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Killing The Same Person Every Time

Killing The Same Person Every Time

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Author: Tan Chen (檀尘)
Total Chapters: 28
Genre: Angst, Completed, Quick Transmigration, Short
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Translators: Izreate, StormFrost. Editors: Avis


How does one kill a villain better than you in every aspect?

For Bu Bai, there’s only one step: to make them fall in love with you.

What he did not expect was that there was a second step: to fall in love with the villain.

Bu Bai: I came to kill you.

Villain: I came to love you.

Chapters 1-10: https://thisantjustwannasleep.wordpress.com/ktspet/

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  1. Uummm… Excuse me, but where can i read chap 1-10???

  2. Hello. You translate “killing the same person every time”. Very fun and I want to translate into Thai. Would you allow me?

  3. It says this translation is completed, but I only see 18 of 28 chapters listed?