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Killing The Same Person Every TimeChapter 24


Bai Yu lightly kissed Bu Bai’s lips. If he had struggled just a little, he would have been able to break himself free. But he didn’t move and meekly bore the touch Bai Yu brought him.

Bai Yu didn’t stay too long and let go of Bu Bai after a few breath’s time. He looked straight into his eyes. “Do you hate it?” 7WbRMJ

Bu Bai seriously pondered over it. The only impression he had was that it was very soft. Apart from this, there wasn’t anything else. “Don’t hate it.”

Bai Yu’s heart was a little happy.

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“Don’t like it either.”

Upon hearing this answer, Bai Yu’s eyelashes drooped down in disappointment, shrouding his entire person in a shadow. nQtq4

Bu Bai was unable to stand this appearance of his and took the initiative to seek his lips and kiss them. “If you like it, that’s fine.” If you want to, I’ll do it.

His lover being so sensible was touching. Bai Yu was somewhat unable to control himself. This kiss was slightly deeper than the last, and also a bit longer. When he let go, two red clouds had floated onto Bu Bai’s cheeks. They particularity tugged at one’s heartstrings.

Bai Yu felt that in respect to teasing people, he would forever be unable to reach Bu Bai’s level. He could easily disturb his spring water with just a movement. Unfortunately, the other was still unaware of it. If it weren’t for the fact that he was worried about his feelings, he would really want to properly punish him on bed right away.

After going through so many things, he still didn’t learn to let go. Bu Bai was his and others were not allowed to spy on him. But he also understood how to be tactful. He was willing to spend some time to weave a net around Bu Bai, trapping both his body and mind until there was no escape. This was the greatest compromise he could make.


“Xiao Bai, can I hug you?” Bai Yu pleaded.

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“It’s warm this way.”

Skeptical, Bu Bai shifted into Bai Yu’s bosom, his back firmly against his chest. A steady heartbeat sounded by his ear and his face inexplicable warmed up. vH8UoT

“Is it warm?” Bai Yu asked.

“Warm.” Even his heart warmed up.

The two’s injuries had not healed. There was enough ground to stay in bed all day long and do some shy little things and say some harmless honeyed words.  Bai Yu knew that Bu Bai might be a little fond of him, but it was far from the degree of ‘will not marry any other but you’.

But he was already at the point of ‘will not marry any other but you’, truly at the end of his rope. L8qfvl

“Xiao Bai, how about marrying me tomorrow?” Bai Yu, who had been a ‘friend of the heart’ for a long time, felt that their relationship needed to be cemented further. He did not want to see his baby being coveted by others.

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“Ljnfc’a P yffc wjgglfv ab sbe jigfjvs?” De Djl vlv cba ecvfgrajcv. Po atfs kfgf ajixlcu jybea atf wjggljuf atfs tjv ktfc tf olgra mjwf ab atf kbgiv, atfs’v jigfjvs vbcf la. Ktf ilaaif qegf De Djl ageis vlvc’a ecvfgrajcv atf gfjrbc bo Djl Te’r revvfc ecgfjrbcjyifcfrr.

“But you haven’t called me ‘husband’ yet.” Bai Yu’s dark black eyes looked at Bu Bai. Inside, there seemed to be complaint and helplessness.

Bu Bai merely connected that word with a scene in his mind and his heart beat unconsciously sped up. His lips moved slightly. He just couldn’t say that word and could only look at Bai Yu apologetically. Lb0qPN

A sliver of sadness flashed through Bai Yu’s eyes. Not wanting to let Bu Bai see the emotion in his eyes, he hugged Bu Bai tightly and rested his head on his shoulder. “I want to do it again, really accompany you this time.”

Bai Yu’s tone was too long-drawn and gentle. The  shallow joy and expectation within his voice made Bu Bai reluctant to say anything hurtful. Wasn’t it just marrying again? It wasn’t some troublesome event. Bu Bai was filled with self-confidence.

Bai Yu personally prepared everything for the marriage and made it more grand and lively than the last one. Bright red colors filled the scene, as if he were afraid that others wouldn’t know that the owner of the mansion was getting married.

