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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 12


In the blink of an eye, five years passed. Bu Bai grew from an adolescent teenager to a mature young man. His originally good looks became even more dazzling and refined under the tempering of the years, making it difficult for people to look directly at his face.

Five years cannot be considered a short period of time. These five years were enough for Yan Shu to gather sufficient  strength to attack the devil sect. It also gave him an ample amount of time to grow into a mature leader. Bu Bai listened  to his subordinate’s report of Yan Shu’s recent situation with a faint smile. It should be time for him to return now. Hrm618

It’s time for him to take revenge for the humiliation of that year.

Over the past few years, Bu Bai managed to dismiss almost all of his male pets. Now, the only one remaining was Lu Yi. He had once asked Lu Yi why he did not leave with the others. At that time, Lu Yi had looked at him quietly with no resentment in his eyes. Unexpectedly, he had never faced Bu Bai with the same hostility that all the others displayed. He said, “I was originally born in a brothel. I’d rather concentrate on serving master than go back to selling myself to random people on the street for a little bit of change At least you won’t abandon me for no reason.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I won’t?” Bu Bai was somewhat surprised.

“You won’t.” Lu Yi looked at him firmly. Bu Bai did not understand where his confidence came from, but it was comforting nonetheless. Finally, there was someone who could understand him a little, yet the one that they understood was not the real him. This kind of feeling was indeed ironically bitter.   QbxMNt

Lu Yi had always wanted to fulfill his duties as a male pet, since he needed the relationship to consolidate his position. However, Bu Bai was reluctant to do so. He’d always intentionally or unintentionally keep a proper distance. Even the so-called ‘serving in the bedroom’ was only chatting under the blankets. In the past, he did not believe that the sect master could ever have any real feelings for another person, but now it was impossible for him to not believe it. He had personally seen the man being proud during the day and holding the wine jar while crying alone at night.

“Master.” Lu Yi wrapped his arm around Bu Bai’s neck and breathed ambiguously at his sensitive spot. Not receiving the usual refusal he took advantage of this and advanced a step further, wanting to take a mile after gaining an inch.

“Lu Yi, you can leave first this time.” Bu Bai said as he grabbed the approaching hands that were eager for some action.

“Will you leave?” asked the Lu Yi. FKJCBd

“I will.” Bu Bai said. His wet eyes were filled with so much sadness that it made the heart squeeze.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Then I will accompany Master.”

Just as he finished speaking, he felt a sharp pain on his neck and slid down uncontrollably along Bu Bai’s body.

“Take him away.” Bu Bai handed the man in his arms to his subordinates, “and don’t come back.” PoOMim

The man in black, however, did not move. He silently looked at the sect master for a moment and for the first time in his life overstepped his boundaries: “Sect Master won’t you be following us?”

t/n: this may have not been translated clearly before but Bu Bai is something like the leader of the devil/demonic/evil sect. It isn’t too clear cause I didn’t read the raws of the prev. chapters lol

“I’ll leave soon. You guys escape through the secret passage first. There’s no one in Jiang Hu who can catch me if I want to run. I won’t die so easily; wait for me to bring you back for revenge.” Bu Bai rarely explains so patiently or looks at his so subordinates so warmly.

After the last person had left, and Bu Bai sat alone on the throne, waiting quietly for Yan Shu’s arrival. He was still human, and didn’t entertain forcing everyone else to accompany him to the grave. If these people, who are controlled by their cannon fodder destiny, can escape the fate of being killed by the protagonist, then they will no longer be controlled by the plot and can decide their own futures. This can count as Bu Bai’s way of compensating them for putting up with his wayward behaviour for so long. oAxGfY

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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“Fw.” Dbrr mbcolgwfv.

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The pain… vnVU4d

it was like all his internal organs were about to burst open. Bu Bai was on the verge tears. It’s just medicine to fake death, why do you need to make the experience so realistic?

