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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh24 - Call Me Dad


“Zheng PingQing you fucker-” Huo YeRui was so angry he made a rude remark on the spot. He had to swallow the second half of his sentence though, as several high-class people surrounded him. He didn’t want to cause a heart attack.

Huo YeRui had to pour himself a glass of ice water to calm himself down. He had no intention of trying to guess Zheng PingQing’s goals. He was busy being angry after getting teased, and his mind was filled with the many different ways he could teach Zheng PingQing a lesson. vaimoq

Suddenly, there was a commotion just outside the restaurant door. A classmate ran in, flustered. He looked around, and when he spotted Huo YeRui, he ran towards him. The classmate said: “YeRui, something happened.”

Huo YeRui frowned. “What’s the matter?”

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The classmate replied: “One of your friends and Zheng PingQing are fighting on the skating rink. You have to go out and break them up.”

Huo YeRui regained his vigor, and he hastily put down his cup and left. czhQd5

After his conversation with Huo YeRui, Zheng PingQing’s mood didn’t get any better. With the situation with his mother still bothering his heart, he had a sense of restlessness that he just couldn’t get rid of.

The mall’s skating rink was just outside the restaurant. Seeing it, Zheng PingQin decided to change into a pair of skates and enter the rink.

The sky had long turned dark, and it was dinnertime. Because of this, the venue was mostly empty, with only a few people left skating. Zheng PingQing didn’t have to worry about bumping into anyone, so he emptied his mind and aimlessly wandered around.

Chen ShiYi’s words echoed over and over:

r 37m2

“PingQing, it’s my fault. I always thought that while you had me, Lin Qian didn’t have a mother. Because of that, I wanted you to be kind to him, but I realize that I haven’t done a very good job being your mother….”

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“I just wanted to stop you two from hurting each other. Lin Qian doesn’t know that I’m your mother. I only talked to you about this, which I now realize isn’t fair to you…”

“PingQing, I just hope you can be happy. Don’t hurt others anymore, alright? Don’t hurt yourself anymore…” bRcifr


Zheng PingQing thought about what would’ve happened if he had never humiliated Lin Qian due to Chen ShiYi’s words. If he never fought Lin Qian, if they never got suspended, never did something so irreversible. He and Chen ShiYi would never have such an antagonistic relationship.

Would he have eventually heard Chen ShiYi’s apology?

At seventeen, he had been young and intense. In his past life, he had felt like a fire was burning his heart. When he poured just a little bit of oil, it exploded. Back then, he had never cared about the consequences of his actions. He simply felt wronged, so he wanted to vent. f46IdC

He had gone too far, and he wasn’t able to turn back.

“PingQing, I’m going to be back living here for a while. If…if you like…I would like it, if I could formally introduce our relationship to Lin Qian…”

Back at the restaurant, Zheng PingQing had been bewildered and couldn’t answer properly. He had been too fidgety and only managed to scratch his head. Now, Zheng PingQing was very much regretting not just directly telling her: “I also want to formally introduce you to my relationship with Lin Qian.”

It would’ve probably caused her and Lin YaZhi to cry on each other’s shoulders! gsErnI

Zheng PingQing’s thoughts started to stray into darker territory.

While he was absentminded, he didn’t notice an aggressive figure heading his way until the man was practically on top of him.

His feet subconsciously moved to turn his body, as he instinctively wanted to avoid the oncoming figure. But then this person also followed his change of direction, and the two ended up clashing head-on, before separating.

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Zheng PingQing felt like the person in front of him looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t remember his name. sF6BzS

This person shouted first, his mouth curved into a malicious smile. “Zheng PingQing, long time no see!”

After that, he lunged at Zheng PingQing and hit him in the shoulder.

Zheng PingQing wasn’t the best skater in the first place, and with this unexpected collision, he failed to stabilize his body. He toppled and hit the ice hard.

While in pain, Zheng PingQing shouted back: “What’s your problem?” Vpshdi

The man skated around him in a circle before slowing down to a halt. With a condescending sneer, he looked down on Zheng PingQing and said: “I didn’t expect you to transfer to No. 12. Zheng PingQing, don’t tell me you’re afraid to see me?”

Zheng PingQing listened to this person mock him and felt that he really had graduated from the immaturity of high school students. He didn’t feel angry or offended at this person’s words. He only found it funny.

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However, he finally remembered who this person was. He was the main reason he transferred to No. 12 High School in his second year. But…

“Hello.” Zheng PingQing greeted. d4w0Ul

He cannot for the life of him remember this person’s name.

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This person narrowed his eyes. “What, you’re really gonna pretend not to know me?”

Itfcu UlcuHlcu rabbv eq, jcv jr tf qjaafv tlr mibatfr, tf gfqilfv: “P xcbk sbe, yea P vbc’a gfwfwyfg sbeg cjwf.”

