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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 26


Bai Yu

When Bai Yu returned, Bu Bai was already no longer there. Halfway through the battle, someone informed him that his wife had left a letter and went out. He itched to return right away at that moment but because he had misgivings about the war, he managed to endure as he worried about Bu Bai’s safety day and night. h89CfX

He had come back now, but Bu Bai was still outside. He looked at the letter Bu Bai left behind. It said that he wanted to go look at other places and told him to not look for him.

In the first year, Bai Yu was very patient and did not go look for him and waited for his return silently at home.

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In the second year, he could not endure it anymore and had the entire country look everywhere, thinking that it didn’t matter if Bu Bai found out and blamed him.

In the third year, he searched outside of the country and threw a bunch of political affairs to a trusted aide but he still wasn’t able to find him. There was no corner of the world that had traces of Bu Bai. RgxDO8

In the fourth year, he returned that room and picked up the well-preserved letter, saying, “You lied to me, didn’t you?” He already thought of the worst result but was unwilling to believe. And now, he finally went mad. His hidden power broke through its shackles and was set free. Bai Yu had the ability to truly search every nook and corner. So long as Bu Bai passed through a place, he would know.

Finally, he came to that desolate courtyard, “You never left, isn’t that right?”

Grabbing a handful of dirt, he learned everything that had happened at that time. His beloved had died voluntarily upon this earth and even his body was not left for him.

The world behind him shattered and crumbled as if it were glass. Bai Yu stood on the ruins of the small world as he looked into the depths of the universe gently. “I will find you.”


Casting aside his original body, his true appearance was revealed which was as beautiful as the stars. His name was Ye Wu. He was born from within nothingness and was a devil that had already inflicted serious damage upon the deity boundary.

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Lin Lang

Lin Lang originally had no name. The name Lin Lang was personally chosen by Bai Yu when she was sent to take care of Bu Bai. She was in the darkness but thirsted for the light. She was willing to repay Bai Yu’s kindness to her in this way.

But Bu Bai’s appearance destroyed her life. She didn’t like this person from the bottom of her heart. Bu Bai was too weak and couldn’t even defeat her, how could he become that man’s wife? Every time she saw that delicate appearance, she could not restrain the violence in her heart. lfwUPX

Fortunately, Bai Yu did not care for him and she could reluctantly endure it. Later, she learned that the truth was not so and her respected master would come every night to peep at the man she loathed and even harmed the puppet emperor for him. Only then did she realize that this man might have already resided in the master’s heart.

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It was not until that man betrayed the master than Lin Lang truly wanted to kill Bu Bai in her heart. In her eyes, any threat to the master should not exist. fGJWPl

She knew that even if that man really betrayed master, the master would not take his life. Then she would do it.

But in the end, she failed to find an opportunity. After the master forgave that person, he protected him even better and she couldn’t even get close to him.

She was not afraid of death, but she was afraid of the master being harmed. So when Bu Bai took the initiative to send his life to her, she agreed readily. The man that the master treasured so much did not understand how to protect himself. He was not fit for the master.

She wasn’t as direct and efficient with the murder this time. Perhaps it was because the way Bu Bai looked at her was too gentle or perhaps it was because of something else. When she poured the medicine onto Bu Bai’s dead body, she suddenly had the strange thought that this man was dying for the master. JaR 4M

This thought came suddenly. She thought for a moment before abandoning it. If she didn’t want the master to know the truth then she needed to leave immediately as well.

As soon as exited the courtyard door, her heart was pierced by a sword. She did not even see who had killed her. She did not regret anything but was only afraid that if she died here, it would attract unnecessary suspicion. But that was something she could not control anymore. When she closed her eyes, the sky was very blue and bright, but felt that she still liked the darkness a little more.

Yun Qing

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The first time that Yun Qing met Bu Bai was at the palace banquet and the first time he liked Bu Bai was there as well. His first secret love was another’s wife. Yun Qing felt like fate might have been playing with him. Gf6R0i

Later, he felt that fate truly liked playing with him. He was one of the regent’s officials and it was easier for him to visit the mansion, finding Bu Bai within the house as he wished.

The man did not seem like he was being treated well. Yun Qing felt an inexplicable sense of distress. This was not something that he should be feeling. This place was not somewhere he should visit. he understood this clearly but he still deliberately ignored it.

He liked being with Bu Bai. Even if they didn’t talk, he was still very satisfied with looking at him quietly. He was not naive enough to think that this sort of situation could last for a lifetime but he just didn’t want to leave.

As more time passed by the more painful it was to give up. He watched himself degenerate clear-headedly. Perhaps from the moment he fell in love with the master’s person, he had already lost sight of what being clear-headed was. IfyNne

When he was awoken from the chaos by his father’s reproach, he already had no way out except for leaving. There was no other option. As if obstructed by the devil, he brought the other out with the intention of confessing his feelings. Was this useful? It was useless. Yun Qing understood.

Just as soon as he thought that the person he secretly loved would never know this for their entire lifetime, the bottom tip of his heart ached. So he confessed and was rejected, but unfortunately, he did not give up.

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So when he knew that he was in danger, he tried to save him. Perhaps he had never come out of that chaos since he met him.