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The time that Bai Yu spent with Bu Bai decreased a little as well. His serious wounds had recovered and it seemed like he had recovered his spirits. He was busy until late every night and, afraid that he would make Bu Bai cold, would intentionally warm himself up before nesting under the blanket and bringing Bu Bai into his arms. QC3ZEG

“Don’t work so hard, it’s okay to leave some things to others.” Bu Bai watched a few days before he finally couldn’t restrain himself from opening his mouth to give advice.

“That won’t do, the things given to you must be the very best.” Bai Yu had always listened to Bu Bai’s words. Only, he was very obstinate about a few things.

“I don’t care about that stuff.”

“I care.” Bai Yu drew nearer to Bu Bai with his warm body, his deep eyes full of Bu Bai’s figure. Subconsciously, Bu Bai no longer wanted to refuse anymore. owQdeC

Bu Bai knew that Bai Yu wouldn’t refuse his requests lightly. He acted this way towards him because of love. Then what about himself? Once that person exposed a weak and affectionate look, he couldn’t refuse anymore. Was this love? Bu Bai sunk in deep thoughts. He hadn’t liked anybody before and didn’t know what genuinely liking someone was like. Was it not wanting the other to feel sad, like this? Or was it like missing them when you can’t see the other? He was getting more and more confused.

Bu Bai didn’t have a maternal home and Bai Yu didn’t want to send him back to that place he was in originally. Thus, he married him directly from the mansion.

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Before the sky brightened, Bu Bai got up. Feeling the slightly cold spot beside him, he knew that that man had already gone to prepare so he sat quietly in the room and waited for the maid who dressed him to arrive.

Bai Yu saw this obedient appearance of his as soon as he opened the door. There was even a bit of confusion in his eyes when he raised his head. Bai Yu’s heart was swept away as he kissed his soft lips. 05ChSd

Although Bu Bai became intoxicated, he still hurried to push him away and asked, “Where is the person who’s supposed to get me ready?”

“It’s fine for me to do these trivial matters.” After saying this, he helped Bu Bai take off his outer clothes and dressed him.

The man’s skin was very satiny, causing Bai Yu to touch it without thinking. Although Bai Yu did not take note of this, his fingers would still inadvertently touch Bu Bai’s sensitive places, making the person under his hand choke with silent fury and glare at him with watery eyes.

Bai Yu solemnly ignored it. If it weren’t for Bai Yu holding his ankle at this moment, or that slight tremble and red ears, Bu Bai would not have noticed the surging heart under this man’s calm exterior. 4I5PSM

Somewhat helpless and somewhat happy, Bu Bai simply gave up his negligible resistance and obediently let him touch, looking no different from a cat being rubbed.

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Bai Yu couldn’t help but feel a few more times, the thirst in his heart all the stronger.

Bu Bai seldom wore red clothes, but once he wore them, it further magnified his graceful bearing that was different from before. That beauty and gentleness gained a bit of charm and his almost transparent light gained a bit of brilliance. It was so moving that it made people want to hide him away and belong to only one person.

Bai Yu fetched a red cloth and covered Bu Bai, hiding his elegance. 8qtNbu

“I am a man and don’t need this.” Bu Bai pointed to the red cloth on his head, Having his eyes covered honestly couldn’t be counted as comfortable.

“It’s fine, I’ll lead you along.” Bai Yu selfishly didn’t want Bu Bai to be casually seen by people. In other words, ‘my wife is not someone ordinary people could peep at’ (Insert Bai Yu’s tsundere look).

Bu Bai felt a warm palm stretch towards him and grasped it without thinking, having the illusion that once he grasped it, it would be for a lifetime.

Loud music sounded by his ears and there was a familiar breath beside him. For the first time, Bu Bai felt an emotion known as steadfastness. This person belonged to him now and, no matter what happened, they would not part. rkzoih

Not a few steps later, Bu Bai was picked up by Bai Yu. He said that this was safer.

As a result, countless officials and their families saw the regent, who was usually serious in speech and manner and commonly known as the demonic face paralysis regent, carry a man with a smile on his face. Take note that he did not walk out, but carried out. Their three world views were broken.

