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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 19


Plunging into the ice-cold water, Bu Bai’s final sliver of light was consumed by deep darkness.

Out of sight, a white figure sank quietly into the dark lake. It was like a narcissus that had blossomed its last ray of brilliance and then withered alone. rJfc5R

Bu Bai’s arms constantly reached upward. He didn’t want to die. Having experienced true death, he found the feeling too painful, dark, and lonesome. So even if living would never bring about good experiences, he never thought to commit suicide.

He wanted to live, more than anyone else.

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Perhaps there was still a hidden thought within his heart. A hope that the man who always smiled at him would appear to once again, save him from this endless darkness.

The sound of Bu Bai falling into the water was very light. If Yun Qing had not just happened to come here to avoid the noise and excitement of the banquet, he would not have immediately discovered the man that was at death’s door. 31yP9b

The situation didn’t give him much time to think. Yun Qing ran over, and without a single thought, jumped into the pond. The light was faint and the temperature of the water was very low so searching took Yun Qing a lot of effort. By the time he managed to pull the person onto the ground, Bu Bai’s breath was already very faint and he seemed as if he might disappear at any moment.

Yun Qing knew a little bit about how to give emergency treatments and at once used them on Bu Bai’s body. After a few attempts, Bu Bai finally responded to his good intentions. He spat out a mouthful of water and opened his pair of misty eyes.

“It was you who saved me?” Bu Bai’s voice was very light and carried a slight hoarseness. Nevertheless, Yun Qing who sat by his side heard it.

“It was me.” Yun Qing answered.


Just as he wanted to ask about the situation, Bu Bai who had just roused, fell unconscious once again. Yun Qing could see very clearly that when he got his answer, the emotion that swirled in his eyes wasn’t joy from being saved, but a sorrowful and unspeakable disappointment.

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Yun Qing understood that the one this man wanted to see at this moment ought to be that set up high regent Daren and not an unrelated passer-by like him. He recognized him, he already recognized him when he had been the queen of flowers. At that time, he had only thought that he was a very beautiful man, just that and nothing more.

When he saw him again, he had become the regent’s wife and was taking part in this strange banquet with him. Yun Qing had never seen a person like this. When he was humiliated, he didn’t know how to contend. He possessed such an appearance yet didn’t know how to protect himself. And the only person he could rely on didn’t care about him.

Even so, the first thing he had noticed was those pure eyes that didn’t even have the slightest bit of impurity in them. They were so beautiful that it was heartbreaking. RY8gWp

Yun Qing gathered him into his arms and carefully appreciated the brows of his tightly closed eyes. He gently brushed his dewdrop covered eyelashes with his fingers and their slight trembling unexpectedly tugged at his heartstrings.

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Bu Bai’s current condition was getting worse. His ice-cold body was faintly beginning to become feverish and his husband was currently at the banquet. Both of their situations weren’t very good and without any better option, Yun Qing brought him back to his place to take care of him for a while and then find another chance to talk to the Regent later.

Bu Bai’s body curled up slightly as it constantly shuddered. Yun Qing promptly held him tighter, hoping that his own body temperature would make him warmer. WeqVYT

“What are you doing?”

Yun Qing who had been called turned around and looked at the person who had just arrived. It was Bai Yu who should have been at the banquet.

That question had been very calm, but the sensitive Yun Qing noticed that there was something slightly strange in Bai Yu’s tone. Keeping his smiling expression, he handed the unconscious Bu Bai in his arms to Bai Yu and explained, “He fell into the water accidentally and I rescued him, that’s all.”

Bai Yu seemed to believe Yun Qing’s words and reached out to receive Bu Bai. Then, he used his own clothes to wrap around Bu Bai’s thin body. He didn’t give this so-called life-saving benefactor a single glance from beginning to end. 3v8Z0r

Since the other’s official husband had come, Yun Qing didn’t want to be a disturbance either. Besides, this person was his superior.

He gave a salute according to etiquette and stated, “If there is nothing else, this lowly official will withdraw first.” After saying this, seeing that the man before his eyes didn’t have any intention of detaining him, he consciously withdrew.

After he left, Bai Yu who had originally been holding Bu Bai carefully suddenly grasped the neck of the man in his arms, increasing his strength bit by bit. It wasn’t until his face turned red that he let go.

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Bai Yu had really been at the banquet earlier. He didn’t like these sorts of spectacles, but it couldn’t be said that he hated them. After all, no one had dared to court disaster and make trouble for him for a long time now and it could be considered as peaceful. BI8lSs

Usually, he would have patiently waited for the banquet to end before leaving. This time, however, he indescribably felt somewhat uneasy and left not long after.

The moment he saw Bu Bai, he realized where the uneasiness had come from. That weak little fellow wasn’t at his side. Realizing this made him feel a sense of danger. Bu Bai’s influence on him had already exceeded the acceptable range. Thus, this person couldn’t stay.

He really did make a move and almost got rid of this hidden danger. However, at the last moment, he couldn’t help but be somewhat perplexed. Such a small and weak existence, how could it threaten him? Since he could erase him at any moment, what need was there to rush.

Thus he relinquished his grip. He hadn’t understood it at that time that this sort of thinking was being ‘unable to bear it’. It was because he cared, so he felt tender and protective. 4wIcxV

Bu Bai woke up on his own bed. Seeing the familiar room, he was somewhat confused about how he had returned. Until, he saw the man at the bedside.

He was dressed in black and was leaning against the bed, seeming to have fallen into a deep sleep while standing. A few strands of unruly hair locks fell in front of his face and his haggardness could be vaguely seen from his appearance.