This effort, however, was exchanged for a single sentence of that person’s unwillingness. Yun Qing could have, in spite of his reluctance, taken him away by force. But once his heart was stirred up by that pair of eyes, he couldn’t bear to go against his request. zUk1yr

This man just always had a way to soften his heart into a pool of spring water and make him lose even the strength to be tough.

Yun Qing returned to Bai Xiuran alone and bore both his request and rage that he could not bear. His martial arts was crippled. He felt like he was probably just as foolish as Bu Bai. Despite being perfectly aware that it was an overhanging cliff ahead, he still jumped forward without regard for his life just for the person in his heart.

He was very glad. The person Bu Bai had been waiting for had turned his head and looked back at him so Bu Bai was destined to never look back at him who had always been waiting in his original place. He was very glad. So glad that he was intoxicated and lost track of time.

It was not as though no one liked him, but those people were not that man. Yun Qing sorrowfully found that it was very hard for him to tolerate other people. Bu Bai wished for him to live well, then he will live well. He gave the matter of his marriage to his parents. If it isn’t that person then it made no difference as to who married him. He just wanted to live well, marry a wife and have children until sons and grandsons pervaded the hall. Yhaxr

When Yun Qing last saw Bu Bai, he died before him and his dead body was destroyed. He immediately killed the murderer. He thought that he should want to cry but his eyes were too dry and could not squeeze out a teardrop.

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Lin Lang’s corpse was disposed of by him and not a single trace was left on the clean land. Yun Qing stayed at the place where Bu Bai died for an entire day. When he left, he did not know if it was day or night. His world was already pitch-black and he could not see a single thread of light.

Bai Xiuran

Bai Xiuran had always thought that he had been abandoned by people. His imperial mother always used him to secretly kill other concubines and his father ignored him because of his imperial mother’s behavior. Moreover, his elder brother was the murderer who killed all of his close relatives only leaving him alive, he also gave him a false high position and controlled all his freedom. 73fp8d

Since everyone had abandoned him, he will abandon everyone. In his eyes, people were divided by n valuable and worthless.

The people who had harmed him during that time all died before him for the most part. Some who did not die were killed or put to death by him one after the other. Now, the only one left was Bai Yu. The person whom he hated to the point he gnashed his teeth, yet he could not move.

Bai Yu was more powerful than him. Bai Xiuran understood this clearly and thought of gradually reclaiming power. He had never wanted that high position, he just wanted those people to experience the same hatred and embarrassment as him. He liked to look at such ugly performances with pleasure.

Bai Yu had practically no weakness and he didn’t know how to start until he saw Bu Bai. That little fellow was always carelessly attracting everyone’s attention. Including Bai Yu, including him, no one understood Bai Yu more than him. The emotions he felt for Bu Bai, others did not know, but he saw it clearly and found it interesting. 1y 65l

Bai Xiuran was not a person who was mild and roundabout. On that evening, he got Bu Bai onto his bed and watched as those pure eyes became tainted with confusion. His supposedly dead desire was stirred and he liked Bu Bai from that moment on. Like a white jade without any flaws, it was so perfect he could not bear to let go.

For the first time, he underestimated his opponent’s strength and was knocked unconscious on the spot. Failure aroused his interest in Bu Bai even more. He wanted him, not only to humiliate Bai Yu, but he also wanted to see the owner of those eyes degenerate before him. He loathed that purity.

After he accidentally killed Bu Bai, he still had some regrets. He hadn’t been so interested in anyone except Bai Yu in a long time. His brushed over the blood on Bu Bai’s body and he found that he unexpectedly didn’t want to let this person go.

He had willfully taken away someone who did not belong to him prematurely. It came as no surprise that he failed. He was inevitable a bit lost. Just a little more and Bu Bai could have truly been his. Someone who would never betray him. PWrNJ5

The news that Bu Bai was alive made him feel cared for for the first time. He could not tell if he was excited or if it was something else. He found himself yearning for that person’s taste. He wanted to approach him and destroy him.

He wanted Bai Yu to abandon Bu Bai so he plotted his betrayal. But he did not expect that Bai Yu’s obsession for that man to be so deep that he would rather keep and torture him rather than let go.

Because of this man, he saw Bai Yu become battered and exhausted as he had wanted but he lost his original mood. Now, all he wanted was Bu Bai. That little fellow who would show his fragile expression after being bullied just a bit. He was much more interesting than the man before him.

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So he sought out Yun Qing and had him undertake the task of rescuing Bu Bai. He himself watched from the side to reap the final result. But to his surprise, Yun Qing failed to bring the person back. The people who betrayed him, he did not let off. So he crippled Yun Qing’s martial arts. SH52Il

Bai Xiuran suddenly felt that in this world, the thing he couldn’t understand the most was emotion. He didn’t understand why Yun Qing would put Bu Bai back. Nor did he understand why Bai Yu would be so good to Bu Bai after his betrayal.

He had once thought that if a man whose smile was like the first rays of the morning sun was willing to treat him like he did Bai Yu, he might have become a less bad person. Unfortunately, the reality was that Bu Bai loved Bai Yu. That Bai Yu was Bai Yu and he would never be the current him.

The so called ‘wicked beyond redemption’ was just what he used to protect his heart when no one was willing to protect him, undaunted by dangers, when he needed it the most.

Translated by StormFrost 7Tmysj

Edited by Avis

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

夜 (ye) — night 无 (wu) not to have / no / none / not / to lack / un- / -less

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