They expressed that they didn’t understand the willfulness of big shots. Not long ago, they were still refusing to acknowledge the other’s love. Now, they had this totally submissive appearance. Not only that, the person in his arms was so dependent. At first glance, they looked like a loving and harmonious couple.

Who said that the regent and and his wife were at odds? Which discordant couple managed the wedding as though idle, and even personally carried people out? 4mRS6i

Fortunately, the people who were able to come were all people with extensive experience. They quickly corrected their attitude and ‘I have never seen such a well-matched husband and wife’ was written in their eyes.

Bai Yu did not see those expressions mixed with complicated blessings. He had always only regarded Bu Bai in his eyes. The man in his arms was suddenly bathed with everyone’s gazes and seemed a little unaccustomed to it. Bai Yu felt his faintly discernible attachment to him and, as if completely full, aside from joy, there was no room for any other emotion.

As soon as the ceremony was over, he ignored the puzzled eyes of all the people and once again carried the person back, leaving a room of stunned gusts behind. Everyone’s eyes fell on Bai Yu’s mercilessly escaping back.

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Only two people were different, Yun Qing and Bai Xiuran. Their line of sight was constantly on the person in Bai Yu’s arms, completely neglecting the man who married him. nfIcts

When Yun Qing had left alone that day, Bai Xiuran naturally hadn’t been kind to him and abolished his martial arts. Now he was just a scholar who lacked the strength to even truss a chicken. He had originally thought that he would never see Bu Bai in all his life until he received this invitation.

He had originally thought that he would be able to, without resentment and without hatred, sincerely give Bu Bai blessings for obtaining what he had wanted. But he couldn’t. So from beginning to end, his eyes never left the person whom his heart anxiously longed for.

He resented his unjust destiny, that he had not met Bu Bai earlier. Hated himself for his powerlessness, for being unable to protect that person no matter when. He did not have the ability to give Bu Bai satisfaction, neither could he force himself to calmly make the best of things.

Love becomes stubborn; even without hope, it is unwilling to perish. vcPj1n

When Bu Bai’s figure disappeared, Yun Qing left the banquet as well. He had just wanted to see that man, that was all.

When Bai Xiuran saw Yun Qing’s downcast appearance, he could not help but sneer. Laughing at other people and laughing at himself. He played with other people, but did not think that he had played himself as well.

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Since he couldn’t obtain it, then how about completely destroying it? Bai Xiuran stared at the threshold with an immeasurable expression. Imperial brother must protect him well and not let me burrow my way into a gap.

Bu Bai was gently placed onto the bed, not yet recovered from the previous scene. As soon as his veil was lifted, he sunk into those eyes filled with deep love. r7XfTF

He felt that he might have become confused. Otherwise, why would he see himself in his eyes. Dazed, he accepted the wine cup Bai Yu handed him and foolishly drank it. The biting taste ruthlessly stimulated Bu Bai’s taste buds and sobered him up for a split-second.

He heard Bai Yu ask him, “Do you know what follows afterwards?”

What? Bu Bai didn’t understand. The strength of this wine was somewhat strong for Bu Bai, who had never had it before. He vaguely felt himself be embraced by Bai Yu and being asked whether he was willing. He responded that he was naturally willing, as if he were eating a meal.

In his intoxication, he knew that his clothes were taken off by that man and thrown aside. He knew that he was wantonly kneaded and rubbed by the man, and knew that he himself longed for this person, so he did not resist. sFuSh0

Really am drunk, he thought.

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BY: The greatest compromise I can make is to trap him so that he can never leave me.
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BY: Such a great compromise…
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Translated by StormFrost

Edited by Butter and Misogi 4Zb1oR

Translator's Note

池春水 — Pond of spring water. However, ‘Spring’ 春 could calso mean gay / joyful / youthful / love / lust / life

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    Ahhh necesito la espuma del renacimiento de Ser Celestial Supremo, eso sí es un Seme respetable que sabe que en su segunda vida, le debe todo a Ah Hen

    Aunque una parte de mí quiere que LXY sufra

  2. Usually I’m not so emotional and touching. But now I pay very bitterly for the little protagonist.

    He did not deserve all this suffering. And this ML (who does not repent even a bit for all the pain that he caused.)