Ktf batfg qfgrbc: “….” JiAfjN

Someone on the sidelines nervously asked: “Hey, Zheng Chong, what’s going on? Are you ok?”
Zheng PingQing suddenly had a thought: “Oh, that’s right; you’re Zheng Chong.”

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Itfcu Jtbcu lwwfvljafis ofia atja tf kjr yflcu ajecafv. Lf atbeuta atja Itfcu UlcuHlcu kjr vblcu atlr bc qegqbrf. Ccugs, Itfcu Jtbcu gfjmtfv bea ab qert Itfcu UlcuHlcu jujlc. “Tbe vbc’a cffv ab qgfafcv.”

Again, Zheng Chong caught Zheng PingQing unaware. Zheng PingQing was pushed before he could even properly stand. In the end, he wobbled and fell.

Zheng PingQing didn’t care the first time around because he was too lazy to settle such old disputes with a high school student. But now, he had been pushed twice in a row. It was time to teach this bear child how to behave and act like a proper human being. As Zheng PingQing was falling, he swore and kicked at Zheng Chong’s feet, also bringing him down. VN3J8m

Zheng Chong exclaimed as he fell. He only wanted to mess with Zheng PingQing as a joke. But he didn’t expect falling so hard that his five senses were disrupted, even managing to bring tears to his eyes.

“Fuck you, Zheng PingQing.” Zheng Chong was so aggravated, he couldn’t wait to stand up and beat Zheng PingQing on the ice.

After fighting Lin Qian for many, many years, Zheng PingQing, who was now familiar with all kinds of fighting styles, was cold and calm. “In your dreams.”

Zheng Chong: ????? X3xl6n

Zheng Chong never expected Zheng PingQing’s fighting skills to develop so much in only a year. Zheng PingQing easily countered all of his moves. Because of this, Zheng Chong became more annoyed, fighting back furiously and swearing as he did so. His punches and kicks were becoming sloppier as he got more and more irritated.

Thanks to Zheng Chong’s angry shouts, the fight quickly attracted attention. Some students nearby recognized the second-generation Zheng Chong and No. 12’s Zheng PingQing. They all realized something was wrong and promptly went to find the protagonist of tonight’s birthday party.

News like this always traveled fast, and soon, students started to pour out of the restaurant and towards the skating rink. Initially, Lin Qian had just been following the crowd. But when he saw what was happening at the skating rink, his lips tightened, and he rushed in, only stopping to put on some skates.

As soon as he stepped on the ice, Lin Qian, like an arrow leaving its bow, ran quickly but steadily towards Zheng PingQing. lKiAgo

Lin Qian stopped near the two figures twisting together on the rink, their skates scraping ice everywhere. With a cold voice, he said: “Stop it right now, no more fighting.”

Zheng Chong was startled by the chilly voice and subconsciously started to let go, but he really didn’t want to let go of Zheng PingQing’s collar that he had finally gotten a hold of after much effort.

There was no other choice. Since it was a fight, Lin Qian had to use force.

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Lin Qian didn’t move, but his voice dropped a few more degrees as he said: “If you don’t let go, my skates are going to slice off your arm and do it for you.” X0fZmu

Zheng Chong suddenly felt a cold sensation against his arm, so he immediately let go.

Lin Qian couldn’t be bothered looking at him. He helped Zheng PingQing up, and supported him with one hand. Frowning, he asked: “What’s going on?”

Zheng PingQing didn’t answer Lin Qian and instead nervously held him tight. “Why’d you come, you can’t skate. Be careful not to fall.”

The impoverished Zheng Chong who could only get up by himself: “….?” What the hell? So this crafty pig was disguising himself as a tiger? It turns out this person couldn’t skate at all! ysEdkW

Lin Qian didn’t answer. When he saw Zheng PingQing fall on the ice, he didn’t care about anything else. Now that he had helped Zheng PingQing up, he directly ignored Zheng Chong and helped Zheng PingQing skate towards the edge of the rink.

Not willing to be disregarded, Zheng Chong followed the two. At the entrance, some of their more familiar classmates had already gathered, with Huo YeRui in front. He said: “Why were you fighting? We’re all friends. If you have something to say, you should just talk it out slowly…”

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Zheng Chong interrupted Huo YeRui with a sneer. “What friends? Who doesn’t know that Zheng PingQing and I are irreconcilable enemies?”

Huo YeRui stuttered at this. He didn’t expect such a thing. He forced himself to pretend to be the peacemaker and smiled. “How can you say that?” LbFKzs

Lin Qian asked Zheng PingQing with his eyes: So you have other irreconcilable enemies other than me?

A surprised Zheng PingQing immediately refuted Zheng Chong’s claims. “Don’t talk nonsense. The only irreconcilable enemy I have is Lin Qian.”

