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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 25


Bai Yu woke up much earlier than Bu Bai. It was half because he had a guilty conscience. He really was suspect in deliberately tricking Bu Bai into s*x. The other half was because he had tossed Bu Bai from side to side so much he truly couldn’t stand last night and was now sleeping soundly.

Bai Yu looked at Bu Bai’s sleeping countenance apprehensively, wondering how he should explain to his newly married wife. He didn’t know if Bu Bai could accept this degree of intimacy, but he had waited too long and his lover was always provoking him and that inevitable roused those little thoughts. KEm31C

He felt somewhat ashamed right now but he absolutely did not regret it. Bai Yu caressed Bu Bai’s brows. If it weren’t for the fact that Bu Bai couldn’t bear it anymore and had fainted in the end, he would not have stopped. He had been longing to do this for so long and his obsession could not die out unless demanded so like that.

“It won’t be like this in the future.” There was a soft smile on his face as he said this.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

What he feared the most was Bu Bai hating him when he woke up and alienating him. He was so afraid that his heart and liver ached. He greedily impressed the image of his lover’s current appearance into his mind. His mind was full of Bu Bai’s appearance. Not a little bit of other stuff could be tolerated. Naturally, he forgot what he had wanted to say.

When Bu Bai opened up his eyes, he was still immersed in admiring the daily life of husband and wife, unable to free himself when he was suddenly given a fright from that vigorous stare. QB2i1E

His entire body aching, Bu Bai expressed that he didn’t want to acknowledge this beast. But his body felt too heavy and he didn’t have the extra strength to leave the room. Thus, he could only turn his body around and face his back to Bai Yu, keeping his mouth shut.

This appearance made the originally uneasy Bai Yu even more uneasy. The men before his eyes overlapped with the images in his memories from the past and he seemed to see the bloody figure in his arms once again, his eyes slowly reddened. Bu Bai did not see any of this so he missed the best time to prevent what would happen next.

Aching all over made Bu Bai maintain a bit of sobriety. He was waiting for that man to come and coax him. Having been treated like this, he wasn’t not angry. Aside from anger, there was also an undeniable pleasant surprise and satisfaction. It turned out that he was willing. It turned out that he really did fall in love with this man. This sort of notion was another unexpected assurance for Bu Bai.

Not detecting any movement for a long time, Bu Bai doubtfully turned around and looked over at Bai Yu. The man’s eyes were filled with blood and he seemed to have sunken into some sort of bad situation, his entire body shook. 92lMN1

“Bai Yu, what’s wrong with you?” Bu Bai drew closer and wrapped his arms around his body, hoping to call back his mind, but it was to no avail. No light shone upon that pair of dark eyes and the desolation in them made people sorrowful.

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Bai Yu struggled free from Bu Bai and walked towards his word, isolating everyone and leading himself into the deepest despair.

Bu Bai hastily followed after him but his body was too weak and before he could grab ahold of Bai Yu, he fell down behind him.

But the man walking ahead of him, though not fully conscious, rushed over, catching him and holding him tightly in his arms, saying, “Mine, not allowed to go.” iAkF73

Bu Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry but also understood that he must not be stimulated under his current state. He touched him gently and said, “Not going, I’m here.”

Seeming like he had been appeased, Bai Yu showed a somewhat foolish smile and then fell unconscious, making Bu Bai feel helpless. He was someone who couldn’t even walk, how could he move Bai Yu back onto the bed? After ponding over the infeasibility of this matter, Bu Bai slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

When he woke up again, it was already nightfall. Bu Bai saw Bai Yu walk in from outside without his previous madness and faintly put his heart at ease. He had originally wanted to turn around and ignore him again but was afraid of stimulating him and remained motionless.

With his eyebrows furrowed, rather than looking angry, in Bai Yu’s eyes, he was just like a hamster with its food pouches crammed with food. It was extremely cute and heartwarming. XQ45f8

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He walked up to Bu Bai and smoothly knelt down. He looked up at Bu Bai and said, “You can punish me in any way you want, don’t ignore me, okay?”

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Bai Yu was startled and dropped a light kiss on Bai Yu’s forehead, bringing the angry man into his arms. “I didn’t expect that you would be so cute.” Making people so happy.

“Gbc’a vb atja xlcv bo raeoo lc atf oeaegf.” Vbwf atlcur cffvfv ab yf rjlv mifjgis. levB8R

Bai Yu’s smiling face froze and his entire person quickly withered just like an unwanted white cabbage.

“Are you unwilling?” Are you still unable to accept me?

“In the future, it’s only okay if I give consent. If I say stop you can’t just not listen.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Said Bu Bai with a red face. His voice was extremely small. It was like a feather that gently brushed over Bai Yu’s heart. He felt like his entire heart was trembling. mPaA3t

“En.” As long as you are willing.

With his lover’s nourishment, Bai Yu seemed to transform into a different person. Although he was still ice-cold, as long as his wife was present, the people below could all see their Master’s undisguised joy and even some faint foolishness which made it hard for people to look straight at.

Still more, he was always comparing all kinds of things before his wife. Once, the madam saw a good looking passerby and gave a few more glances then was asked by the Master, ‘Does he look good or do I look good?’ Another time, the madam took care of the bamboo in front of the door then was asked by the Master, ‘It is important or am I important?’ The most unreasonable one was one time, the madam took a bite of a pastry then was asked, ‘Does it taste good or do I taste good?’

