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Reborn with an Old Enemy on the Day of our MarriageCh66 - The Villain Wants to Hide


Zheng BuLu scolded He Fei then let out a light cough. He stiffly turned towards his son and started: “PingQing….”

Zheng BuLu was beginning to feel a little fidgety. He wasn’t the talkative type, and he was used to getting praise in the business field. It was hard for him to know what to do, especially in this room full of mostly strangers. Zheng BuLu didn’t know what to say. 7cr4Cw

He YiJun shrunk her head and didn’t dare speak up in case she ended up getting scolded like her brother. She kept thinking of ways to salvage the situation to save face in front of Zheng BuLu. Before, whenever Zheng BuLu had trouble with Zheng PingQing, it would always be her who acted as the peacemaker between the father and son pair.

He YiJun put on a gentle smile, then said in a soft voice: “PingQing, this is just a misunderstanding. Old Zheng is just concerned about you. He doesn’t really want to drive your friends away; it was just some casual family chatting, no big deal.”

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According to Zheng PingQing’s character, in this situation, he would either keep silent or ruthlessly expose the obvious lie. If he did pursue the matter, he would challenge his father, escalate things into a fight, and then finally, they would part in bad terms.

He YiJun pursed her lips to stop herself from smiling. She was quiet as she waited for Zheng PingQing to respond. No matter his response, she had rich experience in dealing with either situation. EITP0w

Zheng BuLu also looked towards his son nervously. It was common for them to quarrel with each other. He was certainly clear about Zheng PingQing’s character.

If his son starts a fight in front of all these people, Zheng BuLu was afraid that the situation will go out of control.

Zheng BuLu felt a headache coming on.

Zheng PingQing looked at HeYiJun, then at Zheng BuLu. His expression was indifferent, and no one could tell what he was thinking.He YiJun almost sighed in relief. It seems that the matter was considered over for Zheng PingQing. She’ll talk to Zheng BuLu later and try to persuade him when they’re alone.


However, just as she was about to lift the stone pushing down on her heart, she saw Zheng PingQing’s face darken. He didn’t look angry like she had expected. Instead, he looked wronged and hurt.
“I know-” Zheng PingQing’s mouth flattened. “That you don’t see me as a good person.”
He YiJun: “…….??” Was she hearing things??? This kind of self-deprecating words shouldn’t exist in Zheng PingQing’s vocabulary, ah?

She subconsciously peeked to the side to gauge Zheng BuLu’s reaction, only to find that his expression had already turned bad.

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“Forget it.” As if he had been abandoned, Zheng PingQing didn’t try to defend himself anymore. Instead, he looked at He YiJun with a deep gaze.

He YiJun: “….” Wait, why is he suddenly looking at her? What does that look mean?

Zheng PingQing slowly spat out his final sentence: “You love saying that you care about me, that you’re always thinking about my well-being, but when all is said and done…I’m not going to insist that you understand my views.” 4lOTnJ

For the very first time since she met Zheng PingQing, He YiJun, who had been Zheng BuLu’s respected secretary for more than ten years, could not look at Zheng PingQing in the eye.

His words were too punishing to her heart.

Especially the phrase ‘when all is said and done…’. Zheng PingQing didn’t finish his sentence, but everyone could obviously tell what he had wanted to say.

He YiJun had schemed for so many years- quietly alienating Chen ShiYi from her son, taking good care of Zheng PingQing so that he and Zheng BuLu would recognize her as a ‘mother.’ KApvSC

But when all is said and done….she wasn’t his mother, ah.

The crucial point was that she had done this to herself.

He YiJun was so upset and annoyed that she felt like she was moments away from having a heart attack. She and Zheng PingQing had known each other for many years now, ah. She knew his character and personality very well. Their relationship had also always been amicable, so He YiJun knew that Zheng PingQing would never say such things deliberately.

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So the things she had said had most likely hurt him badly. XdJkcD

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He YiJun forced herself to remain steady, and under Zheng BuLu’s questioning eyes, she said: “PingQing, you misunderstand…”

But as soon as she opened her mouth, she saw the gentle and handsome boy from before step forward and pat Zheng PingQing on the shoulder. “Don’t be too sad. Even if other people don’t understand, we’ll support you…”

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With tears in his eyes, Zheng PingQing replied: “Thank you. I’m thankful that you’re all here. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t have known what to do.” 9LdKpW

He YiJun couldn’t say anything in response. The person stood frozen in place and watched as Zheng PingQing covered his mouth as if to try and hide his pain. Zheng PingQing waved his hands towards his classmates, and all the students followed him up the second floor.

