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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 17


Bu Bai died with grievances once again. He’d originally planned to check on the protagonist one last time before leaving this world. However, he didn’t expect that the fatally poisoned man would still have the strength to kill him.

“Boss, do I have a scent that attracts the villains to kill me?” Bu Bai was depressed. eodQW

“Was it not in his right to kill you?” Boss gave Bu Bai a contemptuous glance.

Taking a moment to consider his words, Bu Bai was no longer that depressed. After all, not only did he deceive the villain, he also used the villain’s feeling to murder him. On the other hand, that man only stabbed him once with his sword. His actions were actually quite reasonable.

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After resolving the knot in his heart, he became much more relaxed. He quickly reverted back to his natural temperament and hugged the fluffy round furball to give it a fierce rub. He only let go after being given a vicious bite. Bu Bai used his pair of watery eyes to look accusingly at Boss.

Boss didn’t bother to coax him and directly tossed him into the next world. He flew in a parabolic arc, but since he was in a spiritual form, his landing was gentle. Confused by his soft landing, he looked around the fascinating room with interesting little toys and gadgets laid out on display. Bu Bai suddenly had a bad feeling. When the host’s memories entered his soul, he realized that the situation was really not great. eBDdZV

This time the villain’s name was Bai Yu, the Regent King of this country. However, his regime was the lifelong kind. It was said that when the regent was still a little prince, his mother, Princess Joan, was accused of adultery and executed. The little prince was also proven to be a bastard son – unrelated to the late emperor by blood. In order to preserve his reputation, the late emperor didn’t make the situation public and continued to raise the little prince as his son. However, the longer he raised him, the less pleasing to the eye he was. On the surface, he would act as a loving father. He would spoil him, saying that he pitied the poor child who lost his mother so early in life. However, behind the scenes, he would find someone to attempt an assassination on him from time to time. Eventually, without the protection of his mother, the child prince became a target for all those residing in the imperial palace.

Thus, the villain slowly grew up and learned to thrive in this type of environment where everyone was after his life. Fortunately, his mother’s family still had some prominence and the assassination attempts couldn’t be too obvious. The child himself was also quick-witted and had quickly noticed the attitudes of those around him. Later, when he finally gained enough strength, he was ahead by one step and killed the late emperor first. He then named himself as the Regent King and set his youngest imperial brother as the future king. When asked, he said that he enjoyed the feeling of manipulating things from the shadows.

Just before his death, the late emperor told him about his tainted lineage with the intent to make him feel guilty. Who knew that this psychopath didn’t give a damn since a long time ago, and spit out a single sentence with cold aloofness: Now that the throne is already in my hands, what does it matter who I am? And angered the late emperor to death.

Unfortunately, villains were the type of beings who couldn’t act cool for more than 3 seconds before the male lead kills them. The new emperor relied on his protagonist halo and bide his time. He eventually overthrew the Regent King’s tyranny. That’s what was originally supposed to happen according to the plot. However, the world’s storyline suddenly became distorted and took an abnormal route. The protagonist emperor was fiercely suppressed by the villain from the very beginning of the story and couldn’t find an opportunity to return to his intended fate in his entire life. On the other hand, the originally cruel and brutal villain suddenly saw the light and became shrewd. He quickly gained the admiration of the commoners, and his prestige shot through the roof, greatly surpassing that of the male lead.


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As for Bu Bai, he was the object of the villain’s first love. It was said that on that day, the angle and lighting were impeccable. Bai Yu, who would occasionally come by the restaurant to drink some fragrant wine, fell in love at first sight with the man on the second floor. Then, despite the man’s lowly status of a waiter, he recklessly pursued the man for several months. Naturally, Bu Bai’s heart was warmed by his action and no longer treated him like a guest. He started to truly consider him as his partner and looked for an opportunity to confess. He took a chance and asked him: “Will you marry me?”

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Bu Bai waited quietly nearby for someone to find him and put him down. If he entered the body now, he feared that the body would have to experience death twice in one night. s pPow

Not far from Hua Jie, Bai Yu opened his eyes. The current him could be called Bai Yu, yet he was not Bai Yu at the same time. The original Bai Yu had been reborn. He knew that this day was the day his lover died. If he’d known that his lover would kill himself so decisively because of his refusal, he would’ve never deceived him for the sake of protecting him. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to marry him, only, he knew that he was in a dangerous situation and didn’t want to bring his lover into it. It was ok for the Regent to favour a small waiter, but if he tried to marry him, others will start to think differently about their relationship. For the current him, love was a noose. He didn’t want his love to become his weakness. He was lucky enough to be reborn and thought that he could prevent the same thing from happening, but he didn’t expect that he would be squeezed out of his body by a much more powerful soul. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he had begged for one last chance to save his lover, he would probably have been squeezed out long ago.

He couldn’t figure out why the new, insanely powerful soul, would allow him to occupy the body so easily when he said that he wanted to save his lover’s life. It was even more difficult to understand the vacant look of anguish on their face, but it didn’t matter now, there was something infinitely more important to him.

Bai Yu ran desperately to the familiar room. No one dared to stop the imperial regent. He rushed straight to Bu Bai’s door, but the moment he opened the door, he saw his lover hanging from the beam. The blood drained from his face. Was he too late?

