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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 18


Bu Bai descended his sedan alone – completely isolated from the bustling excitement on the streets. The prince’s residence was elegant as usual, yet it was noticeably devoid of any celebratory activities. When he entered, the servants just gave him a quick nod out of courtesy and continued with their own business, as if he was just an insignificant guest.

The hopes Bu Bai originally had were shattered like shards of ice, causing deep pain in his heart, followed by despair, and finally, the resigned acceptance of coming to terms with reality. He should be satisfied with his lot. It should be enough that he was lucky enough to get rid of his commoner status and become a member of nobility, yet why did the tears still slide down uncontrollably? Why couldn’t he contain his sadness? NdhGjX

Bu Bai was brought step by step into his new residence. The room was in a relatively remote location, and although the environment was not glamorous like the rest of the mansion, it was very refined. Slender green bamboos stood scattered in the sparse grass. An artificial spring was placed beside the bamboo grove, giving the air a crisp and quiet feeling.

The servants left quickly after leading him here. Bu Bai didn’t have the intention to make them stay either. He didn’t have anyone he was close to anyway – being alone was better.

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Taking off his red wedding robes, he revealed the snow-white clothes underneath. White was his preference, but he wasn’t in a position to wear whatever he wanted before. Only after returning to his own clothes did he feel like himself again. He also removed the clips and pins in his hair, and his silky black hair spilled down like a waterfall. No one had taken the wedding seriously, so why should he keep himself dressed that way?

What Bai Yu saw when he entered, was the man in white leaning against the doorframe while gazing at the bamboo garden in silence. He mysteriously felt compelled to stay silent in fear of disturbing the quiet tranquility before him. Vnf1d8

It was Bu Bai who discovered Bai Yu first. His pair of hazy pupils were stained with colors of sadness, so strong that it was impossible to disperse. 

“You’re here.” There were too many things he wanted answers for, to the point that he didn’t even know where to begin. 

“Mn.” Bai Yu responded absentmindedly. Watching the man in front of him, he said, “Although I married you, we are not husband and wife. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” The sadness in Bu Bai’s eyes grew stronger and even more concentrated. Yet, he just looked at Bai Yu calmly, with no intention to question or argue. U7mCXV

Being watched by that kind of gaze brought a sharp pain to an unknown part of Bai Yu’s body. He was unable to bear such feelings and hurriedly left.

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After Bai Yu left, Bu Bai was finally able to release his emotions and cried bitterly. Clearly, it was you who brought me here, yet why do you push me away? Why aren’t you willing to accept me?

Bu Bai’s courtyard was very secluded; it was rare for anyone to come by. He had to rely on himself for everything. After he finally finished cleaning up the place, he was already tired to the point of being unable to move. Thus, he directly collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. 

He slept so deeply, that he didn’t even notice when the door was opened by the Bai Yu who arrived just before midnight. Ever since he returned from this place earlier today, Bai Yu couldn’t forget about Bu Bai’s appearance when he left. He subconsciously felt that the expression didn’t quite fit him. He should be more unbridled and passionate, and less forbearing. SAIag1

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Even ghosts and spirits could only guess at why he gently touched the scar on Bu Bai’s neck. The man’s dying appearance constantly resurfaced in his mind. His lips unconsciously read the other man’s name over and over again. Sometimes it was laden with sweetness and sometimes it was filled with grief. Regardless, the number of emotions the words contained far surpassed what he normally should have.

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During his leisurely days, his only hobby was to sneakily peek at that man from time to time. Even if he was called his ‘wife’, he understood his position very well. He was not qualified to ask to see that man, so he could only look at him from afar. a8L fQ

He knew that it was low of him to be like this and that his actions weren’t consistent with his previous prideful nature, but after dying once, he knew that if he wanted to see that person, things like shame and face would only get in the way. It was better to just follow his heart. 

Even so, the number of times that he could see him was decreasing. It was as if the man was intentionally hiding from him, causing Bu Bai to be exceptionally depressed.

“Lin Lang, where is Bai Yu?” Bu Bai inquires Lin Lang about Bai Yu’s whereabouts occasionally, although he has never succeeded. The girl was very stubborn about rigidly adhering her duty. In other words, she did what she was assigned to do, and refused to even chat with him to pass time. 

“Why don’t you come to ask me for yourself?” Bai Yu stepped past the door frame and asked. hAMTcS

Lin Lang hurriedly knelt in greeting to pay her respects. Her actions were swift and respectful. It was on a totally different level from her greetings to Bu Bai.

The corners of Bu Bai’s lips twitched secretly, while his body quickly reacted with joy – immediately wanting to hug that man the moment he approached. However, when he saw his usual indifference, he quickly retracted his hands.

“Are you looking for me for something?” Bu Bai naturally ignored Bai Yu’s previous question. He was not silly enough to take a casual remark seriously. If the man had really wanted to see him, he wouldn’t have been cold-hearted for so long.

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“There’s a banquet in the palace tonight. All relatives are required to attend.” Bai Yu said. d5DqHb

Lin Lang immediately nodded her head, and in a few moments, she quickly tidied up Bu Bai, so that his appearance was acceptable. Meanwhile, Bai Yu unexpectedly waited patiently beside him. He even personally inserted the hairpins (1) for Bu Bai. His posture was just like that of a qualified husband.

Bu Bai was stunned for a moment. This man always gave him hope that he shouldn’t have when he was sad. He didn’t know if it was a good thing. Nevertheless, he reached to touch the hairpin on his head and felt the sweetness in his heart.