However, the play still needed to be acted out. Bu Bai maintained a slightly leaning posture while sitting on the throne. He watched as the man dressed in pale blue lead a group of men from the righteous sect towards him. That familiar figure overlapped with the one from five years ago, and the bone-deep sorrow was impossible to describe.

“Shu Shu, I trust you’ve been well.” Although the same gentle words sounded, the young man was no longer a young man, and he was no longer that boy who was unable to resist.

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It was only a greeting, yet the group of little friends next to Yan Shu seemed to be stimulated and shouted. Nmb4oc

“Is Shu Shu something you can say so casually?!”

“Devil, you have no way to escape.”

“Devil, call out all your people, let us fight to the death.”

It was like Bu Bai could not hear any of them, his pair of limpid eyes remained on the leading figure: “Is that also what you think?” 4dRFgi

Yan Shu did not answer immediately, but Bu Bai understood. He saw the same hatred burning in his eyes from 5 years ago. It was clear, this love was a one-man show from beginning to end.

“You’re not wrong for hating me.” Without waiting for Yan Shu to answer, Bu Bai went on as if he had never cared to hear the answer in the first place. “After all, I’d once trampled all over your dignity. Unfortunately, I can’t give you this life of mine.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Shu’s face turned cold and he carefully watched the man on the throne.

Is it possible that he still has a hidden trick up his sleeve? J463Zl

He was not the only one suspicious, everyone else at the scene had the same thought.

No one dared to go forward, fearing that they’d be the one to become a shield and block the knife for the rest of the team.

When Bu Bai saw this, he thought it was quite funny. He laughed like the Bi An Hua of the netherworld*, beautiful yet sad. Poisonous blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth and splashed onto his snow-white robe, like blossoming of a bloody flower.

t/n: a type of flower said to symbolize death and rebirth. More info: https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1595061244138834836&wfr=spider&for=pc yfUFh8

There are always some people who, the more dangerous the situation they are in, the better they’re able to exhibit their extraordinary beauty. On the verge of death, Bu Bai exuded less arrogance and more tenderness. This rare softness mixed together with the despair of death, making it look all the more heartbreaking.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even his enemies had to admit that this devil was the epitome of beauty.

It wasn’t clear whether it was Bu Bai’s weakness that made them let down their guard, or the fact that it was truly impossible to return to their senses after witnessing such an event, but everyone at the scene was rooted to the spot… except for two people.

Xing Yan rushed towards Bu Bai the instant that he realized something was wrong. Supporting the person who was about to fall, he questioned “What have you done?”. Although he asked, how could he not understand? It was just that the truth was too cruel, and he would rather believe in those fragile lies. nrVtDL

Bu Bai could no longer see anything by now, but just as his soul was about to leave, he felt as though he was surrounded by a familiar aura. When he heard the voice, he finally recognized who it was: “Xing Yan.”

“I’m here.” Kissing Bu Bai’s forehead, Xing Yan’s eyes were like the bottomless ocean brimming with tenderness and affection, “Call me one more time, ok?”

But no one responded. Yan Shu came to Bu Bai’s side and reached out to feel the man’s breath. It was still, without a single trace of breath: “He’s dead.”

Xing Yan knew. He was the first one to know. How could he not know? He was the first one to appear beside him, the first one to feel that faint heartbeat, the first one to grasp the man’s suddenly falling hand. He had simply been too desperate, and searched frantically for some form of solace. m1Jlt6

Yan Shu stood by the side. He watched as his best friend, the one who had always supported him and stayed by his side, hold his sworn enemy in utter despair. Yet what he felt was not the ugly feeling of betrayal, but the same heartache as that him. There was too much pain, too much grief.

Ever since that day he left, he had always believed that a day will come when he would be able to return here and make that man pay the price. It took him five years to complete the first step, but he no longer know how to proceed with the second. No matter how badly he wanted that man to pay, he’d still rather see that lively man forcing him or sucking up to him than laying there lifelessly on the ground.

