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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 23


In that short moment of unconsciousness, Bu Bai really thought that he would be unable to go on. He was not tired of life, nor was he afraid of dying, it was just that he felt a bit sorry for Boss. If he was capable enough, he would not have been suppressed by others and end up falling into his current situation.

He was prepared to be scolded, but the pain that covered his entire body when he woke up was not fake. He was unexpectedly still inside the body. Turning his head, he caught sight of a familiar person. XjHVDd

Bai Yu lay beside him quietly, his fingers tightly grasping his sleeve. Even though he was fast asleep, he did not let go. Bu Bai thought that this scene was very bizarre. He had always thought that although Bai Yu did not loathe him, his attitude was still completely indifferent. Suddenly seeing him beside him and caring for him, Bu Bai expressed that he could not accept if from the bottom of his heart.

Glancing at Bai Yu with a complicated gaze, he reached out and tried to pry his fingers off. He really couldn’t stand this kind of posture, but when he touched his arm, he noticed that it was covered with bloodstains.

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Bu Bai had never doubted Bai Yu’s strength, so when he saw this, he very naturally guessed in the right direction, he had injured himself. Thinking softly and extremely afraid, Bu Bai felt that it was still better to not be too close to him and his determination to pry off his fingers was all the more firm.

He didn’t dare use too much strength and just prodded Bai Yu’s fingers slightly. Sensing that the man was grasping him more tightly than he had imagined, he subconsciously increased his strength. Pushed this way, Bai Yu woke up and Bu Bai was frightened. He was so frightened that tears appeared in his eyes, making his white porcelain face seem especially pleasant. 5NvQ6l

Bai Yu’s mood was much more excited than he had anticipated. He looked at him with twinkling eyes and said, “You’ve finally woken up.”

Seeing the tears in his eyes, he brushed his cheek with distress and hugged him lightly. He comforted him, saying, “Don’t cry, my heart aches.”

The surprise in Bu Bai’s eyes became even more extreme. Within Bai Yu’s warm embrace, he trembled violently. His wounds were still aching, constantly reminding him of what the man before him had done. Bu Bai really didn’t want to suffer like that again. Despite knowing that it was useless, he still tried to explain, saying, “It really wasn’t me who did it, I have nothing to do with Bai Xiuran.”

Bai Yu’s eyes darkened, as if the deep sorrow underneath the bright curtain on the surface had been revealed. He looked at the person within his arms gently. “I know, I believe you.” 4bQr8

Bu Bai looked at Bai Yu with disbelief, the fear in his eyes had not faded and his body was still trembling slightly.

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Bai Yu was stimulated by this look and accidentally used a bit more strength, grabbing Bu Bai’s wounds.

“Hurts……” Bu Bai whispered in pain.

As if he were burned, he let go of Bu Bai, his arms lowered. Only, his two eyes still firmly glued themselves to Bu Bai’s body, unwilling to look elsewhere. s1Jnwd

“Xiao Bai, even if you really want to hurt me, I won’t fight back.”

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Bu Bai looked at Bai Yu with wide eyes, ‘I don’t believe this’ written across his face brightly. His body even cowered back in a hurry, as though it was the only way he could find a slight sense of security.

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Bai Yu did not justify himself this time. He directly took out a dagger from within his clothes and handed it to Bu Bai.

“You want me to commit suicide?” Bu Bai asked, his words full of decadence and despair.

“No.” Bai Yu explained in a hurry, his brows full of anxiety. He grasped Bu Bai’s hand which held the dagger and guided it to the position of his heart. “I know that you came in order to kill me. Everything I owe you and am unable to repay, I can do no better than give you this life and help you fulfill your task.”

The dagger was still in Bu Bai’s hand. His mind was blank. Everything he knew had been overturned. Bai Yu knew everything. Thinking of this, he asked, “Why?” 9PQ2Gl

Bai Yu did not conceal his meaning. “I am Bai Yu, and I used to be Qi Ranmo and Xing Yan. At that time, I was still muddled and thought that I was the only person within those worlds and existed according to its trajectory. Then, I met you.”

Recalling that time again, Bai Yu’s face was filled with regret, but there was also a vague joy mixed in with it.

“You would be strongly dedicated to killing me every time. At first, I thought it was my own bigotry that made you hate me, until I came to this world.”

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“Although I didn’t remember anything at first, this time I clearly understood that I am an outsider and was strongly attached to destroying this world’s original trajectory. And then, I met you again.” UuoVdx

“As if you were marked, whenever you are within my eyes, you would be special, and I cannot part myself from you. So, I began to recall bits and pieces of things upon your death, things about us and some things about the system.”

“I know that it was you whom I met and fell in love with. Underneath those different appearances and personalities was your soul. Then as an outsider, you would not be swayed by the emotions of the original owner. What did you really want? Later, I realized, it was my life. All you really wanted was my death. That is why you would take on great pains to come to my side and acquire my trust.”

Bu Bai looked at the man before him who said these things with a gentle expression and his heart, unintentionally, felt pained. The feeling of being killed by a loved one must be very painful. He had gone through so many assassinations, but still didn’t give up his initial love and still recounted these things before him so calmly. As he listened, his tears slid down. They were different from the tears a moment ago, they were because his heart felt distress for him. Bu Bai loosened his grip on the dagger and wanted to touch this man’s cheek, wanting to give this man a little warmth, wanting to melt the deep sorrow that lingered around him.