As they walked, Bai Yu lead in the front and Bu Bai trailed behind him. The two men maintained a fixed distance at all times. Anyone could see the estrangement in their relationship.

Amongst everyone’s indifferent gazes, the knowing gazes were so obvious that Bu Bai really couldn’t accept it. Therefore, he naturally leaned closer to Bai Yu, and seeing that the person did not object, he cheekily shifted even closer. AdWyCt

As a result, when they were finally seated, Bai Yu touched Bu Bai’s palm the moment he turned around. The warm touch made him feel stunned for a moment. He almost unconsciously held his hand and helped Bu Bai sit down.

The protagonist emperor sat on the raised platform (2). Bai Xiulan (3) watched everything with interest. In just a few days, his beloved brother had destroyed every plan he had made in the past few years. Now, even if he still had the intention, he no longer had the ability to regain his entitled position.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He looked at Bu Bai warmly and said, “This wife of my imperial brother is truly a beauty. Only, I heard that his birth was not great, but as long as imperial brother likes him, it won’t be a problem.”

Bai Yu did not reply and continued to enjoy the festivities of the banquet. Bai Xiuran laughed even more weirdly. Then, he suddenly stepped down from the raised platform and moved towards Bu Bai. eNgAJ8

Regardless of the audience’s watchful eyes, he reached out and grabbed Bu Bai’s nervously pale hand and handed him a wine glass. He said, “Why don’t you drink this cup with me.”

The banquet hall suddenly became silent. The officials were all trying to reduce their presence as much as possible. A rare few honest and upright people were tightly grabbed by their close friends, and could only stare angrily in silence – not daring to speak out. Across the entire hall, only the sound of singing and bamboo instruments lingered.

Bu Bai glanced at the man sitting beside him and wanted to ask for his advice. However, Bai Yu unexpectedly ignored him from beginning to end. Bu Bai dared not refuse; he could only receive the wineglass and downing it. He normally had a good tolerance for alcohol, but for some reason, this drink was particularly potent. Just a single glass made him flushed and intoxicated.

Bai Xiuran, however, did not let him go with just that. His lips approached Bu Bai’s neck and whispered, “Why don’t you follow me instead?” Bringing with him the fragrant scent of wine, his lips brushed past his ear. Bu Bai suddenly felt an inexplicable impulse. Having stayed in the Hua Lou for many years, he naturally knew what this feeling was; only, he didn’t understand why this high-ranking man wanted to harm him like this. hWKdMU

Bai Xiuran discovered that the aphrodisiac had already taken effect, thus he turned around and returned to his seat as if nothing had happened.

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Below the table, Bai Yu’s clenched hands so hard that beads of blood emerged. He had always been a cool-headed and self-reliant man. He didn’t want his judgment to be influenced by anyone. Thus, even if he had a trace of unbearable arousal, he would quickly fix his state of mind as soon as possible.

“Bai Yu, I’d like to take my leave.” Bu Bai didn’t want to embarrass Bai Yu during such an occasion, so he volunteered to leave.

Bu Bai only received a vague acknowledgment. He supported himself to stand up with difficulty and staggered out of the banquet hall.  mPaonI

When Bai Xiulan saw this, he squeezed his wine glass and said to the crowd, “Zhen feels a little uncomfortable and will leave first.” Not waiting for the crowd to respond, he quickly left. Nothing appeared out of place on the surface.

The perceptive people vaguely felt that something was wrong. The emperor, who used to be self-restrained, courteous, and diligent in his work with love for the people, had recently become excessively reckless and impulsive. To act like this even when the real power was being held by someone else, something must have happened.

Bu Bai wanted to go back to his room and wash away the burning desire with cold water, but he didn’t expect to be knocked out and taken away soon after leaving the crowd.

In the hazy darkness, someone was taking off his clothes. The touch was unfamiliar to him, surprising him to open his foggy eyes. He recognized the man, it was that man who had spiked his wine. OoBdH4

“Let me go.” Bu Bai struggled violently, which inadvertently pulled apart the loose clothing even further and revealed a great patch of skin.

Bai Xiuran’s eyes deepened. His fingers slid across the man’s white chest and said with a slight smile, “Let go? No way, I took too great a risk in bringing you here. I wonder if that man will finally tear off his mask and hold me in higher regard after seeing his wife treated like this by his good brother.”

Using his hands to stop Bu Bai’s twisting arms, he wildly licked that attractive redness, and soon fell into a whirlpool of passion. Bai Xiuran felt that the taste of Bu Bai was even better than he’d expected. 

Feeling the man on his body gradually loosening his grip, Bu Bai quickly grabbed a random object nearby and slammed it against the back of that man’s neck. The man froze and fell down like a log. 8aoEQK

Bu Bai had no time to check the man’s condition. He stumbled to open the door and rush out. Outside was a field of darkness, it looked like a remote residence. Bu Bai did not know the way back, so he could only push forward aimlessly.

After traveling an unknown length of distance, he heard the voice of the living people at last. Just as he finally relaxed (his tense nerves), he stumbled carelessly and fell into a nearby pond.

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Edited by Avis

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Translator's Note

This protag was the one whom Bai Yu, the regent king, set as the acting emperor

Translator's Note

note: they are referring to his commoner status at birth

Translator's Note

note: previously translated as something like a restaurant, but based on the current paragraph, it might be some sort of restaurant with courtesans

Translator's Note

note: royal ‘I’ used by emperors

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