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  • Same, I love them soo much! They’re a rare and special treat for me but ♥

    These chapters are making me crave them Dx

  • Ty~ ♥ Glad you’re enjoying PD

  • Oh coolio, thanks XD I’ll go fix that

  • I’ve never heard of ragged before but if it’s causing confusion I’ll just change it to extremely tired, it’s what they mean anyways ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ Thanks~

  • on Perfect DestinyCh24 - V1 1 month ago

    It means that he wasn’t only trying to pull Chen Liguo to his side, and was probably trying to get other political powers to join his camp instead of the other prince’s or from the neutral party

  • Lol yup centimeters, I forgot to TN it 💦

  • It’s more of an nsfw short, it’s unofficial and was posted elsewhere (I don’t know where since I only got ahold of the text file)

    Yeah, he does know, but he doesn’t know who the ML is really, just that he’s also a transmigrator

  • No Idea 😂 I just based it off what the web said, checking again, they were introduced to the western countries in 2010, so I guess not really rare anymore lol

  • He died because the daughter of fate’s destiny completion degree became full and this world was deemed completed XD

  • This guy would never truly leave our Chen Liguo ♥

    Thanks for reading!