“Let me help you this time.” fo0eRM

Bai Yu picked up the dagger and sent it deep into his heart. Thick blood flowed down the seams of his fingers. As if he had done something joyous, he watched Bu Bai with a smile on his face and noiselessly collapsed onto the floor.

“Don’t.” Bu Bai caught Bai Yu and pried off his hand from the dagger. “You don’t have anything you need to apologize to me for. It has always been me who has let you down. The mission doesn’t matter, I don’t want to let you die.”

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Bu Bai rushed through the door and yelled, “Hurry and call a physician over, your Master has had an accident.”

People ran over very quickly. Seeing the situation, they immediately made a decision and tried their best to look for a physician that could help. The remaining people just stood inside the room and stared at the weeping Bu Bai with malicious eyes. The Master and he were in the same room and the responsibility of his injury was unconditionally related to him. ju1gvG

Bu Bai had no mind to care about this. He held Bai Yu’s hand, saying, “Open your eyes, okay? If you are able to live this time, I can promise you anything.”

Bai Yu’s eyelashes moved slightly as if he was struggling to give a reply. However, from beginning to end, he wasn’t able to open his eyes. Bu Bai was seriously injured as well and having gone through such ups and downs, he was unable to adjust his state of mind and fainted on the spot.

Everyone was in a flurry again. There was no other bed in the room and without the master’s instructions, they did not dare flail about and without any better option, they could only endure their disgust and put Bu Bai and Bai Yu on the same bed.

Bai Yu’s wound was very dangerous and he was only a little short of piercing through the arteries of his heart. The medicine was not very effective. After a night of critical care, he managed to wake up with great difficulty. The physician was incessantly harping on by his ear that the Master really was lucky and had recovered his life in the midst of danger. fiM3rn

Bai Yu laughed in his heart, where would he have so much luck? All his luck was probably spent on meeting Bu Bai and there was no more luck to protect himself. The stab was deliberately shallow. He wanted to bet on it. If he won, he would leave a mark in Bu Bai’s heart. If he lost, it was no more than Bu Bai killing him one more time. They were bound to meet again next time. As long as he didn’t give up on causing havoc, this day was determined to come.

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Fortunately, he won. This little person was still so kindhearted and naive, so quick to trust other people. Fortunately, he had met him first and from now on, the only one who could deceive him is himself.

Turning his body, he gathered the sleeping Bu Bai into his arms and smelled the fragrance from the hair on top of his head, some indecent images appearing in his mind. When can he put himself into the point of Bu Bai’s heart? He had been waiting for this true emotion much too long already.

Bu Bai only felt that someone was touching his cheek. It was tender and affectionate, feeling very comfortable. He unconsciously rubbed against it twice. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pale Bai Yu wrapped in gauze. He hastily examined his injury and asked, “How are you, are you all right?” BWP hY

That anxious look seemed as if he would cry as long as he gave a negative answer. Inexplicable, a smile sprouted on Bai Yu’s face. “I’m all right, I just need to recuperate for a while.”

Only then did Bu Bai rest his heart at ease and re-nested in Bai Yu arms. A moment later, a certain inappropriate part was woken up and he hastily escaped, withdrawing to the edge of the bed.

Bai Yu let him be. In truth, his hands were itchy, but he still restrained his impulse to seize and assumed a warm and amiable attitude, saying, “My injury is not of importance. What about you? Are you still in pain?”

Bu Bai didn’t want him to worry so he lied and said, “It doesn’t really hurt anymore.” Oly0cd

“But my heart hurts.”

A few words made Bu Bai blush to the roots of his hears. His nature was very weak to teasing and so when he confronted Bai Yu with his original temper, he became a bit embarrassed.

It seemed like Bai Yu was even less inclined to let him get away when he became aware of his embarrassment. He directly asked, “What is our current relationship?”

“Husband and wife.” Bu Bai said, his head hanging low. “But that is someone else’s identity, I……” vJUyTw

“You’re not willing?” Bai Yu asked. Although Bu Bai could not see his face, he heard the undisguised disappointment in his words.

“I am really willing to have this relationship with you. If you don’t want to, ending it is okay too.”

Not even mentioning the previous times he had harmed him, just from the way he had staked his life yesterday, Bu Bai did not have the heart to reject his desire. “Just leave it be. If you like it then okay, I don’t really care.”

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Bai Yu, however, became all the more bitter. He said, “But I care very much. Xiao Bai, you said on that day that you would promise me anything if I woke up, does it still count?” pcbt D

Bu Bai recalled this man’s previous conduct and his thoughts naturally went crooked. He bowed his head and nodded slightly to indicate his acknowledgment, his face already beginning to burn hot.

“I desire for you, to try and like me.”

Bu Bai raised his head and looked over. The man’s body seemed to be covered with a layer of brilliance, and the surging love within those dark eyes made his heart tremble. There was a bit of sourness, bitterness and sweetness. For a moment, he could not tell whether it was his own desire or his own heart.

StormFrost: ‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ >口<)̂ꎤ⁾⁾⁾⁾ Unresigned! I’m unresigned with this result!!! ( ب_ب )  …… Though, our Bu Bai is very kind and very naive. Of course he wouldn’t seek out revenge and purposefully hurt others. Hoping that the author is a little less kind and writes up some ML groveling and suffering .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. KGULi1

Misogi: I want more sufferiiiiing >_____< and groveling D: our Bu Bai is too kind…..

Translated by StormFrost
Edited by Misogi

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