Hardworking Zheng are just the kind of couple that require expert-level photography skills.”

Fu Yifei patted Jiang TingJun on the shoulder. “In terms of photography skills, Master Jiang is still the most powerful, ah!”

Jiang TingJun: “…no need to mention the past. Please don’t, thanks.” Sdl7zv

Huo YeRui never expected this kind of reaction from them. Feeling befuddled, he reluctantly asked: “Can’t you see it? They’re gay!”

Xu Yao looked at him strangely. “So what? That’s none of your business?”

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Pan QiBo sneered. “Why? are you opposing their relationship?”

Fu YiFei, who had learned some buzzwords from Lin Qian, finally had the chance to use them. With the tone of his voice sounding very sarcastic, he said: “They’re just two men who happen to like each other. You sound like you encountered a demon or ghost, ah. What kind of thoughtless gossip are you spouting?” 8ILcq7

“You, you…” Huo YeRui wanted to say something, but he couldn’t.

There’s something wrong with this storyline, ah!

Huo YeRui stepped back, but Jiang TingJun stepped forward and took out his cellphone. He opened the album and showed Huo YeRui the screen as he said: “See, this is how you take photos of couples!”

In the photo, two men were holding each other as a campfire blazed behind them. vc3hS8

The composition, lighting, and shadow placement was perfect.

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Huo YeRui: “…”

Luo XingGuang took this opportunity to grab Huo YeRui’s cellphone and quickly deleted all the photos in his album and emptied its recycling bin. As if he was doing something wholly righteous and justified, he said: “Your photos are so bad, ah. It’s insulting to our Boss’s image. Here, I deleted it for you.”

Huo YeRui’s phone had been snatched, and when he got it back, his album was empty. t70nXs

The group acted so magnanimous that Huo YeRui couldn’t say anything to refute them.

“Go away now, you’ve become annoying, ah.” Xu Yao shooed him away.

Huo YeRui looked their scornful and contentious eyes and felt cold all over.

In his imagination, these eyes should’ve been trained on Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing. dSEzns

Huo YeRui walked out of the school completely dazed. But just before he turned a corner, he encountered a tall girl wearing her hair in a high ponytail. She looked quite beautiful. The girl seemed vaguely familiar, but Huo YeRui couldn’t place where he saw her.

“Hello, student.” The girl smiled.

Huo YeRui thought that she was going to ask for directions. He didn’t want to pay attention to her, but she was really good-looking, so Huo YeRui smiled and asked: “What’s the matter.”

Still smiling, the girl asked: “Have you ever been beaten up?” aswnhT

Huo YeRui didn’t know why she asked this, but he still subconsciously answered: “No.”

“Well, now you can say that you have.” The girl said.

Then, a fist hit him on the face.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

the teeming world / the world of sensual pleasures

Translator's Note

basically an anti-fan. Likes to rile up fans by nitpicking or deliberately saying malicious remarks. A troll.

Translator's Note

demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation / curious coincidence

Translator's Note

censored in raws too haha.

Translator's Note

slang for male prostitute

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