“Xing Yan, he’s already dead. Give him to me.” Although Yan Shu said it like that, only he knew how many hidden intentions he had. It’s because of these secret thoughts that he didn’t even want to let go of that man’s corpse.

“Give him to you? On what basis can you demand that I give him to you? He is my wife, what qualifications do you have?” said Xing Yan who had always been friendly to everyone. This was the first time they’ve seen him making such a ferocious expression. asunvo

If Yan Shu didn’t understand Xing Yan’s feelings when Xing Yan rushed up just now, no matter what, he must’ve understood them now: “You actually love him? Then why did you want to help me? Why rush up here to attack him with us?”

Xing Yan stroked Bu Bai’s pale cheeks with more care than he’d ever shown before. His fingertips stiffened for a moment when he brushed past a blood stain, before carefully wiping it away. He then lightly touched his soft lips.

It wasn’t a long pause, but it wasn’t very short either. Just as Yan Shu thought that he wouldn’t respond, he said, “He doesn’t love me. I’ve always known that you’re the only one in his heart. But why should I let go? It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t love me. It’s enough for me to love him. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want to be around me. I just need to break his wings, so he can’t fly to escape. For him to have nothing is exactly what I want, that way, he can only look at me.”

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Perhaps it’s because it’s too painful to love someone, too tiring to wait for someone, that Xing Yan chose the most effective yet cruel path from the very beginning. YiAo5j

Xing Yan picked up the man from the throne, ignoring Yan Shu who was still in shock, and walked straight out of the Devil’s Hall. In front of him were countless righteous men, yet no one dared to stop him. Xing Yan’s aura was too frightening. Anyone who moved to obstruct him found themselves surrounded by a dreadful killing intent that only receded when their intention was withdrawn.

Yan Shu had wanted to keep Bu Bai’s body. How could he not want to hug that person? They’d been separated for too long, so long that he had forgotten why he’d left in the first place. He shouldn’t have left. In fact, he was truly willing, willing to be together with that person, but the one who needed to hear this was no longer here.

He couldn’t find any reason to stop Xing Yan. Xing Yan was right. He was not qualified. His love was pitiful and small. He simply covered it with a little bit of hatred, and the love could not longer be felt.

Xing Yan fed Bu Bai a pill that would stop his body from decaying for a while, but it would not be enough. The Xing family had long been suppressed by Xing Yan, so no one could object to whatever he wanted to do. Even when he made the inexplicable demand to build an ice chamber, no one dared said anything. 1LXWtl

While the ice chamber was being built, Bu Bai was temporarily placed into the room that had originally been prepared for him. It was built by Xing Yan when he came back five years ago. The decorations were all in accordance with Bu Bai’s preferences. It looked exactly like Bu Bai’s bedroom in the devil sect. At that time, he had thought that if Bu Bai didn’t want to live with him at first, he could wait.

If he could spend five years planning to attack the devil sect, then he could spend even longer to make Bu Bai love him. As long as the man didn’t leave, he was satisfied.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Hello everyone!

Last time I was playing with all the cool functions and posted before I got a chance to introduce myself hahahaha :blobsmilesweat: U7EWsl

I’m Izreate (Iz for short), your new translator for this project! :blobhero: This is my first project, so I chose a short story to see how it goes (little did I know each chapter was still 3k :blobdizzy:). I’m fairly new at translating (and slow), so if you see any mistakes, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or msg me on discord :blobsmilehappyeyes:. The first 10 chapters can be found over at Sleepy Ant’s, and I’ll try my best to finish this story for all of you :3.  (16 chapters to go!) :blobhighfive:

There will be at least 1 chapter every week and probably more cause I’ve been quite free recently. Enjoy!

Onto my new (and super awesome) editor Avis (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

(Chapter 11 wasn’t edited, sry :P) LXZ9nr

Hello! (*^▽^)/ I’m the new editor for this novel Avis, I will be trying my best to edit this well for all the readers who love this novel, I hope that you will have a fun read!!

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Translated by Izreate

Edited by Avis 8ihc7f

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