The initially crowded hall suddenly became empty. It felt deserted and a little cold, but what was even colder was the look on Zheng BuLu’s face. He didn’t say anything. He YiJun had been working for him for years, and she had even transitioned from secretary to girlfriend recently. He didn’t want to embarrass her.

But this was his own son, ah!

His son had a challenging disposition, and now, because of He YiJun’s false information, any progress he had with his son was gone. Their unstable father-son relationship was now in grave danger of toppling over! What’s more, his son was very prideful and stubborn, yet he actually said such self-defeating words. Zheng PingQing was the type of child that refused to cry, even if he was beaten, ah! It seems that his son was really affected and is now suffering a great deal! u6yMwi

When Zheng BuLu thought back to Zheng PingQing’s disappointed expression, he felt like his heart was about to break.

“This is all your fault!” In the end, Zheng BuLu decided to vent his anger on He Fei. “I just asked you to persuade them to go away. Who asked you to get physical?! They were just a bunch of kids!!”

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He Fei: ………That’s not what you told me a few minutes ago!

And he really didn’t use any strength, ah. Who knew that students are so fragile nowadays, breaking at the slightest touch. vGk1UJ

He Fei felt very aggrieved, but she didn’t dare contradict Zheng BuLu. He can only turn towards his sister for help once more.

In the past, whenever he made a mistake, He YiJun had always persuaded Zheng BuLu to not be harsh.


However, when He Fei looked towards He YiJun, he couldn’t help but despair. Fgi7OU

He YiJun actually closed her eyes!

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At the same time, Zheng PingQing kept his hand over his mouth as he led the group up on the second floor. Once he left Zheng BuLu’s sight, he finally couldn’t help but let out a “Pfft-” and then bury his face into Lin Qian’s shoulder. He rubbed his face against him and said: “Fuck, I actually almost cried.”

After Zheng PingQing found out the truth about Chen ShiYi, he had wanted to come out and directly fight with He YiJun. But He YiJun had been working hard beside Zheng BuLu for so many years. Zheng PingQing was afraid that she had long prepared numerous exit strategies and excuses to counter him. Zheng PingQing was still a teenager right now. In his father’s eyes, he was still a willful child with a bad image. Zheng PingQing was sure that his father would still take his side no matter what, but nevertheless, this headstrong approach would definitely damage their already fragile father-son relationship. p5HdsJ

So instead, it was better if Zheng PingQing thought about things slowly.

This older, more mature Zheng PingQing didn’t want to hurt anyone around him.

Of course, the most critical point was that his boyfriend, who apparently settles grudges properly, said that He YiJun shouldn’t be tortured so simply.

For Zheng PingQing, his answer was obviously: It’s his boyfriend’s words, so he must listen! byvR7

So after he found out that Zheng BuLu and He YiJun were suddenly coming back, Zheng PingQing immediately informed Lin Qian via text. With the significant amount of tacit understanding between the two lovers, they didn’t even need to work out a plan. They could easily improvise and act out a scene together on the spot.

Meanwhile, the other students were restless. When He Fei came out and tried to drive them away, Lin Qian secretly told them not to make a sound no matter what he or Zheng PingQing said. They faithfully followed orders, but now that they were alone, their faces revealed their fear.

“Fucking hell, I really thought that the Boss was crying just now!” Lou XingGuang’s heart was still palpitating with fear.

“I-I-I thought that the Boss was possessed…” Zhou Daota patted his chest. uJGrQs

“I was scared to death!” Jiang TingJun wiped his brow. “I thought our Double Concentrate Hardworking Zheng finally went crazy after studying too hard-”

On the other hand, Li Gao tried to flatter Zheng PingQing: “Second Boss, your acting was so good that I almost got sucked into it, ah-”

The others: “….” Everyone cast scornful gazes at him.

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Having finally recovered from the shock caused by ‘a deeply wronged Zheng PingQing,’ everyone began to ask about the situation. Q U0wt


However, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing didn’t go into details, and instead only divulged the identities of the three adults downstairs. They then told everyone not to gossip in case the matter was exposed.

The two were the absolute authority in this study group, so even though everyone was burning with curiosity, they didn’t dare ask any more questions. They all sat in their positions and start the day’s studying.