The people bellow expressed that were frightened by their Master’s childishness. Bu Bai was very helpless as well. Countless times now he had said carelessly that he was good and was then rendered unable to get out of bed for a few days. MgG49P

Bu Bai really didn’t know that an originally cool-headed person could become so…… indescribable. He found it a little funny but also liked it a little. He liked his childish temper and couldn’t help but indulge in him.

Bu Bai had never thought of spending his remaining years until death with another person in a world. But now, he couldn’t help but have excessive expectations. How great would it be for time to move a little slower, he hasn’t seen enough of his appearance.

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“Bu Bai.”

A familiar voice sounded and the smile on Bu Bai’s face disappeared. sq5und

“Boss, you’ve returned.”

“En, I found something. Bai Yu might be a very dangerous character, which is why we have been sent to kill him in such a cruel way. So long as he does not wish for it, no one can truly expel him from the world. It was the same for the previous few. I’m afraid that this man’s target is to retaliate against the immortal deities. We are just a tool to contain him, that’s all.”

“Then who in the world is he?” Bu Bai’s voice trembled a little. He was afraid that that man would be hurt.

“I don’t know. The things that I could look at aren’t many. I guess that he should be related to that upheaval many years ago.” d9GQkc

“Boss, I have something I want to tell you.” Bu Bai’s voice was very light but was also indescribably somewhat heavy.

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“I don’t want to kill him anymore. I like him.”

The furball did not reply immediately, which was rare, and smoked cigarettes with all his might in his own space.

“Do you know the consequence of doing this?” IU8Wh7

“I don’t know.”

“You will die. Death in its true sense. They won’t allow a traitor to exist. Even so, do you still want to do this?”

Boss had never been this grave before. If it was up to him to choose between Bu Bai and Bai Yu, he would ruthlessly give up Bai Yu. Only, right now this choice was not to be made by him.

“Boss, I like him.” So I’m not afraid. HbjmDw

The furball knew that it could not persuade Bu Bai so he tactically agreed to this result and went to prepare some stuff alone and Bu Bai was once again unable to contact him.

A few years later, foreign enemies invaded. Bai Yu had no choice but to lead the soldiers into battle. Before he left, he asked Bu Bai if he was willing to go with him.

Bu Bai said that he wasn’t willing. He could not bear the conditions of the frontier and that man did not force him either.

Before leaving, he was lovey-dovey to him for a few days. dOyQlp

Bu Bai did not see him off. He was afraid that he would be unwilling to part and want to spend a few more days with him. Then he would be unable to leave even more.

He did not want to become Bai Yu’s burden. Without him, he believed that Bai Yu could live on well.

He returned to his original courtyard. After they got together, he did not come back here. This time, he came to find Lin Lang who had remained here.

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Lin Lang did not like him, this, Bu Bai knew. However, it wasn’t until Boss told him that he understood that it wasn’t only dislike, but resentment. Resentment to the point where she did not want him to appear before Bai Yu, which was exactly what he needed. HWko7M

Bu Bai left a letter in the room and then sought out Lin Lang along. The girl was as indifferent as ever and no joy or anger could be seen from her.

Bu Bai said, “Lin Lang, come out with me on a trip.”

“Yes.” Lin Lang responded and silently followed Bu Bai out the door.

Bu Bai deliberately sent away the people around him and brought Lin Lang to a remote place. hDyZi4

It was an abandoned courtyard. No one lived in it and all that remained was a dead tree and a few lumps of rotten wood. It truly was a good place for murder.

Lin Lang realized this as well and her expression changed. Just as she was about to move, she was told to halt by Bu Bai.

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“Lin Lang.” His tone was as gentle as it was when they first met and made Lin Lang somewhat dazzled. “I want you to kill me.”

“Why? The Master treats you so well.” All his actions were explained in this moment and Lin Lang instantly understood the intentions of the man before her. kbCYjn

Bu Bai did not reply. He did not know how to reply. Instead, he handed Lin Lang the bottle in his hands. “Use it to remove my corpse. Consider this to be the last thing that I entrust you with.”

After he said this, he did not show any reaction anymore and was truly like a person seeking death.

Lin Lang, however, laughed. “Master, he really is unworthy.” She was not a weak woman. The government never sheltered useless people. Before she came to Bu Bai’s side, she had been an assassin and Bu Bai was the first person that she had served.

Slender fingers grasped Bu Bai’s neck and tightened up little by little. The man in her hand did not struggle but only showed a frail expression from the pain. Lin Lang used a bit more strength and Bu Bai ceased to live. He was thrown onto the ice-cold ground. qA3RB5

Lin Lang poured out the liquid inside the bottle and in the blink of an eye, the beautiful man became transparent liquid and disappeared from the world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After finishing this, Lin Lang left this place. This action of hers could already be counted as betrayal. After leaving, she will never come back.

Avis: Why is it that it starts all lovey-dovey and ends with death. I want to lodge a complaint!

StormFrost: It’s the last week of summer, let’s blaze through one chapter a day and finish this novel ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 fqnblZ

Translated by StormFrost

Edited by Avis

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