Huo YeRui almost couldn’t contain the blood rising from his throat. You still dare to talk shit!

Zheng Chong didn’t know about the great enmity between Zheng PingQing and Lin Qian. He jumped in between Huo YeRui and the pair, effectively blocking their way. “Zheng PingQing, we should settle our old grudges now.” RKEg8i

Zheng Chong spoke with significant momentum, and the other students surrounding the rink walls became very nervous. But a certain someone didn’t pay attention to Zheng Chong’s cruel words in the slightest. Instead, his eyes were fixed on Zheng PingQing’s elbow. “Why are you hurt?”

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Zheng PingQing had fallen twice and knocked his elbow both times. It was swollen red, and his left hand was even oozing a little blood.

Zheng PingQing didn’t want to tattle on a high-school student, so he answered evasively. “Fell…”

Zheng Chong interrupted their conversation, still wearing his sneer. “Who knew his skating skills sucked so bad? Falling down with just a touch.” Co65vl

Lin Qian reached out, wanting to touch Zheng PingQing’s injury, but didn’t in the end. His eyes were freezing as he turned towards Zheng Chong. “You bumped into him?”

At first glance, Lin Qian looked like a very easy-going person. But for some reason, Zheng Chong couldn’t look at him in the eye. Zheng Chong felt a deep sense of oppression from Lin Qian that didn’t quite match his seemingly weak appearance.

Zheng Chong’s eyes were focused on Lin Qian’s neck as he tried to look imposing. “Yeah, so?”

Lin Qian’s answer was concise. “Then apologize, apologize.” gc7QAC

Zheng Chong angrily retorted: “Who do you think you are?”

Lin Qian didn’t answer his question and instead continued. “Apologize. Zheng PingQing’s injured, but you’re hurt too. We can put this entire matter behind us after you apologize.”

Lin Qian’s tone wasn’t fierce, and his eyes weren’t cruel. He had restrained himself from beginning to end, but this restraint had made him cold.

Zheng Chong, this prideful person, naturally wouldn’t admit his mistakes. “He can’t blame other people for his own short-comings. He was the one who didn’t know how to skate and acted all disgraceful.” S5HZJY

Lin Qian kept his eyes trained on Zheng Chong as he spoke. He raised a brow and asked: “You mean that just because he isn’t good as skating, it’s alright for other people to push him?”

Zheng Chong held on to his pride and raised his chin. “He was asking for it.”

Before Zheng Chong even finished his sentence, Lin Qian had already rushed forward and with one hand, and forcefully pulled Zheng Chong’s shoulder towards him.

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They hadn’t changed out of their skates yet, but Lin Qian was surprisingly stable as he lunged towards Zheng Chong. His movements were smooth and he was quick, giving other people no time to react. Zheng Chong was pulled forward, and he toppled over, heading straight to the ground. Zheng Chong couldn’t help but exclaim: “ah, ah, ah my face—” K9p XT

Just before Zheng Chong face-planted to the ground, Lin Qian stopped his momentum and pulled him back up.

The panicked Zheng Chong wobbled to and fro, desperately trying to keep his body steady. After a few seconds of shock, he immediately became angry. “What the hell was that?”

Lin Qian looked at him with a smile. “Since you’re not as good at falling, you deserve to fall, isn’t that right?” While he said this, Lin Qian suddenly stepped towards him, causing Zheng Chong to step back subconsciously.

A resentful Zheng Chong yelled: “Stop trying to scare people.” hUjYia

“Apologize, or we can test just how much I can scare a person.” Lin Qian replied.

Zheng Chong, who refused to look afraid while in front of so many people, endured Lin Qian’s threat and instead tried to provoke him. “What, you want to fight?”

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“Shut up!” Zheng PingQing finally couldn’t bear Zheng Chong’s antics and roared: “You’re looking to die!”

Zheng Chong was startled by Zheng PingQing’s outburst, but then heard Lin Qian’s indifferent reply: “No fighting.” gfC5u2

Zheng Chong jeered: “What, scared?’

Lin Qian nodded. “I’m scared I’ll end up killing you. Then I’ll have to go to jail, and you’re not worth it.”

Furious, Zheng Chong wanted to say something, but a hand suddenly grabbed his arm, and his entire body was forcibly pulled back into the rink. Zheng Chong was still wearing his skates, but he immediately went out of balance. Zheng Chong yelped as he tilted forward.

No one expected Lin Qian to make such quick and accurate movements. Nobody even realized what Lin Qian was doing until he had already finished the assault. Lin Qian had grabbed Zheng Chong’s arm, dragged him into the ice, and with one hand, turned Zheng Chong and shoved him against the rink wall, right in front of the watching crowd on the other side. BOskK3

It happened in the span of a second. Several students who were watching finally snapped out of their daze. They all thought that Lin Qian wanted an ‘eye for an eye’ and was going to beat Zheng Chong up severely. Shocked and worried, they shouted: “Ah Qian, don’t do it–!”

