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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 15


Hi everyone~ I noticed that there was some confusion about the plotline so I made a post specifically for that (Short Summary for Slightly Confused Readers of SPET). It’s slightly spoilerish for the beginning of this arc so its password protected. The password is: spoiler. I encourage you to read that before continuing with the chapter. Enjoy :3

Yan Shu quietly smuggled Bu Bai back to his house and took out some of his clothes for Bu Bai to change into. To the bystanders, it only appeared to be a simple case of a chivalrous knight falling in love with a prostitute, and spending a mountain of gold to pay her debt and bring her home. dadP1y

Back then, when Yan Shu was first abducted into the Demonic Cult, the original Bu Bai only knew that he was a very attractive boy and did not investigate his origins deeply. After all, no one could afford to offend Bu Bai, the sect master, regardless of their background.

Hence, when he was suddenly addressed as “Clan Chief’s Wife”, he became frightened and anxiously hid behind Yan Shu. He asked, “When did you take this title?”

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“Strictly speaking, it’s based on ancestry. Since my dad is the leader of the clan, the title was conferred to me and outsiders will generally show some respect.” Yan Shu answered. His firm hands wrapped around Bu Bai’s tender hand, indicating that he should not worry.

Bu Bai adapted to his position quite smoothly and shifted to nest in Yan Shu’s arms. His body language perfectly expressed the concept of “love between husband and wife”. gaUeHk

“When did I become your wife?” Bu Bai looked at him jokingly and said. It could be determined from his tone that he was quite happy with the title.

“Just now.”

When someone who is usually shy with affectionate words, suddenly starts sweetly coaxing with honeyed words, it’s hard for others to resist. Thus, with a single sentence from Yan Shu, “Let’s enter the nuptial chamber, ok?”, Bu Bai’s mind emptied and Yan Shu guided the stunned Bu Bai into the bedroom.

Yan Shu was never fully conscious during the nightly exercises in the past. However, this time, he was finally able to experience the sweet essence of the act. He started biting on Bu Bai’s lip, and any thoughts of hesitation quickly fled his mind. He eagerly reached into the man’s robes. r8Zfcq

The icy cold touch cause Bu Bai to sober slightly. He didn’t expect that the Yan Shu who’d never shown any sign of reciprocating his feelings would be so passionate in the bedroom, and he fell into a moment of panic. The two have already reached the point where their bodies stuck together without a single gap in between, so it was inappropriate to attempt any refusals now. Besides, he probably loved him, so this should be fine… right?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Hey Boss, quickly give me that hallucinatory medicine from a few years ago, or I won’t be able to protect my moral integrity tonight.” Bu Bai begged, fearing that he would be unable to resist Yan Shu’s touch.

Although Boss didn’t bother to reply, he still gently put the pill in Bu Bai’s mouth. They kissed and Yan Shu felt the familiar sweetness spread in his mouth. He looked at the flushed man under him in surprise, but before he could ask any questions, his consciousness was downed by the drug’s effects.

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The entire process was identical to the situation six years ago. After he finished constructing the scene, Bu Bai laid down beside the Yan Shu who was still making discordant noises, and promptly fell asleep.

Obviously, Xing Yan still could not find Bu Bai’s body. He feared that he wouldn’t be able to control himself and kill someone. In order to suppress the brutality in his heart, he must channel it towards doing something useful.

Well, why not start with Yan Shu? Rumor has it that he took in a beautiful servant just yesterday. How could the one Bu Bai loved, be tainted by a small servant? Xiao Bai, I’ll send down a gift to accompany you tonight.

In the deep darkness, his blood-red eyes glowed with a haunting light. FZw u7

The next day, it was drizzling outside and the originally cold temperature became frigid. Fortunately, the cold could not affect the two people in the room.

Yan Shu woke up early. Over the years, he’d developed the habit of getting up early, but today was special, he didn’t want to leave the warm and cozy bed. Bu Bai’s face was slightly pink due to the indoor temperature, and the change was especially noticeable on his fair skin. Yan Shu lifted the quilt on Bu Bai’s body with impure intentions and appreciated the mottled marks on the man’s body. This was his masterpiece, proof that this man was his.

