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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 28


“After that, did you live well?” Bu Bai looked at his lover before him with distress, his warm palm touching his face.

After countless years, the man had cast off his original transparency and innocence and had been shaped into how he was now. Bu Bai wanted to find the shadow of that boy from before in Ye Wu but he seemed to touch a bottomless pool and wasn’t able to see the contents inside. But the darkness and pain it emitted could be clearly felt from his beautiful body. dvbJor

Bu Bai became all the more distressed. He didn’t know what Ye Wu had gone through in his days without him but intuition told him that it definitely wasn’t a beautiful memory.

He remembered his first time seeing him. The cold demonic cultivator stood alone above a sea of blood. His clothes had not been stained by a single drop of blood but his entire person seemed like it had been tainted. The him at that time had a strength that no one could rival but he also possessed a touch of loneliness. He persistently isolated himself from everything in the world and fought against heaven, fought against fate. At first glance, all his attention was drawn and he could not see anyone else.

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Ye Wu’s lips moved but in the end, he forced all those grievances and sorrows down to the bottom of his heart. His loved one did not need to know those things.

He spread open his arms and gathered Bu Bai into his embrace, resting his head on his shoulder. Right now, he didn’t want to say anything. He just wanted to properly feel the existence of this person. Tens of thousands of years of longing and suffering surged up in a split second and he almost couldn’t prop up his own body. i0hcae

“It’s alright, it’s all over.” Bu Bai patted him on the back and comforted him as if he were comforting a crying child.

Whether what he did that year was right or wrong, he could not see clearly. But if he had to do it all over again, he would still make the same choice no matter how cruel the future Ye Wu had to face afterwards. He would still sacrifice himself without hesitation in that moment, as long as he was alive, other things did not matter.

Ye Wu held him close to his body, like an extremely insecure child. He had never longed for his temperature so much.

When he first lost him, Ye Wu’s world became empty. He did not know where to go or what he should do. The world was vast and could not find the place that he belonged to or the person he belonged with. He was an existence abandoned by the world. EAKRPk

During his aimless wandering, he met many people. Some were friendly towards him and some coveted his formidable power. He did not place a single person in his eyes.

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His world originally just had Bu Bai alone and now, it just had this crystal that he could not tell the use for. He always liked to always bring it with him. Inside it was Bu Bai’s breath and occasionally, it would give him the illusion that Bu Bai was still with him.

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Others humiliated him and harmed him but he did not care, those minute forces were not enough to cause him any serious harm. But once his bottom line was touched, it was like he became a different person and fought to his last breath. Through the course of time, everyone in the surroundings knew of the importance the crystal held to Ye Wu.

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The number of people that Ye Wu killed became more and more in number. New and old enmity overlapped until finally, an immortal deity had no choice but to personally step forth and maintain the small world’s order.

At this time, Ye Wu had completely lost his reason. Everyone who deliberately approached him came to snatch his treasure or to take his life. He had already learned to believe in no one.

The first immortal deity was killed. The spirit was distinguished and did not enter the cycle of reincarnation. This fact profoundly astounded the leisurely immortals as they realized that Ye Wu was a person capable of threatening their existence and could not be allowed to continue existing.

Even more immortals were killed by Ye Wu’s hands and his eyes gradually turned blood-red, losing their originally pure color. The increasingly powerful enemies plunged him into an unprecedented state of exhaustion. h10siE

The final result ended in both sides suffering great loses. More than half of the immortal deities decayed and the remaining were weak existences with insufficient military strength that strenuously propped up the almost completely collapsed order.

Ye Wu lost that crystal in the struggle. Those immortal deities did not believe in the rumor of the small word but they also knew of the crystal’s importance to Ye Wu. Therefore, with all their strength, they risked their lives to destroy it. The long struggle had caused some of them to forget their original intentions. They just remembered the enmity of losing their close relatives and friends and just wanted him to suffer regardless of anything.

The crystal shattered into countless tiny fragments, as beautiful as the stars and rain. It thoroughly engulfed Ye Wu’s last trace of rationality. He just knew that the last ray of hope of Bu Bai returning had disappeared. It was all because of the people before him. The scene that followed was not so much a fight but a massacre. It was a madman who completely gave up on defending and slaughtered the immortal deities.

The casualties of the immortal deities was disastrous and Ye Wu had disappeared. hLVfY

Ye Wu who had lost most of his power fell into a small world. His memory was lost and the only thought that propped him up was destroying that order that the hypocritical deities so painstakingly defended.

Until he met Bu Bai.

In the course of thousands of years, the shattered pieces reunited again and a delicate youth appeared at the steps of the cycle of reincarnation.

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An unintentional choice and an unexpected encounter. Fate finally showed its mercy and delivered the man that Ye Wu’s heart anxiously longed for, to his side. pqZJvk

“From this moment on, with me protecting you, spoiling you, loving you, you won’t hurt anymore.” Bu Bai returned the man’s hug and promised.

No matter how much he changed, Ye Wu was the person he had decided to diligently cherish from the moment he saw him. His eyes only reflected his shadow, even if they were concealed behind the colour of blood.


On the second day of Bu Bai’s returned, he said to Ye Wu with a solemn expression, “Give me half of your strength, okay?” 5wFtDG

Ye Wu stared at Bu Bai profoundly then turned his head expressing that he would not, his attitude out and out tsundere.

Bu Bai had to diligently coax him. “Give it to me all right? I need the ability to protect myself, you don’t want to see me get hurt, right?”

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“You won’t get hurt.” Ye Wu stared at him with a pair of emotionally moving eyes. “I will protect you. I will always be by your side.”

Bu Bai was very helpless but wasn’t able to get angry either. He could only follow the hair and say, “I want to go save a friend and need some strength.” 9MYfdQ

“I’ll go.”


“I’ll go help you save them.”

“Okay.” ihdRm

“You have to tell me if something’s the matter from now on. I will help you.”

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“I want to be rewarded.” Digressing, a bit of craftiness appeared in Ye Wu’s eyes.

Nipping Bu Bai’s lip, he thoroughly tasted him and the next day, brought Bu Bai to save Boss who had been locked away and was waiting to be dealt with. He also used his past reputation to properly intimidate the group of immortals and ensured that there were no problems before leaving. e8DI7A

Throughout the entire course of events, Bu Bai was firmly confined in his embrace. If expressed in words, his meaning was, “Mine”, “No looky”, “No touchy”. It really made one not know whether to laugh or cry.

Bu Bai was partial towards indulging his small temper. He liked to see Ye Wu be so lively like this and liked his slightly childish stubbornness towards him.

Only, he did not know that Ye Wu’s reason for not giving him his power was that after his lover had power, that he could not stop him anymore, he could not wantonly brew sauce with him, he could not willfully make little requests when he made demands. So, a frail and easy to push over Xiao Bai was the best in the end.

Avis: Haha! I’m soooo happy for them, finally they are together. ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ 7Bvy1O

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Translated by StormFrost

Edited by Avis

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