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But before they even finished, Lin Qian had already pulled back, leaving the crumbling Zheng Chong to right himself.

The onlookers rescued Zheng Chong from falling flat on his face. But before he could catch his breath, he was tilting again, as Lin Qian dragged him again.

It was all very exciting. VanFSG

A loud commotion soon broke out at the edge of the skating rink.

The onlookers felt like they were riding on a roller-coaster, with the way their emotions were fluctuating so much. First, Zheng Chong was about to kiss the floor. But then he was fished back up by Lin Qian. But just when the crowd thought their hearts could finally settle, the situation suddenly changed again. Lin Qian didn’t give anyone a chance to breathe before he was already moving away, directly hauling Zheng Chong towards the center of the ice.

His speed was amazing, and his movements graceful, not to mention he was practically dragging Zheng Chong along with him. As he circled the rink with a horizontal Zheng Chong, the surrounding students all went numb.

…… TcKLg7

When Lin Qian first left his side, Zheng PingQing’s first reaction was to run over. He didn’t know what Lin Qian was trying to do, but he was worried about Lin Qian skating without him. He couldn’t help but shout: “Lin Qian, come back, you can’t skate well!”

Then Xu Yao’s voice could be heard: “Ah, ah, ah, he can’t skate, what do we do if he falls!”

Then there was You NiNi, goddess of No. 9, nervously tugging at Luo RunWei’s arm. “What do we do? Lin Qian can’t skate!”

Luo RunWei didn’t know whether she should reassure You NiNi or add insult to injury. “And he already fell just this afternoon.” TJYpSK

Their conversation made the surrounding No. 12 students react. Most of them were in the same class as Lin Qian. They had all heard that Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing had once fought in a skating rink, so they all understood that Lin Qian couldn’t skate at all.

A lot of people became nervous and started shouting out ideas:

“Let’s go and find a staff member!”

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“Shit, do we call 110 or 120? Do we call the police station first, or the hospital?” lQeoXc

“Oh, Ah Qian can’t get hurt!”

“Somebody stop him. It’s more important for Lin Qian to be safe. We can fight him for you, Lin Qian!”

“Ah Qian, come back quickly, let’s fight him together!”

…… VS7Wb

Students from other schools: “…” What kind of students do they cultivate in No. 12, ah!

The two figures on the rink didn’t hear the shouts of the onlookers and were instead speeding away at an alarming rate, faster and faster.

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The No. 12 students’ hearts continued to break:

“That person is still bullying our Ah Qian!” L3u4pD

“Looking down on our Ah Qian, saying his skating is bad!”

“Trying to scare people, what the hell!”

On the sidelines, Xu Yao was even more amazing that Zheng Chong, shouting so loud that everyone in the immediate vicinity heard him: “That random outsider, bullying our Ah Qian just because he can’t skate. Like you have the ability to be able to compare! That smelly, shameless swindler!! come back here!!!”

…… P2UvgZ

The students of No.12 were too concerned about Lin Qian and were no longer able to distinguish reality.

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The students of other schools began to shuffle away from the people of No. 12 silently.

Meanwhile, Zheng PingQing couldn’t care less about his injuries or his skating skills. Pushing some people aside, he tried rushing back into the rink, only to be pulled back by two male students.

“Classmate Zheng, it’s too dangerous for you to do this!” qkHVur

Zheng PingQing coldly shrugged them away. His voice frigid, he said: “Dangerous?”

One of the two began to doubt his previous words and started shivering. “…dangerous for them?”

There was still a lot of noise amongst the onlookers, but the voices of worry gradually weakened. Some could even hear the students from other school say:

“Are the students of No.12 blind or just insane?” isoTa6

“God damn it, if that can’t be called skating, does that mean I can’t walk now?”

“I’m shocked. Does ‘skating well’ to No. 12 students mean they have to qualify for the Winter Olympics?”

“When did No.12 become so competitive in sports?”

…… XhlufH

Zheng Chong, who was being dragged through the rink, was desperate. Zheng PingQing, that swindler, he said that this student couldn’t skate!

As the wind whistled past his ears, Zheng Chong heard Lin Qian give him an ultimatum: “Are you going to apologize?”

Zheng Chong felt weak, but he tenaciously tried to maintain his dignity. “No…”

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“Good.” Lin Qian viciously smiled. “I don’t want you to apologize anymore. I want you to call him dad.” Z7lVtI

The author has something to say:

Zheng PingQing: No, I don’t want this kind of son

Holy macaroni, Lin Qian went total berserk yo.


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