When Bu Bai left the protection of the covers, his body reflexively curled into a ball because of the chill. When Yan Shu touched him, he gravitated towards the new heat source like a hamster trying to find his burrow. So cute… Yan Shu couldn’t help being excited at the thought of spending the rest of his life with this man.

Suddenly, Xing Yan broke through the door and destroyed the warm atmosphere. Ever since Bu Bai died, the two old ‘friends’ had stopped talking to each other. Yan Shu had wanted to restore their relationship, but Xing Yan did not want to see him at all. It wasn’t like he could just squat in front of his door every day, so over time, their relationship became distant. 70Vn5h

“Why are you here?” Yan Shu watched the haggard man with alarm. The fact that Xing Yan could enter his room without Yan Shu receiving a report meant that everyone else in the building had already been dealt with. How did he do it? Although his clan wasn’t large, each individual still had strong martial arts; it shouldn’t be possible for such a large number of people to invade without making a huge racket.

“I came to take your life.” The scene inside the bedroom was very romantic, yet Xing Yan took no notice and glared fiercely at the man in Yan Shu’s arm. He sneered and said, “That man loved you so much that he was willing to give up his life for you, yet here you are with another man. You don’t deserve his love.”

“Mind your own business.” Yan Shu tried his best to hide Bu Bai’s face. He wasn’t acting out of selfishness, rather, he just couldn’t rest easy if he handed him over to that lunatic. Everyone at the scene that year had died for no reason. At first, he’d thought that it was the devil sect members avenging their master and had even worried about Xing Yan’s safety. Unfortunately, things weren’t to be that straightforward. Apparently, Xing Yan hated everyone who took part in Bu Bai’s death so much, that he even came to take Yan Shu’s life today. It’s not a surprise that that long list of murders could also be his masterpiece.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Then I’ll kill him first.” The sword flew towards Bu Bai, and Yan Shu instantly shifted to move him out of the way, but only managed to skew Xing Yan’s aim. The sword still sank into Bu Bai’s flesh – it wasn’t a fatal strike, but neither was it light. iBSKJh

“Shu Shu.” Bu Bai shocked awake by the pain and looked up at the protective Yan Shu with tears in his eyes. “It hurts.”

Xing Yan staggered at the sound and dropped the bloody sword in his hands. Other than that man, who else would call Yan Shu that? He moved in to get a closer look at the man Yan Shu was holding.

“Is that you, Xiao Bai?” Are you really back? The idea of a corpse returning to life was utterly unrealistic, yet it was impossible for Xing Yan to deny the face that Bu Bai did. Xing Yan was so familiar with Bu Bai’s appearance and character that he could tell with a single glance that this was indeed his love. Suddenly, he realized that there were too many people at the scene and coldly ordered the people behind him, “Get out, no one is allowed to come in without my permission.”

Bu Bai had lost too much blood and his vision was swimming slightly, yet he still recognized the familiar man in front of him: “Xing Yan.” nNVEq9

“It’s me.” Xing Yan looked at the leftover traces on Bu Bai’s body and understood what had happened. No wonder I couldn’t find you, you went to find him as soon as you woke up. Do I even hold any weight in your heart?

Xing Yan was afraid of the answer and didn’t dare to ask. He only laughed coldly and plunged his sword into Yan Shu’s waist. Yan Shu was unable to react in time and powerlessly fell over, his blood pooling on the bed.

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“Stop hurting him!” Bu Bai stubbornly stood in front of Yan Shu and spread his arms to protect his lover. The action caused the blankets to slip off his body and reveal all the kiss marks on his body. The red in Xing Yan’s eyes darkened.

“Be obedient, Xiao Bai. I promise to take you with me after I take care of him” he said as he prepared to stab Yan Shu another time. xqIUfc

Yan Shu was in so much pain that he could hardly speak. His vision gradually blurred. He wanted to push Bu Bai away and tell him – I don’t need your protection, I’ll be fine as long as you take care of yourself – but he didn’t have enough strength to do so. Finally, he fell straight into a coma.