He quickly let the man down and felt for his breath. Nothing, he was gone. Bai Yu thought, then for what reason did I come back this time? If they’d never intended to give him any hope, why bring him back? He cried unreservedly for the first time since he became an adult. His tears blurred his eyes and he failed to notice the slight frown and half-open eyes on the man in his arms. “Bai Yu.” A single sound brought back Bai Yu’s reason. He disbelievingly watched his lover who had returned to life. He felt his lover’s warm skin and instantly became happy like a child. Yet in the next second, he lost control of his arm and struck Bu Bai’s sleeping accupoint. fpq7iB

Gently looking at the comatose man, he said: “It’s fine as long as you’re alive. I no longer have any regrets.” Then, he requested of the other man inside his body: “Will you promise to marry him for me and take care of him for life?”

The man in his body might have wanted to refuse, but when the words left his mouth, they became: “I promise you”.

“Thank you.” Bai Yu said. He took one last look at his true love, and as if sighing, yet contented, he inevitably returned to nothingness.

At the same time, another person opened their eyes. Their pupils were stained with a faint reddish haze that faded slowly. Bai Yu lowered his head to look at the unconscious man, and impatiently threw him onto the bed. Then he sat alone by the window, slowly drinking wine. The moonlight shone on his face, giving off a feeling of coldness and solitude. MUZp49

He did not know who he was or where he came from. His memory bank was completely empty, save an obsession to destroy his brother Bai XiuLan, the future emperor. He didn’t know where the hatred came from, but he’d always followed his intuition. Since the hatred existed, there was no reason not to destroy that object of hatred. He was also not a benevolent person, and it simply wasn’t in his nature to help someone out of sympathy. However, when he saw Bai Yu’s appearance, a distant figure appeared in his mind. He felt the same sadness of losing his loved one, the same grief, and he inexplicably couldn’t refuse his request.  

However, that didn’t mean that he could love that man as much as the original Bai Yu did, the most he could do is marry him.  

*From this point on Bu Bai assumes the position and role of the original Bu Bai.*

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The first thing Bu Bai saw when he woke up was the man sitting at the table. He had an appearance that matched the original Bu Bai’s memories, yet he seemed slightly different. That person didn’t use to give off such a frigid to the bones aura. FbirN

Bai Yu sensed the other man stir and asked: “Why commit suicide?” His hand didn’t even leave the cup, still holding it in midair, as though unwilling to move an inch for the man on the bed.

Painful rope marks scarred Bu Bai’s neck. It was inevitable that he would be a little zoned out on the bed, after all, he was originally supposed to die, yet was somehow saved. On the other hand, looking at that man’s attitude, he clearly didn’t care about his life and death, yet had the face to ask this kind of question.

Because you don’t want me, the words wouldn’t leave his mouth. If Bai Yu was still the same Bai Yu that had loved him before, then he wouldn’t have any issues saying such words immediately, but he couldn’t find a single trace of familiarity or love in the current Bai Yu. At that moment, Bu Bai finally realized the huge difference in status between himself and that person. It was a gap that couldn’t be bridged simply through love.

Bu Bai remained silent and Bai Yu lost his patience. He  put down his cup and said to Bu Bai, “I’ll marry you tomorrow.” gsJ5yP

“Why?” Didn’t you say that you didn’t love me? Why would you still want to marry my lowly self?

Ben Wang needs a companion, that’s the only reason.” Bai Yu didn’t want to explain any more. Besides, it was difficult to explain in the first place. He didn’t want to spend too much time on such trifles. Finished speaking, he immediately opened the door to leave and did not show any concern for Bu Bai, who had just escaped from the grasp of death, from beginning to end.

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The door closed tightly. The force used wasn’t great, but Bu Bai felt as if it had slammed straight into his heart. He finally got what he wanted, yet he could not feel any joy. The original illusion was thoroughly destroyed by his willfulness, leaving behind only the coldness of a stranger. If you don’t love me, why marry me, why make me foolishly believe in your love.

In the brightly lit Hua Lou, Bu Bai sank into the darkness and cried silently. He didn’t look like someone who was about to be married at all. P46ZM0

The next day, the crowds filled the streets, and everyone was envious of the little waiter who would soon become the regent’s wife. In their eyes, Bu Bai did not even qualify for the position of the Regent King’s male favorite, let alone the noble status of his wife. However, the man ignored all the criticisms and doubts – he was going to marry Bu Bai and gift him the title of his first wife. The people speculated that perhaps what this prominent figure felt for Bu Bai was the so-called true love.

On the other hand, the person involved had a different opinion. When he was told that he would hold the title of first wife, he’d hoped that the man still had him in his heart. However, when he walked out the door in his ceremonial robes, he discovered that no matter how extravagant the marriage was, it couldn’t cover up the fact that the groom was not even in attendance. Was he unwilling to the point of not even appearing to receive his new wife?

Holding tightly onto the corner of his robes, Bu Bai restrained his impulse to escape. This kind of ceremony was not what he wanted. All he wanted was a lover who would accompany him for life. Since that person wasn’t even here, did this marriage even hold any meaning anymore?

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– Izreate

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translated by Izreate

Edited by Avis


Translator's Note

Supposedly ‘temporary’ king, usually in place of an under-aged ruler

Translator's Note

Regent King/Villain (easy to confuse name with Bu Bai, beware…)

Translator's Note

“Flower Street”, located in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, is a famous ancient street in Qingjiang Pu. It was named after the people who used to live in the street who loved to grow flowers, and the shops in the streets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties who made silk flowers for the court.

Translator's Note

the more powerful soul’s “face” (if souls can even have faces lol)

Translator's Note

The way a regent king addresses themself

Translator's Note

Like an ancient Chinese restaurant

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