A high school senior is usually more nervous than their younger peers, but no one was as desperate as the seniors of No.12. They finally had a formal holiday for the next couple of days to relax, but these underachievers still insisted on studying together anyway. After an entire semester of tests and non-stop studying, they now had certain expectations on themselves. Having realized their academic shortcomings, they were all in a state of panic and are very eager to get back to school as soon as the holidays were over. In the meantime, they strongly demanded of the tutoring to continue. PvpHxD

Guo DangLi even ran to Principal Qiu and asked to have class time extended to make up for the holidays. Principal Qiu had been so shocked, muttering that he had never seen such a student in his entire career.

Of course, all the students who had been looking forward to the holidays immediately found out about this and glared at Guo DangLi with their tired, red eyes. Everyone else in the tutoring group hid behind Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing and safely used their Bosses to escape.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But ever since that incident, a legend was born. Students from other schools now know that the college entrance exams was driving the students of No.12 absolutely insane.

After discussing things, Lin Qian and Zheng PingQing decided to turn Zheng PingQing’s home into a temporary classroom to continue their studying. According to the original plan, this ‘special lesson’ was supposed to held during New Year’s Eve. But unexpectedly, Zheng BuLu, who had always gone home in the last possible minute, came back earlier this year. So they had to play this ‘scene’ a few days ahead. ybGUpQ

With their flawless cooperation, Zheng PingQing and Lin Qian successfully acted their parts no problem, so what else was there to do? Even someone like He YiJun isn’t going to affect their studying, ah!

So when Zheng BuLu finally mustered up the courage to go upstairs and talk to his son, he was met with a truly shocking scene.

The high-grade furniture in the second-floor living room had been moved to one side, and a neat circle of square tables had been placed on the vacant space. Each table was piled with thick textbooks and notebooks, as well as scattered stationery and papers. A group of students sat around the desks, reading carefully, or talking amongst each other.

What an extraordinary large-scale study session! Ak9tsh

Before, Zheng BuLu still hadn’t been sure if Zheng PingQing had truly turned around. But after seeing this scene, all his doubts had vanished in an instant.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This kind of high-tension atmosphere can’t be built in a moment, ah!

His son and his classmates really are working hard, ah!

Zheng BuLu looked at all the focused students one by one. They were like a group of hungry ducklings, how lovely and moving! FVlQTs

Zheng BuLu once again thought back to the wronged, and sad expression his son had before.

Zheng BuLu’s heartbreak x 2

That He YiJun, she didn’t even verify her information! These kids were model students!

It hadn’t been easy for Zheng BuLu to tamp down his initial resentment for He YiJun’s blunder. But now, after seeing this scene, his blood began to boil once more. SjsU3W

“Old Zheng, I asked He Fei to buy some drinks and snacks to entertain PingQing’s classmates. Since they’re all growing kids, I didn’t want them to get hungry….” He YiJun had followed him up the stairs. As she walked up, her mind eased, and she began her plan to get back into Zheng BuLu’s good graces.

But when she finished her sentence, she didn’t get a response from Zheng BuLu.

He YiJun thought it was a little strange. She just tried to coax Zheng BuLu. He shouldn’t have ignored her.

A little confused, He YiJun reached the second floor and looked over Zheng BuLu’s shoulder. AKvow2

And was dumbfounded.

God, what is this amazing picture in front of her?!

Zheng BuLu and He YiJun had battled in the business scene for years. They’ve seen countless surprises, both big and small. They both considered themselves seasoned professionals who have seen the world. But this image in front of her made He YiJun dizzy.

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This wasn’t a scene that was possible inside the Zheng family home, ah! LJBkfM

He YiJun trembled as she turned to gauge Zheng BuLu’s expression. Sure enough, his face began to sink.

But a more exciting scene was still to come.

The handsome boy from before was discussing things with Zheng PingQing when Zheng PingQing suddenly threw his pen away and took out his new Apple phone from his pocket.

Zheng BuLu’s face darkened, and He YiJun was crumbling. 60dZcG

The handsome boy slightly frowned as Zheng PingQing played with his phone and said: “Zheng Pingqing, don’t use your phone while we’re studying.”

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Zheng PingQing replied: “Let me play for half an hour, just half an hour. It’s really fun.”

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Zheng BuLu slowly turned towards He YiJun, his eyes murderous.

He YiJun:…I want to hide! pCjMTs

The author has something to say:

….Slow torture.

Friends who want to see He YiJun burn as soon as possible…please wait a few more chapters.

_(:з」∠)_ 9kpQfP

No matter how small her part is, she’s still a villain, ah. Let’s give this small villain her moment, ah. _(:з」∠)_

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She barely got any screentime…

And I want to slowly torture her…

Zheng PingQing deserves an Oscar hahaha q3HcNQ

Translator's Note

from laughter

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