“If you dare to hurt him, I dare to kill myself right in front of you. I’ve already died once anyway, the second time shouldn’t be too hard.” Bu Bai grabbed Xing Yan’s sword with his hands. Blood dripped from his hands, but he couldn’t seem to feel the pain; his face was full of determination.

There was no longer the slightest touch of white in Xing Yan’s eyes. He faced the Bu Bai who was willing to risk his life to protect another man and laughed wildly with desperation. “You always, always hurt me for him.” as he spoke, he hit Bu Bai’s sleep acupoint, wrapped him up with his clothes, held him in his arms, and walked out of the room without another glance at his comatose love rival.

“Master, how should we deal with Yan Shu?” a subordinate asked. 6mo530

“Find a random tomb and throw it away,” I promise you that I won’t kill him, but I won’t make his life easy either.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The courtyard was full of dead bodies. Maggots crawled in and out of their flesh and then perished in the sun, leaving no trace of their existence.

“Boss, was he the subordinate who killed the protagonist?” Bu Bai asked. When he fainted, he’d entered Boss’ space and hugged the fur ball that he’d left for two days.

“I thought you already knew.” QcSpk

“I did.” He was just unwilling to accept it, after all, it was someone he’d once taken a liking to. Bu Bai showed a rare sadness.

Xing Yan put the man in his room. This time, he won’t let go no matter what. He’d long lost the patience to wait; he greedily took in Bu Bai’s breath and touched his tender skin like a skin hungry patient. He desperately needed proof of Bu Bai’s existence.

Only after experiencing bottomless despair can one truly value hope. Xing Yan was waiting with anticipation for Bu Bai to wake up. He couldn’t wait to have this person all to himself.

Bu Bai was fed bitter medicine through a kiss as soon as he woke up. Confused, he quickly bit the tip of his tongue, hoping to use the pain to clear his head, yet his molars were forcefully pried apart without even giving him a chance to breathe. He wanted to escape and resist, but his body subconsciously leaned towards Xing Yan instead. Even after exhausting all his strength, the other man’s desire still remained clear, enticing him to indulge in love and desire. Bu Bai only felt the cold liquid leaking out from the corners of his eyes. His cheeks were licked and he unwittingly swallowed the bitter medicine. BD76TH

His body was in terrible shape and couldn’t handle excessive stress; so after he swallowed the medicine, he was unconscious for three whole days. Even then, he could still feel that there was always someone accompanying him during these three days, wiping his body, changing his bandage, and kissing him when feeding him porridge. Each and every detail was meticulously noted in his memory.

As a result, when he woke up and saw the haggard Xing Yan, he didn’t know whether to hate him or pity him. When the man noticed that he was awake, he burst into a beautiful smile with indulgent eyes. Yet the first words to come out of the sick man’s mouth made him frown.

“What about Shu Shu?” Bu Bai asked.

“I let him go.” Xing Yan replied. wEkX4a

Bu Bai didn’t entirely trust this person. He struggled to get up and check for himself – he couldn’t rest assured without personally confirming Yan Shu’s safety.

Xing Yan pushed him back down, but Bu Bai took the opportunity to attack. However, he suddenly discovered that there was not a single thread of internal energy in his body. Consequently, Xing Yan easily subdued him.

After making sure that Bu Bai would not resist anymore, he stooped down, grabbed Bu Bai’s ankle, and clasped a silver chain around his leg. He said, “When you were sleeping, I gave you medicine to destroy your martial arts and prevent you from escaping. Unfortunately, I still can’t rest easy because my Xiao Bai is too smart. What should I do if he escapes anyway? That’s why I made this chain specifically for you. This material is very special: it’s very light, yet almost impossible to break. It’s very suitable for a delicate person like Xiao Bai.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translated by Izreate caCjfm

Edited by Izreate (Avis was busy)

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