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‘Was it because of taking care of me?’ Bu Bai felt his heart warm. It was like a ray of sunshine pouring into a dark room, illuminating the entire space. He lifted open the quilt and stood up slowly, wanting to get a bit closer to the man.

Unexpectedly, because his body was just beginning to recover from his serious illness, his body was too weak. It was just but a small distance, but he couldn’t help but stagger and suddenly fell into Bai Yu’s arms, rousing the sleeping man. DjCq3c

“You’re awake.” Bu Bai felt a little embarrassed and the tips of his ears faintly turned pink.

“En.” His response was particularity gentle and soft. Bu Bai felt him rub the top of his head for a moment, the familiar care made his cheeks blush. Summoning his courage, he lifted his head and looked at the man.

“Bai Yu, can you stay today?” He couldn’t help but want more after receiving a little bit of sweetness. He wanted to see this man often.

“I can.” When only a single figure reflected in Bu Bai’s crystal-clear eyes, no one could refuse those twinkling eyes. Bai Yu was no exception. tefJs2

This night was only spent in pure accompaniment. Bu Bai had originally wanted to use this opportunity to have a good look at Bai Yu but was unable to resist his sleepiness and fell asleep. His body curled up into Bai Yu’s embrace, as if he wholeheartedly depended on him.

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Bai Yu got up earlier than Bu Bai, but he also told Lin Lang to bring him over to eat breakfast with him when he woke up. These days, he couldn’t help but be more attentive to Bu Bai.

The warm early morning rays of sunlight fell on Bai Yu’s face, seemingly giving that frozen cold appearance a hint of softness that made him seem gentler and more amiable.

After dealing with some official affairs, Bai Yu went to the dining table and patiently waited for Bu Bai to arrive. The person who was supposed to arrive hadn’t yet come and instead, Bai Yu saw Bai Xiuran walk in through the doorway. He was dressed in his usual clothes, his smiling expression distinguished and accomplished. Those who didn’t know would think that he was the son of a rich official. bCgKXd

“Imperial brother has been doing very well lately, younger brother came here to find a meal to eat.” Saying this, Bai Xiuran ignored the obvious ‘want to chase the guest out’ expression on Bai Yu’s face and very naturally sat down beside him as though this were his home.

“What is your purpose?” Bai Yu did not believe this man’s false words. After he had destroyed Bai Xiuran’s arrangement, this person became more and more unconventional and even he couldn’t guess his intentions.

Bai Xiuran didn’t expect that Bai Yu would be so direct. The smile on his face became even more evident and he said, “I like Imperial brother’s wife, give him to me. How about it?”

There was a noise outside the door. Bai Xiuran turned his head and saw Bu Bai whose complexion had paled because of his words. Without waiting for him to react, he pulled the other over and held him in his arms. While doing so, he pressed his acupuncture point and didn’t give Bu Bai the chance to struggle, only allowing him to look at him with a pair of watery eyes that were filled with horror. dpQc9H

Bai Yu didn’t expect that person who advanced gradually and consolidated every step to change like this. He wasn’t able to react to his actions in time, leading to the present unfavorable situation.

“Bai Xiuran, give him back to me.” Bai Yu commanded, tearing the apparent harmonious relationship they kept on the surface. His words were all □□ naked threats.

This might have been useful in the past, but Bai Xiuran didn’t care about this now. All he wanted was to see this man’s suffering and embarrassing appearance. He wanted to tear away his fearless mask and see an even greater emotional fluctuations. For this, there was no reason why he shouldn’t pay a price.

“It seems like Imperial brother isn’t willing, but I have never liked let go of the things I have taken a fancy to.” Upon saying this, a knife struck towards Bu Bai’s waist and blood quickly died their clothes red. Moreover, Bu Bai didn’t even have the ability to cry out in pain. Aw0xB

“Bu Bai, it is inevitable that he will stab you again. You need to swallow this drug. He’s probably not deranged enough to stab people to death.” Boss said in the space, his small eyes filled with sympathy. This child didn’t have it easy. He considered for a moment, then packed up a dozen of similar drugs for Bu Bai, thinking that there would be many occasions in the future where they might need to use them.

Bu Bai swallowed the drug with tears in his eyes. He profoundly felt that he might have a constitution that provoked hate. Whoever saw him would want to stab him twice. He was almost getting used to it.

Sensing the pulse of the person in his arms gradually stop, Bai Xiuran checked doubtfully. The place that he had stabbed shouldn’t be a vital part, why was this happening?

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However, he put on a regretful expression and said, “What a pity, he’s dead. Imperial brother, give me this corpse, how about it?” YAds1h

Before he could finish, a double-edged sword pierced through his shoulder. The pain did not diminish the smile on his face in the least bit. On the contrary, he grasped the sharp blade and said, “Did Imperial brother miss? Or, is it that you don’t dare kill me?”

StormFrost: Hello! Erm, Izreate has dropped SPET so I’ll be just finishing the last ten chapters or so. I’ll be keeping to the previous update schedule of at least one chapter every Friday. However, since I want to finish this before the start of school, I’ll be throwing in chapters randomly throughout the weeks. Avis will continue editing SPET. The time that I post these chapters will always be 5pm (GMT-4).

Translated by StormFrost
Edited by Avis and Misogi


Translator's Note

大人 — title of respect toward superiors

Translator's Note

花魁 (huakui) — the queen of flowers (refers esp. to plum blossom) / (fig.) nickname for a famous beauty or courtesan

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